Greetings all tsunami dreamers. Due to an unprecedented level of interest in this topic I have decided to create a new tsunami dreams page which will (hopefully) be easier to link to, and eventually have all sorts of information and stories on it – this is a work in progress…

So the story goes; I wrote a couple of paragraphs about tsunami dreams in 2006 and received many comments from people who dreamed about tsunamis. Now over 3 years later the comments just keep rolling in (on average once a week). A veritable tsunami of dreams! I now have 163 recorded dream stories attached to that post – probably enough to write a book!

The white elephant has been inactive since 2007 (due to the writer having 3 children under 4, among other things!) It is because of the steady reminder of all these tsunami comments I have decided to resurrect the white elephant – so thanks to you!

So here’s the original post as well as an update written in 2007. I will create another page for the actual dreams people have recorded.

tsunami dreams

July 23, 2006

I sometimes have dreams of a tsunami. In the latest one, I was in some kind of hotel or restaurant with a large verandah facing the beach. I watched the tsunami break over the beach and the wave flowing towards me with the certain knowledge that it would sweep me away. It was fascinating and terrifying.

According to Carl Jung, a tsunami dream is very significant. It is one of those great “archetypal” dreams, meaning symbols which are universal across all cultures. A tsunami is supposed to be a symbol of some great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth.

I am not sure what is going to be washed away but I feel to have an internal tsunami is sort of cleansing somehow.

the white elephant update 21.9.7

This post was written over a year ago, and I am still getting a lot of comments, so I decided to update it.

I’m thinking we must be in the midst of a kind of “global tsunami”. In Jungian terms I’m thinking the tsunami is part of our “collective unconscious” a part of the unconscious that is shared by everyone. Jung spoke of archetypes and symbols as arising from the collective unconscious. This is where Jung starts to get a bit more spiritual and departs from conventional psychiatry.

So why is everyone dreaming of tsunamis? An obvious connection is the huge real-life tsunamis of 2005. Or is there some kind of global emotional / spiritual “wave” that is now affecting everyone?? I don’t know what that might be. Comments always appreciated.

I found a useful entry on a dream website about tsunami dreams. The author says:

“Since water in dreams often symbolises our emotions, tsunamis generally represent repressed emotions which can no longer be held back, or an emotional situation which is about to burst into the waking world.”

She says the common response to a tsunami dream is for a dreamer to run away from the tsunami (sounds practical to me). But she also suggested trying to face the tsunami as a way of dealing with whatever emotions they represent.

I always thought a tsunami dream was like a great privilege, suggesting you are about to go through a spiritual awakening. So it would be interesting to hear back from people who’ve had a dream to see what changes occurred in their life.

I remember the first time I had a tsunami dream (about 10 years ago??) and it seemed to mark the arrival of a time of increased spiritual discovery or awareness, but that process took several years.

I’m not sure there have been any great changes or upheavals since the tsunami dream I had last year. But maybe they are still to come.


400 Responses to “Tsunami Dreams”

  1. Chris Says:

    That stupid dream about a wave coming over the tree line and a nuclear explosion will not get out of my head. I swear to you one time 10 yrs ago i dreamed of holding my mother-in-law in front of her house and saying it will be alright. I awoke sweating and crying(never happened before)The next night I held her after a tornado destroyed her house and repeated those words exactly. It was the only dream that ever truly bothered me until now.

    • Johnny Says:

      I’ve had tge same kind of dream about a month ago- a massive Tsunami and missiles rising from the sea- yoh

  2. me in 3 Says:

    I’ve had several tsunami dreams in my lifetime, and everytime I looked it up online to see what it meant. At the end of it, I never looked back to see whether the meanings were true. A few days ago, I had another one. I was extremely scared in my dream and felt suffocated by the wave and its intensity. When I awoke, I was soaked in sweat, almost like I had had a terrible nightmare… All the posts, analyses, etc. I’ve read have mentioned these types of dreams in a more positive way (i.e. change in your life, outlet for repressed emotions, etc.), and, trust me, I so desperately wish that my tsunami dreams will turn out to have positive meanings… but, I’m just not sure. If so many of these posts / analyses seem to be on the positive end, does this mean that we just overlook any negative attachment to such dreams? If so, what do these dreams actually mean in reality? Or am I just putting myself in more misery by attaching more meaning to a possibly meaningless dream?

    • g.ajami Says:

      funny how i came across your dream exactly one year since you’ve written it. dont know if my comment would have any significance now, but it feels like it. i’ve had many tsunami dreams, of huge tidal waves coming my way, while standing on the shore and facing the waves. sometimes they’re dark and murky, other times i think they had differnt hues, most of the times im not alone, i have my friends standing with me, and when the waves come crashing, either it passes over us with no harm done, or i roll and crash with it calmly, or it freezes into a wall right before impact.
      you are right to ask whether such (or other) dreams have negative undertows, and i wonder if any significant changes, -ve or +ve, took place afterwards?
      when i have these dreams, it feels like something terrible was going to happen in the future, but i guess the only thing that happens is in our souls, and if faced with courage, can lead to something beautiful.

    • Mamo Kim Says:

      You’ve probably received many replies to your post by now, but I’ve only just read it this morning after having a tsunami dream last night (my husband having awoken with a tsunami dream as well). I’ve had tsunami dreams at various times for over 40 years. At first, I was so frightened, I’d wake panicked, sweating, in fear for days. Later I found my reaction to the wave is what I needed to notice. After that, I had a tsunami dream where magical flying beings took me into the wave and showed me I could breathe in the water. I held my breath until I couldn’t (in the dream) and finally, had to gasp; at which point, I found I could indeed breathe. I followed them through the water and played. It was very magical to me. My life took a large turn after that dream.

      From all the tsunami dreams I’ve experienced, I would have to say Jung had it right: they are dreams of great spiritual change in the dreamer’s life, and sometimes if you observe carefully, in the life of the collective. The writer of this blog’s dream is a good example. If you look at when she wrote it, it was right before the huge economic downturn in the world.

      I’ve also learned my fears in the dream represent my ego’s response to whatever is happening in the dream. Regarding tsunamis, I was fearful of my emotions bc I had to suppress myself and my true emotions as a child; it wasn’t safe for me to be honest or free. I was also spiritually aware, which wasn’t a good thing in my family. To open myself to those feelings and work through them was overwhelming. When I finally did (I was helped by therapy as well as through reading copious Jung and other metaphysical books), I received the dream of breathing through the waves.

      After that, I began openly embracing my truth about spirituality (metaphysical, backed by quantum physics and lately, neuroscience). My life completely changed for the positive (tho, not w/o hard work) and in my tsunami dreams today, I am far less apprehensive, getting more and more comfortable with them as the great spiritual messages that they are.

      I felt a need to respond to your post. After all these years, I hope you don’t mind.

      • Imani Says:

        Wow, that is so beautiful and significant. Thank you for sharing.

      • Neil Says:

        I had my first tsunami dream last night. Today I told my wife who then described having virtually the same dream on the same night. More evidence of a collective conscience as described by Jung.

        My dream had me in a hotel several floors above ground level. The water came in a giant whirlpool and crashed against the floor to ceiling window without breaking it in. The water was clear and I could see well into it. I noted that I was aware of the wave and knew what was happening before my wife who was with me in the room. My attitude was very much “I will survive this and help everyone else”. There was no panic or fear in my dream.

        My wife’s dream was more fearful. She was in a hotel on the ground floor with me and our son. Her wave came over the window twice and shook the building. She then had a feeling of suffocating under the water, with our son struggling to breathe and passing out.

        Big issues in our lives? No more than anyone else, but sharing a dream between two people on the same night is incredible. And then I find these posts describing many similar experiences. Time to read some Jung I believe…

    • nutsangle Says:

      I completely know what you mean. I have had very unsettling feelings, very negative during and after these dreams. Nothing though seems to act as am evidence of them being a positive message. I feel thag they are almost warning me against something that will come.

      I have had terrifying tsunami dreams. I have it very frequently. The one i had tonight was where the waves were humongous, bigger then the protecting dam built for our safety. Those were the largest wave I had ever encountered in my dreams. We were in a building a very tall one and close to the dam, so the scariest thing was being able to see the ocean erupting against the wall, building the pressure and waves growing bigger by the second.

      I saw the storm behind the dam and the waves building up and tangling several other with it and just almost bubbling higher and higher and reaching the damn and becoming larger then the dam

      Everyone else in the room was clam and normal, going on with their chores of the day almost like nothing will happen, I recall one of my aunts, telling her daughter that the dam will protect us, not to worry too much. I remember asking my mom and siblings to run away to a safer place. Though my siblings believed my aunts, my mother was confused between feeling safe and taking precautions.
      Later in the dream after passing several hurdles after the first wave hit, I managed to get them home thinking they will be safe and when i was about to reach the floor on which our apartment was, I remember thinking now what? and panicking when I realized my family depended on me, but I didn’t have a plan.

      I was terrified in the dream. Once when we were in a car and it started drowning, while panicking, I thought to myself in the dream that this is just a dream, i can wake up and everything will be fine, or i can break open the door by my imagination. But I still struggled and this made me believe that it wasn’t a dream.

      I can’t seem to take them as a positive message. Too overwhelming of a dream

  3. Liz B Says:

    I have been having tidal wave/tsunami dreams off and on for many, many years. They started towards the end of my second marriage. After I got divorced, they ended. They began again around the time my father died, then again towards the end of my second marriage…all during times of nearly overwhelming emotional crisis. In all of them, until last night, I have survived the waves. But my most recent one, last night, I did not survive the tidal wave…and it was the first one I can remember where I was very, very, very scared. They have taken place in hotels, cars on the beach, standing on the beach. Most times, there are several waves that get sequentially bigger, other times its one or more big waves that I can see coming. Sometimes I am alone, but mostly I am with someone…sometimes a stranger, sometimes someone I know. The ones that take place in a hotel, the hotel rooms are always open…in that there is no wall on the side of the hotel facing the water, not just for my room, but the entire hotel.

    • Amruth Says:

      Liz.. The way you described about your dreams on Tsunami, exactly matches with what I get.. Sometimes waves of increasing size and sometimes one big wave. Its re-appearing in my dreams many times a month and very confused over them..

      • Clementez Says:

        Liz, I’m another victim of the same type of tsunami dreams you have been having. i am writing this just after having one. i’m always with someone i know, i always keep looking for them and never find them.However ive never seen myself suffocating in the waves.i wake up with the fear that by then, i have lost alot of people i love.

    • Betty Says:

      From what I’ve read not surviving the wave is a good thing,it means the end of your struggles:)

  4. Daniel Says:

    I have had many tsunami dreams since I moved to Humboldt County. The most recent one was very unique. I was looking north at Moonstone Beach and the waves were very angry with tongues of water licking at the shore. Then I was looking out a door to the west and a large wave faraway was frozen. Then I looked again and the frozen wave was at the door. When I looked down though the wave was melting. Dreams like this I think were a warning from God to drive me out of Humboldt County.

  5. Daniel Says:

    How do I find the other tsunami drems osted here?

  6. Manny Says:

    Well, Since I move to the USA in 2001 I have been having dreams of tsunamis but never wrote them…but a few days ago I had this one which I took the liberty to write down: I was in a city full of skyscrapers, I was there during a night when the water start rising and flooding the streets…then I saw boats and I got in one that took me to an island…upon arrival I noticed that the ocean was “furious” with big waves hitting the shore without mercy…when I look back I saw an enormous animal with leopard skin, 3 heads and 1 horn 1 head (dont remember if the other 2 had horns) I started to alert the people and told them to ran to a mountain… so i took a few people up the mountain but when I was approaching it something took me up and I was able to see the island from above…Suddenly a tsunami came and covered the whole south half of the island except for the mountain, then a second tsunami bigger than the first one came and buried the north half of the island again the mountain was untouched. I noticed that the ocean dried up and the island appeared to be a huge mountain on a dessert while at the very bottom of the island there were 3 animals: a whale, a prehistoric animal with a horn and a ducks beak and the third I honestly dont remember. After this I descended and start walking on tunnels that happened to be caves where a hippopotamus lived…the hippo started running and eating the people that survived the tsunami except for one…I asked if he was going to harm that person and the hippo replied: “I am not going to harm that one because…” then I awoke. Oh while the hippopotamus was chasing everyone I heard someone saying behemot ….. Well thats my dream on my best of my recollections…is not the first one of tsunamis but the first that i decide to write about this topic considering that a few days before I had another dream which I am not mentioning because it is not about tsunamis. And to finish this long and boring story I have to mention that I usually have dreams where “gods” speak to me: greek, african or saints from the catholic church…well I am not a religious person to start with …. Thanks! if you can make an interpretation of these I am more than welcome to listen to it…. Thanks

    • I have had dreams of tsunamis for years now, since 2011 i am having them almost twice a week. The water use to be muddy but now it’s clear. Last night we were on a island in every dream i will always save ONE person and i will see the rest be carried away by the wave or the bigger wave that comes after.

    • Mamo Kim Says:

      Hope you’ve figured this dream out by now. In my mind your dreamworld is telling you something very important. If you moved to the US for more financial freedom and opportunity and the lifestyle has been, let’s just say, an eye opener for you, I’m thinking it is bc you are meant to focus more on your spiritual life if you want to find meaning and purpose. I’ve said too much maybe, but this is a very powerful dream and like I said, I hope you’ve already figured it out, but in any case, I am sure you are already on your way.

    • bonnie Says:

      You should read revelations in the bible. Sounds like some passages I’ve read. A great beast coming out of the ocean. Everyone will run to the mountains but the mountains will not protect them. You should definitely read it!

    • Natasha Israni Says:

      Fascinating. Do you think it could be nature’s warning of things to come on the planet?

  7. sheila Says:

    i constantly have vivid horrific nightmares of tsunamis. AND i thought i’d share with you that i am a pisces and i have other pisces friends who have had the same tsunami dreams. i’d be interested to know the zodiac signs of all of the tsunami dreamers. i know as a pisces i am attune to nature and have intuitive feelings. i cant even believe i found this website and that so many other people have dreams about tsunamis!!! thanks for organizing this info!!!

    • Lisa Breedon Says:

      i am a scorpio and i dream of tsunamis probably once a month.

    • Dee Von T Says:

      I’m a Taurus, & I have these dreams 4 out of 7 days of the week. :/

    • Kylie Says:

      I’m a Scorpio and have had a few tsunami dreams

      • marisol Says:

        I’m a scorpio and I have these dreams frequently, but randomly. I believe It has been going on for about 5 years, maybe more.the places in my dreams are sometimes the same ones, and in my dream i’m aware that I’ve been there before (in a dream) I’ve always survived the tsunami in the dream but its really a horrible feeling it leaves me with. I’m shocked to know that this type of dream is common amongst so many people.. Now I begin to believe there might be a meaning behind it. I love the idea of this thread..

    • I am a Taurus, and also have Tsunami dreams very frequently. AT LEAST once a month, sometimes more…..

    • Ruby Says:

      Aquarius and I keep having these dreams. It’s really freaking me out since I have them almost every night!

    • Jed Says:

      Hi, I’m a Taurus, too.

    • Brandi Says:

      I’m an Aries and have had tsunami dreams periodically ever since I was a child… I would say teenage years.

    • James Says:

      I am a Pisces and I have tsunami dreams. Almost always I survive the waves. In the dreams I don’t feel scared. If anything it’s exciting. There was one time when an asteroid caused the wave which filled up my house.
      Another time I saw 2 walls of water from either direction outside my bedroom window, sort of frozen in time before the clasped together.
      A second time the wave came from both directions and I felt as though I was in California. Perhaps on a peninsula. (I live in England)
      Another time, I was in a van and we we’re driving along a field in maybe Mexico. It was dark. We made it into this old building and a huge wave fell over us. But it didn’t come into the room. When I went back outside the water had gone. But the van was driving away without me.
      Another time, I was surrounded by hills and waves of water poured down around me. They filled up the land, but I survived just floating in the water metres above the sunken hills. There was no land in sight but there was a tall metal pole out of the water that I could hold onto….

  8. Aqueous Says:

    I have constant Tsunami dreams.
    I live in the bay area in California, near the beach.
    They started about 4-5 years ago, and have reoccurred a couple times a month EVER SINCE. The thing is, the giant wave never gets me. It destroys everything around, but never destroys my house or my family. I’m usually on a beach trying to climb a large wall to get away from it. I’ll try to run into the hills to get away from it. The wave usually disappears and I think all is well. Then it comes back again and again.
    Sometimes there will be bombs dropping as well. Big explosions and missiles rising out of the sea.
    It’s always a different scenario, but quite the same. I am so sick of these dreams. They are not horrifying anymore, but I wonder why I have them so frequently?

    • Astrid Says:

      HI I am Astrid from South Africa. I have been having tsunami dreams for a while now it is always when I go to any new place. I would dream of this great tsunami that hits areas where people are living. The people usually die or they escape. I am always the one who survives.

  9. Tom Says:

    I have only recently encountered the dreaded tsunami dream, it happened last night when i was in Belgium or some place like that with my family which is so weird because i live in the north of England, I had my first tsunami terror a couple of weeks ago now and this is the first one since.A terrible wave is ripping through the streets of whatever town i’m in, i wasn’t sure whether it was a river which had its damn busted or somethin but then when i turned and looked towards the sea there was a monumental wave starring right back at me across the whole of the horizon. Then the whole sky goes dark and there seems to be a tornado forming in the clouds!!! I am stuck in a little hotel room on the top floor with my family. This is alot different from my first Tsunami dream which seemed to be on a beach in a hot country like Turkey. Please don’t just ignore this post because these dreams do worry me and i would like somebody to try and explain them, i personally beleive that it is my anxiety about exams coming through in my dreams but other people seem to have more serious emotional reasons behind these dreams. Please reply to this because I am quite terrified of these dreams and i hope that i have no more yet i do want to know why i am having them.

  10. Audra Says:

    I just had a Tsunami dream that was more intense than usual! I was in a building with other people freaking out trying to get to the top but I was taking a video of the approaching wave with my phone and I was thinking to myself I wish this was a dream because its the end of the world…
    strangely a day ago I was in my boyfriends home and just put fresh flowers from the yard by the altar…he is a buddist and I am just starting to find my way…..

  11. Alana Persad Says:

    I have been having dreams about deadly tsunamis on a weekly basis for about four years now. i’m glad i’m not alone.

  12. Natalie Says:

    I’m a teenager and I keep having these dreams about big waves coming and I’m running but I can’t run fast enough. Last night I had one and my mom died and I was holding my sister up so she wouldn’t drown but I then drownded. These dreams are so scary I wake up very startled and upset.

    • Dee Von T Says:

      I REALLY hate dreaming about this cuz I’m afraid it WILL happen someday & I’m not looking forward to it @ all. Unfortunately my dreams DO come true @ some point. They seem to warn me about wat is going to happen. Ex. 1) I had a dream that my bf @ the time got with my bestfriend. A few days after we broke up, they DID end up getting together. Ex. 2) The night before Japan had the Tsunami, I dreamt one, I was on the beach getting swept away & being hit against rocks, only to wake up to the terrible news about Japan. :[ Tsunamis rn’t the only thing that I’m warned about, Earthquakes & other things too. That’s why sometimes I’m afraid to go to sleep cuz I’m afraid of wat I might dream about KNOWING it’ll come true eventually….

  13. Marie Says:

    Every now and then, like 4 times a month i have dreams that a tsunami is coming and i always end up running to high land that is unstable and i am running with a bunch of people that i know. but, in these dreams, the tsunami never breaks…..and i don’t know why…its scary

  14. c Says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one too. I just had another one this morning. It wasn’t as bad as my previous one, but it was definitely a catastrophe. This time I wasnt at home in CA. I was at the Jersey Shore! Crazy, maybe too much tv. But most of my dreams, I survive and I am surrounded by or meet family members who have passed already. So, maybe I didnt survive? Or they are watching over me? The one last night I was with a childhood friend of mine. Haven’t spoke to her in years, but we were having such a great time b4 the waves started to hit.. scary

  15. Kerry Says:

    So I’ve been reading the posts from everyone a page of them..and most are quite different to mine.
    Like I’m never in a city or a resturant or on holiday, I’m either at the beach or in some field and it appears from no where.
    One of the main ones I remember is when I was at some riverpondthing…but it was like a beach butt it was surrounded in rocks like closed off and i was with two of my friends.
    It was all peaceful and beautiful and we were taking pictures…suddenly waves started to come..getting bigger each time..then a massive tsunami crashed over me and my two friends…and there was a strange tribal mask…on the wall…and my friends were dying and i could save them.

    • Pearlz Says:

      hey there just had the same dream as yours this morning except I never see anyone dying.. Perhaps its how our dreams ‘encodes’ our emotional state in the waking life.. We maybe experiencing fear of facing something great and powerful (like the tsunamis), and have to deal with them like we do in our dreams, come up with a plan, run or die.. I don’t know, I doubt anyone truly knows what they mean, we can just make assumptions that will comfort us and keep us strong.

  16. fiona Says:

    I had my first Tsunami dream last night. After looking up a potencial meaning for this dream it all makes sense.
    I just had one of the worst weeks of my life, work and personnal….so my emotions are shot to pieces.
    My dream started with me and a work colleague sharing a massive foot spa!! very strange…and then we were on a beach with other people we were talking to a few children and then we were consumed by fast flowing water, for some reason i was in an inflatable something but one of these children was trying to hold on to me but thier weight was dragging me under the water, then suddenley we were in some very deep dark blue/black water, i looked up to see this massive 200ft wave coming to crash down on me, i looked the other way but insead of the shore it was another 200ft wave coming,before the waves hit me i swam to what seemed to be a calm strip almost, of water, it was like a long line of calm pink water, were i was able to hold on to the side, the water looked calm but it wasbt i had to hold on very tight and thats all i remember.

  17. Melissa Neal Says:

    l have had tsunami dreams for as long as l can remember. l actually had a dream about a tsunami a night or two before the big boxing day tsunami. my dreams are always different and lm always terrified. lm quite scared now of going to the beach because of these reoccurring tsunami dreams. Theres always so much water in the dream…the waves are huge and l can just see the water coming every where….

  18. Ashula Says:

    I have had reacurring Tsunami dreams for the past three to four years. I havent been able to figure out what these are about, what it means for my life. Or as a part of anyones. It seems as if the message is trying to leak out. If many more then me are having these tsunami dreams, i believe we are messangers for this dream. We just need to understand the great meaning. The dreams, im always in new locations, im always watching it. Its always the same feel.

  19. kiim Says:

    i had a dream last night that a tsunami repeatedly came crashing down on me about 3 or 4 times i knew i wouldn’t drown though ab threw each break in the waves i would run closer and closer to shore i made it out but the funny thing was i walked back onto the beach later in the dream , does anyone kno what that means cause im really curious if anyone could help me out that would be great.

  20. cindy sedaker Says:

    just had my first tsunami dream …. I am far away from the coast, but my son is there with no car so I go back to get him. I woke up before the wave came. all I saw was the tide washing out before the tsunami came. all I could concentrate on was getting him and the cats out to the car so we could get away from it.

  21. cindy sedaker Says:

    ps I live right on the ocean with my son and 3 cats

  22. Suzanne Says:

    I had another tsunami dream last night. I was constantly trying to find somewhere safe to hide as I could see it coming. I woke before it hit me. I have had hundreds of tsunami dreams starting from when I lived on Lake Malawi in Africa 15 years ago. They are all terrifying and I am always convinced that this time it is real life,not a dream. I don’t know the reasons for them but I do live a hard life, always working in dangerous countries doing public health and I come from a dysfunctional family with an abusive alcoholic father. My mother is currently in hospital very ill and this could be triggering strong feelings.

  23. Jo Says:


    I had a Tsunami dream last night.

    I was walking on the beach into the water and then looked up to see the most huge Tsunami above me. So I just carried on walking and swam into it. It covered me with what felt like a blanket, and thinking I am going to die. Then I came too (not awake) I was on a road with people running around saying how many people had died in the biggest Tsunami ever, and yet I walked into it and was still alive.

    Then I woke up with my heart beating out of my chest, all was very vivid.

    Any ideas?



    • Iulia Says:

      Hi Jo
      Strange I had a similar dream two nights ago 🙂 and no idea! your dream sound more interesting than mine at least you got to swim in it!! 🙂
      Take care

  24. Iulia Says:


    I had a Tsunami dream two nights ago. I dreamt I was on an island and a voice told me in my dream there will be a tsunamy there then I saw the wave coming up towards me. I was terrified so woke up.
    There has been a great spiritual awakening in my life lately so I think this might be the meaning. If you would like to chat feel free to e-mail me on

  25. Caroline Says:

    Hi. I have been having these dreams too. I just found out I am pregnant so that might have something to do with it… I have dreams that the people I love dearly are around me as well when these happen, including my dog and cat. I will mention 2 that have happened just this week.
    Dream 1: One was of me in a beach house far from the shore. A HUGE tidal wave could be seen in the distance so I ran to my little wooden beach house (Everyone that was on the beach obviously got hit). The wave comes smashing down (I could feel it) and I survivied and so did my dog and cat who were the only ones with me. I leave the house and look back outside and again I get pelted with the wave except now the house had taken me into the ocean.
    Dream 2: There was a lot of water in this dream. Not only because I was next to a beach but everywhere I went seemed to be flooded. Anyway, I am walking with my dads wife to see something she wanted to show me (some puppets she made-she likes to craft). I agreed to see them so I followed her. We walked through murky water by a hill then ended up on a beach. Her house was a little distant from the shore and was attached to a pole that extended a long distance from the ocean. A glass house was at the top and the doors slid open. We flew up and went through the doors. Inside were concrete pillars acting as chairs. She starts to show me the brightly colored puppets when I see this HUUUGEE wave I mean at least 100 ft tall, smash into the house. It was made of thick glass so it didnt do any damage. Next thing you know we’re walking out of the sliding doors and riding the wave into shore…

    I am a water sign (scorpio) I don’t know if that has anything to do with it and I really love the ocean. I am pregnant as well and have been a little anxious since I found out… I don’t know what to make of it.

  26. Emily Says:

    For the past 6 months to a year now I’ve had these reoccurring dreams of tsunamis.. I live in Vancouver, so it’s a very realistic threat.. I rarely have nightmares but every tsunami dream is a nightmare- I’m usually standing on a beach or in a building looking out a window and just watch as the water rises and builds into a massive wall of powerful water before me. I’m overcome with fear and don’t try running, I know it’s useless, so I stand there waiting for it to crash down. Sometimes I wake up before the wave breaks, other times it breaks and it’s terrifying, but I never die nor am I ever IN the water. When it crashes I always live.
    There’s also never a fear a dying- it’s complete fear of being helpless, overwhelmed and unable to control what’s about to happen.

    Seems pretty easy to dissect the meaning of these dreams, but I’ve always wondered if they’re telling of a cataclysmic event/2012 scenario??

  27. Fophil Says:

    I had a dream once about a tsunamis back in 2004 before the one that happened..I was already struggling at that time because I had lost both my parents in 2003.. I lost my mom on the 20th of dec that year so it was a ruff time …the night before i had the dream it was the next year same day , I had gotten down on my hands and knees and prayed that night to “help US all” .Well my dream started out in hawaii.I was in the ocean on my surf board{never surfed before} with many other surfers waiting for some waves when one of them yealled tsunami..they started back to shore but i was not scared ..i was excited ..i surfed the monster wave and then it was like i quantum leaped ..i was somebody else in a hotel room when it hit came crashing in i ran to the door hoping to let the water out ..but i was too late and remembering taking the other mans last breath…then i quantum leap again this time its me and im in like south asia at the market in a boaT wereing a rice patty hat trying to buy some rice but i couldnt speek there language and they thought i wanted shrimp…I didnt think nothin about the dream until 5 or 6 days later there was an earthquake in hawaiiin the ocean that triggered the one that hit south asia…looking back now i have a better understanding where I am at in my life now!

  28. Terry Schermerhorn Says:

    I’ve had tsunami dreams in the past and I thought they just implied that I was “washing away” my troubles. But the dream I had this morning was the worst one yet. I was in a large building with a large glass window overlooking the ocean. The building had several floors, but it wasn’t a skyscraper. The horizon turned dark, then the wave grew and grew and approached the shore slowly. But I knew the wave was moving very quickly but appeared slow because it was HUGE! As it approached I could feel the harmonic vibrations through my feet. The people around me didn’t seem to notice even though I was trying to shout and point at the wave. Instinctively I climbed to the highest floor and watched in awe as it hit the shore. It didn’t break at all. It just kept coming. It hit like a 1,000 locomotives and destroyed everything under me and everyone. Some people who noticed also had joined me and we watched it pass by. We turned back to the sea and could see the ocean turbulent like bath water sloshing, only the “sloshes” were dozens of meters high. On the horizon, we could see another wave on the way. In all, at least 6 waves hit. They varied from 20 to 100 meters high. I was more in awe than fearful. I thought I was the only one having this “silly” dream.

    • Jed Says:

      Snap! How weird… Was the building on the right side of the bay and the window in front – with a sense that there was another window/more of the building on the right?

  29. Bettina Says:

    Just woke from a tsunami dream in which there was no fear and the water was chrystal clearr. It seemed no matter how far inland I went it reached me. A man for whom I feel a great deal of passion was there also. He was in the periphery. I will let you know what happens.

  30. linda Says:

    Wow I get ghust bumps by just reading all this stories…I came across this page just now because I just woked up from a horrible tsunami dream and I have been dreaming of tsunamis for years I think probably once every month it freaks me out even more after all these real tsunamies happening around the world!! I live in san diego ca so I live by the beach!! Its approx.. 5:30am and this time in my dream instead of running away from the big waves I stood lookin at the ocean to see if a big tsunami wave would just cover me…I was trap in a box like gate and I knew I could get out but I just never did get out I was about to but then I woked up..I really don’t like the tsunami dreams =(

  31. Lisa Biester Says:

    I have had the same tsunami dream for the last 16 years.. Last night again..but this time I was in the ocean when the tsunami came…and the water was sooo beautiful! it was like royal blue so clear and clean…. I didnt want to look at the tsuanmi..I just waited holding unto something I dont know what it was…and it came and I was inside the tsunami thinking I was going to die..that was my end…and then.. I woke up my heart going so fast and I was wet with sweat ….The first time I had the dream I was by the beach and I saw this huge wall of all in the horison coming closer and closer… and it was no use to run…the wave came in and I was gone for a while..then I woke up in the dream and I was helping people that survived the tsunami…

  32. rhea Says:

    I’ve been having a reoccurring dream that a huge black tsunami is just frozen on the coast. No one else seems to notice it or care. I spend most of the dream getting ready for it to crash by buying scuba gear, and I always end up in it – the lone survivor. The weird part is that I can remember the sound of it (that underwater echo splashy sound) more than I can see what’s in it. Just swirls of dark color mostly. Then I wake up feeling uneasy.

  33. cindy sedaker Says:

    if anyone could shed light it would be appreciated … my tsunami dreams always have one theme i have yet to see written about … i always look out on a bear sea bed, the sea floor is shimmering i suppose because it is still wet, but there is no water. i know a tsunami is coming and i always start my trek for higher ground with my family… sometimes i have to search them our first. but i never see the wave. i always know it is coming, but not once has it shown itself in my dream … any insights? would love some clarity on this

  34. Bharath Says:

    I too have had Tsunami dreams frequently in the past 4-5 years. Usually im with someone else when it strikes.

    Hoped I could get a comprehensive explanation of this recurring dream but not able to find one anywhere 😦

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  36. jeanette Says:

    I had a dream last night where I was in a house with people I did not know but we were preparing for something, there was a lot of stored dried meats etc… My new wolf puppywas there full grown.
    I did not know the people, but we went outside, we were not at the beach but over a small hill came a mile high wave, I was so scared I ran into the house then woke up…

  37. angel Says:

    I had a dream yesterday about a huge tsunami over mountains and watching a huge was washaway People my opinion I think in the future it could happen again.two weeks before Japan happen I had a tsunami dream

  38. caitlin Says:

    I have recently had two dreams about tsunamis the first I was standing driving along the beach and saw it coming I had to get out of the car and grip on to some vines along the beach I didn’t die but it was really scary then the second I was in a hotel room with a big window on the first floor along the beach the tsunami kept coming in and getting closer and closer finally the water seeped in under the door and I remember thinking about my first dream of the tsunami in my 2nd dream and thinking I had that dream for a reason both times I was in the same town in my state a town where I’m planning a trip to recently but I wasn’t planning the trip when I had the first dream and thought nothin of it but I’ve read about it signifying something spiritual and I’ve recently gotten alot more interested in my spiritual walk and am about to be baptized I’m wondering if the two dreams along with my spiritual change are significant

  39. callie Says:

    This is all interesting. I have not had the dream in a long while, but my recurring Tsunami dream, probably since I was about 6 years old, is that I am in the water, on top of and incredibly tall, probably 50 foot wave and I actually feel the impact as it crashes down. It is amazing to see how many people have Tsunami dreams.

  40. lauren Says:

    about 4 months ago i had a dream about a tsunami.I was standing on a beach with my sister and we were looking out at the ocean holding hands when all of a sudden a tsunami was coming towards us we were shocked and stunned.So we kept holding hands and I said to her dont worry nothing is going to happen to us we will fight this,we will not let this get us.Sure enough the wave went through us and we beat it.just after that dream maybe a couple of weeks later my sister gets sick and test afer test we find out she has a tumor.quite certain it’S B9.I know In my heart she Is going to be fine.I always look back at that dream and how It left me feeling.Can anyone give me some advice please.
    Regards lauren

    • vanessa Says:

      Wow…Im sorry to hear about your sister, Im sure that dream was indeed wat you think it is and it was a signal for you to be strong and give her strenght to overcome this.

  41. Andrea Says:

    This is so strange. I had a tsunami dream and I too was in a veranda style or what I described to my husband as an open style restaurant. I’ve been at the same church for 20 years and I feel it’s time to change churches. I do feel overwhelmed at the thought of change. I didn’t even think of the spiritual connection with the tsunami until I read your post. Thanks for posting.

  42. vanessa Says:

    Its so great to find this place… Because I have been talking all day long to everyone about what happened to me and nobody seemed to care that much! so I finally find people to share this with and will believe how extreme it is to have one of these crazy dreams…so mine went as follows:

    from the part I begin to remeber the dream, I am in the back of a pick up truck (open part)…my boyfriend and his mom are on the front (driver and passenger)…suddenly they stop the car, I look back and I can see far away many tornadoes…giant ones, destroying everything in the distance, which made me feel really sad, but suddenly i see something else, I couldnt figure it out at first but then I begun to realize that It was a giant tsunami coming our way and as it got closer my sight was not sufficient to see it entirely, I begun to desperatly knock on the winsow so my boyfriend mom would start driving away but she wouldnt…and it was so scary because it felt so real, I felt so scared, and when I had it right in front of me…I Woke up! but then for almost 2 seconds I couldnt believe It because the dream was so vivid that I really thought I was going to die. after that I went back to sleep and I had tsunami related dreams, but not as intense…this time i would dream that I knew a tsunami was comming but people wouldnt believe me ( my family) so I drove away from the coast line and took my younger siblings and mother with me….leaving my dad and brother behind which made me extremely upset…

    When I woke up I felt extremly changed somehow..or moved i guess by this dream.. and to my surprise I guess it must have had some kind of effect on my blood pressure because my left eye was completely red and swollen.

    What I think It represents:

    Im having issues with my boyfriend for a long time now and yesterday before that dream there was a final straw from me and so I decided it was time to put an end to our relationship…althpugh I hadnt discussed it with him…I have been putting up with him and his constantput downs in fear of feeling lonly since i have been away from my family for over a year since i moved to a diferent country. i guess the leaving my parents behind means i should just liberate all the emotions i have in regards to this situation, confront my boyfriend and face all this “trsunami of feelings” i have coming my way. pretty interesting that this site helped me figure it out…or at least give it some meaning.

  43. Hi
    I had a Tsunami dream this morning. I did run from it but didn’t feel particularly scared. It was utterly huge…like something out of that 2012 movie lol. However the wave as it crashed and rose, and chased me down eventually stopped just short of my feet…by about an inch.
    Having read Jung’s interpretation, I am fascinated because I am about to go on my Shamanic Soul Retrieval course tomorrow… and have felt that doing this course will increase my spiritual awakening… I’ll keep you posted…

  44. Christian Petersen Says:

    I had a tsunami dream this morning. It started when some scientists made the wrong experiment, which caused the moon to go out of orbit. I saw the moon (from space) going closer to the earth, and I held my breath, hoping it wouldn’t collide. It brushed the earth, and then flew into space. I was on earth, but on the other side, and there were no effects to be felt of the collision, but I knew that a great tsunami would wash over the earth. I heard people talking about protective bunkers, and that they would go there. I took my bike, and started looking for bunkers on my own. I felt that was a completely crazy thing to do, since I didn’t know where to look at all. I started wanting to be with my family, but then I got the idea that I should go to the tallest mountain. I started going uphill, but then I met some nice people. They told me that the wave would be taller than the tallest mountain on earth, so my plan would fail. The moment after, I looked into the horizon, and there I saw the titanic wave appearing in the distant. We went into a building, hoping to at least find a basement, but there wasn’t any there. I knew that the wave was very close, and we took cover in the most safe-looking part of the building. But I also knew in my heart that I wouldn’t make it, and these were the last moments of my life. But for some reason, I did not feel fear, and no one there were afraid. Then I woke up.

  45. Star Says:

    So I had a dream 2 of a tsunami n the same one in the 2 dreams..
    First one I had I dream I was out to din wit my mom we had an open view to the beach when all of a sudden this wave pitch black blue was flying at our window, every one made it out but before I got out I turned n I looked at it….n I felt so overhewlmed hypnotized I cldnt leave out like I froze! N as I stared at it it stood still in one same roaring motion as if it was COMMING n staring at me for a few good seconds then I broke the glass window, attempted to drown me but I made,it just fine.
    Second one was that I was on a trip in a ship n it was night time thier was a storm but I wanted to c how the waves looked in a storm n as I open the window I see the giant waves turning into a tsunami… We have a stare down again this time longer n the waves broke thru the glass but as they did I made them reverse back out with my thought of them reversing!! Then I freaked out n it flee back in thru the broken glass!! I woke up thought It was weird n scary!!

  46. Star Says:

    I’m working on a single n I’m a new artist not singed yet n DNT have a big name or manger ect.. I think I can sing good I’ve always known what I’m supposed to be but I’m not shire how to get thier or what to do with my talent in that area. I have an awsome job as well paid artist @ Mac. Do u think this could be contributing to my dreams??
    Sometimes I have dreams I’m singing on stage n every one loves it or really hates it!! Weird dreams!!

  47. Vee Says:

    Wow! I am simply astounded at the number of people who have posted in this blog about their dreams about tsunamis’. I’ve been having dreams about tsunamis’ for a couple years as well. All of them start with me living in a house at a beach and always ends with me trying to escape from the waters….I usually feel like I’m too afraid to get caught by the rushing tidal waves..afraid that I might succumb under the fear of my death….I usually wake up with a feeling of panic and despair.. I told my boyfriend about my dreams but he just simply laughed it off and told me I was just being paranoid coz we live off the coast. …I’ve been ignoring my dreams for a while but they’ve been recurring on a monthly basis so I decided to google search it in search for some form of interpretation..Boyy am I happy to have found this site 🙂 I’m still trying to find the answers to my dreams…can anyone help me? :/

  48. lauren Says:

    HI There,

    I was so happy to have found this site also.Afew months ago i was having reacurring tsunami dream which were very strong.To cut it short my sister and I were in the dream and we were holding honds on the beach watching this massive tidal wave coming towards us and all i remember saying to my sister is everything is going to be alright we will beat this thing.acouple of months after having that dream my sister found out she had a tumor,which was b9.She went though quite a rough stage,but has now come out on top.You see it is funny how some dreams you just cant get out of your head.I knew something wasnt right,call it my intuition.Water is meant to represent emotions.sometimes it is nothing and sometimes it may mean something.Dreams are funny, i am always questioning.Dream books are good.I have a book called understanding dreams.I love reading it from time to time.
    Also dream dictionarys can be helpful.
    Hope I was helpful.

  49. Shelly Says:

    I’ve had this dream for years off and on… each time I’m in some sort of amphitheater facing the beach (i was born and raised in Miami so I have no reason to fear the beach or water. I really didn’t even know what a tsunami was before the disaster in 2004…) I had the dream last night and each time I have this dream i spot the wave coming in and no one seems to notice. my instinct tells me to get the hell outta there fast but there is always something that delays me. In this dream I can’t find my brother and end up having to leave him behind fending for my self as the wave approaches after desperately searching for him . I have never experienced being overtaken by the wave in the dream… somehow I always manage to get away before it does or i end up somewhere else. The wave always breaks but I’m never in the water i always end up just missing it. The last time I had the dream which was i dont know how long ago i rush out of the amphitheater (I’m always on I some ridiculously high floor) I reach the parking lot filled with cars and cant locate my keys or I can’t find my car at all. This dream still freaks me out and I wake up in a cold sweat everytime…

  50. TJ Says:

    Last night my dreams were full of at least 10 to 20 foot massive tidal waves, I knew it was a tsunami in my dream. I was on a beach looking at it with a touch of fear but so fascinated by what was happening in front of me that I didn’t move. The water hit the land and was washing everything away in its path but for some strange reason it just would stop probably around a 1 feet radius around me. Everything was being washed away except me. And the strangest thing was even though it was washing everything and people around me, i just had this eerie calm feeling that everyone and myself are just going to be fine. This scene kept repeating over and over again. Some times the violent waves would rise up and just never crash back.

    Just after the waves stopped I was someplace where the water has flooded and very murky. People are on little cannoes but I am perhaps even walking or floating in the air just above the water but im not wet.

    I feel a bit numb this morning for some reason. I am planning to move to countries this year. Day before yesterday an old friend of mine was cautioning me about leaving everything in this crisis ridden financial world and all the other blabber or taking responsibilies and so forth. Perhaps this dream symbolies the big wave of change that I feel is due in my life and perhaps me reassuring myself that no matter how the world around is tumbling upside down, Im going to be fine and I need to face the changes with fascination rather than fear…..

    Any comments? Any sort of analysis will be helpful.

  51. May Says:

    I also have tsunami dreams ,funny enough i feel that the more often i get them the less scared i have become in my dream. I had one last night where i tried to run away from it as last times but this time i felt it will catch me and i was kind of peaceful with that idea.In the last dream i couldnt see other people it was all about me running alone. I am not sure what these dreams can represent but probably my emototinal state ,i have recently been questioning my whole life where i am am and where i want to go …..

  52. Susan Says:

    Thanks for putting up this site! I found it looking for reasons for my tsunami dreams. I woke up this morning from one, so I’ll start with the one I had last week…

    Last week I woke from a deeply heavy state of dreaming. SO heavy I slep in longer than usual and felt drugged. I had dreamed of being in Australia (I’ve never been to Australia) and being in a parking garage of a mall. I saw the waves heavy and slow coming toward us. I was on stairs and had to get to higher ground. My childhood bff was there with me. She waited for me,holding out her hand, I took her hand but I kept going past her–I didn’t look back for her.

    This morning I woke up very late again from a heavier than usual sleep. I should have been up over an hour ago! So this time I had been in Hawaii (I’ve never been to Hawaii) with a group of friends I’ve never met IRL. We went to surf (I don’t surf) at the base of some rocks, but had to turn back because the waves were coming. We didn’t make it all the way back. I looked over to see my 15 year old daughter next to me. I told her to hold her breath as each of the smaller waves came. The water was heavy and completey engulfed us for 20 seconds at a time. We had to prepare by holding our breath and laying against the rocks until the waves receded (They’s reced, then come back in bigger force). At one point I thought a smashing wave would crush my daughter into a rock, but her arm buffered it. She was fine. Then suddenly I was in a 30 story apartment building which began at the base of the rocks overlooking the ocean where we had been. My daughter was not with me in this part of the dream, but the friends were. We took an elevator to a higher floor. I looked into an apartment. Saw the waves coming up to that floor out the balcony, and we all held on tight, once again holding our breaths. Realizing the waves were getting yet higher I suddenly found myself in the rafters of the building on the 30th floor. At that point everyone tied themselves to rafters with rope. My rope was frayed, but it held. THen the waves came in over us from both directions, 300 feet waves! At one point I was suspended in mid air at 300 feet, then settled back to the rafters. The building was a skeleton, and I wondered who would find me up there when the whole thing ended.

    Last night

  53. manylivesmanymasters Says:

    Hey Everyone! I’m a recent member of the tsunami dreams club, and while no two dreams here are alike, I find that parts of my dreams overlap with parts of dreams here. I have never found dream interpretation fascinating but in my waking life I have had psychic experiences (which I am not totally at peace with because I do not understand how I can sometimes know so much information about people I’ve never met). I have had 4 tsunami dreams in the last 6 months. The waves never reach me, I am always watching from on high, and I am never afraid. Interestingly, I came across a Tarot reader (I did not seek her out) who told me I am undergoing a spiritual change, and after three excruciating years of tragedy after tragedy I do believe that the person I had been died and I am being remade. It’s been a very dramatic way to experience personal change, but it is happening and I think the tsunami dreams are a confirmation of this seismic change in my being. I think that I am not afraid because I am not afraid of death. The tragedies I suffered (and continue suffering through) required me to confront death, adopt a philosophy of reincarnation (which takes so much of the burden off excelling in this life, we have many lives to learn our lessons, and maybe not just in the realm we know as Earth). This may resonate with some of you – are you finding yourself departing further and further away from a world of consumerism/materialism and further into a world of spiritualism? Let’s say that we are having these dreams because our emotions want our attention or because we are becoming increasing spiritually sensitive – lucky us! Say something true to yourself – like the post of the person who really wants to be a singer, or the person who knows that she has got to leave her boyfriend but she is struggling with that truth – maybe the tsunami in our dreams is calling on us to be truthful. Here’s my truth – despite enormous educational debt, I want to work with orphans. If I leave this plane of existence without doing so, I feel I will have to come back – so maybe the tsunami is encouraging me to act on my feelings.

  54. Susan Says:

    What a wonderful and thoughtfully written comment! I completely agree with what you’ve said. I believe in reincarnation, too, by the way. I sincerely hope the tsunami dreams mean we are being spiritually reborn.

  55. Lynx Says:

    I saw that I was travelling in a train with big windows, it was a regional one , I think. There were people and a girl with her mother and some other. The girl had the same jacket as me in my childhood.Many of them were sitting near the window. I was siiting close to corridor.As we travelled, we saw the ocean, the railway was along the ocean. And the waves started to approach. At first not so big, but as we moved the new waves appeared, larger and larger. The windows were half open, as it usually can be in regional trains. Waves were becoming more huge and grey, but all the people just sat and watched them! So I shouted “Close the windows!” Rushed to the windows and started to close them. Some people saw at me at also did it. As soon as I did it. The huge waves came. They hit the windows.And then they came over the train, they overlapped it. It became even darker. I was sitting and watching it.People seemed to be paralyzed, I was very scared and started to cry and pray. I felt horror. But nothing happened. Our train continued to go we were about to arrive at some station and then the mom and the girl began to get ready to go out at the next stop. It was safe.

  56. I love reading your tsunami dream and mine (I’ve had a few) seemed so poignant. I was in a car driving along a coastal road on a sunny day when I saw a friend I know near the beach grass and shrubs. As we passed, we waved, but he gestured toward the shore. We said, “I wonder what he’s pointing to?” and we looked toward the waves. An enormous wave was approaching the shore. “Wow! Look at that!”, we said, marveling at the wave, only to suddenly understand that each became a mammoth wave and suddenly was arcing over our car. It was 90 feet high and in no time at all, from under the arc of the wave, I understood it was THE END as there was no way out. My only thought at that point was for my sons, who in the dream were having fun further up the coast. I felt awful at not being able to be with them in their moment of torment. I woke up suddenly, heart racing.

    What I like about your comments about your tsunami dream is that, like you, I think it’s about an ending of what is no longer needed and an unstoppable wave of new cleansing life’s situations. The archetypal young male in me cannot be necessarily be comforted at this moment of renewal, but will have to go it alone. I also pay attention to dreams in terms of true life earth events, and do worry that perhaps somewhere there will be a tsunami at some point in the near future (but hope not).

  57. […] this was my astral body re entering my phy. body. Never had a tsusami dream tho. many have tho Tsunami Dreams the white elephant * Tidal wave – (Dreams): Definition Dream Dictionary Tsunami Dream about a tsunami, traumatic, any1 […]

  58. christine Nocito Says:

    I had a tsunami dream about 20 years ago and I did not have another one until last night. I knew the waves were coming in me dream yet I kept going to see them. I would be walking towards a boardwalk of sorts, people on the beach, and huge walls of water taking everything and everyone with them. I could feel terror, turning my back anticipating the wave hitting me. I woke up feeling scared. This dream cycle seemed to repeat all night in different variations.

  59. Karrigan Says:

    Morning guys. Had a bad enough Tsunami dream last night for me to get on the internet and do some research. I don’t like open water anyway, after a surfing incident when I was younger, and I have dreams (nightmares) about being in different situations involving water pretty much all of the time. Last night was weird in that the dream wasn’t about water to start with (but still a pretty f****d up dream). At the end of the dream, I was driving over moors, with my mum in the car. As we came over a hill, the road was gone, and all around was black surging water. I told my mum I’d been dreaming about water, and should’ve known. Normally in these dreams I’m really calm, but last night I was hysterical and terrified. We were stood on a raised area of ground, and I said we need to move to higher ground. Everyone else (random strangers) were very calm and started wandering back up the hill. I was hysterical saying I needed to call my best friend in the States to tell her I’m ok, as this would be making intrnational news. I don’t know what these dreams are about or how to deal with them. Any ideas?

  60. Dee Von T Says:

    I found this very interesting indeed. The thing with me is, I’ve been having nightmares about Tsunamis for well over a yr & I’m still not used to them, it seems like every dream I have, the waves get bigger than before… I hate it. This is the 2nd night in a row that I’ve dreamt about it. I was in this house, walking into the kitchen, there was a window above the sink which over looked the ocean. Well next thing I know, I see this huge wave come @ me & I couldn’t move, I froze dead on the spot & I just felt the wave crash against my house. The water flowed thru the window & swept me away….. The night before, I dreamt I was with looking after my youngest brother & this older girl (think she was about 12) we were in this place surrounded by small houses, & a few buildings, it almost looked abandoned. Next thing I know, here comes a wave, I held on to my brothers & girls hands so that they wouldn’t seprate. They water went down & I knew we needed to find higher ground. On our way to doing so, we found the girls mom so she stayed with us. In order to find higher ground, we had to climb this sewage like tunnel, that lead up to a street, I climbed 1st to help the kids up & out of the tunnel. The lady was last but on her way up she sliped, hit her head on a bar, & died. I was left alone with the kids. We continued to walk & saw some people with boats who were charging to let people on, I didn’t have money with me so I felt helpless. Then my brother pointed behind me & said: “Look.” I turned around & the biggest wave of them all was right behind me. I didn’t move, I didn’t run, I just saw how it rose & began to curl & make impact. I held my brother & girl close to me cuz all I wanted to do was protect them…. The last thing I remembered was me turning my back on the wave & feel water just touching me, I woke up after that.

  61. Dee Von T Says:

    I REALLY hate dreaming about this cuz I’m afraid it WILL happen someday & I’m not looking forward to it @ all. Unfortunately my dreams DO come true @ some point. They seem to warn me about wat is going to happen. Ex. 1) I had a dream that my bf @ the time got with my bestfriend. A few days after we broke up, they DID end up getting together. Ex. 2) The night before Japan had the Tsunami, I dreamt one, I was on the beach getting swept away & being hit against rocks, only to wake up to the terrible news about Japan. :[ Tsunamis rn’t the only thing that I’m warned about, Earthquakes & other things too. That’s why sometimes I’m afraid to go to sleep cuz I’m afraid of wat I might dream about KNOWING it’ll come true eventually….

  62. Ryan Says:

    I find this incredible. I came online this morning to research interpretations on my dream from last night and found a *blog* dedicated to the symbol and meaning of *Tsunami* in dreams. I am amazed at man’s ability to recall dreams and bring them into the ‘waking world’ to be shared and understood.

    My dream:

    Im at a resort complex. sandy beaches. large stone buildings with glass enclosures. the resort spans across my field of view. I am wandering the resort along with my girlfriend. we go off and do our own things, exploring, etc. and I find myself stopping, turning and looking up to see a GIANT tsunami approaching the resort and myself. There are people around me who are equally stunned as i am. It’s a feeling of ‘i’ve never seen or dealt with this event before in my life, do i run? do i hold my breath? will i die? This tsunami was mezmerizing by sheer magnitude alone. it looked amazing, but the impact was sure to cause disaster *OR* shake things up at the very least.

    First one crashed down. i held my breath. it wasn’t bad and i remember being underwater with other people but managed to swim to the surface and stand on my feet again. i think i ran up to higher ground a bit toward the resort buildings, too.

    I looked out to the deep dark blue ocean to see a large ‘Easter Island” statue slowly toppling over of the shoreline. I walked around the complex a bit, to the ‘back’ (depth of field and distances are always skewed in dreams to for me) suddenly the resort didn’t feel so vast. I found some sandy areas behind the main building where people lay, suntanning, hanging out, etc. i went to take a shower in this outdoor wooden-log stall. people stared at me and I didn’t feel naked but also it felt normal.

    Then a second tsunami roared above us. This time I went around alerting people. I was worried about my girlfriend. she was in the back of my mind the whole time. I wanted to find her but there would’nt have been time. i ran inside the building where i saw some familiar people.. It came crashing down: this time, I held onto a post welded to the ground of the complex.and just held on.

    It passed and there were water creatures that floated along with the receeding currents. I dont recall what happened between the final *third* Tsunami, but when it came down, It hit the building i was in first and glass was shattering. They kept getting stronger and stronger. the last one was by far the strongest since it messed with the glass. i was worried i’d be cut by all the glass floating in the water, and somehow i made it out of the water. Then, i was in a small parkette in a city setting, fall, wet ground where i found my girlfriend with a colleague or good friend talking. my GF and I left together after talking about something with them. Her and I went to a small coffee shop made of wood and continued on our journey. End.

    I appreciate any insight others may have into the events.
    I also find Jung’s archetypes in dreams approach to understanding events and symbols to be quite accurate.

    Water representing emotions is also significant in Astrology, where also the sign of Cancer – a water sign- Is ruled by the moon. The moon, oddly enough, represents the feminine, our inner desires not yet fulfilled, and on our earth the moon has great influence over our bodies of water: the tides.

    • Ryan Says:

      Oh, and to add to my “astrology” comment, the sign of Cancer also rules the 4th house of, literally, Home/Personal Life/ Domestic Needs-Attitudes and our personal sphere of comfort, too!

  63. jacky Says:

    all of my dreams i associated the tsunami with the world ending. i can always see the tsunami coming before it hits. in my dream i start praying and asking for forgiveness of my sins in hopes that it helps me be forgiven before the tsunami hits. normally my dreams wont end with a wave of water. if the tsunami ends up passing with no harm no foul then there’s always another form of element that happens i.e. hail or fire. i’ve been having these dreams for sometime. i believe that its gods way of telling me that i need to pick a side and stop being luke warm in my beliefs because his time is coming.

  64. sandra withrow Says:

    In August 2011, I had a dream that I was in an elevator of the largest building in the world. As soon as I reached the top to the roof, I got out of the elevator and I saw very few people there standing and sitting around. I went to the edge and saw that a tsunami had just struck and water was everywhere around the building. I saw nothing but water! Just recently, I had another tsunami dream on December 21, 2011, I was on the coast of an African city and people were working. I was at the top of some stairs watching a worker drag a cart of food up the stairs and then he fell back down. I looked out to the ocean and saw big, giant waves crashing down on land and destroying everything in site. The tsunami kept forming, many of them and kept crashing down. I looked towards inland and it was flooded.

  65. I love that you have a whole section on tsunami’s. I have dreamed of them off and on for at least a decade. Last night, I dreamed I am in a ship. An emergency signal starts flashing. I look out the front window and see a wide tornado in the distance heading straight for us. There is nowhere we can go to get out of the way (we are at sea). Then I see a huge tsunami form right in front of us, hundreds of feet high. I am sitting next to a young man I do not know. I reach out for his hand and arm and then just close my eyes and go into a state of deep peace, accepting the inevitable. After a while, I feel a shudder in the ship, and then all is well. A ship’s representative came over and told us that by some miracle, we are fine, the wave went in another direction. The man I am next to and I have developed a sense of closeness and connection so we just continue to get kind of all wrapped up in each other. He begins singing. Turns out he has a lovely voice. We both share how we were not afraid.

  66. Mel Says:

    Just before I woke today I had another very intense tsunami dream. In these dreams the tsunamis usually represent the end of the world as a follow up to some cataclysmic event where all life on earth will cease to exist. In all my tsunami dreams I am most worried about my baby daughter and although I know there is no escaping the obvious end I still get to her (last night she was in school), while swimming through already flooded areas of the town, and try to go to high ground in hopes of salvation. In Another dream a while back, my entire family was involved, and although we went as high up as possible the water took us eventually. I remember holding on to my daughter with all my might, as if my world was already over knowing she would drown. The common theme is always my desperation for not being able to save her, I could care less about my own life! In yet another tsunami dream we actually drown, but come back to life in this sort of spiritual underwater world. There I see my grandparents, (who already past) and everyone else that has perished during the tsunami- and life continues in that realm. In all these dreams I am panicked as I see the huge waves coming (usually in twos) but later I accept our destiny and hold on to my baby girl till the last breath. They are pretty intense emotionally and the first thing I do as a wake is go to her to kiss and hold her with unparalleled emotion. If these dreams denote some kind of spiritual awakening or cleansing, I must say that, if nothing else, after each one i am reminded of how lucky we are to exist and that life is too short to waste any single fraction of time, and that while we are here we must love and enjoy those who we love and love us immensely!

  67. Kylie Says:

    So I have 2 dreams. My 1st tsunami dream happened years ago and it did come true. I dreamt we were on the gold coast Australia and we were in our high rise apartment when on the horizon I could see a large wave approaching. As it got closer I could see that there were three massive waves. So I grabbed my grandparents and ran to the mountains to get as high as possible. We were safe.
    The next morning I awoke to the news of the Papua new guinea tsunami and there were three surges.
    The next one I had last night. I didn’t see the tsunami but all over the news and radio was warning of a 10 meter wall of water that was going to surge through. I am in the Blue Mountains so up very high but they say there is nowhere to hide. So I scramble to find a life jacket and also put one on my dog when everyone was telling me to leave my dog behind. There is 10 minutes till impact and then I awake.
    Thank goodness I awoke this morning to no news of a tsunami, but can someone please explain my 2nd dream. Thank you

  68. Samuel Says:

    Im 20,live in wellington new zealand(a coastal city) and just had my first unnerving tsunami dream,i was with my mum,at lake taupo,we used to live there, i suddenly saw the waves get huge and to large for the normal on the lake,then next minnit a tsunami was and my mum drove up into the hills,she seemd to think it was some maori tribal ground shaking that disturbed the lake (which has a dormant volcano that when it last erupted was seen from china).i just remember asking where my sister was.where is she mum where is was so realistic and un nerving

  69. kleil Says:

    i have these recurrent dreams for years. actually i just woke up again having the same i was kinda persistent on finding what does that dream really meant or trying to reach me.guess i was lucky enough to find this page! anyways my dream goes this way, i was with my family at shore,the setting of the place was at the hometown of my father where we also had a lot of childhood memories in that and until now we always visit that place every vacation or whenever we want to. so the dream always start wherein my family and i was having ourselves prepared for the tsunami to hit the shore.we are like just standing there at the shore and as we see the tsunami waves grew bigger and bigger and as the waves approaches and reaches us at the shore, we just get hold of ourselves in a steady fences along the shores in which i also find it weired. we got hold of our breaths and hold the fences as much as we could as the waves covered us so that it won’t carry us away. eventually, my family end up surviving the tsunami. i want to unravel the meaning of this and so i hope that you can help me. thanks a lot and i deeply appreciate any help on interpreting this dream of mine. =)))

  70. kleil Says:

    i have these recurrent dreams for years. actually i just woke up again having the same i was kinda persistent on finding what does that dream really meant or trying to reach me.guess i was lucky enough to find this page! anyways my dream goes this way, i was with my family at shore,the setting of the place was at the hometown of my father where we also had a lot of childhood memories in that and until now we always visit that place every vacation or whenever we want to. so the dream always start wherein my family and i was having ourselves prepared for the tsunami to hit the shore.we are like just standing there at the shore and as we see the tsunami waves grew bigger and bigger and as the waves approaches and reaches us at the shore, we just get hold of ourselves in a steady fences along the shores in which i also find it weired. we got hold of our breaths and hold the fences as much as we could as the waves covered us so that it won’t carry us away. eventually, my family end up surviving the tsunami. i want to unravel the meaning of this and so i hope that you can help me. thanks a lot and i deeply appreciate any help on interpreting this dream of mine. =)))

  71. Jim Says:

    I’m glad im not alone. I have been having tsunami dreams regularly for several years now, increasingly so. Sometimes i am drowned by the wave and other times escape it.

    I have no answers only these questions:

    1. Have the effects of these events been so brutal to the shared human ‘Archetype’ consciousness, that it enters our dreams?
    2. Are they just related to significant personal emotional events?
    3. Are they predictive / psychic?
    4. Are they the completion of thought processes arising from exposure to media coverage and consideration of these events?

    It worries me because i have recently moved to Christchurch, NZ, where earthquakes continue to interrupt life.

  72. felicia Says:

    I have been having tsunami dreams for years. They never get me. I am always trying to get away. I am always the first one that knows it is happening and sometimes people do not believe me when i say it is coming. There are always a lot of people that i know in these dreams…usually friends or family. in some cases therr have been random people that i haven’t seen in years. I always wake up or the dream changes to something else before the water reaches me.
    I have also had tornado dreams since i was a child. I do not live in an area where either of these natural disasters happen.
    These dreams occur 2-4 times a week!

  73. In my tsunami dream last night… the waves were GIANT walls of water like you see in the movies. You could hear the crashing and breaking of rock walls from miles away.

    I stood on a hill right on the beach watching the destruction…. and in between waves, there was an eerie silence, but yet you could hear screams from afar of people in distress.

    I ran down to the shore, and stood there. Saw this giant wave coming straight for me, and I was sure… I was dead. Another girl whom I don’t know was standing next to me, and she looked at me, and said… I think this is it. Then, as the wave hovered a few feet away from us, looking like a 60 story building, all of a sudden, it stopped in it’s tracks, and receeded.

    STRANGE, cause we all know tsunami’s don’t do that… they are not like normal waves. But it did… and I was soooooo scared. I got in my car.. that strangely enough was parked on the beach. and drove away while hundreds of other people were in panic around me, I then felt a sense of calmness in my dream.

    But when I woke up, I felt so scared, and anxiety as if I really did stand upon that beach. Something inside of me still felt the fear…. I wonder what’s to come.

    I think the difference with this tsunami dream is… in the past, I was always fleeing from the tsunami, running away, trying to get to higher ground, and last night was the FIRST time I ever faced it head on….

  74. Marie Says:

    Iver the past month I’ve had 10 tsunami dreams, and everytime I dream one it comes closer and closer, but last night, I faced it. I was with my older cousin and her baby, along with my little brother, there was repeating waves, 1 after another, after another, the last one there was helicopters on the beach, and people on the beach watching it, I went outside to scream so they could help me and my family members. But the wave had already crashed, and the helicopters left, the water lasted for a long time, and I was pushing on the glass door hoping it wouldn’t break because of the pressure of the water, on the other side the was still there but there was something like fire in water, and we opened it and it was like a waterfall, I reached my hand across the water, and I saw so many rescue cars, the kind lady said get it, and I got in the car with my brother, my cousin and her baby. And we survived the tsunami.

  75. Kiri H Says:

    I have had quite a few tsunami dreams, they started about 2 years ago. Im always very afraid and with someone (friend, stranger, or family member) it’s always in a different setting, my house, a random made-up city, someone elses house, or somewhere I have been before but the waves are always the same, im always trying to get to higher ground to get away, and I always seem to be at the beach when the dream starts off. It starts off with the tide coming in higher and higher then the waves start to get bigger and bigger and then I start to try and get away to higher ground. It always ends when a massive wave is about it hit me – then I wake up. The only difference is with my dream last night it’s like it’s happened so many times that in my dream I knew what was going to happen. I just wish I knew what the dreams meant!!

  76. molly Says:

    I have dreamt about Tsunamis since i was about six or seven years old , i am now 16 and i am still dreaming about them , there not all the time but when i have one dream it goes on for about 3 days , i also sometimes have had the same dream i dremt when i was younger which is creepy .. I always dream about it happening where i live and we all have to run to high grounds its really strange.. i recently dreamt that theres going to be one on october 13th , i know its just a dream but its very weird ..

  77. Feb. 26th, 2012.

    I’ve always been a lucid dream but the dream I had last night felt more like memory than a dream, In the dream I was lean. blonde headed, Australian native on vacation with my two children, both girls ages 1 and 2. We were on the beach and noticed the water beginning to recede back. I knew it was a tsunami and frantically picked my girls up and began running. People were running with me and one even tried to help my with one of my children, but when he wouldn’t run fast enough with me I grabbed both of them in my arms and ran as hard as I could. No matter how hard I ran I couldn’t beat the water, and like a train it hit us hard and engulfed us. I held on to the girls under the water until I was slammed against something and knocked out. When I came to I was still under water and managed to swim to the surface where I found a piece of tin to hold on to, but my children were lost. I was bleeding very badly from my head but continued to look for my children. I remember trying to talk to natives but I didn’t understand the language. Thankfully my dog woke me up and the nightmare ended. I’ve always dreamed crazy things and occasionally some dreams I’ve had have came true. Could this be someone else’s memory? Do any of you believe that it could happened. I didn’t know if the woman died or lived, but when I awoke felt her pain of losing her children. Any opinions?

  78. Mar Carrera Says:

    I had a Tsunami dream last night again. This time, I was walking around a beach boardwalk and I wanted to get the attention of a little boy and a little girl. I stepped into the sand area that was covered in water to my ankles trying to get the toddlers attention. I looked at the sea and saw a huge wave coming toward us. I felt maybe if I hold still without putting a fight it will go past me and I’ll go right through it. I looked toward the children and did not know who I could save if I ran toward them. The wave hits and goes over us I reach fo rthe first child and I luckily find the little girl next. By this time she had a name. Her name was Karina. Woke up and as usual my dream is fresh on my mind.

  79. sam Says:

    I have had re-occuring tsunami/wave dreams all my life. I had another one last night;

    I never fear the wave but I see the damage it creates all around me. I see homes washed away, I see people die. All the time its happening I watch and feel completely calm.

    In this dream I had to try and find the dead bodies for the families that died. I failed but the island it sta

  80. sam Says:

    I have had re-occuring tsunami/wave dreams all my life. I had another one last night;

    I never fear the wave but I see the damage it creates all around me. I see homes washed away, I see people die. All the time its happening I watch and feel completely calm.

    In this dream I had to try and find the dead bodies for the families that died. I failed but the island it started on seemed more beautiful after it finished.

  81. ellen Says:

    Hiye people i have had two dreams about this now an the one i had last night toped it of totally .. I was in the pub outside havin a smoke wit my mam an some public friends … Next minute i got a flash that a big wave was going to hit when i seen some girl i know walk around the conor.. I told my mum an sed mam we are all gona die wen mary walks around the conor we hav to get out of hear . . She laughed N sed ur drunk stop i sed no mam watch this wave all my family an friends wer out so side this pub i held her hand tight tell her to hold everyone she did …mary walked up trough the estate.. An behind the house we seen the bigest wave ever it has struck us we den all ran the opsite way holdin for dear life .. All my mam kept seyin was everyone breath when the water hits the ground.. After 100s of my friends familly ppl i know i was a the top wit my dear ones an i was the leader some ppl turnes back an sed its done now it was only a tital wave.. O screamd an sed no its not we all hav to keep walkin to a mountain a high moutain or we are all gona die but some listen.. So we walkdd an walkd an walkd then ran an walked some more.. I can remember a police man seyin i tink thay man was ri theres no other wave but i told him they build up in bracks cum heaver an stronger trust me please we carried on but for some strange reason ther wer a few ppl i no in reality siting around drinkin in robed cars not giveing a **** we kept walkin next minute a big big wave hit we ran ran an ran becoz we ran an walked until the next one hit it wasnt that bad .. But still wen wer all holding hands to not die my mam drifted away from me an i told her to hold my leg she did an was ok .. Everyone was ok we got on wit our journey to the high mountains.. AND MY DREAM ENDED .. This was so scary i had two perviously 1s too an there just as bad 😦 the only thing that scared me the most in this dream was i had a flash of wat was going to happen an then BOOOM it happend :/ i woke up tinkin is this a sign 😦 wats going on now i do hav anxiety an a lil bit of depresshion but will someone atleast email me :)) P.S im only 19 =) xoxo

  82. Angel Says:

    Once..I was on a boat way out in the sea..and I remember seeing a tsunami coming to the boat.I started to run around wondering if I should jump off..then another tsunami started to rise on the other side..then anoth in frount.I realized I was gonna die on the spot,there was even a thunderstorm I guess I have alot of emotional problems..

  83. Bonita Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last nite and i had one about 2 days ago, i have one almost every month for the past year and half to 2 years, but in all my previous dreams i am always trying to save everyone, my family or whoever is with me at the time, trying to get them to higher ground or shielding them from the tsunami and i have even gone looking for people to save them knowing that i will be hit by the tsunami way before i can even reach them, but i can”t have someone dieing on their own like that, i always see this huge wave form and it starts to come at us but then i am awoken, except last nite for the first time my dream was different from the others, the wave came at me, my father in law and another lady that i don”t know we were swept up but i was just riding the wave this time while i watched a huge cruise ship sink down with all these people on it, i was in the ship but then i wasn”t, it’s always like i”m proteced from the wave. i would love to know what this actually means my mother is quite spiritual and believes that it is my emotions… that i can not or have not dealt with in my waking life and that my subcontious is trying help me solve the problem, well i have finally been hit by the wave and am on top of it so maybe this means that i am dealing with something and finally solving the puzzle in my waking life 🙂


  84. CG Says:

    I just found this site. In my dream, I am in a wooden hotel that overlooks the ocean. The hotel could easily be destroyed in a natural disaster. There is a lobby that overlooks the ocean. I am standing looking at the horizon when I see a tsunami. I run to my room, get my family, and we start running inland and uphill. We always come to a brick building in the hills. We go inside, up a staircase into a lobby. It is a convent/church. The same nun is always there to greet me. She is about 5’3, brown hair, thin, and inher mid 50s. She always welcomes us to safety. We lookout a window and watch the tsunami engulf the hotel and the entire town. End of dream. I have had this dream about 5 times in the past year. I have been reading a lot about existentialism and a lot of stuff is up for me right now. I have escaped the tsunami in every dream but one, where when being swept up by the water actually felt euphoric. Also, in the first dream, it started on a plane. The pilots landed in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere, stole the passengers wallets and fled. We found our way to the hotel in the dream. But now when I have the dream, we are always already at the hotel. I don’t know what any of this means but thought I’d comment anyway.

  85. Joe Says:

    I have had tsunami & flooding dreams for many many years now. Last night was another one. Today I was searching the internet to find something that could help me make sense of why I was having these types of dreams for so long an so consistently.

    Nevertheless, I thought I would share mine since it seems that many other people are having them too.

    They are always very detailed dreams, so much so, that I know that my mind could never cook something like this up. These are real Steven Speilberg productions.

    They are never the same as to where it is happening. It is always a different place then last time. But, I am usually in an office building, house, or some other type of building. Sometimes I am outside observing the situation.

    The situation usaully involves me “being aware” that water is coming. Sometime it is over the building, sometimes it comes up to the foundation of the place I am in, and sometimes I observe it from a safe distance. Last night I was in a two story apartment building that had some space to the adjacent building. This time the water came and receded without much damages but then it returned shortly thereafer but with more power and dislodged the top story, which I was in, and caused it to float away. Before it dislodged I could see out the side window that this second wave was pushing a large boat and other debris into the building next to mine and causing great damage.

    Never am I hurt or in fear of the situation, which really fasicnates me since I have had many other types of dreams where I feel fear or worry. This is what really makes me wonder the most, why I am so calm and not worried about what damage this water could do to me.

    Anyway, this is it in a nutshell. I would welcome any feedback, comments or questions. BTW, I still wonder what in the world dreams are all about. I have read quite a bit but have never been satisfied with what is being said. To me it is one of the most fascinating part of life and we know very little about it. Oh, I did my own informal survey to see if the saying that goes, “you were dreaming about that because it is on your mind” has any validity. So, I asked a number of Cathlic priests if they every dreamt about seeing Jesus, since they are prayer and thinking about Him everyday. Only a few ever recall having a dream about seeing Jesus. Anyway…just thought I’d share that too.


  86. Happy Thoughts Says:

    I just had a vivid dream that a massive tsunami hit Acapulco, on the lower southern Pacific Coast of Mexico and on feet her investigation online CNN etc found it had also hit southern California and had Traveled inland almost as far as Ontario California! In the dream my first thought was for a friend in Fontana California and after checking reports said they had sustained only minor damage.

    I am 40 yrs young and have never had a disaster dream in my life.

    This seamed so real I awoke at 5am this morning checking my iPhone for news if it may have happend. Fortunately it has not. I live up in Stocton CA near the capital so no real threat of any earthquakes or disasters here.

    It was strange. Not sure the full context but was in an office at work and overheard a lady in shock saying there was a plane crash and she knows her kids were on the flight. I was alarmed and was saying with some people talking with her was she sure it was tha flight etc. I checked CNN on my iPhone and to my shock the breaking headline was tsunami hits Acapulco. I have a good friend who lives near Inland Empire California, about 2hrs east inland from Los Angeles so reflexively I checked to see if Fontana was effected and the news was they had sustained only minor damage. In this vivid dream this was a relief and shocking at the same time. It meant that L.A. And a huge swath of southern California west cost was hit very hard so hard the damage was deep inland. Shocking. There were also report of a massive tsunami that had hit the eat coast of the US as well. Thinking back this doesn’t really stand to reason as the gulf of Mexico shores would stop an east coast tsunami and I can’t imagine a tsunami that’s large enough to travel from the Pacific across the land and effect the east coast. That said multiple asteroid hits might trigger multiple tsunamis. Come to think of it I did see the movie “Deep Impact” just over a week ago that talks about this kinda nightmare scenario. I pray nothing like this ever happens but it really shook me. Also the friend I mentioned has been having vivid dreams of a massive earthquake hitting So Cal. She is so effected by the she has posted YouTube videos telling about them and worming people!

    • dearmabel Says:

      Last night I dreamed I was in LA (I live in Rochester,NY) and the water level was rapidly rising and sweeping people and things away. It was not a tsunami dream…I did not see htat, but it was more like massive floods.

  87. Kel Says:

    Well well well I have been looking for some clarification of my dreams for a long time! I have been having tusumai dreams for 4 years not every night but at least once a month as i have got used to the dreams Iam less scared and have even helped family members out run these things! I’m yet to stand and embrace one! The dreams started 4 years ago when I was with an ex partner of 2 1/2 years, shortly after the dreams started we

  88. Kel Says:

    Split up! And now I’m having the dreams with my current partner but maybe because I’m expecting his baby:0), I have never had any dream repeat itself like this before but find a sence of security as i see one in the distance (as crazy as it sounds) it feels almost cleansing :0)

  89. Angie Says:

    Last night, I dreamt about a tsunami. I have been dreaming of these since I was about 10 years old. After reading all the posts, I notice that no ones dreams are like mine.
    I am usually on the beach and seem to be the ONLY person who notices that a danger is about to happen as the water virtually disappears back towards the horizon. People take advantage of the new “extended” beach area and attempt to harvest sea shells and other treasures. I am the only one who is almost frozen with fear as I try to convince everyone that we should find higher ground immediately! I grab my daughter, mom, or whoever I am with at the moment and run towards buildings or some sort of shelter all the while actively searching for something that we can hold onto to float on once it breaks. In the distance, I see this huge wave approaching very very fast. As the wave approaches, it becomes taller and more giant. It is loud- REALLY loud – almost deafening and the crackle sound becomes less tolerable. I keep telling myself that I cannot save everyone- I can only warn them of the impending doom. The sky becomes dark and it “rains” on me but the wave never breaks- i usually wake up at rhis point. This is by far the most vivid and freakiest dream I have ever had.
    The scariest thing is, when I was young, I didn’t know that this is EXACTLY how tsunamis are experienced- that the tide gets low and sometimes disappears in the distance and the sounds it makes. The day I learned these facts in my natural environment class in college was a very freaky moment for me. I just pray that this is not a prophecy, that it is perhaps from a past life experience. I mean, how the hell did I know this?

  90. Murray Says:

    About a week ago I had a tsnami dream where I was watching surfers and as I walked over the half sand half grass hill I was informed by someone there was a tsnami coming. I looked towards the ocean and seen the water rising. I ran past a play ground surrounded by an old steel fence, and ran to the large building across a road. I started climbing the hand railing I climbed up 5 stories, turned to face the wave and seen it crash and kill the people including a small girl with long dark hair, that couldnt make it past the 4th level. It was so vivid and terrifying. Then a had another quite different this morning. Come to think about it, a couple of weeks ago I had another tsnami dream. I can still remember all the dreams but the one I posted was by far the most vivid and horrifying.


  91. David Says:

    My dream has been 3 times now once walking on a bord walk witha a sunami coming towards me the last was last night I looked out the window and saw a Hugh wave coming towards me I ran for one sec and was on top the ceiling as the water hit i it was intense i l live close to the beach but this dream is scary intence and making me wonder I have more than one the wave is dark with no sound it just appears I don’t know what to think its fun when it’s over. But what does this mean

  92. cindy Says:

    I havent had a tsunami dream in over 3 years. 2 nights ago I had such a real one, it left me in a cold sweat. I have never seen a wave in my previous dreams but this time there were 3. it was in my home town which is also new. when they came over me, I would look up just as it hit and could not see the top. each time i was able to get in my house and be OK.. when I would come out, the land was flattened. once a man walked up to me .. he was obviously in shock and looked directly at me saying my home town was ‘gone’ he said the name of where I lived clearly and obviously… I was home, the rest of the land was destroyed but each time i could run back to my house and survive the wave.

  93. dearmabel Says:

    I am beginning to wonder more about these dreams. Perhaps they are not symbolic. Last week I dreamed of several tornadoes coming at my house from the south. We called the children and ran down to the basement. Our whole house was destroyed. We live in Rochester, NY but I grew up in Dallas. I never really feared tornadoes before, but my dream was so real that watching the footage of this week’s Dallas tornado damage was horrifying. I became really scared just looking at it. Your dream compelled me to respond because it was about home and made me think of my hometown. And also because I woke up this morning from a new dream about flooding waves in California. So I wonder if collectively we dreamers are foretelling something. Eh…maybe not, but it is intriguing.

  94. cindy Says:

    each dream is what it is.. you seem to have had a real connection there.. my recent dream was totally symbolic.. I hope.. lol.. I understand my dream and received a very poignant message from it. God bless

  95. Jen Says:

    I only wish I could understand my dream to the full,,, I was actually swimming with the huge wave and was not scared But so frieghtened to get on land!!!!!, I then got to land and was walking alone on a beach path and was scared ,,,, it was not a good help x

  96. Sandra law Says:

    I had the planes hitting metal silver like windows from 1998-2000 then we had 911 then I dreamt planes crashing on houses along with the biggest black waves like a 300ft wall hitting the coast of differant countries I have seen U.k. Spain many in the dream to name never Japan or Thailand or India where there has been the real ones.

    I feel these are world threatening and very big I am flying up above them they engulf a shopping mall and I fly out of the roof I should say I have been flying by just running and flapping arms in my dreams for about a year now

    All of a sudden the biggest carpet of souls or should I say people dead but calm is in the way of everywhere I fly so I have to go higher and higher.

    Always in my dreams are all my relatives that have passed on I even dream Im asleep having another dream and my parents wake me up as Im crying, they passed in 94. There conversations are not like what they would be like my father is having a affair he idolised my mother, but I know the parent deams are dreams the planes and tidal waves are to real I cannot awake and my partner said Im screaming and trying to fly in bed.

    Is this Mayan 22nd December till February 15th a true prediction it shocks me because in the dream I have to show so many people where to go to the light they cannot see. I am not mad no but I have always thought I am not the same as others call me whatever you want I can read a person without asking any questions and it is always spot on. So you can see why I am just a bit concerned and looked up this page..

  97. Daisy Says:

    Im a pisces and i have tsunami dreams. Ive gi e threw alot in my life time. If i look back id say ive become a strong woman. Im only 19 and i think like a 24 year old. Ive been having dreams about tsunamis a couple of times. And i always tend to take it well and i usually get to overcome all of this water. It can be a scary dream but i end up taking it unusually calm. I can honestly say that has to do a lot with my strenghth and pursue to overcome anything. Im going threw hard times as we speak. And i know that these dreams only prOve that I can over come these hard times.

  98. Jesika Says:

    I’ve had a lot of tsunami dreams over the past year or two, I had another one last night and it was diffrerent from the rest. before I would feel afraid and run from the waves, but in this one I had last night a nice man came up to me on the beach and told me to wait. We stood there for awhile and watched the waves come near us, then he looked at me and held out his hand, he said, “lets dive under and swim, we’ll be ok.” At first I was hesitant but then I grabbed his hand and we dove under the water. It was so calm and clear, I felt safe and almost like I could breathe under water. When we finally surfaced we looked at eachother and started to smile and laugh, it was a good feeling and I hope I have another dream just like it soon. I dont know what this dream means but hopefully much happiness ahead : )

  99. Michelle Says:

    I’ve just had a tsunami dream. I was with my mom in this beautiful little beach house. When I saw it coming…..I was hoping it wasn’t real, hoping it was just a dream or hallucination. The wave crashed while we were in the house. The house didn’t break. After that I saw a second one coming. My mom and I were holding hands in the house and held on to each other until i finally felt the wave and heard the wave as it was about to crash and suddenly it didn’t. It started to rain and my mom was happy. She said thank god for the rain. As if it was logical that rain would stop it. We went upstairs while there was a show going on and met up with my sisters. The whole dream took place at a hidden beach in Holland. White sand, clear water…lol something impossible here.

  100. Ana'licia Edwardes Says:

    In the past 6months I’ve had over 5 tsunami dreams..The first time I had the dream I found it to be a nightmare and was glad everytime I had awoke from the dream.But then it happen again and again until eventually I got used to the fact that it not real and I’m not gng to die.I survived all my tsunami attacks and eventually found it fascinating.I believe there’s a very valid reason for these dreams but really,do u have proof that its for the reasons u people claim it to be?

  101. clint Says:

    I had a tsunami dream yesterday afternoon, where I was on a beach front looking at the ocean where the wave suddenly started to grow to about 20meters, so I started to run, while running I saw my mother running in front of me then the wave wash me away then I woke up.. It took few hours to figure out what I dream’t about

  102. Lee Coates Says:

    I have the same dream(original poster) of standing on a tower block or skyscraper looking out watching the Tsunami approaching washing everything away, but i never run, i always face it and then usually wake before it reaches me.

  103. Senani Says:

    I have had several regular dreams about witnessing and being in a Tsunami over the last two years. During this time I have experienced a massive change in my life on a spiritual level as well as personal level.
    In my dream which I have been having more frequently even recently – once a week, including last night- I am not afraid of the Tsunami yet I know when I see it coming that I need to get to higher ground which I always manage to do. The tsunamis that I have witnessed in my dreams were localized to Australia, Los Angeles, Japan and Sri Lanka.
    I have been going through a spiritual awakening process the last two years and I believe that our world of duality is collapsing into unity- the one consciousness. I believe this is what the tsunami dream represents. A process of transformation into a butterfly- an ascension.

  104. jessica Says:

    I’ve had two tsunami dreams one last night and the night before. I’m on a school trip to China and I start to walk down a road when a stranger asks me “look to the sea please!” I sigh and look as if I knew already what was going to happen and sure enough its a tsunami but im not scared. I run towards the waves and dive through them until a rescue helicopter saves me and then i woke up, id love to know what it means! Any help would be interesting!

  105. acony bell Says:

    My tsunami dreams have been reoccurring since I was a little girl. Although the “plot” is always different, the setting is almost always on the beach, on vacation. Sometimes in a hotel, sometimes standing on the beach or swimming. Always, my family is there. Usually there is a smaller wave warning us before the big one. Sometimes I wake up right before it hits us, but sometimes it hits us and we are all separated. I can’t help but think that it’s repressed anxiety and fears. And I agree with the idea that it is about spiritual change too. So much of spirituality is about succumbing to the things we can’t control… surrendering and acknowledging that a greater power is with us. To us, the tsunami is fear and death. When it’s coming towards us, we are forced to face it. Someone wrote on the post a few years ago to “embrace” it when it comes. Well, maybe instead of trying to embrace it in our dream, we could embrace it in life. (Not by embracing death, of course) By letting go a little bit. Surrendering and turning the fear into faith.

  106. dean Says:

    I have been having a few dreams myself and it’s similar to yours in some hotel and verandah facing beach front and the feeling was real scary but I have noticed I’ve only had them since I found out my girlfriend is pregnant 4 month ago,

  107. tanni das Says:

    I have been having Tsunami & flood dreams which was very terrifying, where I am the only survival. I tried to save my two sons. This feeling is really horrible to me. It first time started after the birth of my elder son. Who is now 13years old. I really scare about this & I want to know the actual meaning of that. please help me.

  108. T.P.L Says:

    I think a tsunami dream is very relevant in our lives when we are faced with making difficult and emotional decisions. I have been having this “tsunami” dream for a few weeks now, every couple of days. I usually have this dream during REM and wake around 3-4am from it. I created the tsunami in my mind, i am in the water already, the water is either very very dark blue/black or the last one was very navy blue. I never see the land my back is always facing it and my front toward the tsunami. I tumble and roll inside the tsunami wave when it hits me, when it is coming toward me it doesnt frighten me but i am slightly shocked as why am i dreaming of this tsunami? The only other two people who i have seen in one of my Water dreams also is my niece and my son. They roll in the waves and my mind tells me they are drowning (horrible feeling). I can see now that whatever emotional decision i make now, it will affect the people i love – not so much the adults but the children and their progress in life – the decision made will affect how they will be brought up etc. I think our sub-concious creates this tsunami dream to show us a sign, nudge us for change, “washing away” old and water = refreshing/new beginning. Its also symobilises a need for acceptance or just simply making a life-changing decision for the better and sticking to it/having faith. Thanks for this page it really gave me an insight and a nudge to keep my emotions in control.

  109. misti Says:

    I have tsunami dreams about 3 to 4 times a year. They are always frightful. The dreams differ slighty, but what is common in all the dreams is I am trying to save a family member. In my latest dream, last night, I was trying to save my son and two nephews. I have also tried to save my great grandmother and my two grandfathers which have all passed. I don’t believe in ghost or spirits or astrology, but I do believe out dreams do tell us something. What is my dream trying to tell me?

  110. Lily Says:

    Last night I had the most intense, terrifying tsunami dream. I dreamt that my friends and I were on the roof of a skyscraper. I looked to the left and there was a giant wave washing over all of the buildings, pushing them over like dominos into each other. I watched as the buildings fell into each other and eventually told everyone to sit down because we were ‘all going to die’. I scrambled to find my fiancés phone number to call him and left a voice message. I can remember feeling terrified but telling myself that I had to accept that I was going to die. I didn’t die but I spent what felt like months thinking that my mother and fiancé had died. As we sorted through the ruins a zombie apocolypse broke out. My mother did die but I eventually found my fiancé who had been ‘bitten’ and consequently turned into a zombie. It was awful. I woke up sweating and crying.

  111. Brielle Rodriguez Says:

    I’m not a big fan of water, even though I love swimming , but the ocean is a huge fear of mine , like deathly afraid of it . Especially Tsunamis, I keep having nightmares of Tsunamis, to some people it may not come across as scary but to me it’s terrifying . What does this mean ? Do I have feelings trapped inside of me waiting to
    Come out or Is this a bad sign ?

  112. toa vaiika Says:

    I am Scorpion and I am pregnant…I dreamed lastnight that I was walking along the beach carried my backbag and suddenly there was a tsunami came very fast I was trying to run but I couldn’t cos the backbag was too heavy but I couldn’t let go of it cos it seemd like a very important things inside that backbag for me but I don’t know. So I was menage to letgo of the backbag and I ran and hide inside a rock until the tsunami we’re gone and I also saw one of my close friend with her husband but they already left in their car.

    • Faye H Says:

      Toa, that backpack you couldn’t let go of seems to represent emotional baggage you can’t let go of that is holding you back. Then you did manage to let go of it and survived!

  113. kristine Says:

    I dreamed about tsunami 5 days ago, it seemed so weird. I am in a t0p of a big st0ne in the center of the sea, there was a small chapel there were to be held my wedding, while the wedding is on g0ing i’ ve heard a thunder, then i still want. The wedding to go.. then i saw a tsunami c0ming, i saw the part of the sea empty and i never felt wet when tsunami comes .hn my dreams and i forgot the other details, after that if my family was alright, it was so weird

  114. Erin Says:

    I keep having tsunami dreams. I believe the one I had last night was my third one. It always starts out that it’s just my dog and myself. Might I add I’m very close with my dog and have a special bond with her. My dream starts like this… I’m always facing the water when all of a sudden I start to see the water line recede. I know right then and there I’m in for trouble. Then I look at the horizon and see this massive wave heading inland. For some reason I’m not scared though, for some reason I knew this was going to happen. Then the wave crashes in and my dog and I are holding on for dear life. After an hour of trying to keep our heads up and being slammed by water, everything goes back to a calm, serene feeling. Though the one I had last night didn’t end this way, I died. It started out at a colonial hotel. As I’m sitting on the third floor balcony I again start to see the water line recede. Everyone starts to run up to the floor I’m on and then it happens, the wave crashes in and I’m carried out. The very last thing I remember about this dream is that when I’m carried out I am thinking this is when I die. As the water takes over my body I ask someone to protect my dog, and the water then fills my lungs and everything turns gray.

  115. Michelle Says:

    I just awoke from a dream that ended with the tsunami overtaking a car I am in, along with my brother (we are in the backseat), and my mom in passenger seat and my recently deceased father driving. My dad and i were very close, what my husband calls a ‘game changer’. This is the first dream in the three months since he passed that he is present. I remember prior to being in the car we were leaving some place of entertainment. The wind was howling outside. In the car I look and see the huge wave coming, it’s nighttime. It’s vivid, as I can see the moon shining through the storm clouds above the coming wave. I look away to my brother. Present day he is 37yrs old, but in the dream he is a young boy. I can see out his window and the back window (still looking away from wave) that my father is driving through calf deep water…causing the car to be sluggish. I feel myself panic as I realize this is not going to end well for us. I feel trapped in the car. I worry that we are all going to die now. My dad says something that is gibberish that I can’t make out. As I turn back the wave is much closer. The last thing I remember is turning away and holding my breath as it overtakes us, churning and grey. I woke hot and scared.

  116. Rachel Says:

    Hi, last night I had a really vivid dream… I dreamt of a tsunami and I looked to your website fthis morning.or an explanation and was excited by the thought of a spiritual awakening. A couple of hours ago I was in the study at the bottom of our garden and my son broke the metal frame to our 15 ft. pool and thousands of gallons of water came hurtling towards the glass doors of the study ….wierd!
    I had the same feeling of pan ok c as in my dream

  117. Laura Says:

    I have he this tsunami dream many times. In my dream i feel a sense of great fear and dread. I also have dreams of being in a large ocean and there is a swirling hole of water, and i am least so afraid of the current. That i want be able to get out of it and i will drown. I never had a fear of water. But now in my dreams i always fear water.

  118. J.C. Says:

    I have been having Tsunami dreams since 1988 or 1989. In the dreams I was near Fire Island off of Long Island, NY. I was in a raft with Special Forces soldiers — like a Zodiak. I believe this was a foreshadowing of my work with the Hmong in Laos, and with mercenaries around Africa, which actually happened in later decades.

    Sometimes I was standing on the beach, trying to get away. The waves were so huge and I was terrified. One time in the dream the waves got to me as I tried to swim away. I was near the Robert Moses Causeway in the dream on Ocean Beach.

    To continue … I actually (not in a dream) climbed Volcan Pecaya in Guatemala on Christmas Day of 2004 and when we came back down we soon learned about the Tsunami off the coast of Sumatra. I knew immediately that is what I had been dreaming about. After that my Tsunami dreams began to decrease and finally end …

    This website has really helped me. I think about the Jungian Archetypes and why so many of us are having similar dreams. I wonder if the dreams could be a warning to repent, or a sign of spiritual renewal that is come towards us from God, angels, the Holy Spirit, our own conscience and so on … I totally stopped drinking alcohol for the most part 3 and 1/2 years ago. I believe in the Bible and in the prophecies of Daniel which say in part that “many shall be purified.” Were/are the Tsunami dreams a part of such warnings, or even blessings?

    The Gospel speaks of great signs in the heavens (Super Novas, star bursts in outer space that could fry the world if they weren’t so far off …) and the roaring of the seas and the waves. Maybe all of these things are a sign that the world is in a new and final phase. Maybe the Earth is in rebellion against all of the killing, the wars, the plastic all over the oceans, even off of Antarctica. I can’t say for sure. But the dreams are significant.

    I appreciate all the postings and the comments of the others on this site. These are just some wide, general thoughts. I don’t claim to have any answers but I take all the postings here very seriously and I thank God for them.

    We are not alone …

  119. J.C. Says:

    I believe God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.

    Maybe the puropose of the dreams is to conquer the fear of the Tsunami and show God we are spiritually and morally ready for what is coming for ourselves and to the world.

    And I wonder if the waves are a symbol of changes that are coming to the world: the speed of the Earth’s rotation is increasing, gravity is decreasing, morals have been erased, evil is good and good is evil. These things have spiritual and physical manifestatoins.

    God does not want us to live in fear, but God is known for His judgments. Look at what happened to those who persecuted Jesus. Look at Ancient Egypt. Consider the powers displayed in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    The Tsunami dreams never bring us comfort, only more fear and anxiety and sadness. This challenge has to be met and overcome somehow.

    We are not victims of the dreams, merely volunteers. Either we are not ready for what is coming, or we feel too deeply for what will come to the Earth. But God told Noah there would not be another judgment by water. So if there is fear, it could be fear of change, of collective evil, or a good sign that good changes are coming to our lives.

    We should consider all possibilities.

  120. thegreaterallan Says:

    I always dream about tsunamis in different settings. Last night I dreamed that I save my family from a tsunami in an unknown island. Some nights I dream about a tsunami which occured in a beach during the day and one whichoccured at night. Some nights I dream about rough seas, and even oceans. It’s always about these bodies of water with blurred images of disaster and some weird things. I believe that dreams have their own meanings. And I guess it’s somehow related with what I’m experiencing right now.

  121. Martha Says:

    Constantly i dream of tsunamis, Usually i observe the tsunami from a window and always see it coming (Always coming right towards me), sometimes a second wave follows the first more powerful. Typically I’m on vacation & I Survive each time.
    Details vary with each dream, so do locations & some are reoccurring (Hawaii).

  122. Jaden Says:

    i just had my second tsunami dream in 3 months, long story short: massive waves coming in different locations. as the waves come closer towards me i start packing things i think i need to survive. i go outside my room/hotel and hop on board this speedboat to escape and then i realise there is no escape because there will be more tsunamis. knowing it will hit again i decide to go invesigate with the speedboat only to encouter ships behind the waves to be stranded on where there used to be an ocean. another thing in my first tsunami dream i talked to this pretty girl in the midst of all the turmoil she said: i was always in love with you and she told me too come with her so i went with her and she said she had a surprise for me. for some reason she a tattoo done on her lower abs, of what she said was my birthday with the date of 14-08 ( in europe days first) but my birthday is 06-08.

  123. unknown Says:

    I have also had the dream of tsunami. But….. my dream was so unrelated to the story Of your dream! Follow : the world was black loud strikes of what seemed to be thunder loud eco-ing thunder one after one popes. No lightning of any sort, i stood out side of an restaurant looking in at a man ” now that im awake faces are blurry” not only looking at one i stood holding hands praying with one. not only did i stand doing that it was another one i called to talk to! My exact words to this man was “whats going on” he stated a tsunami. Because i wont give in” i in the dream seem to know what the man was talking about because i then feel to my knees with prayer. As the thunder continued. And it started. Drizzling of rain, a loud voice from through the dark sky roared with anger “SEND. THE TSUNAMI ” now as a 21 year old women who has had plenty world ending dream this one was by far the clearest.

  124. Lauren Says:

    I have has a tsunami reoccurring dream for the past 3 years probably once a month. It is always in the same place, where I go on vacation every summer so it is a very familiar place, however the layout is not always the same. My family is never there only one of my close guy friends from college. We are standing on the beach enjoying the sand and then he always says do u hear that? And gets panicked and we start to run away. We run off the beach and down the street passed the lines of beach houses and finally find one with a brick corner and in the backyard there is a pool. As soon as we get behind the corner we hang on to the side just in time for the first wave to hit. After the wave ends I pause and say wow we survived and the. We see another in the distance and I grab my phone to text my mom and this kid I have had a crush on but then realize my phone is broken due to the water. This bugs me that I can’t contact them and tell them I love them as the second wave crashes. Then we jump into the pool because we figure water is a good place to hide. The waves never stop and we never die and I always wake up with the burning sensation to call my mom and my friend. Some days I do, but most the time I don’t. I think it totally makes sense that this is an emotional thing, but I can’t seem to get passed it.

  125. Nettie Says:

    Well I do not have all day to read everyone’s post. In fact I never do this but the panic in my stomach is increasing and I have no where to vent this confusion. Large Tsunami to hit Australia…. Changing the island forever. I feel sad and helpless for I live far away from Australia and I really have no idea of why I would dream of such thing but it makes me feel urgency. I hope it’s wrong because it was not a good dream at all. I purposely am failing to tell you the details. Just that it is fast.. no time to think. So my feeling is the event took place to create the tsunami was very close. No time to think, just no time to think. Possibly night because I felt like I was dreaming in the dream. I would rather be wrong than right.

  126. J.K Says:

    I’ve been seeing tsunami dreams for over seven years now. I’m a 25-year-old woman. The dream has always same elements, but there are also things that are different in every dream. For example the beach is different every time. It seems like I have been in all kind of different beaches all over the world. Some places look like jungle, some places are cold and rocky, and some places are tourist resorts. Sometimes there are familiar people with me, sometimes it’s just me alone. But the main similarities are that there is always a beach of a somekind, and then the tsunami-wave comes. And it’s unnaturally huge. It raises up from the sea in seconds and It’s several miles high, horizon wide, and it starts to billow towards the shore. Sometimes I run. I try to get to the higher ground though I understand that nothing can’t survive from the disaster. Sometimes I also try to warn and help other people around me. And sometimes I just stand there and do nothing, I watch the wave come closer and keep thinking that I’ve seen this same scene so many times that I know running won’t help. So I just stand there until the wave hits and then the dream ends. In some dreams I clearly remember the earlier tsunami-dreams, and I think something like “oh, it’s this dream again”, or then I might not realize I’m dreaming, but I still know what is going to happen next. It’s kind of interesting.

    It’s also very interesting to read other people’s tsunami-dreams here. (Sorry if my english is weird, I’m from Finland.)

    • J.K Says:

      Some more things I remembered about my tsunami dreams:
      – I’m never truely afraid.
      – Sometimes there are several tsunami-waves.
      – In most of the dreams the water is clear and it’s day.
      – Sometimes the sky goes dark when the wave appears.
      – Water always retreats from the beach before the wave rises.
      – Sometimes the wave just freezes still for a moment.
      – There was a phase where the waves were much lower and smaller than in the rest of my dreams. Like “normal” real life tsunami-waves. Then the huge “end of the world”-waves came back. (Like I said, there are some small differences in details of an every dream.)
      – Sometimes there was a foreign little girl on the beach with me.

      – I am pisces (if it matters to somebody).
      – My life is pretty good. Whenever I’ve seen the dream there’s rarely ever anything dramatic or emotional going on at that moment.

  127. vicci Says:

    i’ve had tsunami dreams since 2004, and still have them now in 2013. i live in southern california off the coast.

  128. leonela Says:

    Not too long ago I dreamt about a tsunami & it happens to always take place in Hawaii. Well the dream was of me witnessing the waves grow bigger & bigger. Eventually they bursted unto the land and i felt the overwhelm of drowning & at the same time being conscious of what it was happening I did not drown as I remember trying to help people.. later in the week, a fight broke between my mother and I. I believe this dream indicated or related to my emotions.

    • Thomas Says:

      Tsunami dream on 14 jan 2013, 5.30 am dream, i was at a breach watching kids playing and all of a sudden see people started to run and i notice over a distance of some 5 km away a huge wall of water twice or 3 times the height of tankers in whic some oil tankers in near the huge wave i guess some 200 to 300 ft wall of water was approaching the beach which i believe in the direction of south east, i was thinking, no where to run for this huge wall of water. Terrifying dream.

  129. marisol Says:

    Apparently these dreams are common amongst water and earth signs, from what I read on this thread.

    • Thomas Says:

      Hi Marisol,
      I would like to cross reference your dream on the 14th Jan to see any similarities, if both dreams are similar, guess it will be a matter of time it will happen.

  130. Gerard Says:

    I am always having dreams of giant waves sometimes they are just with me running away trying to find the tallest building to find safety, sometimes they are really upsetting where all my family and friends drown in them…

    In all these dreams it’s always me that spots the tsunami and warn other people to take safety but people can’t hear me and go about their day before its too late

    I’ve seen on the web that these dreams signify new beginnings but I am a person that always remembers their dreams. I’ve had these dreams for about 2 years now and my life is only getting worse. Sorry to be negative but its true… Another weird thing is if I have a tsunami dream night before my following day goes tits up whether that be a really bad day at work, bills to pay or something similar

    Why can’t I dream about nice things every night? I’d definitely wake up a bit more spritely

  131. Margie Says:

    I’ve been having tsunami dreams for as long as I can remember – I am now 48. I finally looked up tsunami dreams on google as I had another one last night. I always see the wave at first, often the big wave is preceded by smaller tsunamis, I’m always with family and friends and I try and warn people.

    The water is always crystal clear.

    In last nights dream I also dreamt about the aftermath – no one would listen to me about getting to higher ground. Everyone was following the crowd and I knew that to survive I would have to leave the group.

    I’m am a taurean.

    So fascinating to find this site.

  132. naomi Says:

    Hi, I am so pleased to find this site. I first started dreaming about tsunamis when I was about 16, a good 20 years ago! My first one is still crystal clear, I was on the pier where I live in a coastal town and the sky was purple,pink and stormy. I was trying to warn people to leave and move inland I was running around trying to get people to listen and take notice, I was then watching the gigantic waves from up high somewhere inland and there was someone next to me saying to me that the whales were here at the beginning and they will be here at the end.
    There were whales amongst the waves and the whole scene was incredible.Variations of this recurred over the years.
    It stayed with me for a long time this dream and over the years I would constantly dream about sharks and the ocean.

    Over the years I have had other Tsunami dreams sometimes I am in the waves or holding on to the edge of a cliff, there are hundreds of people in the water with me and I am leading people shouting at them to duck and swim at the right moments. The waves are relentless and massive.
    More recently I dreamt I was again up high somewhere inland and someone was next to me whilst we were watching the same town and pier being covered in water. The person is saying to me that they never stood a chance.

    I apparently used to dream about nuclear bombs when I was 3 and 4 and become very distressed. I am sometimes so upset about having these dreams and really am starting to think It may only become better if I move my family inland so I can at least feel safer!!

    I have taken these dreams very to heart and with fear so It is nice to read that so many people have them, also that they can be linked to spiritual awakenings etc. I have a lot of different symbology from different religions appear in my dreams.
    Thank you for sharing, it is very helpful, especially as my poor husband just looks very weary when I start to talk about moving because of these dreams!

  133. naomi Says:

    p.s above I am a tureen also.

  134. a_m_a_k Says:

    Have been having mine for a few years now – definitely started after the Asian tsunami.

    Usually are VERY hollywood-epic like:

    – giant waves (think 50-100 floor skyscraper high)
    – always have multiple waves
    – i usually see them approaching land for quite some time
    – i am (typically) very high up in a building somewhere (skyscraper)
    – waves usually hit my floor level
    – dreams vary with water touching my feet but never going higher, or actually coming through the window but somehow im ok and survive)
    – usually see people getting washed away below me
    – i always feel guilt for not being able to save them

    Last night’s dream was truly dreadful but different from above for the first time ever. Firstly, waves werent as big, but still above top-of-building level – they actually started coming through the window but in a weird shape. For the first time ever, i jumped UP into the wave, and that saved me. The distressing part is a little distressing to talk about.

    I wish these dreams meant something good. But either way, whatever they are, they are just horrible and stress me out for hours on end. I even now dislike going to the beach (but still do).

    At least its comforting to know im not the only one, although despite scientific advances that we have made, Im still amazed that we do not fully understand dreams. i live in hope! ha!

    im not sure if i believe in the whole religious angle or spiritual angle – i try to break it down to a more “earthly” way of understanding it:

    – my head is in turmoil (i’ve just made a HUGE change in my life)
    – my brain needs time to process it
    – there are massive unknowns in my immediate future
    – good old fashioned fear of dying / change
    – i like being in control and ive recently “let go” of certain knowns
    – i like to think about and discuss with friends bigger-picture issues affecting us as a planet, etc…

    who knows, maybe it is all just fighting for space in my little head for processing space, and sometimes sht just gets all messy and apocalyptic in there 🙂

  135. RraBbit Says:

    I have had two crazy tsunami dreams the last two nights in a row and the first one was little intense I woke up drenched in sweat and I felt really disoriented – however u spell that lol. And so I was so disoriented bcuz I felt like I should have been at the beach it was so realistic and I was either in a huge beach house or ahuge hotel cuz it was like tenstories high it had a lot of rooms and I remember running up the stairs and it was right on the shore line I remember my family friends and girl were there and then I had. Noticed the water got to the bottom of the house or hotel and it was really like prefuse and hitting the bottom of the hotel making huge like sand tails or what ever when the water hits like the rocks at twin rocks oregon hitting and the the water shot up highh it was doing this a lot and the time inbetweneen when it would do it was likseconds ! It was crazy seemed like where I was just looking at the bay \ shore line where the sand is was all water and looked like the craziest whirlpool I ever seent and so then it was just me and my girl I told her to get to the the car think I wold be able to beeat whatever was bout to happen and then I’m by my self and I’m packing a bag and look up to see the water had receded or however u spell that and I was just looking at the massive wave \tsunami. I was seeing and it must have been like 50 to 100 yards out and like 50 to hundred ft tall like crazy shit the next night I had one simillar but I was standing at the back balcony \ porch to beach house or hotel and I was standing there watching the crazines of the shore. Rise and get prefuse and all crazy! Then reseded-however u spell that lol and then I was just standing there not doing anything just like waiting for this huge wave to come and destroy anything in its path on the shorline extended to the mainland atleast 50 ft or yard or 100 ft or yard idk hella high!**

  136. garon vega Says:

    I keep having them exactly like the first statement in a large building facing the ocean the waves got bigger than the buildings there was more than one of us inside the building I got scared and started to leave the building and run away it was almost as if it was the end of the world
    I had this dream last night and it lasted for what seems like an eternity it’s pretty scary to me if you ask and this prompted me to search why I was dreaming this way and this is the only time I’ve had this type of dream it’s almost like its a future prediction

  137. En Valero Says:

    i had a dream about Tsunami, I was with mom, we were riding our bikes, I saw a HUGE tsunami coming, we were in a high ground so we only had some splash and I saw some dead people in the base of the cliff 😦 sad…. not sure what it means….but I will look at it positively meaning I’m going to move forward and face this tsunami or whatever trials to come in.

  138. Evie deJong Says:

    I’ had my first tsunami dream almost 40 years ago. I remember it very clear, I’m walking and turn back to look for some reason, and see very tall mountains and then I suddenly see a huge wave of water coming over these mountains and I start to run. That’s it. nothing more. I’ve had this same dream throughout my life, about 7 or 8 times. When the subject of dreams came up during conversations I would share this dream with others, and to my surprise 5 others that are close to me have had similar dreams .

  139. Interesting post and comments!
    Very realistic Tsunami dreams bother me quite often, at least twice or thrice a month. I’m getting these since last year (2012). Google says it’s a hint for “spiritual awakening/transformation”. I’ve no clues though.

  140. Imjustagirl Says:

    Last night I had a tsunami dream. It was very realistic and unlike other dreams i can remember every detail this morning. I was with a few members of my family that I don’t often see. We were watching some sort of race with black sporty type cars. But before that….there was a gold car. And a mysterious driver who asked me to come stand by his car and hold the wheel while he worked on the car. He then got in the car and took off. I thought he was nice but everyone said he had stolen the car. Then..all the black 80s lamborghni looking cars came around the drive way. We were at a drive way that looked alot like my old school. But I don’t know if it was or not. as soon as the blac cars came in there were cheers and smiles. Then..i heard a a loud noise…looked up…and a huge rush of water was coming. I started running…at first my family members and I were together.there were dead bodies under the water and we didnt want to put our feet down…. then suddenly they were gone. I was running to a tall bulding that was sort of like a parking lot wth many levels. While I was running I was all alone. I was running through broken palm trees. Then suddenly I was lifted up…like i was flying. I was lifted over the trees and placed at the foot of the building. I started to climb. I got to the first level…and then realized I had to go higher. There was a man who was very afraid, so afraid he was shaking. I started climbing higher….and thats when I woke up.

    Very odd.. hated it…hope it doesn’t happen again.

    I had earthquake dreams before the last earthquake. this sort of thing makes me nervous. It’s not welcome in my head.

  141. Holly Says:

    I’m 14 and I had this dream where I woke up and my mum was coming off the phone and she told me to get somethings together because someone was coming to pick us up and we had to be quick. She wouldn’t tell me what was going on the I kept asking and she said that a tsunami was coming and so I pack boxes and boxes of things and mum packed food we got picked up on this special van that we could live in but we wouldn’t get hurt. The tsunami hit like 30 mins after we got in the van and we was stranded for 1 week but wee had food to live on and then we got found an then I woke up because I couldn’t breath.

  142. cindy Says:

    i just had another tsunami dream, one was last april, then now. this time i was with a lot of people i don’t know, none of my family and friends were there. we were at a beach, and i was laying in the sand watching the sea.

    the beach was full of people, then i saw a big wave coming towards us, i was like f**k s**t this a tsunami, i knew i could not outrun it, so i told myself ok hold your breath and run as fast as you can.

    however i then saw the wave from a third vantage point from above as it overcame my body and the vast number of people with me.

    then i realized that i was now a ghost, and i went to our hotel room a couple of miles away with a view of the ocean and i saw some water splash on the window.

    i told the people i was with yet i dont know who they are in real life that there was a tsunami and they need to find my body or i am still alive (weird). then i looked at my ghostly self in the mirror, then i woke up.

    this is the third dream i have about tsunamis, the first one was in 2008, in that that dream i was also with people i dont know and this tsunami singled me out among other people in the beach. i rolled with it and it threw me face down in the sand. that year, i went into a big business venture that failed miserably and left me and the people i love in devastation and chaos. however it transformed me spiritually in a big way.

    the 2nd one was last april, and there were few people in the beach, again i was alone and none of my family and friends were there. there were several tsunamis that hit and rolled me farther and farther away into dry sand. i was seeing the event from third person pov above.

    i’ve also been seeing 5:55 in my clock several times since last year. 555 means big change. i’ve also been thinking about death and going home to God everyday. i realized this life is not our real life and i am anxious to go back to my real home, even though i know i’d be leaving so much unfinished business here, i’m ready to go back home. i’m just tired of leading a pointless life. i’m not afraid of dying, i’m more afraid of being here and leading a pointless life.

  143. Tommy Says:

    A Tsunami dream on 25th May at 2.30am. As I was flying over Japan, I saw at least 3 ripples along pacific ocean towards Japan. The next event, I was at the coast with a small wave coming in say about 2 meters or so and a second wave was slightly bigger. I sense that something big was about to happen and started to climb up a hill and in the process seen some people still fishing along the coast not knowing the coming event. The minute I was up the hill with a building overlooking the coast and the city with tall buildings some 15 to 20 stories high, within seconds I notice the sea water started to recide quickly and a wall of monsterous wave greenish in color approach the city, the wall of water tower the tallest building and the same height as I am. I tie myself to the pillar. The next thing I was awaken at 2.30am. I sense that a big event is about to happen very soon. God bless everyone and have mercy for those caught in the Tsunami.

  144. J.K Says:

    It’s me again. I’ve had couple of more tsunami-dreams since my last post I wrote here.

    In the newest dream I was in a ship, like a cruise ship, there was about 500 people with me. I can’t remember if I’ve ever been in a ship yet in my tsunami-dreams. While we were still in the port we saw another ship sinking not far away from us. The survivors of the ship swam to us and we helped them to get into our ship and to the land. After we had rescued them, we started our cruise. But then our ship started to sink as well. It was like something hit the ship, and it fell to it’s side and water crashed in. I thought I was gonna drown but somehow I survived. The ship got shipwrecked against a small island, and somehow it was buried to the sand. Me and couple of guys started to dig the sand off the ship and save the people who where still inside. When almost everyone we could save was saved, the huge tsunami-wave appeared in to the horizon. People panicked, screamed and ran, but there was obviously nothing we could do. Wave hit the island. It ripped the trees off and took some people with it. But some of us survived. Then became another wave, and another. They were sky high. What was weird was that one of the gigantic waves was red. The others were bluish like the ocean, but one was rusty red. There was a pause in the waves so that we could sent couple of people to the sea on a raft of a somekind, hoping that they would find help and send someone to save us from the island. But the tsunamis kept coming and I was sure there was no much people left on the mainlands either. Because the tsunamis were so high and so powerful that they could easily wipe over continents and destroy everything.

  145. Tiffany Says:

    I have tsunami dreams on the regular. Sometimes there are recurring tsunamis within the same dream. Last night I had the clearest one of all time. I live a block from the beach, and in my dream I was on the beach at the end of a street perpendicular to mine. I saw the wave coming, and it was beautiful, with shades of blue and white. I turned to my faceless friends and said “it’s coming, lets ride it!” However, they were all terrified. I think because I just got my license renewed, I felt like I had to grab my wallet before hopping on the wave. Random! So as it came upon shore, I turned away and started “paddling” (swimming in air) to get a good catch on the wave, like I was body surfing. As it came up, my friends were swept away helplessly while I rode it down the street. As this real life street came to a T, I was so aware of the whole situation I swam myself to the right to stay on the road. As the tsunami stretched and flattened, I found th ground under my feet and began walking out of it, totally unscathed. Do you have any thoughts on this dream?

  146. nick schoey Says:

    Im a libra had my first tsunami dream last night in my dream i saw it on tv it was in miami never been there i live in bangkok i saw a train full of people being swallowed by wave dying then calm very scarey

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  148. Vyxsin69 Says:

    First let me say that this article says to face the tsunami instead of running from it. In my dreams I’m usually trying to get my son to safety, so (as a mother) I can’t just face the wave. Also, I’m a Taurus (one poster wanted to know zodiac signs). Anyway, I’ve had many tsunami dreams and I think they started about a year to two years ago after an extremely stressful situation. And my dream is usually the same dream too… I’m on a beach, alone on the boardwalk looking towards the water watching other people on the sand and in the water enjoying themselves. Then this huge 200ft. wave comes out of nowhere and it gets dark…like its evening, like the sun is being blocked out by the wave. Suddenly I’m with my son, running, trying to get us to safety. And then I wake up. Thats usually the norm. But sometimes I’m in a rickety old house and theres no wall where the wave is coming, and I’m trying to get me and my son as high as I can. Last night was slightly different…. Last night I had a beach/tsunami dream, only this time I was on a different beach. My son was a baby (hes 7, IRL) and I’m holding him in the water, and the water comes up to my hips. But slowly I’m noticing each wave is getting higher and higher. So I’m backing up little by little with each wave. I decide to get out of the water cause I’m thinking to myself, “I hope its not another tsunami like last time.”….as if these things happen all the time…as if I’m remembering my last dream. So anyway, now I’m suddenly on the sidewalk walking away from the beach, still carrying my son away from the danger that I know is about to come. I look up above the trees and I can see this huge gigantic wave coming in. I start to run with my son still in my arms and out of nowhere I hear a female voice say, “You have to get the cat!”…..and I woke up. And yes, I do have a cat but this is the first time my cat has been in my dreams…let alone my tsunami dreams. Strange. I usually have recurring dreams involving water…whether it be a tsunami or a torrential downpour. My other recurring dream is about a train tunnel. I’m always looking for this train I have to catch, but in order to find it, I have to walk up into this small dark twisting tunnel that trains use on their route. If I’m not careful, I could be run over by a train, but I have to use that tunnel to catch my train which is in its own secret room somewhere behind the train tunnel. Weird. But in all of my dreams (atleast the ones where I wake up feeling odd), I’m always trying to find, or save/protect my son…always trying to get him away from the danger.

  149. Good day,

    I have had recurring dreams about big waves for many years, the first couple of dreams I would be standing on the beach and suddenly there would be a huge wave about 2000m high, I would look at this massive wave coming, and think how beautiful it is and be very calm I would be at peace and I knew I could not run away I need to face this beautiful wave. Then this wave would break right in front of me and the see would be calm. Never was I afraid.
    But then my tsunami dreams changed, change to a huge wave would come and the foam and debris would in gulp me. And just as I thought this is it, someone who I know would pull me out and save me.
    Once I dreamed about a huge wave, it was bigger than any mountain on this planet and I realized its going to destroy the house, the house I was living in at the time of the dream was on the beach and had big glass windows, my dream was in the house I was living in, I ran and grabbed my two friends and ran into the bathroom, as I felt we would survive better as the glass would be dangerous as the wave will hit the house, and the bathroom will protect us from the broken glass.
    Last nite dream was big waves attacking the land, as the waves kept coming and destroy/engulf everything, ships, buildings, everything, I was pulled into the sea and I remember trying to get to the navy base (swim) as I believed its my only hope to survive this crazy sea. With every hudge wave I thought I am going to die. I needed to get into a navy ship or u-boat. I woke before I could reach safety.

  150. jamie Says:

    I’m glad to know that there are many out there who share these dreams. I’ve been having these tsunami dreams for the last 2-3 years now. In my dreams, I would be at at the beach, on a ship, driving a car on a road in between the ocean, or even a parking lot. I would see the ocean from a distance and start to see the ocean waves grow and grow, the ocean would come so close to me, but it would never reach me. I also find it fascinating to see such huge waves, but know very well it can be catastrophic. A few days ago, I had another tsunami dream, but this time, it swept me away as I was trying to grab on to something. If I were to relate this to my life, if this helps, I was with my boyfriend for 6 years, and we just recently split ( 7 months ago). During the last 2 years of our relationship, there was infidelity, arguing, etc… pretty much, our relationship wasn’t the same anymore. Maybe the tsunami finally sweeping me away means something, or maybe it’s just coincidence.

    • clementez Says:

      i guess it does have something to do with the real incidents of your life. I’ve noticed that ive experienced tsunami dreams when i’m in quite a bad mood. Ive seen my last one the day i had an argument with my guy. But i still haven’t seen myself getting caught between the waves. In any case i just don’t want it to end it in that way.

  151. sagbaby Says:

    I’ve had this recurring dream from a young child into adult hood so I know it’s nothing to do with recent tsunami images in my head or anything like that. Basically I’m at the beach, this huge wave is coming towards me. Seems intent on sucking me in. I attempt to run. Different variations of this dream but the ledge is always there. Sometimes trying to escape on a thin ledge with the water continaully bashing at the wall behind me. Sometimes running madly on the beach trying to dodge the waves and getting dragged in and me scrambling back out. Quite exhausting.

  152. ceagl1 Says:

    I dreamed last night that I was up on a mountain and saw a tsunami coming and wash away a whole city. This city was where I am looking to buy a house. I have decided this week that I need to get a divorce, after a long period of estrangement because I can’t buy a house without my spouse’s signature. Is this dream a good thing or does it mean I can kiss the idea of buying a house in that city goodbye?

  153. Nelz Says:

    i would say dont buy anything yet, your spause may take it from you!!!

    does tsunami dream somehow correlated to divorce/separation or something life changing that about to happen?…im seeing a pattern here

  154. Thomas Says:

    Dear Nelz,

    Your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Do buy the house in that town. Get to somewhere on high ground. How high ??? your own bet!


  155. Thomas Says:

    Trust me something big is going to happen soon.

  156. Kylie Says:

    Hello all, Great page. Just what i needed to tell me i’m not going crazy and that other people dream of Tsunami’s not just me. In the last 3 weeks i have had 5 dreams of tsunami’s. They are so clear and real and i feel it all, fear!! I wake up and never want to go back to sleep again. Im slowly becoming obsessed by them. In the last 5 years id say ive dreamt about them alot. Most dream books mention that this is a sign of your own health problems and could be due to an illness, which ive looked in to and funny enough there are some small health issues… However, i cant help but think this is something more, i can feel it. In the 3 weeks my Tsunami dreams was set in Cornwall UK, Then Spain, Then not sure on area but i was in maid land when it hit, then Ibiza and last nights Hit Brazil. Its driving me crazy..

  157. Chris Says:

    Had the weirdest dream of my life right now, I just woke up. I was walking out the grocery store with my fiancé and everyone is looking back up to the sky as it begins to darken. I look up and it literally a bunch of fierce waves in the sky traveling as if it was the ocean. The ocean was in the sky. We all panicked and started running. We made it home , but the whole time I was waiting for the water to come splashing down out the sky on us. Never happened. So when we are back at home, there are periods where the water would disappear and than would be back in the sky. It’s like earths axis broke or something. Very strange and scary.

  158. Denise Says:

    I dreamed about a tsunami coming at me…while i was walking with my 4 year old daughter…i knew we would be too late…so i climed a pole…and let my lil girl just standing there…i said i love you…and asked if she would come visit me in my dreams..and i can still see her face..she didn’t know it was coming…n she blew me a kiss…it was horrible…i woke up crying…i would never let my baby standing there alone..omg…i actually woke up before the waves could hit her tho…but when i tried to go back to all continued…bah…i hate nightmares!!!

  159. Pippa o'Shea Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night it’s the first one I’ve ever had, it started off with a volcano explosion, and me my daughter and partner had to run away from it! Aswell as loads of people around us. And as we looked to our sides a huge tsunami was coming towards us! In the dream we hugged our little girl and said goodbye to each other! I woke up crying and couldn’t go back to sleep it was horrible

  160. Jake Says:

    I had a dream where this group of people dropped an atom bomb in the water and it caused a five mile high tsunami. Well everyone in my dream called it 5 miles high but really it was only as tall as the skyscrapers in St.Louis. Anyway, once this tsunami hit St. Louis (my hometown) I was watching from a distance and a unrealistically large tree hit a skyscraper and thats all I remember.

  161. Suraj Says:

    I have seen tsunami dream more than 20 times in past 8 years. But the dream I just had recently was a very different one than I had others before . I would like to tell you all how it was . It was beautiful full moon night , where moon was soo bright that it felt like day , blue sky, I see all my relatives coming across while I’m walking. The dream is so crystal clear , I can see beautiful sea in front me , suddenly I see a huge wave just rushing towards me. I see everybody running for lives and then I find a half empty swimming pool where I get in and wait for the tsunami to hit us. We get washed way but survives on the other part of the shore. I can see more tsunami coming but it was impossible to reach us coz we were to far from it . Dream was amazing.

  162. sora9999 Says:

    In dream a lot about tsunamis…
    One time I am at New York :… Wave was very strong and high … Is coming from east … I keep yelling telling people to move some they where not moving … They where watching …I try to save some one but forgot about my dad …. Few month ago ..
    I dream again last night I am at mountants very high there is no ocean around …. Big wave is coming some I run to high bhought some food … I was looking for my brother keep calling them … Few hrs cry … Then I was them together with my sister …

  163. Ali Says:

    Hello. I found this page because I was searching for the possible meaning of my tsunami dreams which are almost every dream now! Even if the dream begins normally (as normal as dreams ever are – they’re dreams!) The scene invariably ends up under an oncoming and crashing tsunami. One I remember was that the town I live in just covered in water which was muddy looking and I was swimming to the shops saying hello to people I recognised swimming passed me. I am not usually scared and often have a sense of relief in these dreams but feel quite exhausted when I wake up. I live in London and quite often the dream is just London streets, landmarks, familiar settings etc but covered in waves! As I said, I usually have a sense of “at last” or “this is how it should be”
    I am fascinated by what it means and fascinated by all of the variations you have kindly shared here.

  164. Beth Says:

    hi just wanted to ask have had this dream it doesn’t harm me I’m like a ghost moving around in this in the air looking down all is water and their are people yelling for help and I start to follow this helicoper but like the sky is raining down hard and the colors are dark and gray lightning flashings windy water is surrounding this building the only thing I see a skyscraper standing tall with words that spell out harper there is people rushing into this building from there once they cross this metal bridge on the hanger into the building I look up and see this huge Wave that charses into the building it holds against it then their is one mega big tsunami after that one but I wake up cause most times I’m freaking out when I’m awake in my dreams but I don’t like that I fight with my body to wake up so this whole time I was trying to wake up and when I finally do I don’t know what happens in the end figures but so don’t like when I’m trapped in my dreams or when I think I’m a wake but I’m not or even worse is when I do wake up but I can’t move my body but my head for a couple of seconds my eye’s are heavy but I’m a wake I still end up going back under trapped in the dream world so hate that anyway sorry getting back on track wanted to know if there was a harper building some where for real would like to stay away from it! 😀

  165. stephanie cauchi Says:

    I had this dream about tsunami ,i was about 40 m away from the sea this place I ve been swimming since I was young , the wave was quite high and the sea was quitebrownish color I was very scared I went on some iron building something high lots of people came ,since I have a 8 year old son I was very worried and shocked he wasn’t with me .after there was lots of rescue people came and I found my son and family no one got hurt .it was quite scary .never had this kind of dream ….

  166. Rea Says:

    Hi.. Recently a Hawaii news team posted a question on facebook asking its readers if they have any dreams they would like to have interpreted, as a dream analyst was going to be on their morning show and they would go over some of the posts. You would be amazed at how many of us posted about our dreams of tsunamis. And so many of them were alike in their details.

    I have also had tsunami dreams, but the one I am posting about tonight started sometime in the late 90’s. Every time I would dream I would get a piece of the dream story, but it never made any sense to me. It starts off with me being driven along a shoreline that I was being told it was Waikiki. Except that I grew up in Waikiki and that wasn’t it’s shore line. In another part of the dream, we drove past the Honolulu Zoo, but I knew it wasn’t the actual zoo.

    Mostly, I ignored these dreams to some extent because they didn’t make sense to me. Finally, in about 2010, I had the complete dream and more details were revealed to me. For one, I had suddenly noticed that my hands were really old. And as I got out of the car I was riding in, I also realized I was using a cane. I am creeping up on 50, so I know that this is sometime in the future, but not sure how far up.

    I get led out to a ledge/scenic point and get asked if I know where I am? I’m looking around and it doesn’t look familiar at all. But then I recognize a couple of points and suddenly realize I am standing at the back end of Diamond Head Crater, looking down into the “bowl”. Which is now full of the ocean. I look up to where the peak of Diamond Head should be and it’s gone. Most of that area of the bowl is open to and in the ocean.

    I look to the right where Kapiolani Park, Kapahulu Avenue, and Waikiki should be and it’s gone. All underwater as far as I could see. Which means downtown Honolulu, the airport, and probably Hickam AFB is gone too. The water goes further in land than the current tsunami inundation zones are now. I look left and most of the Kahala area is gone too. Only the higher elevations remain.

    I remember feeling deeply saddened, as I recall that I lost friends to whatever happened. Which does not get discussed in the dream at all… I am left to wonder what happened when I wake up.

    Diamond Head is large and high above the ocean. It would have taken something huge to drop it down into the ocean like was in the dream. I figured it had to be a huge earthquake and a tsunami.

    So here’s the thing… I have dreams that come true. Not everyday, but I can tell the difference between the natural ones and the ones that will come true. I have more recently predicted my granddaughter that was born this year. I also dreamed of the tsunami that hit Papau, New Guinea in ’98 and they lost most of their children to it.

    This dream is one of my “dream come trues”. I just have no idea when? I haven’t had that dream yet, except for one a couple of years ago that appeared to show something possibly happening on Veterans Day. I just don’t know what year.

    Anyways, I just kind of filed it away with all my other dreams then I saw the FB news story and saw how many other people are having similar dreams. So I googled and found this page.

    I am not a overly religious person, though I do believe in God. I am not someone trying to run around with my head cut off screaming “the sky is falling! the sky is falling!”. Just your everyday working mom trying to make ends meet. I do believe something is going to happen and I think many, many of us are being warned about it. Not just me.

  167. Sadie Says:

    last night, i asked the universe for a very large and positive change. i was practically praying — something i very rarely do. I’ve been feeling the desire for a big change or at least some higher power guidance with this change. When I woke up, I was terrified because I had just had a dream about the waves slowly growing larger and larger, coming closer to my house, where I watched from the rooftop the waves growing closer and closer. I was warning my family and my friend that I had over. We for some reason decided we weren’t going to leave the house, but rather watch as the waves turn to a tsunami and take us away. It was extremely scary though we for some reason had no way of leaving. I decided I’d look up what a tsunami dream ment, because I thought it was extremely strange that I was having this dream, because it seemed so random though terrifying. When I read that a tsunami dream ment spiritual change, I was thrilled because of my universal prayers, and am taking it as a sign of a large change coming my way 🙂

  168. Crystal Says:

    I have a reacurring tsunami dresm for year’s now…since even before japan. See the waves forming in ocean I would grab my daughter and RUN like hell away !!! Right before it hit I would wake up. For me I dont think it symbolizes anything. I think its just a scary dream…. I am terrified of seeing real waves forming out in ocean when I take my family to beach !!!! Also when I was a kid I had a reacurring dream that I was walking over small bridges with body of water under it and right before I fall I wake up…

  169. Vanessa M Says:

    I started having tsunami dreams 5 years ago. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but the tsunami ones I can’t shake off. They are always the same, feeling of impending doom and then a huge tidal wave hitting. In the dream the tsunami wave always hit once and then the certainty that its going to hit again. And that’s when I wake up. I’m a Pisces and the funny thing is that I only seem to live in coastal cities.

  170. Wyldefleur Says:

    I have dreamt of tsunamis in different situations my whole life (38).

    1 I recall this particular one to be the hardest to understand: I have knowledge somehow of a tsunami coming. There is a tiny infant that I desperately hold and secure tightly to a for certain secure metal loop embedded into the ground; so that the baby will be able to not be taken away, or die. As the wave does rush around us I am not worried at all for my own security not am I sure that I am really in any harm at all. I can feel the pressure and I am merely concerned for the baby and shielding the baby from debris and pressure. The wave rushes back out and I know it’s going to come again. This time I for some reason moved the baby inside of some huge glass doors and re secured the baby to some stairs somehow, this Time I was crying and having a harder time holding on to the infant. I could feel a whipping sensation from the water and possibly seaweed. I woke up sobbing. What does this mean?

  171. Ruby Says:

    I’m 15 years old and have been dreaming about tsunamis for the last two or three years or so. They have just recently got more frequent in this last year, though.. I was reading comments and trying to find one like mine but I couldn’t. I had another one last night and just feel like I need to get it off my chest. Recently, in all. My tsunami dreams I always duck under them(like an coral tidal wave… Just huge). They come at me like the waves in a wave pool at an amusement park. They are large and usually I dream of having multiple waves in a row but occasionally it’s just one or two huge ones… That I always duck under and swim through. When I was in Hawaii 4 years ago, I had an experience where I got caught in a wave and literally thought I was going to drown. About a year after that I had a dream about my mom telling me that if there’s a big wave coming towards me like the one when I was in Hawaii, just to duck under it. I then had a dream or two on instructions on how to avoid these waves by ducking under, with a surfboard too. I don’t know if it means anything or if its just an experience that has stuck with me these last few years. If you have any ideas, please reply. Thank you!

  172. I have these dreams frequently. Probably once a month during some years. Just recently I discovered what triggers them for me. I’m a full time writer and sometimes I get caught up in my day to day activities and forget to read positive literature, meditate and pray. If several months past without replenishing my souls I move on in life and eventually become confused and angry for no reason. Most times I know i need to go back to the basics but often I allow myself to believe there is no time. When I eventually make my way back to replenishing my soul (usually after being emotionally overwhelmed) I’ll have these dreams either the first night or second. They will continue until I’m back in the flow and recentered.

  173. deepak Says:

    First time i saw this dream of tsunami and it was terrifying.i was in a floating restaurant at the beach with first the waves were hitting us slowly and the place we sat shook lightly then all of a sudden it shook hard then i saw this huge wave coming towards us.i climbed and went on top of the restaurant trying to climb the hill behind the restaurant by the time the waves hit the restaurant people screaming and trapped inside.The wave’s washed away everything and suddenly it went back and there was no water at all.i kept on climbing and there were other people to trying to escape.we saw a bigger wave hit the hill but couldn’t get us.we reached on top and then we saw the weird tribal people coming to us catching one by one and started eating.i was very scared and started running after this i cant remember what happened but i woke up terrified.

  174. Amanda Says:

    My Tsunami dreams are very similar…increasing waves and sizes. I always survive. And always seem to be trying to get toa loved one (my kids most often). Also, i’m always in a house or hotel with windows facing the.water. Which comes right to the door, causing everything including cars to strike the building. Yet, the structure always holds and nobody in my immediate surroundings gets hurt. Dream is recurring and very unsettling…

  175. Sol de la Luna Says:

    OK so this is the 2th time I’m having a tzunami dream… I was with my step sister eating a pizza in a garage (?!) And I was talking with my mom on the phone about who is a good guy to marry to… and then I saw a friend from growing up in the other way of the street and then behind me starting small waves to come.. from the side of the house.. and I know it was a tsunami.. so I ran across the street I was claiming this gates fast and I was so fit.. and I saw another friend that i havent heard from in years and she was OK.. now the water are higher and I see people coming out from the garage and I don’t see my sister… in my mind I knew that she is helping people yo ho out.. but she still there.. so I went down and I was standing above the water.. and then I was looking down and I see my sister with a swim suit (she haves an aunt that is swimsuit designer) and then we laughed… that she needed to change first. And that’s it..
    About the emotions it makes sence.. I’m married and we are looking to get divorce too.. In also asking about how to find a good guy because I really want to start a family soon… and it all makes cense! Thanks..

  176. Patrick Says:

    I’ve had tsunami nightmares for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t scare me until the very moment the wave crashes down. The marvel of it at first is compelling, then it hits me that in the dream as the wave crashes the dream ends. I recently cut ties to my youngest brother because he gave up his parental rights to his first daughter. It has destroyed me because I took part in helping care for my niece the first five years. I feel like I lost a brother and two nieces…my brother has a second daughter. I’ve lost part of my family.

  177. Meredith Waddill Says:

    I dreamed last night of a gorgeous and terrifying tsunami wave crashing up over the house I grew up in. The color and mass of the wave is breathtaking and I wake myself up as the fear sets in. Woke me up at 1am. I also dreamed of a tsunami the night before the one hit in 2004. A little freaky.

  178. Samantha Says:

    I have tsunami dreams about once a month or sometimes even more in a month. I’ve been having these terrifying dreams for about a year now and they won’t stop. I just had one tonight actually. It’s 7 in the morning right now but I awoke at 6 from my terrible tsunami dream. Usually after every tsunami dream I have I research and watch tsunamis. Not in particular do I die or anything all I remember is watching the wave get huge I mean huge and telling my family we need to leave immediately. These dreams aren’t get any better just more terrifying. Hopefully they’ll stop one day.

  179. Charlie Says:

    Last night was my first dream about a tsunami. I have been on an awaking journey for the last few years, so the theory about spiritual awaking could hold some weight but I’m not entirely sure. This dream was exceptional clear and vivid with color! It wasn’t completely doom and gloom like but I did lose track of people in the dream. Our home was completely covered with water and when the wave hit I was lying in my bed looking up at the ceiling. I dreamt I could see the wave cover the house and I feared the ceiling would collapse under the water but it didn’t. I also knew I was dreaming and tried to wake up but couldn’t. In the dream , I woke up and from the dream but was still in the dream ( if that’s makes sense). When I woke up in the dream and looked out the window our home was floating on a sea of water. The water was blue and full of homes, boats and people trying to figure out what happened and where to go. I could hear a woman screaming as if she lost someone and I couldn’t find our pets and most of our food storage had been lost in the flood. An old acquaintance came to the door and brought us our dog and was selling guns for a huge markup price and then I woke up. Very strange, vivid and detailed dream for me. I have no clue what it means or doesn’t mean. Another detail I should share is take our family lives on Oahu Hawaii and the dream took place in my childhood home in Wabasha Minnesota. The family home I grew up in not the one we are living in now. The area that was flooded could have been anywhere. The location looked like it was coastal but had elements of hay fields and dirt roads so I couldn’t actual locate where the house was sitting. Anyways thought I would share this.

  180. tay Says:

    I have had reoccurring tsunami dreams for about three years now. Every time, I am at my cottage (which is on a lake in reality). I am usually standing in my cottage looking out at the water. The water will be calm and I look away for just a second. When I look back, I can see the swell of water and I know it is coming. The waves break on the beach and another swell will appear. Each time the waves get closer. Sometimes they reach the lawn, sometimes they lap the edges of the cottage. Depending how close they are determines my fear. Sometimes they recede and I think they are gone, but they always come back. At this point I stop seeing the waves, but I know the biggest one is on its way. By this time I usually do two things, I start collecting survival gear (I always get my rubber boots first). Next, I try to locate my family. Once I have done that I lead them to higher ground. Sometimes we climb faces of cliffs, sometime we drive, winding around and around with the feeling of being chased. The waves never get us, but I wake up covered in sweat and terrified. They seem to be getting more intense recently. I dont feel as if these dreams are positive, although I have read that if you get washed away in the wave, it represents some sort of spiritual cleansing. Maybe its because the wave never catches me.

  181. Alice Says:

    I have had recurring dreams about tsunamis for the past 9 years (bare in mind I am only 23). I do not consider them to be positive dreams, I tend to have them when I am upset or feeling particularly anxious (the last one being last night when me and my boyfriend got into an argument). I seem to be in a confined space such as a building or a vehicle and this wall of water which is HUGE, taller than would be physically possible in the real world, approaches me very slowly. I feel panicked in my dream like I need to escape but I know that it is not possible. When it hits me I tend to wake up and I consider it a nightmare as it is normally impossible for me to get back to sleep. Now this may sound rediculous, but it has affected me in life as I am now afraid to go into the sea when it is slightly rough which is a shame because I used to swim for my county. I wondered if this affects anyone like me?
    Thank you 🙂

  182. Kaylee Says:

    Im 15 years old and I started having dreams about tsunamis a few years ago. I had them for a few months leading up to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Then I didn’t remember having them fir a month or so but then they came back. And the dreams are never the same they also have everything different besides the tsunami. The whole thing is just kinda weird to me. But I also have dreams about a natural disaster a month or a o before they happen but I could never really tell when or where it would happen. But the tsunami dreams happen the most.

  183. Denisa Says:

    I’ve had a few scary tsunami related dreams. The most vivid one a year or so ago which scared me awake. I had one about a month ago and another last night. I really hate them. I’m afraid of drowning. In the dreams I’m always running away or trying to run away from it. And I always end up getting away or I wake up before it catches up to me. I guess i could be having these dreams from stress of looking for a job I just really hate them and hope I never have a dream like that again.

  184. jezza bhel tugade Says:

    I wanna ask the meaning of tsunami in my dreams. Every time I sleep I always dream of it. But it cant hurt me I run as far as I can but it cant ever reach me. We are many including my family. Please help me tell the meaning. Thank you.

  185. joshua Says:

    I have only experienced a tsunami dream twice in one night and never had a tsunami dream after it. I had mine the night before the tsunami in japan. The first dream was with me standing on the beach and I saw the tsunami come in and woke up as soon as it engulfed me. I went back to sleep that night and was back on the same beach as before and I ran down the beach warning everyone that a tsunami was coming until once again I was engulfed once more. In the morning I got online to check my emails and saw the headline on AOL and it was the tsunami in Japan.

  186. Anthony Says:

    I have tsunami dreams consistently. I just had one last night that I was out to dinner with people I did not know. We were on the beach watching the waves as they started getting bigger and bigger. Eventually they started crashing into the glass windows and everyone started to run away. As I stood there looking, the water starting rushing along as if the whole building was going under water. I slowly walked away and woke up… All my dreams are usually in buildings where I watch the waves get bigger and bigger until they start to crash into where I am. I’m never hurt, nor never seem to run away. I recently lost my twin daughters and I’m not sure if these dreams are symbolizing my grief, stress, anger, or feeling of being helpless knowing I could do nothing to protect my girls…

  187. Nangeli Says:

    I just had a dream about a tsunami. It was really weird. At first I saw something falling out of the sky and realized it was a plane. I ducked, but it flew over me and fell pretty far away. Then I saw another plane, this one crashed in front of me in the ocean, this is when in my dream I said, “oh sh*t”. I then saw the tsunami, it was so huge, at first I thought I could survive, but when I saw it coming at me I knew I would not. I didn’t even try to run away, I just stood there, and I felt so scared, I felt this dread that I was about to die and there was nothing I could do about it. As the tsunami took me and swallowed me whole, I remember floating for a second, just seeing water everywhere, and then everything went dead and dark. I knew that I have died. It was then when it got stranger, b/c I didn’t wake up, Instead I heard this weird creepy voice speak in the darkness. I don’t remember exactly what it said, it either said, ” everybody is going to die now” or ” your going to die now” It it really scared me. I felt like I did not dream that voice, That voice was not coming from me. And that’s what scared me the most, who else was living in MY dream….So if anyone, anyone can tell me what this means, I think I would be less creep-ed out by it.

  188. G Says:

    I had a dream I was on a train when it suddenly came to stop I then looked out of the window and could see a huge tsunami approaching I jumped of the train and started running and climbing to get to a higher place I was really struggling to get up and I could physically feel myself pushing to get higher and higher up the “mountain” or whatever it was I was climbing using sticks to push me upwards but the waves where still coming I eventually came upon this wooden building and once again began climbing what seemed as an alter with ladders going up then a man said to me ( I had the feeling he was from the past ) go up there that’s what I did to survive and I did and the water came and I was safe I jumped into the water and swam until I came to some untouched land I then looked up and seen another tsunami on its way so I ran again this time to a wooden house with. 3 floors I climbed the stairs an there was also a woman with a child I looked out of the varanda at the highest point of the house when the waves hit and they just passed and we where saved I was overwhelmed with happiness and then I woke . What does this mean ?

  189. S Says:

    I have a recurring dream in which I am looking out of the window of a room high up in a tower building overlooking the sea. The waves below are getting more and more turbulent and then begin crashing against the building at higher and higher levels so that eventually the whole building begins to sway and buckle backwards and forwards and the final wave comes toward me at the height of the top of the tower. There is an overwhelming sense of dread and of inevitability within a thin, fragile, soon to be destroyed refuge.

  190. jacqui armstrong Says:

    Last night I dreamt I was house sitting my brothers lodge. We were entertaining guests. When we looked out over the ocean there was one poignant wave . was huge but stopped in motion before wiping out the houses below.every one watched in awe. I told everyone to move upstairs knowing there may be more to come. Then the next wave hit us there was screaming I managed to rescue a womens baby and find my children and another guest who was also looking for her baby but unfortunatly was not the baby I had. We hid in an upstairs toilet till the house had stopped moving. There was a lot more detail in this dream than any of my previous tsunami dreams. Prior to the tsunami we saw dolphins and stingrays and killer Wales. These all represent life and death. In my personal life I have had a crazy stressful year. I have just got a new job which will allow me to spend more time with my kids and feel happy within myself. My current employer is devestated im leaving and is feeling lost as we have been together scince the start of the company we work for. So I am pleased to say I have finally had a Tsunami dream that for once wasn’t a premonition and made sense. Let the spiritual awakening commence. Love n light to all x
    mumma j

  191. Adam Sullivan Says:

    I was 9 years old in a tsunami with two friends who were 8. We were naked and the tsunami was about 50 foot waves and I held tight my two friends under the water until we were able to rise above the water and survived. I have had this dream 9 times in the last two months. What does it mean?

  192. Kashie Says:

    Hi There, last night i had a dream where i was in a tall building more like an apartment with my family and i saw a blue wave more like tsunami hit the area. At the corner of my eye there was a window where i could see the water rising up to the level i was at maybe 10 floor or so and my dad said that to me. i got panicked and i ran to my living room where the alter was placed with all our catholic deities. i cried out loud and said to Jesus ” don you have mercy on us , save us jesus and it wave “tsunami” stopped and i got up from my bed. i had series of tsunami dreams before but this episode was different. i was talking. The previous i had about tsunami, i was caught in a cage being saved. how do i interpret this? pls adv.

  193. Dreamer Says:

    I had my very first tsunami dream today. I was on a beach with myself as a child and my father. When my kid self started running into the ocean my dad noticed the large wave coming at us. He grabbed onto me and my mother held onto my brother. Every time the wave came down it went over us. We were being tossed around but could breathe. Finally after it stopped I went looking for everyone I cared about and realized my brother was missing. When I found him washed up on shore he was missing a leg. I called my family at home crying but they were unsure of what I was talking about. My brother was taken by paramedics to the hospital which turned into a jail and was arrested for causing the Tsunami.

    Anyone have any interpretations?

  194. Syl Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. In the dream I had been standing in my kitchen, having a argument with my parents and their care giver over something miniscule. It had been a sunny day, then suddenly I looked out the kitchen window and could see this huge wave raising up over the window. I told everyone to get down, then was standing their holding my parents (whom of which I am not really that close to, due to a bad childhood) protecting them. The windows busted open and water began rushing into the house, Everything was floating and waves crashed over us. I was struggling to breathe and then I woke up.

  195. Nikie Says:

    I had a dream last night that my kids, my mom, and I were all on the beach and I look in the horizon I see a wave starting to form and it kept getting bigger. I look at my mom and say “That’s gonna be a tsunami and its gonna hit us.” She calmly replied “I know.” So i have my 5 year old son and she has my

    • Sireena Says:

      I have had a few tsunami dreams, I always manage to escape and view the devastation from some sort of vantage point. Last night however I was on a holiday resort with a large group of friends. They were down on the beach but in a wooden barn like structure. I saw the tsunami coming so I ran down to try and get them out. The wave hit me and with such force, but then I was inside the building looking at the wave hitting what was me. Afterwards we were trying to deal with the devastation. We were burying people but they were all actors. I was trying to let my parents know that I was ok but my phone kept telling me that were I was didn’t exist anymore. It was really weird. The night before I dreamt I was swimming in tar. But it was a road, but it felt like water, just pitch black.

  196. jax jai Says:

    I had a breakthrough regarding my direction in life and my destiny. One of those moments when you remove the ‘should’ plans from your life and your true desires and dreams become apparent. I wrote it down. prayed for guidance and went to sleep
    my dream that night was of a giant tsunami that i knew was coming. I sat in a low place, crouched down, facing the tsunami. it was intense but not terrifying as i watched the wave rise up over yonder buildings and come towards me.

  197. Mercy Says:

    Before moving back to my mother’s home in Florida to care for her, I had this strange dream of large waves crashing into her house; afterward, I remember cleaning up the mess the waves had caused including sweeping away dead fish or bones; after more than a year living here, I understand the dream was an omen of the terrible emotions, unresolved issues, anger and bitterness that would manifest itself; there has been a lot of conflict between us; the dead fish or fish bones represent the dirty secrets, lies and hypocrisy uncovered just recently; I believe God was giving me a picture of what to expect; I thought I knew my mother; I thought I was safe; but I was wrong and deceived.

  198. Samantha Says:

    I’ve had tsunami dreams for about a year and a half now. They come and go but I at least have one once a month sometimes even more. Everytime in my dream I’m warning my family or friends but they don’t see it or believe me. Everytime I cry and beg and I watch as the tsunami is approaching but I always wake up before it breaks and will kill everyone. Only one time someone believed me in my dream and it was my mom but she only left with me never believed me. They are terrifying yet so facinating.

  199. Lim Lynn Says:

    Actually don’t forget search youtube Tsunami generated from Asteroid hit Puerto Rico hit America and read Revelation in Bible.

  200. Prateek Says:

    I hv dreamt of a tsunami for the second day consecutively and I can’t get it out of my head
    Specially , Last night dream was a very lengthy again and again I was coming to the point where I’ve save my self repeatedly and performed lots of to’dos to either save myself after saving somebody or collecting some life saving like a cellphone etc
    There was a point
    I got very tired in the dream and woke up very tired as if had been
    As if it had happened for real
    I am bit not sure as wt to do but somehow it’s bothering me
    After reading others story I am finding lots of conclusion but still not satisfied as why is it so..

  201. Deborah Miller Says:

    I had a dream 3 times in a row the exact same way…..I’m walking and tons of people I don’t know are walking also some to work some our running errands just every day life…A huge waive comes and it’s about to crush all these people and it’s a huge wave of evil spirits needing to feed seems like so I start praying in the spirit “tongues” an god defeats the wave through me and when the wave is defeated I fall to the ground and pass out exauhsted and I wake up exauhsted. My body feels like it got hit by a bus just like when I was walking through the wave praying in tongues. I’m so tired eyes heavy just exauhsted so I fell back asleep and I had the exact dream again woke up felt the same went back to sleep a third time and again exactly the same dream.? Thought it was interesting I haven’t had spiritual dreams for a while a long while. Now I’m looking up what my dream could mean. Anyhoo just thought I’d share my repetitive dream.

  202. zach Says:

    I think i had my first tsunami dream last night. The first one i remember anyways. I hear that everyone always runs away from the tsunami, but i didn’t, i stood there and stared it down. When it hit, it was like i was in an indestructible glass box as the tsunami wiped out everyone on the beach. And then there were two more tsunamis one after the other. Yet i was safe…The only thing i think that would cause that dream, is that i accepted that i would never get back with my first love and i let her go right before i went to sleep. So does this dream mean i still have two major changes to undergo??

  203. Amanda Says:

    WOAHHH…. k 1) I was told to be watching for symbols so this struck as relevant info! I had a tsunami dream reoccurring 3 times now recently. I found this most interesting because I didn’t think the meaning of this dream was going to be what it was. However, I have been going through extremely paranormal spiritual changes for the last 2 years progressively getting more and more awesome, and im so excited to share my adventures with the world.
    Anyhow, this tsunami encoding was very very awesome and helpful (: Peace & Love

  204. julious Says:

    I have also had these types of dreams several times in which a whole city full of people is in dsnger. But im able to stop it and send the water back to its origin. What does that mean?

  205. max Says:

    I walk to the gym everyday, so I’m walking down the lane ( i should say that i live in a village on hilly terrain ) and I’m walking down the lane ( hilly dual carriage way with houses on either side ) when coming towards me is a wall of cars, truck & buses in a sea of water. And this sea of vehicles etc are flying towards me climbing the hilly terrain like it wasn’t there, so i turn to run. Then i woke up!!, now i should say, at this time of my life I’m in spiritual turmoil & slipped back into a dark place. So i took it as a sign & straightened myself out. BUT my spiritual turmoil is still bugging me. I know in my heart their is a supreme being, only i refuse to be drawn into any sort of religion. After all, one great man said we didn’t need churches etc to pray as such. Yet even my sole tells me this man was just that, only a man. Yes he suffered and was said he worked the odd miracle, but these days we see that sort of stuff everyday and none of these ppl are messiahs. I believe my sole is of alien origin these days, and I’m resorting to looking to the stars wanting to go home as i did so often as a child until tv got into my head ( what’s that all about ). Growing up I’ve never fitted in & always seemed as if i try to hard to fit in. Anyway that’s my story as strange as it may sound. P.s. I’ve always been of strong body & will, even if at times I’ve done stupid things to fit in. Sorry for my bad grammar!!

    • max Says:

      P.p.s i should mention that the old house i lived in i was being haunted by some spirit that whispered violently in my ear one night ( SHE’S MINE ) and was often poked & prodded awake many times. One night see-ing an apparition of my mother in the corner of my cabinet. My mother wasn’t dead then either, i told her my experience as she knew & believed i was being haunted ( my bedroom had this morgue feel to it which anyone felt ) so i told her the crack and my mother was convinced the spirit wanted her. Thing is, all this happened 5 yrs before she died. When she did die, i was putting my head on the pillow one night and i heard my mother say my name as clear as day & it seemed a happy voice. Only for me to have her come to me in a dream mths later. In a house i grew up in ( not the haunted house ) and she was all young & happy. Thing is though, there was what seemed like there was 3 kids sitting on a sofa with their backs to me and wen they turned around they had no eyes in their heads with teeth that wud put a great white shark to shame. I freaked & my mother was it’s ok don’t be frightened ( but i was terrified & woke up ). That dream came outta nowhere i wasn’t thinking of her in anyway ( even tho i did & do miss her ), or and the haunting stopped after she did die. Any thorts??. Don’t say she’s in hell either, cz she looked radiant & very happy!!!!!

  206. Mikhailla Says:

    I seen to have these tsunami dreams on occasion, the repetition though is it is always 4 tsunamis in a row in my dream, I subconsciously learnt that once one tsunami came it wasn’t a time to relax I always knew a second was coming! I am wondering why I always have 4 in a row in the one dream? I used to have these dreams last year night after night! I am a very active dreamer I find drinking milk before bed actually stops all dreaming but last night forgot and had to deal with the tsunami dream… Just wondering why it happens! I don’t feel like it should be cleansing me? I am happy with my life as is??

  207. enolia Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last week, I had my son with me, my sister and some other people, I saw the huge waves approaching, my son was having a nap and I was paralyzed of fear…but also wondering hot to protect my son?!!! what to do what to do? I felt a little passive in the dream and woke up in panic!…Now the real life, I think I know the meaning, I am currently separated from my husband (my son’s father) and I have huge fears regarding my son’t future since his father has a Narcisstic Personality Disorder…Now after the dream, after many months of peace with the father and him trying to bring us back, we had a fight yesterday and my son had 2 terrible temper tantrums since, one was during his sleep and he was screaming mommy hold me, I will fall, I am stuck!!! (even though I was actually holding him!) he was in a bad shape! That was last night…And now I think I understand that I need to protect my son at all costs and give away the hope to go back with the father because he will have those times often (be insulting, reactive, etc) in the future and our son will only suffer…Whereas, when we are separated completely, our son is much more peaceful and happy because he feels mommy is peaceful so he has nothing to worry about…Any comments or feedbacks are appreciated!

    Months ago, I had another Tsunami dream, this time me and the father were in what looked like a house on the beach and I saw the waves approaching, I told him: Waves are coming! Waves are coming, and he didn’t even respond and waved by his hand to express a kinda “whatever, it is nothing” and left to another room as if nothign was happening!..I asked and invited him for therapy many times, he went once and stopped and always stated that he will never change…

  208. Ferniesapple Says:

    Had my second Tsunami dream last night, it seems obvious as I am leaving the country in a week to start something new, so harbinger of change fts the explainations. I was in a Street and between the houses I saw this gigantic wave sweep over the top of the houses, it filled the Street and I found myself swept up in this swirling mass of water, I was on top of the water getting higher and higher as the water filled the Street, I wasnt scared at all, but i kept worrying about people I knew and if they were trapped in the houses. very odd but not scary.

  209. Charlie Says:

    I have had a few tsunami dreams but have never really been interested in looking for its interpretation but last night it reoccurred. Before that, I saw a video of a horrific tsunami and then I misheard my friend, I heard she said tsunami. I have thought about it for a while. For the last few weeks something is bothering me. I know why, it is the fear of the unkown. It is all about the uncertainty of living in this world. Coming towards the completion of my degree next year I really want to get it but at the same time scared of what might happen along the way. I dont know if my tsunami dream reflects my current emotional state or it tells me something different.

  210. Nick Macflame Says:

    I just had a tsunami dream that I woke 15 minutes ago. My parents have a unit on the beach which is three stories above ground level and from the verandah here is where I watched the tsunami roll in.
    There was big surf breaking already and we could feel the spray off the waves breaking on the foreshore. I was watching the waves roll in one after the other, completely fascinated.
    A huge wave appeared in the distance and it kept growing until it was level with the first and second floor of the unit complex. It broke on the beach in front of the unit and the water rose up and rolled in about an inch across the floor of the unit and nothing was really harmed.
    I watched the entire thing, faced it quite happily and with high levels of intrigue, and nothing was harmed. It feels like the imagery of the dream made its way securely into my conscious mind, kind of like a memory.
    I don’t particularly have an emotional crisis in my life at the moment, but I have been reassessing my life and my priorities since having a daughter (who is 13 months old). I’m not sure what to make of it, but from what I have read about tsunami dreams in several dream interp sites, the one about fundamental changes to beliefs seems to resonate with me the most…
    Anyone want to have a crack at some potential meanings for this one???

  211. mandisa Says:

    I have dreamed of a big wave coming torwards me after killing an owl in the very same dream and i prayed so hard ended up breaking the wave down with my hands and deafeted the way and the sea was flat with no waves in

  212. Amy Says:

    I’m 20 years old and am Leo, when I was 5 I used to have tsunami dreams reoccurring, this was before the Indonesian tsunamis so had no connection to seeing what was in the media. I was always at my uncles house on the beach front and the waves would always start eerily then I would run endlessly up the back hill behind his house. This year I had the same dream except in far greater detail. The sky was almost cracking apart into a portal it was colors I couldn’t even describe, then the waves began. This time I was having a party at my uncles house and trying to get everyone to run from the wave but they wouldn’t so I had to just go alone but friends met up with me later then survival mode kicked in and we came together in the search of food. I understood the dream to be cleansing of emotions on a spiritual level. I discussed the dream at a family BBQ and told my uncle, he was in shock I assumed he had a fear of tsunamis living at a beach. He went on to tell me that it was the only dream he can ever remember having. Yesterday I met a new friend, it wasn’t coincidental. She told me a mentor of hers had dreamt of tsunamis hitting the south east coast of Australia and that you’d have to be 300m above sea level to survive the wave. She asked how we’d know when it’s happening and he said you’ll just know. She told me every 2 years she meets someone who gives her advice e.g. Make sure you know where to find fresh water, surround yourself with people like you, learn new spiritual paraphernalia, but ideally she noted the connection between all of these messages was they told her to know survival techniques. I believe that the waves are going to be an act of war, afterwards the government is going to attempt to control the population based on their fear. I think the connection in all of our dreams shows our consciousness and that we are all one body experiencing the same thing. The repetitiveness of this dream in itself shows all that are intuitive are being prepared for an event whether or not that is a literal tsunami or just a cleanse in the world, it shows the enlightened coming together to stand as one.

  213. nehasabnis Says:

    I have had dreams of tsunamis and big huge waves before and in each i have been terrified of them, the waves, the cries of help, being scared for my people, yet I always emerged as a survivor. The one i had last night was different in many ways. For once, i was with a friend or a parent or beloved, i don’t seem to recollect, but it was someone i was completely comfortable with. i was already somewhere in the midst of the ocean when i felt a tug at my bellybutton and realised i had fallen into a whirlpool kind of opening.. only to emerge high on a massive wave.. the feeling not unlike being on a roller coaster. After the first few moments of shock, i remember being serene and actually enjoying the flow, going with the wave to wherever it was taking me.. I did somewhere realise that i could not say good bye to whoever i was with and chances are i might never see the person again. But it felt like i had given myself unto the wave and wasn’t afraid one bit. At one point i was so high up on a wave that i could almost see the earth in entirety and it looked like the whole places was a mass of moving water, twisting, turning, swishing all over. Yet i wasn’t worried, anxious, afraid, i wasn’t thinking of my family or anyone. It was like being in a bliss bubble in the midst of a storm!

    I would really like to know what this could have meant.
    Let me clarify that i was a very different kind of a person 2 years back. i cannot relate to that anymore.Of course over the last year and half, i have been through some crazy ups and downs in my personal life, matured spiritually and had some very marvellous experiences with spirit guides, angels and consciousness. I have been thinking of this dream all day today trying to figure what message it might have for me when i came across this blog.
    Please if anyone has anything to tell me, do so. I look forward.

  214. Priyanka Tukadiya Says:

    I’ve been having Tsunami dreams from about a year now. The strange thing about those dreams is that whenever i look at the sea in my dream something inside me says d waves will erupt now and it actually does. Very large humongous waves. Aaand d best part none of the waves in the dreams have harmed me or anyone along with me. I’m going crazy trying to interpret the dream. Please help me!

  215. Samantha Says:

    Every so often i get reoccurring dreams with a tsunami as the main action. They are all different dreams but leave me terrified of going to the beach. They all start off with me my family and/or friends having a day at the beach. Then slowly the waves get bigger and bigger and start to eat away at the beach. (I am aware this isn’t how tsunamis actually occur but it is equally as terrifying) Often i find myself struggling to help and save my friends as other people are swept up by the growing waves. Sometimes we sit on higher ground and just watch terror unfold and other times more often than not we are struggling to get to higher ground waiting for help. These dreams are very realistic and scary. One or two I have been caught in the waves, and i assume i have died because then i wake up. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  216. sharaine peters Says:

    I often dream about tsunamis I dreamt about one last night it was awful as I couldnt find my daughter and sister and 2 yr old nephew , I was walking along beach after sheltering in hotel staircase , and I was crying then my daughter walked towards me , no sign of my other family , but I woke up crying it was horrible

  217. Mario Says:

    I begin as a little Asian girl(I’m a male Latino) that just received a much appreciated job, at retail store, during a tuff economical time. While in the back of the store I discover dresses and a bathroom, with the toilet & tub separated; which in my dream was my paternal grandfathers craftsmanship due to the amount of children in his household. I dazzled at the dresses and started to bath myself in order to try some on. When all of a sudden the bathroom shook and I immediately ran to gather my things and find family. As I (now myself) enter the streets I see the effects of the first wave; panicked streets, flooded roads, chaos… Running up to another building, to which I reconginze as a arcade, I see my maternal grandfather. s
    So I rushed to him an tell him to follow me. As we make our way through this arcade I bump into my brother whom was posing for money to which I quickly participated while my grandfather and him gathered food. As we left the photo booth and made our way shore side a massive wave lifted a great big ship and rolled it towards us. Just before our doom I awoke.

  218. Deepa Says:

    At least once in a month I get the dreams of tsunami. In half of my dreams, I could see the waves approaching me from far distance and I warn other people. Later, I’m in the shore with one or the other family members and try to escape by running or try standing behind the walls or by closing the windows and doors of the rooms to prevent water from entering. I’m trying to protect my family from getting hurt and finally I succeed. And in some other dreams I could see myself escaping from waves but I finally drown and inside the water I could see my family people trying to hold my hand for help. And in none of my dreams I’m dead nor my family members. I just get horrified and I wake up and I can still visualize those dreams… At times I’m scared to continue my sleep thinking that my dream may continue and I may see my loved once dying…

    • Presh Says:

      I had my first tsunami dream and decided to read up on it … I agree that it is something very significant … we should all be more aware of what the universe is showing us .. we are all spiritual beings often caught up in deep emotions due to material conditioning . look deeper into your subconcious mind …. the answers are within ….
      really enjoyed reading everyones views …..

  219. Sabrina Says:

    I had one just last night: A few of us survivors kept climbing the mountains, but the waves threatened to overtake us, even as we scrambled higher and higher up the rocky crags. Finally, at the topmost point of the highest peak, we saw the last vicious wave funneling through the valley, it’s white crest roaring over higher mountain tops, and, as we judged its size and power, we knew we were doomed. There was a sort of acquiescence that came over me; as though I understood there was nothing more, no other struggle, that I would prevail against.

    I woke up in a sweat and tried to shake it. Then, I attempted to document it, as the details tend to fade over the course of the day (and there were entire conversations, tons of minutia). This isn’t the first tsunami dream I’ve had, unfortunately, nor probably the last. There were specifics that I could identify as meaningful in my waking life (such as how difficult it was to climb with my arthritis, and how I wished I had my emergency kit with my medication in it, etc) but the overall meaning of the dream was lost to me. Further exploration is required.

  220. Attia Says:

    tsunami dream last night, many bodies in the water…many seem to be running into it, not realizing how dangerously big the waves are growing. Vehicles driving off the shore inland to safety… Powerful receding waves leaves vast wasteland behind. I’m a Leo.

  221. Dana Ladd Says:

    Fyi I am an artist Pisces.
    I had recently moved and made a whole new group of friends. So far I have met 5 scientists (two of those being rocket scientists) and one attorney in only two days. (Every year I meet a large group of extraordinary people)
    Tonight when I slept I had a dream that I went to the beach and just happend to see all my old friends who are mermaids, they were swimming and my friend had brought me my own mermaid tail that she made, it was beautiful… I was trying to put it on, the fluke was gold and the shaft was aquamarine with sequence and beeds. It was beautiful.. But then some of the mermaids started to drown and had to be brought back up. I was afraid…. Then all of a sudden the water started to rise. It kept rising higher and higher. I would do cleaver things to stay alive, there was even a point where I thought that if I were to sit on the highest point of a playground and sip on a straw I would make it… Oddly enough I felt the water and was still breathing. It was tight and my breath was short but when I woke I was not gasping for air but simply took a deep soft breath into the morning of a new day and realized that once again this was a dream. I have never been able to face my dreams with knowledge of myself dreaming, I am always on some kind of mission with a discovery.. fighting death and uncovering the mystery of how we die related to who we are and why we do the things we do. I am looking forward to surviving this large tsunami and giving breath to a new day…calmly, smoothly and with my wits.

  222. Glen in stl mo Says:

    Soon after i had a vision of of a large letter C in waking hours my son and I both had the same dream of a tsunami hitting a beach resort city i could see threw a tall hotel room window the water rush straight down the main strip then i saw people walking threw in the aftermath. 2008-2009

  223. Kerrin Says:

    For the past 6 months i dream of a tsunami or tidal wave every second or third night. At the start in the first few months the wave would catcch me and drowned me. But now it goes over me as i dont run and more i just drop to my knees and hug my 6 month old baby tight and we survive. Just before my baby was born his father left us and we have been batteling custody for 6 months. I think that my ex is the wave and at first i was running away because i was afraid and now i stand my ground. I also think the wave is the power of my emotional for how much i love and protect my son that even a 50 foot wave cant tear us apart. I only came to realise this today. Hoping the dreams now go away!!!

  224. V Says:

    I am new to tsunami dreams. I have had vivid dreams & nightmares my entire life. As a child, I suffered destinguishing between dreams and reality because of the clarity of them. Recently, the dreams are intense. I am in a good place in my life. Happy, secure, and not completely engulfed in money worries. Now, these dreams appear.
    In the dream, I am at a beach house on vacay with my mother, my aunt, and a coworker that recently passed away. (The coworker and I were not close in real life but I admired her drive. Long illness preceded her death). My mom and are talking about the diner we had just had. (In life we both are hearing impared so loud is normal and exhausting). My coworker asks me to come outside and sit on the balcony with her. The balcony is not far from the beach (maybe 25-30 feet) on ground level. She begins small talk. Bored, I look out on the horizon. I am dumbfounded. Huge wave crashes down. My coworker spews a few profanities because the ocean spray startles her. Then total panic as the next wave collects. It’s huge. There is debris in it. Birds are screaming. The roaring sound almost like a combo of tornado & loud tide complete overwhelm me and I wake in panic.
    I should note that this dream has been reoccurring lately. People tend to change. My coworker morphs into strangers, ex boyfriends, & even my cat. My mom is sometimes my boss, aunt, and even my grandmother but always a woman in director role in reality.
    The dream panics me. I can smell the ocean in it. The smell even changes as the wave grows. It begins to wreak of mildew and pond water.
    Your site & everyone’s post is giving me hope that this is just transformation. That my inner spirit is having growing pains. Please anyone with further insight- don’t hesitate to fill in any blanks for me. Best wishes & dreams to you all,

    • pete Says:

      You are having dreams from God. These dreams like all of the other are warning signs of coming Judgement. Very Soon

      “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28.

      Jesus loves you. Seek his face, repent and turn from your sins. Once you have done this, peace will come over you. A peace that can never be given by this World.

      There is only one name for Salvation. Jesus

      • Nick Macflame Says:

        I don’t see why any dream would be deemed sinful given we don’t usually have control over what imagery we experience in them. JC should repent for being so freaking judgmental on us mere mortals!!! I am at peace with or without sins, I am human and I am thankful to be alive on this earth, and to not be living in fear.

  225. Lizette Says:

    This has been my first tsunami dream. The wave seemed thousands of feet high! I remember being in a room perhaps bottom floor with French glass doors rang lead outside to a sidewalk where tourists or city folk walk. My friends and some family were with me. I realize I spoke to my mother beforehand but when this happened she was not there. My friends and family were around me and then we recieve notice of some natural disaster. I had no idea what that meant. Some leader dude tried to get a tent of some kind prepared for us to sit in. It looked like the material people used for camping and it was so windy that it looked made of thin material. I looked to my right and I saw a lagoon where people rode skeedoos and swam. My friend pointed out that the lagoon connected to a beach. When I turn around the leader didn’t get the tent open and I see a huuuuuuge wave with surfers on it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I tried running. I had a feeling it wouldn’t work. I got enveloped by the water it looked darker when it came at me but it was clear as pool water when it swallowed me I thought to myself wow this can’t be real but the water felt like water and I felt pressure to hold my breath. I start to give up and just panic and think to myself it’s easier if I die. But then I see dark figures of my friend and cousin rising towards the top. So I stop inhaling water and exhaling some and hold my breath again and try to get to the top. I feel like I’m only a hundred feet under when I feel I need air and can’t make it and then I wake up because it was so terrifying. At first I was like oh thank god
    It was only a dream.
    Then I was like why did I dream that? Makes sense my ex of 3 years who I loved and lived with left me and I still will not fully understand why. He apparently married out of some arranged thing his culture had supposibly…I found out less than a month ago and I just started a new job and am learning to cope being single again.

  226. Victoria Rodriguez Says:

    Hi.. Last night I had a dream of tidal waves / Tsunami. I was at the beach with my husband and my two sons. At first the waves started out slow, they would hit us but wouldn’t sweep us out to sea. I remember yelling out for my oldest because he was closer to the water than we were, he ended up behind us. I kept yelling out for him until eventually he was with us. My little one was crying because of the water hitting him in his face and I kept trying to calm him and would prepare him for the next series of waves. I kept telling my oldest to hold on to his little brother and not to let go, that we wouldn’t let them go, that we needed to stay together and we were going to be ok. My husband would bear hug the boys when they were approaching and I remember I was holding on to a white pole, which was the pole that we were all holding. Throughout my entire dream I vaguely remember my husband speaking. I had this feeling of panic, sadness because I was afraid of loosing my kids, and yet and the same time I felt myself calm. Trying to figure out the next move, trying to figure out what I needed to do next. What was I going to do to keep my family safe. We ended up in our family car waves were still coming some not as large as others. But in one of the waves it literally picked up our car, we must have been over 30 feet in the air, and I was looking out the window (we were all in the front I had my children with me) and telling my husband “it’s going to drop us out in the sea” and the last thing I remember telling him before I woke up was that it wasn’t going to drop us out to sea.
    – What does all this mean?
    – I have no idea why or what would have triggered this dream. It still feels really ugly I almost didn’t want to come to work today because I didn’t want to leave my boys. Thank you for reading!

  227. Michaela Says:

    I’ve had many three tsunami type dreams within the past two years. During the past few years I’ve experiences the birth of two children paralleling the diagnosis and death of my father. It has been almost two years since his death and I am experiencing currently a spiritual awakening. A lot has been revealed of my life that I could not see before. There was so much clouding from the trauma of loss and giving myself wholly to birthing and raising children. I feel now I am coming into my true self. I can now recognize the reason for my depression and anxieties, trying to kill ego and work through my issues and fears.

  228. Alvin Says:

    I have had 3 Tsunami dreams over 2 months . All to do with local surroundings where I live . I get away everytime to higher ground in a vehicle . Last dream involved my partner . We made it to higher ground , the coast was destroyed . Feel something big is about to happen .

  229. Bibek Giri Says:

    It is somewhat true that what Carl Jung has said.I fully appreciate with him.I am attracted towards spiritual knowledge.And changes is occuring in my life.

  230. dina Says:

    I’ve had a tsunami dream pretty recently and let me tell you it was not plesent. (Dream) It all started when my family and I went to the ocean to have a fun day , you know the ones with the dog and the picnic? Well it was great, but then water had started to rise a bit and started to fill out the original place where the water recceds from. So I calmly started to walk over then the water started pouring in so I frantically ran to the car assuming everyone was behind me. I looked back and they were running, right behind them was a 4 ft wave approching rapidly and they were still running they got to the car and got in but my father was missing I told her to wait despite what was coming. She for some god awful reason did not. She sped up to get to a hill up above. Then for some reason we ended up outside a little store we thought was apparently high enough and I saw a big hole in the roof. So i went to look inside and there was my dad. The water had now started to pour up and over the hill we were on the car was basically under water and i slipped in the hole to help my dad out but there was not enough space so he refused to go and he told me to get back in the car.I said not without you. He tried to get in but he was too big so he pushed me in the car and took out a note from his pocket put it in a folder gave it to my mother and we drove off. It read dear children i had the best day with you and i love you so much you cant iimagine love papa. Then i turned back and the huge wave engulfed the whole coast. (Real life) i woke up and cried a lot. Then end sorry for any grammar mistakes. So yeah i dont think that was a good omen or whatever haha.

  231. elzet Says:

    Lots of people in South Africa also had tsunami dreams. I made a facebook page =

  232. Staci smith Says:

    I’ve had so many tsunami dreams in my life they’re soooo annoying because I just wake up so scared like why the hell do I keep having these dreams. One I had lastnight was me overlooking the beach in a different place than where I am (new zealand) and a huge tsunami starts coming towards me bt as soon as it comes close it stops just pauses right infront of me then resides and then does the same thing, I ring my mum and tell her we need to leave there’s a huge tsunami coming and I just remember running and running until somehow I get to my mum and she’s screaming for me to get out and the wave takes her – I woke up so sad cause I hate these dreams especially with my family members in it. This has happened too many times. I’m hoping it isn’t something to come true in future because I’ve had premonitions in my dreams before over the last 3 years and it’s something that really scares me.

  233. Abby Says:

    This is the first time I have ever googled tsunami nightmares. I am so surprised I’m not the only one! Since I was maybe 8 years old I have horrific nightmares about tsunamis multiple times a week. I’m 20 now and just last night I had a particularly unforgiving tsunami dream. Each time I just can’t get high enough no matter what I do, sometimes just because I can’t get my legs to work because I’m paralyzed from fear.

    The start of the dreams coincided with the 2004 tsunami. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s happening in my own life, whether I’m feeling relaxed or stressed about things, the dreams are relentless. It’s been such a part of my life, I truly am suprised to find out this is even a somewhat common occurrence for others. I suppose in a way that’s comforting, though of course I wouldn’t wish these nightmares on anyone.

  234. Jodie Says:

    I had a very bad dream this morning about a tsunami i woke up crying I am terrified of tsunamis it’s one of my biggest fears especially living in Blackpool by the sea! So in my dream I too was in a hotel with a big bay window looking out on to the sea all the sea started rising in different places and hurling towards me I was petrified staring at the face of my 18 month old boy thinking about how much he was going to suffer and I couldn’t do anything about it it was almost asif the sea was taunting me it kept hitting the building trying to remove it from the ground but not coming over me? They would keep coming every couple of minuets I tried to escape and get to a more sturdy hotel with my child but I got there and the wave came and I started spinning asif the hotel was being dragged out into sea that’s when I woke up crying with fear! I now believe that was a warning and have a real bad feeling something terrible is going to happen here in Blackpool UK very soon! I’m very scared I’ve had dreams like this before atleast once a month but never so terrifying and real! Im very shaken up by it and have the most intense gut feeling! 😕

  235. claudia trimnal Says:

    had a tsunami dream last night after I cried myself to sleep due to some problems. I was on the beach, with my 4 year old son, my mom and dad. We had a shovel and there was something sticking out of the sand (like a brick of some sort). I saw myself trying to dig this thing up, the waves kept coming and going as usual.kinda helping with the digging…then, we all noticed the tide getting further and further from us…and then out of the blue seemed like, all the water receded and the beach was long and dry. So then this sinking horrible feeling came over me, because we all sort of knew what was about to happen…almost inmediately we see the ocean swell into this humongous wave. So so tall it looked like it could topple some of the tallest buildings on shore. Every one starts to run. Everyone except for my dad…he’s doing something (can’t recall what) but I scooped up my son in my arms and ran as fast as I could. I remember trying to grab mothers hand to run with me, but she wouldn’t leave dad behind, so I remember seeing this wave approaching, I can feel the power it has with it. I looked at mom and said I’m sorry because I had to save my son and I couldn’t wait on them or I would get swept away too. I ran with my son, and got to a tall building and then it crashed. I was safe, but the knowing that my parents were dead was horrifying. More horrifying the thought that they didn’t even seem to attempt to run for their lives, and that I couldn’t wait for them. I remember i tried to go back after it crashed…thinking it was over. Seeing all these dead bodies floating around…and another wave came…I ran again. Came back to try to see if they were alive but there was no sign of life. And I couldn’t find my parents. All I knew is that they didn’t make it And it was horrifying. don’t know what that was about.

  236. Caitlin Says:

    I’ve had this dream reoccur for years now. Almost always someone I love dies. More than always I am face to face with a wall of water that is forever rising, or so it seems. Either I am hiding out and survive, or I am hit hard and brought out to the sea, struggling to breath above the water. I feel as close to death as possible and then I am brought back to land, almost feeling like I got a new chance. But all my loved ones are gone. And I am shunned by everyone else around me for not saving them. Wish I knew why this dream comes and goes so frequently.

  237. Alexis Says:

    Every night I dream of a tsunami. But I run towards it and jump underneath it into the water. Today was different. I was in Venice beach in a beach house and was about to go to the water, when I walked out, I saw 10 jets in the sky flying towards the ocean and when I looked, I saw multiple skyscraper sized tsunamis a few miles out. I ran back in the house to get my phone to call my Man, but I couldn’t reach him. He didn’t know about the tsunami, no one did, then I woke up. I read that spiritual changes happen when this dream comes. I’m in the process of open my private Reiki practice, idk if that plays a role. And why don’t I run away from the tsunami?

  238. Londa Hill Says:

    I have had dreams that come true more times than I care to count. 3 nights in a row I’ve dreamt about tsunamis on third night… On the third night I managed to teach myself to go under the waves and hang on.. My dreams aren’t like other people’s dreams. The real ones are hard to decipher from reality. If that makes sense…. But that’s the only way I know that there are different for a reason. What that reason is,,, I’ve yet to figure out. Sometimes it’s like watching life play out and you know what everybody’s going to do and say. How everything feels, smells, tastes.. Because you’ve already been there done that if you will.. It does not make life boring by any means.. Just more complicated than it already is.

  239. mariz bamboa-sasuman Says:

    I had this dream last night, at first I was walking on a shore with a clear silent sea with huge rock (bridge form) on my right side. Then suddenly, I am on a veranda of a house (at the top front of a rock or mountain) there i saw tsunami coming in front of me. as it approaches there were around 3-4 people in side the house they were watching TV and I was afraid for them and tell them tsunami is coming. they said calmly “it’s okay,we got used to it, it will only reach until the veranda not the whole house”. so by then the tsunami just came at the mid level of the veranda but amazingly i was not soaked nor splashed by the water. Then I was on the Top of the Bridge-Like-rock where then another tsunami coming and iv seen animals (hippopotamus i think:actually i am not really sure what they are) at the shore splashed by the small waves (as i saw it coming it was huge but then it splashed the animals nah it’s like the typical waves on the sea). and i was just looking at them thinking they are enjoying the splashes of the water. water was not muddy nor dirty. normal color as of the sea.. when I woke up in the morning I was calm since I was not drowned by the tsunami i guess. well i hope someone could say something about my dream because this was my first time i encounter this dream. every time i dream of water i was in the water/sea but not in a huge wave like this. hope to hear from you. thank you.

  240. Anne-Sophie Says:

    Just woke up from a tsunami dream.
    I was in a building on the shore and could see the huge waves coming. Got scared at first but then not at all. The water was so clean and a gorgeous green-blue color. And as it covered the shore and people, no one was being hurt nor panicked.
    And I watched something like 20 waves come crashing without hurting anyone.
    How weird.
    It definitely goes slo g with my spiritual awakening and on a special night.

  241. Jojo hernandez Says:

    I just had a dream where I left my baby inside my house and went outside and I just heard alarms going off and as I was looking out a huge wave building up was on its wave to hitting me when someone (I don’t know who or what) stood beside me with a big smile and said “wow it’s beautiful.” Then it was all over. I don’t know what much to think of it but if someone knows if something like that please give me and answer…

  242. Londeey Says:

    I had a dream last night that I lived in a hotel house by the beach. I had my family with me and we all knew a tsunami was about to hit. For some reason I had a helicopter on top of the building waiting for my arrival to escape the death of this huge tsunami! I was terrified! I left in the helicopter but I had to come back becUse I guess we had left someone behind. So we landed and I came back in the hotel, this was just moments before the tsunami was supposed to hit I could see waves getting closer to our hotel. I couldnt who I was looking for! I kept trying to call my mom to tell her. I ran back to the helicopter and we sped off as we looked down at the powerful tsunami that overtook the island! Such a scared Dream I had! I am actually in the process of trying to lose weight so I joined a gym. Maybe this my spiritual awakening I am about to go through? This also could just be my emotions and the way I feel about it.

  243. amykarle Says:

    I’ve had a few different, very memorable, scary tsunami dreams. I am wondering what it means when you are all of a sudden hit by the massive force of the water and end up actually under water in your dream?

    I live near the pacific ocean and Im in fear of tsunamis because my dreams are so scary. I’ve always been somewhat fearful of them.
    Some insight would be sincerely appreciated to give me better understanding.

    My most recent tsunami dreams: I was indoors in the top floor of a large open warehouse space during the day and my younger cousins were playing around me. There was a moments notice for me to grab on and then water blasted through all of the windows and I was holding my autistic cousin between my body and a support beam, clinging for our lives. The clear and white water carried glass, wood and debris and I woke in panic of feeling the forceful water rush over us and suffocating feeling. I could feel the force of the water so clearly.
    The other was a few nights ago. I was driving during the day, fleeing from something I was scared of and the road ended on the beach. I couldnt help but driving right into a giant ocean wave. I was underneath a clear, white giant roaring wave. My husband was watching and screaming from the road. I tried to get out of the car and was still under the wave. I woke screaming and still feel shaken by these dreams.

  244. Rehnuma Says:

    My friend dreamt that I am calmly riding a very violent wave that has power of destruction.

  245. Karen Says:

    I dreamt of tsunami the height was 50dt high. I was in a neighborhood sunshiny in the sky. I turned to my left to see this large wall of water coming towards me my sister was there leaving me behind to go in to the house. I stood there in shock as the water approaches me I called on Jesus!
    And the water immediately back track but when I stopped Calling on the Lord .the water would raise up and come even closer. I Called on Jesus! And ask him Why Jesus! Then the water reclined back and the scene changed .

  246. candi Says:

    I’ve had the dream every couple of weeks I am shore but last night I every time I saw the wave I would duck like a surfer and survive. Please interpret

  247. Melissa Says:

    I dream about tsunamis almost every single night of the week. It’s been going on for a little over a year now. Each time it happens I’m always aware of its approaching (watching the news, or I am able to see the huge wave forming in the horizon.) each time I dream this big tidal wave signals the end of the world. The wave I see approaching on the horizon is bigger than any wave I’ve ever seen on tv that’s for sure. It’s always dark, dark, blue, and I’m left with the feeling of pure terror each time I dream. It’s just annoying now, I miss dreamless sleeps.

  248. Tsunami’s are my biggest fear. And i just had a tsunami dream last night. I’ve had them before but this time was different. In my past tsunami dreams, I would run, scream, or enter in panic mode and wouldn’t be able to move. Last night, I saw the tsunami rise in front of my eyes, I had all my sisters with me (I’m the oldest) and I saw the tsunami before everyone else and I acted upon what was happening. Being the oldest one and having my sisters with me, I know I couldn’t just think of myself and I had to think of a way to get them to safety. I was no longer afraid of the tsunami and i was focus on getting my sisters to safety. By the time the tsunami reached us, it had lowered down and it wasn’t strong. Got my sisters to safety and my fear had gone away. Right now in my real life situation, I’m going to a part of my life that I feel like I’m growing up to adult hood. .. I’m going to be 24 in 2 months and I have always been a mommas girl. Right now, I feel like I’m trying to grow up but my mom sees me as not wanting to be home anymore when I’m either working or doing something that u have to do and our relationship is going downhill and idk how to talk to her because I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I feel like if she goes off at me, I feel like I’ll explode and I don’t want to do that because I love her, she’s my mom and I’m afraid to loose relationship with her. I wonder if my dream has anything to do with my real life situation.

  249. Roman Says:

    I’ve had a tsunomi dream wile i was on the beach and it was a beautiful day………………………………………………………………………………With the first tsunomi being clear and the second one being dirty.The first one went around me as i ran from it.The second one,I faced and it tumbled me and I was flipping around and the water was dirty.But I survived it.Then later I found my mom and dad and little sister on another beach safe with lots of other survivors and a weard trailer truck thing to help the survivors……………………………………………………………………………..Right now I’m praying so My family will have no deths and no diseases no comas.I really pray for everything to be fine.For the dream to not be anything big

  250. Quanita Smal Says:

    I keep dreaming the same dream for months now. There is a flood at my parents home. The whole town is destroyed. A mud slide follow. The mud slide nearly took my mom but I grab her by the arms and pull her up on a roof.

  251. maria Says:

    I had a dream in California of a nuclear. Explosion. Or meteorite crash at middle of the ocean then this huge Earthquake started . I were. In the mountain between. Those Gigantic rocks. They. Started. Falling down I was trying. to. Push. Them. Away. From me then. I see this gigantic Tsunami. Coming along . The mountains then. I started to. run but there. Weren’t. A place that no one earth. Could. Survive look

  252. Ayden Says:

    I constantly have tsunami dreams. In places I know and don’t know. The scariest one about the one I had this morning was that I was not invovled. I was up on a towering cliff along with some of my other few classmates and we watched in horror as a wave sucked our classmates out to sea. All my dreams invovled feelings about how I know that someone I know will be dead (I live in hawaii) and it constantly bothers me.

  253. Emma Says:

    I feel like I dreamed I was in a tsunami, I was in deep mud dirty water with debris, cars & lorry’s. There was a foren 7 and a half ton lorry listing on something sunken under the water, I imagine a sunken ferry or something. The spirit of my Nan was appearing in it, in a kind of casper form, trying to direct me to safety, but I was scared to swim fast incase I made the water wash the lorry over onto me. It was terrifying!!! I don’t remember the beginning of the dream, just being in this filfy water. It could have been a flood, but I feel it was a tsunami. Two days later my Dad told me he had booked for us to go to Tennerife, I was absolutely terrified but I didn’t say anything. We’ve been & come back safely, thankfully it didn’t happen!!! But it played on my mind the hole time, it still dose.

  254. P Bowler Says:

    I have always been afraid of open water, terrified infact. I’m not intirly sure why but I do know that because of this I have always struggled to learn to swim even in shallow closed pools. I keep having a reoccurring dream that a tsunami is approaching. Sometime I see it, sometimes I’m in a room and don’t, but I know it is there, it’s coming. The fear takes over and just as the water hits I wake. The dream leaves me feeling anxious and depressed in my waking life. In one dream I saw the wave take my brother who stood at the top of a castle like wall ahead of me, my brother died no long after. He died of cancer aged twenty two. The next was my mother, I tried to save her by taking her to the highest point but the building collapsed and I woke. After losing my brother I felt my mother disappear from my life and now we live country’s apart and speak once a year due to my efforts not hers. Now however I keep dreaming that the tsunami is back and bigger then ever before. This time I am trying to protect my daughter. I shield her with my whole body between to large objects I believe will shield us both, they don’t. The dreams are more often and scarier then ever. As I said at the beginning I already fear open water.

  255. rebecca Says:

    Ive had a few dreams about tsunami waves and every time i lose my 16yr old son. Either hes let go of my hand or i saw him 10 foot away from me when the wave has hit. I wake up screaming his name. Its horrendous.

  256. tukki Says:

    There is this wierd thing happening . its a change .Every single dream has at least one of my family member- either dad or mom or my sister, sometimes all three. And everyone around me begins to react towards the approaching storm before me, there is always someone packing their bags or something. I often sit and stare at the sea/ocean. It’s either dull brown and muddy or bright aqua marine.
    Earlier I used to get affected by these recurring dreams( it is now that I realised they reccur in the exact same way- not the same 100% copy but something like that)
    The dream I had today was a lil more than confusing cuz I knew it was gna happen for the first time, and I was with my sister drifting with the waves and I didn’t feel scared just a lil aware and confused as to why it was happening.

    I don’t know the reason as to why I get these dreams, but do u think its a positive thing to be aware and not be scared for the first time?

  257. Max Says:

    I just had a dream last night about a tsunami. But it was a little different, and completely terrifying.

    I can’t remember all of it; in the beginning I had somehow gotten warning that there was a tsunami coming, but it would take a few hours to get to me. So I grouped up all of my immediate family into a beat up old car with two black dogs I’ve never seen in my life. We started driving away from the suburbs and to the country away from the shore, and then we stumbled upon a farm with two black calves and a black bull. I got out with my family (I don’t know why I did, but somehow this was very important), and we approached the calves. The sky was clear blue and the grass was bright green and the sun reflected off of the healthy coat of the babies. The dogs had jumped out of the car as well and we’re playing with them. I wanted to play, too, but when I app ached they put their heads down like rams and charged at me. I tried multiple times until I turned around. My mother was standing there with a smile on her face, despite the tsunami coming, and behind her the black bull was charging. It was coming to me but was okay with going through my mother to get to me. I pulled my mom to the side and went back to the car and watched through the window as my precious dogs played with the farm animals and my family laughed and stood around as if there was nothing wrong with the world.

    I can’t remember what happened immediately after this, but somehow we got back into the car and we’re driving away. But the water started coming then, and even though we drove far, it wasn’t far enough. We got swept up in the wave like a fish in a flushing toilet, and when the water started rushing back to shore everyone was screaming, but I was . . . Calm.

    There was a big building halfway torn down rising up in front of us, and we could tell we weren’t going to make it past, but I wasn’t worried. I grabbed my sister’s hand, and my excited (yes, they were very excited) dogs were on my lap and in between my feet, and I closed my eyes, smiled, and awaited the crash into the building.

    Then I woke up.

    This is the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. I can also count on one hand how many dreams I remember. But for the life of me, I don’t know what it means. It was like a dream turned nightmare turned dream. I can understand the tsunami reference as my emotions, but the black dogs and violent black cattle? The building? I’m not sure.

  258. Lorraine brown Says:

    This is my reoccurring dream….. On average, twice a week. In all my dreams I am safe but there is always a panic about it! I do wake up feeling exhausted though!!

  259. Joy Einhorn Says:

    My daughter talked about a Sunami dream she had tonight and I said I’ve had those dreams before over the years. I was supprised and thought maybe it’s hereditary.
    Sometimes I would be on a hilly beach and see the giant wave way out coming towards me and others. But as it gets to me I wake up.
    Other times I am in the water and the wave starts to get giant and is heading towards me and others but I must wake up or I don’t remember what happens after that.
    I remember always feeling petrified.

  260. poppypasha Says:

    I have dreamt about Tsunamis frequently including the past two nights. Usually I am on a crowded beach (maybe all the other people currently sharing similar dreams) that is backed by a sheer tall cliff wall so there is no escaping it. The tsunami is so tall and I see it go over head and crush the prime on the cliff above well before it hits me. Some of them Juno of the cliff before it hits. I feel a great sense of dread and panic but also calm and acceptance of the certainty of what will happen. and then it hits and I’m trying to fight my way up. Sometimes I surface with a great sense of relief but last night the wave crushed me and pummeled me. I had a bit of a break down last night before bed over my brother who committed suicide in July. I attribute these dreams to the emotions about that, that I keep bottled up out of necessity in order to carry on with my life.

  261. Elizabeth Says:

    I have one every so often . The waves come in run get to higher ground. I have been having them for years now. I am smarter and know what to do better everytime. But this last one I was in the Gulf with family floating not surviving talking to them and saying we have to get to higher ground. I left them and ran climbed did anything as every big wave came and the were bigger and bigger I always seem to survive someway

  262. Shauna Bernardi Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. Very vivid. It came every 15 minutes. I knew it was happening but everyone else wasn’t aware that it was like clockwork.
    I recently had an extremely emotional experience, in which my emotions took ahold of me. I had this dream afterwards.
    I’m not sure if there’s a connection there or not, I’m still figuring it out.
    Anyways, the first wave I dove under. The second I was riding the wave but then was smashed into rock, or a mountain. I then woke up. Maybe I’m learning to control my emotions, or ride them better? I’m becoming more aware of what triggers my emotions? It’s hard to say but I wanted to share this experience.

  263. Kate Says:

    I keep having a recurring dream of me standing on a beach, looking out at the water, feeling content. Until something changes, the water just seems different. It starts to pull back and I can see a wave in the distance. It starts growing, and becoming a giant before it gets to the shore where I am standing in shock. I always just seem to watch it. Some dreams I just stand there, watching it, until it crashes and takes me away. Some dreams I fall to the ground, and cower but still it crashes over me. In past dreams it would be that the waves would just keep getting bigger. On the beach it would be whoever I was with and I, and we would be out in the moderate shallows enjoying the water. Jumping over waves we noticed that they started getting bigger and bigger each time. Finally, the wave doubled in size and we all realized we needed to get away. The sky turns to a gray color and you can sense the impending doom. The wave above me is as tall as a building and all I want to do is run but I know there is no way to escape something that giant in that little time, so I stand on the beach and watch as it crashes, exactly like the other dreams. I’ve been having these for years and in my dreams, following the part with the tsunami-type wave, I always seem to (wake?) up on my street, in front of my house. And go home. Why do I keep having these dreams?

  264. Graciela Says:

    At a beach, I was aware of the tsunami/tidal wave coming. I can see everyone at the beach as the sea started to turn and twist. Somehow I’m following these 2 girls trying to survive. I’m like how can we. We are under the mall air pocket since movie theater is down there. Last thing I see is one of the girl tell her something about paying attention.

    I know why I’m having these dreams. I’m well aware of my emotions, just having a hard time acting on making a change. My relationship of 5 years my boyfriend broke up, and I am single and pregnant with my 1st child. 2016 has sure stir up some unexpected events for me. I’ll be fine, it will take time.

  265. Milly Says:

    I had a dream where I was at the beach with all of my friends. I don’t like swimming, so I stayed back with about four of my friends. My brother, dad, little sister and two other friends went in the water. It was really clear and we were talking idk what and then the sky darkened to a light grey and deepened. I noticed the water turning dark aqua-grey and the water rose rapidly. The exit was a long way away and there was a huge wall behind me and my friends. The water rose until it was three quarters into the beach. Then massive waves erupted. First they were small, then they got bigger. A lot of them bashed me against the wall. The largest wave was slightly smaller than a lighthouse. My friends and family somehow made it safely to the exit and before the wave came everything went black.

  266. Ashlee Says:

    I’m having tsunami dreams twice a week. I’m at the beach with my two children it’s sunny as a normal beach day and then it comes, I turn with my children to run. But it still strikes us and I wake up. Another night , we are in our condo on the balcony and I see the wave . We are on the 12 floor and it seems to be the exact size as the tsunami it of course still hits us and I wake up. The scary thing is I go to the beach May 7th (3weeks) & I don’t know if this is a sign or spiritual growth because I’ve also have tons of spiritual growth lately. Please help!!!

  267. Marine Says:

    I’ve always had tsunami nightmaresbecause they terrify me.. if I see one in a movie I know i will have a nightmare.. but not I don’t live close to any kind of body of water and I still do sometimes.
    I have to say that this time I kind of figured out myself what it could have been. I’m in school right now I have a full time job to deal with too to, my brother is in thexcellent hospital, I just bought a house a month ago and bills are crushing me a bit..
    So when I woke up I was of course panicked a bit but I felt like it might have been because before bed I was worrying about nor having this essay done for Tuesday for my test and how the course is done in 3 weeks how are we gonna get things done.. so I do believe now it is something about emotions and not so much the phobia part.

    So here’s what I remember
    I was on the beach I think but I was higher.. eating or something with someone I don’t know in my real life and my mom I believe.. from there this “friend” kept getting scared of these crazy waves saying it’s getting bigger.. so I got up to look and yes they were big but to my surprise I was like “there’s nothing to worry about there’s just big waves here sometimes” which surprised me cause I’m usually the one panicking about it in dreams.. anyway.. all of a sudden this wave ends up being huge and it’s facing us so we run and I end up alone.. I don’t remember what I did but I climbed a big pile of rocks (I was on a beach in South of France I assume.. that’s where I used to live and it’s not sand but rocks on there) and I made it up. It seemed that I lost the wave i was looking to run away still but I wasn’t so panicked because I couldn’t feel any water.. I went inside buildings and eventually broke a window and went back down. I ended up talking to a man looking like he’s from the middle east or something and I’m confused after that but then I remember being on the roof of a regular sized building and I saw the wave behind me so close that I was running a bit but in my head I was thinking I should just stop as if I knew it was a dream and I’ll be OK. . BUT then I was thinking.. if I do that I won’t be able to breathe I’ll panic..
    So the wave did come but was as high as the building and the water went all over my feet only and moved on further. I felt relieved but I thought there might be a second one behind so I should be careful. I looked behind but nothing and then I woke up.

  268. MJ Says:

    I woke up this morning having two separate dreams of the same tsunami.

    The first dream I am in the ocean with my mother when the tsunami approaches, I hold my mother’s hand as I teach her to flow with the wave and how to survive through it, we go through multiple tidal waves before it’s over. I then remember us running around to get to my car on the beach before another one arrives.

    In that dream now that I’ve looked up some of the meanings, I feel like I am helping her through a major emotional phase of her life and she is along my side through a supposed major phase approaching?

    Second dream, I was transported to the other side of the world, Asia I think where I was hanging on the beach when big waves started approaching…I knew it was the same tsunami from the first dream approaching the other side of the world now so I ran from it and protected myself. I’m running miles to reach to my mother to warn her when I finally see my grandmother and my mother and tell them.

    I didnt really understand this dream. Any suggestions?

  269. Sarvin Says:


    I am in the path of self discovery and as said “spiritual journey”. I’ve been feeling this void in my heart and third chakra recently and this morning I meditated on those and went to sleep since I felt very tired due to this emptiness feeling. Then I had the dream that I was sitting by the shore of a big river and all of a sudden I saw this humongous wave coming towards us. I ran with my mom and sister and I said that I love them but at the same moment we found a place to go up to and we weren’t hit by the wave. Very scary dream. I am pretty sure it’s telling me a big change is coming. So I’m looking forward to it, because that’s what I have been praying for. But I’m scared too.

  270. Martin Says:

    I to have had this dream on many an occasion the last time was this very morning.
    I was stood about 500 yards from the sea shore and became aware of a noise, as if a train were approaching only it felt as if it was on top of me,i turned around and faced the sea only to see with utter amazement a tidal wave approaching as people ran i became aware that there was no point in running because it was travelling to fast and there was simply nowhere to run.
    As the wave came closer and closer it arose to a height that blocked out the sun and at the point i thought i was about to be washed away the wave stopped and i can remember thinking that it must be a height of over 200ft but it was just incredible to stand there and look into the sea at eye level and then i reached out my hand to touch it and at that point i woke up.
    It was very strange because at no point was there any fear in fact it felt as if the sea was protecting me.

  271. Shabhana Says:

    I dream about tsunami about 5 times a month

  272. Amy Says:

    I just had a tsunami dream. The first I’ve ever had. The terror attack in Orlando just happened and the Baffoon Donald Trump continues to spew hatred a vitriol. I’ve been crying and feeling like this election is an election between love vs hatred. Good vs Evil. This is a turning point in America and hatred can’t win. I think that’s why I had this dream.

  273. Leanne Says:

    I have frequent tsunami dreams and they tend to occur when I’m feeling stressed. Every time I know I’m dreaming and have built up skills from previous dreams – it’s the strangest sensation!

  274. Julia Says:

    I had my first ever tsunami dream last night and it was unlike any other dream I have had before. In it I was on the shore of a vast ocean that strangely had buildings around the side. I believe the dream I was having before had my mum in it and she moved into this dream with me. There were far rumbles and myself and my mum were trying to work out what the rumbles were. Somehow we separated then all of a sudden I was faced with a wave hundreds of feet high! It was so scary, daunting and overwhelming. I woke up very shortly after and was so intrigued by my dream that I started to research into it to find out if it had any meaning to it as it seemed such a surreal dream for me to have. One explanation that stood out was that it could represent the start of a new relationship, which would most fit my present situation, having just met someone who is nothing like I would normally go for but who I am really enjoying getting to know. I have not had a serious relationship for quite a few years due to moving home from working abroad and being diagnosed with arthritis and how it has changed my life. I am really interested in reading about other peoples tsunami dreams and to hear if anything comes of them. I have been told that 2016 is a great time for change for all so I am hopeful this tsunami dream is a change for the good!

  275. Krista B. Says:

    I very rarely remember my dreams. I try very hard when I wake up and in a split second they are gone. However, I can recall all the details of my tsunami dream even a year later. I was sitting at a picnic table facing the ocean. My best friend and her husband were sitting across from me and I could see the massive wave building up behind them. The dream proceeds and I wake up in a panic like never before. It was hard for me to calm down and even after my heart rate returned to normal I had a very unsettling feeling. I tried to go back to sleep and I did drift off eventually, but shortly after was woken by the phone ringing. My dad was calling to tell me to come home.. my mom passed away in a car accident earlier that morning. It’s as if my soul was reacting to the passing of my mom through that dream, before I ever received information of the crash. Also interesting is that the only 2 recognizable people in my dream were my best friend and her husband. They experienced their own wave of emotions 2 months later when my best friend found out about her husband’s infidelity. The tsunami dream is definitely very intriguing.

    • k Says:

      I seen the tsunami last night twice in my dream off the San Francisco coast. It was about the height of a 5 or 6 story building.

      • k Says:

        march 6, 2017

        the tsunami dream last night, i was with donald trump and then when i came back i had to explain to melania trump and her mother why i was out with him. there is a long story about my losing my house and my other losses. i know the tsunami is coming and i am working to get all the people and children –we are on the beach, not sure where it is–the people and children aren’t far enough back. i gather them back behind a chain link fence and over the course of the dream brace in. there is what seems like forever until the tsunami comes. there is a unworldly silence that lasts a long time. then it comes.
        we are all under water and the chain link fence rolls over us and traps us. i could feel myself take a huge breath and other people too before we are completely under the water. i remember thinking that the fence was not the place to be.
        we survive and it passes, the wall of ocean water is monstrously high. i go back in to see what the damage is to this small house that had people’s tools in it. and then i wake up.

  276. Joe Says:

    This is our due date for our little baby girl Hattie and I’ve just had a dream tsunami was in and out twice. No sign yet but this seems the perfect dream.

  277. From the Bible’s Restrainer, Timothy. For the most of you seeing these things in dreams and visions, this will pass into reality soon. About half the country’s population based on where people live will be wiped out in one day. The government knows of this so mainly the top levels will be where they need to be out of harms way. I uncovered this in the area I live. If not for the biblical signs left by the creator, I probably would not be writing this today.

    The city I live in holds the key to all this happening. You see I stumbled onto the part that will get my books rolling very soon. I would say maybe just over a month or so. The city of Tyler, Texas is the key. For the last 170 years to now it’s roads, houses and buildings if viewed on Google maps above, it forms the 7 headed dragon Satan. Once this image is complete, it opens the Bottomless pit, which unleashes energies around the world through ley lines. Some of these energies are impulses to cause destruction.

    For example, it will cause the western states to buckle with the fault lines. What is worse is that the reason it is so parched out west so when the big one hits, it will cause the parched ground to Crack and crumble in on itself, that the ground is brittle and break up and sink below ocean level so the Pacific will be roaring in.

    On the Gulf Coast side, when the Ley Line activates where they put that plug on the Deepwater Horizon, it will act as a cork and explode. This explosion will ripple to the other oil platforms and Wells thus causing one of the greatest tsunamis of all time. My estimates run several hundred miles across, and height will range from 1000 to 2000 feet high when it’s created. Around half of Texas will be sunk except much of the western half and Tyler which will be the only place the waters will part around. You can pretty much say goodbye to all the lower coast. All ports will be destroyed, so whoever is still around will have to cope with a broken system. As the waters rush in there will be no escape. They will be travelling around the speed of sound, somewhere between 600 to 800 miles an hour. This means that a newly made sea will split the country apart.

    On top of this the East Coast will get some ripple effects and also lose major cities and ports. The USA will no longer be a country after this. The destruction will be of biblical proportions. The city I will be handling will be renamed Tyre. For as the Son of Perdition rises for his time, I will be handling to get the people of ghis community to be prepared for salvation, and those that don’t will be annihilated upon his arrival to his throne.

    The maps and proofs I have on my Facebook community page. The Lost Flock of Jesus Christ,

  278. Eva Says:

    This is my 2nd tsunami dream, but I don’t wake scared I don’t drown in them I basically swim or let myself be taken by the tide, I then try to not run into any objects that the tide takes that can hurt me. The last dream I was at a restaurant rooftop high up by the beach and saw this enormous wave coming our way. We survived, the water started reseeding, I find myself seeing the damage it has done and trying to take photos but I have a hard time making my camera work. Then another wave comes from the other side, I survive again and again realize my phone was still in my pocket and now I go look for my car but the wave took it away. I don’t remember what happens next but that I can’t wait to tell the world what I saw and what I survived. I don’t experience fear in the dream just obstacles that I try to figure out somehow. My last dream was little different I was running away from a large wave in some kind of a rainforest, running high up then I came across a frozen valley that had frozen dinosaura or some creatures and I said we need to run before the sun unfreez them.

  279. brianna Says:

    Last night I dreamt of going up this weird staircase that was outdoors on the side of a building. It was kind of tight and lead me very high up to this apartment building that (only in my dream) my boyfriend and his mom live in. They lived right across the street from the coast. I think I was already noticing the waves were a big taller than normal when I was climbing the steps. He wasn’t there at first but then he got there after a while. While I was waiting for him to get ready, I sat at the window watching the waves. That’s when a huge wave rolled in and I was in just a little panic asking if that was a tsunami. His mom wasn’t even worried and told me that it was. I wasn’t that scared, but was beginning to panic because I was afraid that was gonna be just the first of many because it was so small, thinking they could only get bigger! I can’t remember too much of the details because it’s already the evening here and remembered to look up the meaning… anyways while watching the waves roll in quickly, it was a getting windy and I was watching people still playing on the sand while the tide grew taller and did see a mom running to get her toddler. He was pushed over by a wave but I think she got him. I asked his mom if we could close the window (I was looking through the screen) because I didn’t want the water to get in. She said it was fine and to just leave it open. So I left the room because watching through the window was beginning to scare me a little more but I wasn’t that scared yet. I went to a room that was had a sink and mirror but was also an office space and was looking at the cool trinkets and stones and was just being curious and thought all the stuff was cool. And then went back to the room and looked out the window and noticed it was all muddy outside and the street was flooded. We were still safe because we were so high up but I asked if we should leave because I saw one wave hit the ground below us and it had splashed up and came through the window a little bit. I ended up closing the window because it comforted me a little bit that the water can’t come in. And I can’t remember anything else really so I think that’s when I woke up. Comparing this dream to my waking life: I just finished my first week if my second year of college. I am an officer of an ASL Club so I went to two meetings pertaining to that last week and next week I’m doing Club Rush. On top of having class every day and the majority for my major (deaf studies and interpreting). I’ve been feeling frustrated with myself because I’m still learning sign language so I’m not at the same level as everyone else on the board. I wish I knew the language more to be a better signer and all that. I don’t drive yet so I depend on my parents to take me to and from school, and it was back and forth AALLLL week so it was a little hectic. And I know it’s gonna be very chaotic the rest of this semester. At the same time, I do have some down time at school where I’m alone and I can just relax or do homework. I’m stressed but at the same time I’m not stressed. And I feel it’s like my dream because I was scared watching the tsunamis coming but not THAT scared and actually was pretty calm with staying where we were while the waves were coming. Is that a good thing, then? That I’m knowing this semester is gonna be absolutely crazy but I’m not that stressed for it…

  280. Jelissa Says:

    I had a recent dream of a big tidal wave soon to form a tsunami. I live in the bay area of California. I remember I was like at a pierre seemed like Santa Monica but at the same time it looked a bit different. I was talking to my mom when I turned around and saw the waves were a little higher than normal. I asked my mom if she noticed and she said yeah they kind of do. We kept walking around but I kept looking at the beach. I looked again and noticed a big wave form. I was scared and started yellimg out for my 2 yr old daughter, my younger brother ran up to me and we ran up to meet my father. The wave died out but then another one formed. It was much bigger and looked like it came towards us but slowly died out the water from the wave touched our feet though. Then the third tidal wave formed and it was very big. This one I was sure waa going to hit us. I told everyone to run, i did notice my father and brother were sprinting my mom wasnt running fast i told her she had to run faster I was carrying my daughter so I felt out of breath I handed my daughter to my mother and would stop to look at the wave. I kept saying please die out and in the dream I had control over the wave! I was able to freeze it but once I turned around it would slowly start moving again but I still had the majority of control over it. I also remember there were some ugly clowns laughing One of them reminded me of Krusty the clown which is strange because I havent watched the simpsons for as long as I can remember. I also remember seeing someone dressed up as Bart pointing his finger at me and laughing. In the dream I didnt pay much attention to the clowns because I was focused on the wave but the clowns also were able to make the wave move when I was making it stop. It was really confusing and I felt uneasy when I woke up. I woke up and the wave never attacked us it didnt die out either it just kind of was put on pause … Does anyone have a similar dream?or does anyone know what this means?

    • Jelissa Says:

      I also remember the day was very cold windy and cloudy. The sky was gray and looked like it was about to rain but never did. Also, I never saw my husband in thw dream or my older brother(we all live together and usually go out together)

  281. MaBelle Bray Says:

    I have had a few sunami dreams . This one is the most vivid on October 20, 2016 , as I am not scared , I seem to be hovering over the waves . The first wave I am out in the ocean and I see a woman so excited that she catches the first wave and surfs it, we are still far out . As she bobs in the water , the second wave a much bigger one heads towards her , she sees it and tries to dive down to go under , kicking as hard as she can. I am now in the water as it hits a village full on . People are dragged inside this moving torrid of water , as it covers the buildings. Bodies get carried along into this flow of water .
    I am now observing from inside the wave . The women surfer sweeps by me and I think poor think she has been under water the longest .
    Then I am hovering above as news crews fly over head trying to find survivors . There are only a hand full. One boy clings to the top of a car. In all of this I seem to have no feelings other than just an observers .

  282. Jamila Ife Jackson Says:

    I had a dream this morning that I was in a ballroom by the beach with these beautiful windows. It was daytime and all of a sudden this great tsunami is heading towards us. I simply sat there. There was no where to run or hide and I was at peace with that my time had come. The dream felt so real. I could feel the wind blowing. I could feel objects crashing into me and the water hitting my skin. When I woke up in the dream I was still alive and unhurt. Throughout the course of this 3 hour dream a tsunami hit 4 times. One of the times I had a 3 year old little boy in my lap. Each time it hit I remained calm and each time I survived (so did the 3 year old). In between tsunamis different events occurred. One time there was a handful of tornadoes with one eye in them that destroyed everything in its path but did not harm me. After the 3rd tsunami, along the shore of the beach stood 3 ominous characters that looked like the grim reaper. One was black, one was black with a metallic rainbow garb and the other was white. With one wave of his weapon a bright light appeared and turned every bit of food rotten. Even the girl across from me eating rotted from the inside out. I could smell the rot and decay. After the last tsunami hit I simply woke up from my dream. It almost seemed like it was the rapture and I was left behind. I didn’t have any fear because I think I realized it was what it was and there was no use fighting the inevitable.

  283. Liz Says:

    I have had Tsunami dreams since I can remember. Probably once a year. Last night I had one. I always remember the way they made me feel and they are extremely vivid. This time I was on a beach, having a great time with two of my best friends. (I have not seen them in waking life for a while but planning to this coming weekend) it was warm, the sun was very bright, it was late afternoon and lots of children were playing in the sea. It felt like it was Italy because all the people were dark haired. There were lots of men sitting around talking. I felt good, and paddeled into the water. Which was warm and very bright from the sun. But then it changed quickly. The break of the waves started to get realty strong. I could see the calm bit past the break but couldn’t get to it. Waves were knocking me over so I turned around to get out. Then people started screaming and pointing and I turned to see a rediciously large wave! Bigger than the cliffs (it can only be described as the Wave off Deep Impact) and I knew that everything would be destroyed but I grabbed my friends and we ran whilst everyone else panicked and my instinct was to save myself and my friends but everyone else was on their own. But I knew we wouldn’t live. I always wake up before the wave breaks but I look st it atkeast 3/4 times before I wake and my instinct is to find a car, any car and drive to a mountain. I don’t know why I gave tgese dreams but when I wake in always very upset by them especially when the realisation hits that I left people behind.

  284. Ton Says:

    I dream of Tsunami’s much more now than I used to.
    Im always in a house knowing the Tsunami is coming and stand there and wait for it but it was two Tsunamis coming, one in front and one behind. I’d say to myself ” I hope I wake up before I drown” then I woke up.
    But my last one a couple of nights ago thre were 4 Tsunami’s coming towards a tall house I was standing in, I didnt run but hoped once again I didnt drown except this time I was drowning. My dream changed when I drowned. I can sometimes control my dreams and not other times. I also dream of tornados and Tsunami’s at the same time.

  285. D Pollock Says:

    In approx March 2005 I had a dream I was in a hotel room on very high floor and a huge wave came towards me covering all the lower buildings and the water rested at my feet in hotel room. In the dream the water was just coming into the hotel room floor like it would on a beach. I’m not interested in dreams but this dream stayed with me the days following. In December 2005 I went to Thailand for a month on my own. I stayed in Bangkok in a pretty nice skyscraper hotel. On my 2nd morning I woke up to the room shaking, I thought it was an earthquake. I drawed the curtains and the dream came back to me. It was exactly the same room as my dream with the wave. I left the hotel to travel to the airport to catch a flight to KoSamui. It was crazy at the airport and a lot of flights delayed and cancelled. I asked someone what was going on they said it was a Tsunami , i never heard of a tsunami and asked what it was. They said it was a big wave. Weird!!!! 🙂

  286. Ringo Says:

    i had a tsunami dream just earlier. I was in an island and I was looking at some ponđ fishes when I suddenly noticed the weather suddenly changing and a tsunami was coming. I climbed from rooftop to rooftop and jus held on tightly. I and my relatives sirvived thankfully.
    i hope I know what it means.

  287. Faye H Says:

    I dreamed of a huge tidal wave or tsunami but it was in a lake! I stood and looked at this sky high wall of water knowing it was going to wash over me- but I awoke before it did. It was very disturbing. That same night both my husband and my daughter also had bad dreams of fearful things. Since then we are involved in the dying process of my motherinlaw and it’s bringing a lot of emotions up. He has unresolved angst issues regarding her due to her mental illness and manipulation and abuse. Now there is a healing process that has started with forgiveness. But it is also causing extreme anxiety and irritability and that is causing emotional issues in our home. I think the wave dream is for this.

  288. Maria Says:

    My dream was about a big white tsami wave it took me under water but I came out breathing. It was actually beautiful. It couldn’t keep me underwater. It was white and light blue andcold but the waves were crystal white I saw myself in a car as it passed above me as I watched. When it covered me in the car i broke the windshield n swam out of it and found stairs to end up standing above it. Then i woke

    • Victoria Says:

      I’ve just left a comment about my dream I failed to say how It switched from a tsunami to stairs also. my stairs led to nowhere though In an old abandoned building. interesting.

  289. Victoria Says:

    I’m due to have my baby anytime now. I dreamt last night I was in a house on the beach with my cousin and kids. I could see the wave coming it was huge I wasn’t really scared but it washed down before it reached me and then a second wave approached that was when I alerted my family we needed to get up as a tsunami was coming.
    Not only am I due to have my baby my best friend cut me out of her life yesterday for something I don’t even know about. I’m missing my babies dad and I am trying to remain friends with my ex whom I split from last year. He was also in a dream five minutes before the tidal wave dream and in that I woke up crying. Perhaps it does mean emotions.

  290. Kevain Says:

    Here’s my recurring tsunami dream.

    I stand at the end of my backyard facing north toward the sea which is in reality some 50 kilometres away.
    My family is there too for reasons I can only imagine being sightseeing.
    We see waves 50 metres ish high coming.
    But they never hit, never come down, no matter how close. They never reach us.
    And I never turn around and run even though my family does.

  291. Lima Says:

    Hi! Since i was a teenager,i have had a variety of tsunami dreams. From watching the tsunami, being in the tsunami, etc. Some have been in different locations. But i just had one lastnight, nd it really bothered me. It’s unfinished, but this is just something i wrote down abt 30 min after waking up.

    P.s:it may not b scary to others, but to me it was! Is!

    I dreamed again. Huge tsunami, sky height towering waves. This one was more serious and scarier then before, because i actually saw hundreds and hundreds of people die before my eyes. Swaying helplessly, hearing their wordless begging through the clear door that separated us. I was in a house that somehow water could not get through. I had my daughter nd husband with me, and i wished to God that my daughter was never born. I did not want her to go through this suffering. The water was unrelenting, unapologetic, and persistent in its goal to demolish. It did not care for the age of its victims. Men,women, children, the babies! Oh my heart!

    I felt i suffered as i watched hundreds of people dying nd drowning before my eyes while i helplessly looked on. When finally the water died down for a few mins, i took my husband, daughter and me to our car and drove uphill. Fastforward we r now uphill, a house has been built, w/ waterproof protection. Wooden fence on the outside nd metal one right outside it, though im not sure its purpose. What good is a fence to the thundering nd might power of water? Seeping through milts nd cracks not seen with the human eye.but i soon found out the reason for these gates. To guard again those who will try to break in. Nd there were many knocking at our gate to go in. They were not let in. We could not! For it would be very unsafe for us.

    But there was a gentleman who broke down the wooden gates in his anger nd frustration.

  292. Judith May Says:

    I had a tidal wave dream last night.
    I stood unfased watching it as it approached me. I did not run in fear
    It just washed over me.
    I came out the other end still standing!
    My meditation has been getting stronger…
    & more focused & tapped into my higher power and source. I feel Balanced!!

  293. Edie Says:

    My family and I recently relocated to a lovely area in North Jersey. We are currently residing with my fiance aunt, its a bit tight and I have to honestly say, I have been extremely overwhelmed with the move, cleaning, registering the kids in school, and preparing for the holidays. It has been an overwhelming experience for me and I am still on the go with no breaks in between. Now last night I had one of the worst dreams. A tsunami rolled in out of nowheres over our home. It felt so real! Whats odd about this dream the home I am currently residing in is not an ocean view front nor is this home by the Jersey shore. After googling tsunami dreams I guess I got a better interpertation of what my dream meant, “STRESS”, “OVERWHEMELED”, “EXHAUSTION” you name it and I am full of all the burden and pain. I am hoping with time all will ease and that I will finally be able to relax but I guess until then I must look towards surving the tsunami and learn how to swim through it rather than running from its massive wave.

  294. Irma Says:

    I’ve been having this kinds and more weir dream since I can remember but not as often as when I was younger ( 8 years old) even younger I think. But now I have it here and there but still having it specially about amageten ( the end of the world)

  295. Elizabeth Says:

    Had one just last night out of a river grew a tsunami. With fear and admiration my family and I knew there was no escaping it we held hands I carried my little sister in my arms, mind you she is 9yra of age but the second I held her she was a baby. As I held her head to my chest while the tsunami was getting closer I closed my eyes a felt this very light push next thing I knew it had hit me and I was feeling and seeing the water pass me by in slow motion it was peaceful and scary in a way. Once that wave passed others kept coming but the more that passed the less it phased me. It was nice but very confusing. Hope you guys can help me make sense of it all.

  296. Karennina Page Says:

    I have a recurring tsunami dream. It is hundreds of feet high and occurs in my home town. It’s nighttime and I am in an abandoned building on the coast with my boyfriend and my 2 sons who are a lot younger than they actually are. It is an historical masonic building that I know well and frequented often. I don’t know why we are there, but the place is derelict and a shadow of its former glory. We come out and I see a friend running fast towards the seafront. I call out and she just turns to look at me but keeps on running towards the sea. The tsunami rises above the prom in a huge wall, dark and graceful. I run after my friend onto the beach and watch her while she stands on the groin staring at this massive wave. I call out again, but she can’t hear. She disappears within it. The sun comes out and the wave has gone. There are round sink holes all along the beach and many people I know are sitting around them paddling and diving into them deep. There is a peace around and people are laughing. Another friend dives in, then me, then by boyfriend. It was like diving into a tube made of concrete and the water was clear. It wasn’t frightening at all.

  297. someone Says:

    I had a dream where I saw mountains covered with snow, severe earthquake followed by tsunami.

  298. Byro Zoltan Says:


    Anybody had a Global Tsunami dream? I mean that all the world was covered with water and you and a group of people run up to the highest mountain in the world but still 3 titan waves one after another hits you anyway?

    I am having that dream many times, and it’s terrifying as hell. Interestingly I always surviving them.


  299. jan Says:

    I just woke up from a tsunami with my husband and twins. I lost my family , then found them. I was told they drowned. I was in a very tall old house to spend the night. The reunited with them. We are all in a truck driving up a mountain, running from the water. We then are surprised by a huge dropped off with truck. We make it down. Then were walking and a helicopter gets me buy not family. Finally it gets them and were reunited and I wake up. There is even one point were under a covering and the tsunami goes over us . terrifying

  300. Ashley Degrassi Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night and it wasn’t that it was scary but the fact that so much happened it was hard to figure it all out. I went to the beach to camp out with a bunch of strangers and my friend Eric that passed away 2 years ago. Well Eric woke me up in the night by singing a song to me and when I woke I noticed the huge tidal wave approaching. I gathered all the strangers but Eric was no where to be found. I lead everyone to safety as if I’ve been to this place 100 times before. I did use to live next to the beach though in California so maybe that’s why. It was still a weird experience we all made it to safety and watched the wave pass us by. I’m still trying to figure this all out..and why Eric was in my dream and what the meaning is. I graduated college a year ago and I’m still trying to find a new job in my field and i feel like it will never happen so maybe that’s why. Overall it definitely had me thinking so much this morning about what I just experienced. Eric has visited me one other time in a dream and it was right after he passed and both times just felt so sooo real.

  301. Sue Howe Says:

    I have been having Tsunami dreams for over 30 years. To start with the wave was chrystal blue water, and just crested, never broke. Over time the dream changed, the wave would be dark, almost black, and always broke over me. The wave would come in three’s always. Sometimes I could hold my breath as they washed and receded over me, other times I would be able to flee to high ground and escape. One particularly disturbing dream, about 20 years ago was myself, my parents and husband camping on a sea shore. I could see the wave approaching, and tried to get everyones attention. No-one took any notice. I fled on my own up a cliff, and when I returned after the wave, everything was gone. The shoreline was scraped away to bedrock like Bande Ache (although this dream was years before this tragedy) I felt bereft. I have these dreams sometimes a week in succession, other times none for months, but am still having them to this day. I feel the terror and panic as if it was real, I am also aware of being ice cold as I struggle as the waves wash over me. I always survive, my loved ones don’t, but strangers in my dream do. I am out of sorts for days after, as I have flash backs to my dreams. They are so vivid, almost like waking nightmares

  302. Lauren Davis Says:

    I have had many dreams with large waves over several years and just had another last night. Because today was somewhat of a big day for me I thought I’d look into the significance, thank you for this article. I’ve been in a bit turmoil in my professional career and today was a significant turning point in that respect so the meaning of the dream makes a lot of sense in my situation.

  303. Lynsey Says:

    I’ve just woken from a tsunami dream. I realise I’ve had 2 or 3 previously, over the years – they aren’t regular and at the times I thought of them as floods.
    This one was a bit different.
    I was swimming in the ocean with other people and specifically someone close to me, I don’t remember if it was someone from real life. Anyway, we were swimming and I was vaguely aware of a small rumble like a small earthquake, but it didn’t seem important, and shortly after an animal (I think it was a dog, I don’t have one irl, but I feel like it was my dog, but I also have the feeling of it being a dolphin, so I’ve just put animal) swims to around the group encouraging us out of the water, we get to the edge of the water and we’re at the bottom of the stone/concrete steps that some beaches with flood defences have. I said something like wow, I didn’t realise the tide was so high, definitely time to get out. And we all start making our way put. It then cuts to us going up a trail with the ocean behind us, we’re walking uphill, and we’re above sea level, we can see the top of the ocean clearly if we look back. We’re alongside the sand – it’s to our left as we ascend, heading towards a hotel that is high up, it overlooks everything. We look back at the ocean and see a small wave/roll heading in towards the shore. I enter the hotel and rush upstairs (one level) to tell 2 groups of people close to me about the wave and I rush to the window – huge, whole side of the hotel. The window overlooks the long beach, with this massive (I started reading game of thrones yesterday so that likely explains the size of the wall) sandstone wall (where the flood defences must have been) way off to my right, sand in front of me, and people playing at the edge of the sand, at the base of more steps, but only a few this time. I’m above all of this, the hotel is higher than anything surrounding it. I get to the window just in time to see the ‘tsunami’ – really, it’s so small for a tsunami – to breach the flood defense and I see loads of water spilling over the top, crashing down the wall and splashing onto the beach at the base where it rushes up the beach towards all the people there. It loses momentum as the beach is so long and doesn’t quite meet the steps. It stops just short of a little girl, a toddler sitting playing, her mum scoops her up just as the water stopped.
    That was it, I woke up. I’m not sure why there were flood defences, especially such big ones, and then more sand, nor why the hotel was so high up. And the wave was pretty small, really, though I suppose it did breach the defences.

  304. mailevs Says:

    I’ve had tsunami dreams for a couple of years now. Actually, I shouldn’t even say dream, it’s more like a nightmare to me. I am terrified of the open ocean (traumatic near-death experience caught in horrible waves). However, I live in Miami so I go to the beach and even in the water occasionally so dreams of being at the beach aren’t that bad.

    usually the dream of the big wave coming my way wakes me up before I actually get caught in it. The past couple of them (including last night’s), however, have reached me and I tend to get hurt in my dreams as the waves hit me.

    I’ve looked up the meaning a million times and I have seen the one that “I’m trying to get away from an overwhelming strong emotion” a lot, but I don’t feel that way at all irl. I guess I’ll just keep having these nightmares

  305. Tanya Adam Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night..over and over again. I saw the tsunami coming and i tried tying myself up to metal poles and faced the tsunami..each time i was in a different location but the same thing trying to tye myself up and brace myself.
    One time i had my boyfriend with me and told him to tie himself up with me.

    What do you think this means?

  306. lenz Says:

    if you back read…tsunami dreams suggests something HUGE is happening or about to happen in the future…….

    in my case it was my pending DIVORCE…… so glad that is finished…I losts everything but THE FREEDOM away from her is the BEST thing happened in my life….

  307. April Says:

    The other night I dreamt of a tsunami. I’m in one of our favorite beaches and there was this giant wave not just one but three which swept everything in its path. I was quick enough to escape with my parents, husband and child. Then last night my husband had a similar dream he was in a boat then a giant wave hit it and it sank with him under it. He survived in the dream. Reading about this. That a significant change will may come in our lives I’ve learned that I am 7 weeks pregnant.

  308. Debbie Says:

    I have always believed in God, but never went to Church etc, but over the last few months I have been more and more drawn to Jesus, I can’t explain why or how this has happened and for the first time in my life I have given up something for lent. Last night I had a dream I was caught up in a terrifying Tsunami, I hardly ever dream and have never dreamt of a Tsunami and it really scared me, now however, after reading it’s meaning, I think I understand 😌

  309. Joe Sexton Says:

    It’s 2:32 am and I just had one!! I was I. A hotel on a beach and was with family, my cat, a friend I haven’t seen in a while and a co-worker plus one mystery guy. I look out the window before the waves got taller than the hotel to see this individual with blonde hair surfing in this massive storm with a smile. I get my wife to show her and the waves were taller than the hotel! They crashed into the hotel, but nothing broke or gave away. We were preparing to venture out into this storm and I was afraid. My co-worker said we needed to deliver some cash to a destination before a certain time. I didn’t want to go. My older cat was so scared I had to pick him up and hold him..I woke up as we were getting ready to face the tsunami and deliver this package of money. Any insight on this would be great…

  310. Ashley Says:

    I had a tidal wave dream last night- I was standing at the door looking out into the “yard” ( but it wasn’t really a yard) and yelling frantically for my beloved malamute to come to me as a huge tidal wave looms behind her. My children were at my mother in laws house only a few miles away and all I could think about was getting to them. As the wave cane forward my dog ran and I turned and ran down a set of stairs and held on to a pillar as the wave came through. I was safe and unhurt but the destruction everywhere around me was awful. Everything was destroyed but as I walked up the stairs my dog came running up to me safe as well. I ran for a phone and frantically kept trying to dial my MIL to check on my children. Suddenly they were there unharmed and in my arms. There were other people there that I knew but didn’t know – like my MIL and husband whom I’m currently in the process of divorcing.
    I awoke with a feeling of relief, like I knew the wave was a symbol change, of washing away the old and standing strong through the new changes. My divorce is just beginning and it’s awful and I constantly have emotions that I can’t control. Anger and then guilt. This dream really helped me so when I researched it I felt even better. On a side note I also read tarot and I have had the same readings of change and growth in them.

  311. Nick Says:

    So I have had a recurring tsunami dream for the last 15years. Each time a little more gets added to it. Now I lucid dream, so I can do certain things just by pure will, such as flying. In this dream it starts off by me driving on a long stretch of road by an ocean that slowly starts to flood. And I mean slowly.
    My only thought is to drive as fast as possible because at some point it turned into a bridge leading us away from land, but you can see where it reconnects. The only problem is up ahead you can’t see any guard rails so figuring out where is safe to drive is pretty much a guessing game at this point.
    So I floor the car and just start turning slowly to the left and it works out fine. Then my dream jumps forward to our destination which is my aunt’s house in North Carolina overlooking the water. In this part of the dream her condo looks slightly futuristic on the outside as if the rising tides have cause people to prepare for such an event as this. So even if we were under water we would be safe cause the us like a 50foot tall enclosed ladder on the roof of her condo. That night we all go to the beach edge and as I look at the beach I see that the dunes have become insanely steep. Like almost 100feet, but some people are still out in the water. This is when I realise how big the waves have become.
    Some 35 to 60ft tall. But it didn’t seem to bother everyone. Now I couldn’t imagine going out in the water cause I don’t think I could get back in without water hitting me or even figuring how to crawl back up a slippery sand dunes that has not stairway or ladder.
    After observing all this we retire back to the condo and eat dinner. And I just stared out at the ocean thinking, “Hmm the water is getting higher and the waves bigger, I wonder how high it will be tomorrow?”. This scared me because I didn’t know what would happen if we were overcame by water. So I fell asleep in my dream and then woke up early 6am and I could hear water on my window breaking. I looked out and could see waves breaking in the distance but the splashes from them so large that they were hitting our windows.
    When the splashes cleared, all I could see was these 100ft tall monstrosities coming towards us. This was incredibly over whelming.
    Later in the day as it got brighter the water had risen to about where the condos were. Fortunately is was calmer so the waves had trickles down to only a few feet tall, but I knew this opportunity wouldn’t last.
    I decided to go for a fly, so I crawled up the ladder in the ceiling up out of the roof and jumped in the air. Now I learned to start flying by doing a sort of doggy paddle meets breathe stroke swim which eventually became a superman style of flying. Then my dream jumps again and I’m now over Melbourne Florida where I land on top of the roof of my old job the green turtle. When I turned to my left I saw a person there standing looking at the water which has risen to almost the roof of the building. There I spoke to him, asking him who he was and what was going on. He said his name was Josh and said he was stuck on the building and just woke up and he was there. BTW I later actually met Josh and told him about this encounter. We have been good friends since. I helped him get off the building to a safer location and then flew towards one of the tallest hotels on the beach and hovered over it as I starred at the ocean. Memorized at the size of the waves heading our way. Huge 100 to 150ft tall waves in groups meaning that it would be one after the other for a very long period of time.
    I then jumped in my dream where now I flew to the west coast in California close to a bridge near a beach I haven’t seen before. They had a massive building with pod like attachments built into the side of this huge cliff. I decided to land and explore. It wasn’t long before my exploration was cut short and waves started coming in. They started small but you could see they were getting bigger. I could only tell at the hundred of people below me to get to higher ground up to he stairs into this fortified building. But I still new that this building would be taken over. I then met a random person who’s name I cannot recall but we were inside of the building when we saw a really large wave about to hit just below us. It looked like it was going to destroy the building so we got into the elevator and went to the top of the building where the pods where. We got into one of them and looked out the windows of it.
    Right then the foundation of the building broke and we started talking in the pod. We could see other people in other pods too. We then hit the water, getting knocked down. To my amazement we were floating. I then figured out these were like life rafts. As we started drifting into the bay I got out and decided to explore more. So I flew away again.
    The dream jumped again and now I’m back in Florida somewhere and it’s getting dark and im scoping the beaches as I fly over them. Well what’s left of the beaches. At this point I was flying high over the water as not to get to close to the waves, just in case I didn’t see one and it hits me. So as I was flying I saw a news helicopter recording what was going on. They were facing the beach. I then noticed a monster waves coming towards them, but I didn’t have any way of really warning them. I jetted towards them and pointed at the wave, which was now very close. Them started flying away from it and attempted to gain altitude but they were able to fly fast enough and I watched this just eat the helicopter and swallow it into he sea. It was amazing and mind blowing that this was actually happening Infront of me. I flew back to the beach dune area and looked back at the ocean just before the night swallowed everything into darkness. At this point I woke up in the night back in my bed realizing it was just a dream. This time I managed to add a few days more into the dream. So basically since I was 13 till now when I’m about to turn 28 this is the entire today wave tsunami type dream I have had, with more and more details each time. I tried to be as detailed as I could in this for you.
    Last dream was March 24 I believe or the 25, 2017.

  312. Ashlynn Says:

    I have found this thread looking up what my tsunami dreams mean. Last night was the third time in two weeks where I had different tsunami dreams. I will try to describe with the best of my memory.
    1.) The first dream I was on a cruise ship that was as tall as a sky scraper. A storm was forming on the waters. It was a like a movie scene. People are running around and screaming around me as I turn around I see this enormous wave form beside the boat. I begin to run to the very top which was shaped like a light house. On my way up I find two children screaming. I snatch them up and I run to the top. On the stairs there are windows. I can see clearly through the water and it’s clear but a gray clear. In a moment it was slow motion. (For some reason in this dream I know if we make it to the top we will be safe) next thing I know I close my eyes and the last thing I hear is my lungs filling up with water.
    2.) I’m on an island with my husband and we have a bed and breakfast. I went to the cruise ship port to greet our family. It is raining hard and lightening pretty bad. I notice the wind picking up too. I knew something was wrong but I still decided to get to the port as soon as possible. Once there it stopped raining and we were walking up the side of the mountain to the house when i looked up and a lot of birds flew over head and the trees started to blow in the direction of the ocean. I then hear screams and Inturn around and see this massive tidal wave. Next thing I know we are all running into the bed and breakfast and strangers are in our home. As soon as I closed the door the first wave hit. The house was glass so I can see the water and people washing away. In this house we had a bunker and everyone was trying to get in. I can hear my husband calling for me. I notice that there is a crack in the glass of the house. Then a bigger wave starts to form and I knew that this one was going to in gulf the house. I’m watching the wave form over the house when my husband screamed at me to get in the bunker. As I’m running to it I see a little girl hiding behind a chair. I knew I could of let her die but after watching helpless people get washed away I decided save her. I pushed her down the bunker and slammed it shut. As I look up the wave crashes into the glass. Then I wake up.

  313. Alexandra Harrison Says:

    I literally had a tsunami dream last night…
    Similar to one recolected on here. At a huge hotel in a cliff face with a verandah. I quickly walked up the stairs in the hotel (with a glass fronted stairway) occasionally turning back to see the waves or tsunanis progress almost. People and objects alike being washed away.
    Each time I got higher and higher, looking back until came a point the waves stopped everything settled and I was left to observe. I took from this that, I am at a turning point. Where all the distruction has been left behind & I can now look at things head on. Like I have rose above everything. Wow what a great feeling, calm. May I add in 3 weeks I open my own business after 2 troublesome years off ill health and unfotunate events at work. It seems so clear now. Wonder if anyone else reads this the same?

  314. Beth Marie King Says:

    I had a tsunami dream. I am not near any body of water. This tsunami came in front of the house I stayed at and across the back of the house. No damage to the house.

  315. Nene Says:

    In one week I dreamt of A Tsunami twice first night I was on a cruise and the huge wave was over us but I got up b4 anything happened and last night I dreamt I was on land looking at the sea and the water was clear and low I walk away then I heard someone shouting tsunami when I turn around I saw the wave coming so I ran 2 the highest point I no dreams r from our subconscious but what about thoes ppl who dream stuff n it really happens I keep having the feeling that something bad will happen

  316. Maria Muller Says:

    Hi. Thank you for your article on the tsunami. I have a seven year old son who is a healthy bug very emotionally sensitive (empathetic and spiritual) son who had a dream of a big white wave coming towards him and he he felt he couldn’t move because it was already almost over him….I wasn’t sure how to respond other than reassuring him that he had nothing to worry about as “it was just a dream”…I know, silly answer. As a family, we are planning a move to a coastal town about 2000kms from where we are currently loving…he seemed to think that it was a warning that where we are going, there’s going to be a big wave. Any thoughts? Thank you, Maria- Melbourne Australia. (Moving to Queensland )

  317. Jay Maria Ata Says:

    I am with my friends that time it seems so peaceful and quiet till i saw thousands of people running and helicopters flying towards right im so curious of what just happened till i saw a huge wave above the hill and it shocked me i told my friends (there were two of them) that lets just hold hands and hold our breathe then we turned our backs and the waves washed through us.

  318. Joyce Konis Says:

    I have been having tsunami dreams over the past 2 months or so…started when I was in Phuket and was watching the tragic tsunami years ago on YouTube. It stopped and I was having them randomly. I had many changes occur during those 2 months, the biggest change was getting married! Also work doubled since I work with my husband and had to let someone go although we were already extremely under staffed. Perhaps I’m dreaming of tsunamis again because of the work stress and possiblity of starting a family? Either way, these dreams are so real and different each time.

  319. Cathy Says:

    I’ve had 5 tsunami dreams, the first 3 were before my mum passed away and in all three I could never find her after the tsunami had passed, at the time I put it down to her being a poor swimmer! Then in 2013 she died suddenly without any previous bad health. A few months after I had another one and at the end I found her and she hugged me and told me she was ok. Then a few weeks ago I had another tsunami dream this time I was the one that was lost and was wandering disoriented I woke crying to my husband as I said I felt something awful was going to happen. That weekend my dad visited and came with news he had a serious heart condition. Maybe all a coincidence but they only ever seem to bring bad news for me!

  320. Alexis Raya Says:

    Hey hello I’m Alexis Raya from California. About a month ago I had a weird dream it had 2 parts the first part I was outside talking to a unknown woman. I don’t remember her face I couldn’t see her face but it was a female. Then she pointed west & I seen massive huge waves coming from the west & south like if the world was ending. Then I just hugged the woman. Right after the second part was weird I was on top of a mobile home just trying to survive holding on jumping from platform to platform as the huge waves was washing away everything in its path. Then woke up shaking & I remembering the dream it felt so real.

  321. Diana Says:

    Hi, I’m Diana from the UK. Both my husband and I had tsunami dreams last night (I’ve only ever had 2 or 3 in the past, he’s never mentioned having one before). In mine I never actually saw the wave (woken up mid-dream by my baby) but I could see the sea retreating and I was really excitedly running forwards onto the freshly revealed sand, aware in the back of my mind that I would have to get back to shore (yeah right) once the wave formed and started back or I might die, but everything was clouded by the excitement of needing to keep running forwards. Then I wasn’t just running over sand but through streets, through bars, over walls, just following the direction of the retreating water. I didn’t know anyone or tell anyone else, most people were just getting on with life, sitting, chatting, not noticing the others of us who were running full pelt towards the retreating water. In my husband’s dream it sort of split in two, in both he could see the wave coming, in one he got up high to safety but then went down to check on his brother, then once he got back to safety he remembered that he had forgotten our son. In the other he had our son with him and had to decide whether to tell the people around him about the approaching wave and jeopardise his ability to get our son to safety (the people would have got in the way on the path up to higher ground) or to just forge on and not tell anyone. He chose not to tell.

  322. anna Says:

    I often dream about tsunami, even before december 2005. I remember very well the moment when I herd about the real tsunami in 2005. It was like having a nightmare make real.
    Since then I dream tsunami even more often. Sometimes I climb on a mountain or a ladder and I wacht the wave from above, sometimes I dive in the wave, sometimes I run to save my brother or son or parents, sometimes I survive in a flooded city…
    It is a dream that always let me feel as something is unfinished.

  323. Adrian Jones Says:

    Just had one last night….but it went a little different.
    It started with me seeing a tidal wave overtaking people in the distance. Seeing the wave gave instant feelings of awe as I gazed at its height and power. I then felt excited and maybe a bit jealous. I run down to where the people were being overtaken and was so excited…kinda like finally getting to the front of the line on a rollercoaster. I was so excited I decided to take out my phone to record the wave. I was aware of several other people with me. At least 2 of them offered to hold my camera for me but I said no as I wanted to record video myself and not just take a picture. I think this slightly irritated me. I remember that the people offering to hold my camera all had somber looks on their faces. As if they were expecting doom. Finally the wave starts coming. Starts low then rises higher and higher as it quickly approaches. My excitement builds more and more as I brace myself for the impact…arms out front double gripping my phone. As the wave hits…it felt refreshing. I vaguely remember feeling slightly worried as the wave hit because I was wondering if there was debris in the wave. I saw a few pieces of debris but I emerged unscathed. I was aware of others around me but definitely less. Not sure if they were living or not as I immediately woke up.
    I am hoping to go through a massive change in my life. Maybe this was a representation of my hopeful excitement??? Any thoughts are welcome

  324. Song lover Says:

    The first one ☝ was when the asteroid hit earth 🌎 and there was this little wave The Second ☝ was the tsunami the normal one it just happened randomly out of no where and we all sorta died but then after the tsunami were living like nothing has happened and the Third ☝ was that me and my class were at this type of ocean but it was like an ocean and we were on WOODEN boat !!!and suddenly the was this wave it was big and sorta skinny it looked like a huge tongue and then we got out of the WOODEN boat and headed to near land and me and my little cousin got out of the boat with my class and the wave that looked like a tounge was in the middle of the ocean but we saw it and headed 4 land and we just kept as far a way as possible !!!.

  325. Mandy Says:

    I’ve had a few tsunami dreams, in these dreams I usually find a sturdy pole to hold on to and once the wave comes over me I hold on to the pole and go under the wave so that way it won’t sweep me away. I think the first couple of times I’ve had the dream I was somewhat scared not terrified more like I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to hold on to the pole but last nights dream I was not scared at all. I noticed I’d hold my breath when I’d go under water but could breathe a little bit. The dream last night had humor. I was with friends who would make jokes and they would swim under the waves as well. I even saw dolphins and whales jump out of the water in sync. Does anyone know what that means?

  326. Eryanna Says:

    So the night before my Tsunami dream . I had an affair with my firstlove, a boy I’ve known since 3rd grade, and repeatedly dating on and off . Before i went to bed i tried calling him a couple if times but he didn’t answer. So little il mes emotions starting getting all of wack and i started having mixed emotions.( not to mention he wants to get back with me but I wasn’t sure about if I wanted that after past experiences) That night I went to sleep i had a dream if my mom , myself and a couple of friends including my firstlove took a vacation to some state for 3 days (we took a car) . We were almost to our destination it was like the road was cut off and we suddenly feel into an ocean drowning. The part of how we got out wasn’t there we just suddenly ended up in our vacation house, which not to remind you was across from a beach . The second day we were im this basement house (it had windows in it) and all i can remember is me and some of the others panicking because we could see the tsunami ( but the crazy thing is it wasn’t moving ). We were putting on floaties and goggles like we were preparing for it . Then I remember trying to wake my firstlove ip to warn him that a big storm was coming put all he did was push me away and he went back to sleep. After that it just faded into the next day . This was the 3rd day , the last part of my dream . I was in this building on one of the highest floors. I remember the building looking as if it was still under construction (there were no walls just a structure) then out of nowhere the same tsunami from day 2 came storming ocer the building but it didn’t kill any one . It was like it stopped over the building vur just big drops of water was falling on everyone like it was raining. Next thing I could remember is me trying to get out of the building with all of the other people who was scattering around… and thats basically it. If anyone has any assumptions of what this could indicate please contact me ( instagram is @gvampri & email is or just please respond back. Thank you!

  327. Yam Says:

    3 years ago, I’ve dream about tsunami and it got me. And I found out after couple weeks I was diagnosed that I have cancer. And it was caught early. And the following year I’ve dreamed it again another tsunami approaching me then later I found out I have another cancer and it was caught early again. This morning of August 2017 I dreamed that there’s another tsunami approaching but this time I was screaming and trying to warn my sister and her kids I was trying to wake them up and we we’re all running I can see puppies that are trying to get away and I let them inside into the small house. And when I look back the tsunami is gone. Can you please interpret mt dream?

  328. Yam Says:

    3 years ago, I’ve dream about tsunami and it got me. And I found out after couple weeks I was diagnosed that I have cancer. And it was caught early. And the following year I’ve dreamed it again another tsunami approaching me then later I found out I have another cancer and it was caught early again. This morning of August 2017 I dreamed that there’s another tsunami approaching but this time I was screaming and trying to warn my sister and her kids I was trying to wake them up and we we’re all running I can see puppies that are trying to get away and I let them inside into the small house. And when I look back the tsunami is gone. Can you please interpret my dream?

  329. N Taylor Says:

    I’ve had several dreams of a tsunami particularly this past year. The first few were about me standing on a beach and watching the waterfall recede, then I look up to the horizon and see the wave rising .When i realize its magnitude I turn back and run as fast as I can up the stairs of a building and watch as the wave sweeps below and submerges the floors below .sometimes from a bedroom window on the highest floor or from a terrace.I am always safe in the end and some thing about watching the wave rise brings about a mixture of thrill and fear. It’s so strange to feel that way its like I’m scared of the tsunami but still wanting it to hitat same time. Its the same situation in every dream but some in different locations. The dream I had last night was slightly different last night it Involved a mediating strip of land in between two bodies of water on both sides. The deep blue water on my right gave rise to a massive tsunami as I watched it merge with the aqua blue water on my left after submerging the mediating strip of land that I was on. The water covered the floors below but I was unharmed.

  330. Jenna Says:

    I experience Tsunami dream every few weeks or so. Each time I am in Hawaii, a place that I have been traveling to all my life and visit yearly with my family. In majority of the dreams I’m the one warning my family that a tsunami is coming, but no one seems to believe me at first. In other dreams I’m rushing back to my Condo trying to beat the wave. I’ve even had a few dreams where I haven’t made it back to my condo and the wave washes over me and I’m left holding tightly on to something. I have a fear of the ocean and the thought of a natural disaster like a tsunami terrifies me. I also have struggled with anxiety for years, even though at this point in time I feel like I have control over it for the first time in a long time. Yet, I’m not sure why I still have this terrifying dream

  331. Cecilia Says:

    Hi, im also a tsunami dreamer, ive been dreaming with tsunamis for a long time since some years ago. Ive dream waves of all colors, forms, in all types of situations. Some day i realized that those tsunami dreams represented my anxiety problem, i felt a lot of fear daily but once i realized that i could breath through it (as in the wave) and that it wont hurt me because the fear its not real, then my life changed.

  332. Bec Jane Says:

    I’ve been having these dreams for many years. Only now have I decided to look up what they may mean.

    My dreams are a bit different in a way. Not once have I ever been washed away, or hurt by the water. Instead, I always make it out alive.

    I remember one, where it was just me and the wave and I swear for my whole dream, all I was doing was surfing it. Not one bit of fear passed me.

    I’m not sure if anyone else can relate to this one but most of them start off by myself and people I’m close to are standing on the beach or in a room where we can see the beach, and all I can see is the ocean disappearing, like you see in movies. And straight away I just somehow know to get everyone to a higher ground.

    Last nights was strange… my father, my boyfriend and myself were in this large houses attic up the top as we were preparing for this wave to come. This attic then somehow detached itself from the house and flew us to a higher ground. Yet when the wave crashed we fell onto the wave, and somehow just surfed it in the houses attic…. Strange I know.

    Anyway, reading about how these dreams may mean that there is an emotion or something that I’m not wanting to face in my life just does not relate to me. I’m a happy person, if I don’t like something I’ll say it.

    But one thing that caught my eye while reading people’s comments is about how, when some of us have had these dreams, something was approaching in their awakening life. Whether it was a death, a health scare, a breakup etc…
    I have had many deaths in my large family, all my grandparents and some of my aunties/uncles have passed away in my 20 years of living. What if all those times I had these dreams it was prior to my loved ones passing away?? I honestly can’t remember. But I have never looked into this, so I can’t jump to these kind of conclusions.

    As I had one of these dreams last night, who knows what’s to come? Maybe nothing will come of it? But now that I know these dreams COULD have meaning to them, I’m going to watch carefully whatever comes my way!

  333. Cherie Says:

    Last night I dreamt I was caught up in a tsunami and it lifted me up and as I closer to the shore knowing I was about to drown I woke up.. I am currently in the process of moving to another country leaving everyone and everything I know it’s exciting and nerve wracking could this be related ?

  334. Christy Says:

    I just woke up screaming “Mommy”. As I recalled my dream.

    In my dream, I had been asleep and was awakened by a splash of water on my bedroom window. I looked out the window and the 4 miles of land between my house and the coast was underwater with large waves still coming. I turned to grab my phone to call my mother who is 76 and who lives 2 miles closer to the coastline. When I turned back and was trying to find her contact in my phone I was up high, the water had receeded, taking 50 to 60 feet of earth with it keabing my house tilted several degrees toward the west. People were below looking up and not seeing the huge waves building to hit again. I yelled look behind you. Just my house completely tipped over anf fell to the ground on top of me. I was screaming Mommy and then died.

  335. Michelle Martinez Says:

    I dreamt I was stood on a bridge I have known since childhood and am on quite regularly, I was with my sister, I heard a loud sound and I looked around I saw this giant sea of water come rapidly towards me, I didn’t have time to go anywhere so I turned and faced it head on,it swept me up, I rode on top of this giant wave, it swept me up the hill and around my home town, it stuck to the middle of the roads, cars stopped, tailbacks formed, people stood in awe of me on top of this ocean I was sat on top of, I wasn’t afraid as it didn’t consume me and I somehow knew it would come to a natural end and meant me no harm, and it did indeed gradually lower and lower I held my arms up in the ear, feeling exhilaration as the crowds cheered, it let me gently off and I returned to the bridge to find my sister who was still standing waiting on me, the giant sea of water had only takin me, what does this dream mean for me

  336. I had a tsunami dream when i was 15 and the exact emotional/spiritual awakening came true. All of the crap in my life is gone and i seem to only be attracting positivity now

  337. Sarah Says:

    I have been dreaming about tsunamis for the last 3 years. I will have them at least twice a week. Most of the time I am on the beach however sometimes I will be in a city or a shopping centre or even just at home and I will see the water coming over the buildings. A lot of the time I don’t run and I’m on my own.

  338. N. Smith Says:

    I had a tsunami dream/nightmare the other night. First I was walking up to a fire that already happened & white ashes & cooled coals from the fire were all over the ground. I saw a kitten run across the street & a couple other animals running for their lives. I live in the country so instantly I was sad to see the trees burned down. I started walking quickly around the road to see how bad the fire was when I looked up & saw a huge brown wall of water coming toward me fast with tree limbs and debris in it. I actually heard the trees cracking & the water roaring. I freaked!! I immediately turned away & and thought omg I can’t out run this & I’m going to die. I started running as fast as I could and I guess I woke up because I don’t remember anything else. It was the most vivid, real and terrifying nightmare of my life! I saw colors, smelled smells and hear sounds & it was so real. I really can’t see how something positive would come out of this. My life has been crazy lately from work, home, family economy & future. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed & have bottled up my feelings for too long. I’m really running on auto pilot right now. Thanks for your posts.

  339. Ashley Maupin Says:

    To Whom ever Can help me understand things better,
    I just Found this page because I’m trying to understand some things about my life and why certain things have happened or the random messages I received from a guy in India that believes I’m “God’s Princess”,me being an empath and also very perceptive person(some say psychic), the dreams I’ve had since I was a child but fortunately I have not had one for about 3-4 years now(knock on wood) about tsunamis or something we with the water and a vision I had when I was little with stained glass image of Jesus in it and loud church bells/music coming closer to me and noise louder and whole body instantly flushed and hot and I woke up and ran downstairs scared crying for my Mom.
    Not sure if anyone still replies to these messages but I just read that the tsunami dreams mean ur going through emotional change or something of that sort?! Well here’s the thing…. I’ve had different types of these dreams and the ones where I see the wave coming or know it’s gonna come, when I brace myself for impact knowing I’m gonna die I wake up as soon as it hits. When I wake up I would go look out the window because it felt as if something wasn’t right and something bad was about to happen. I DO NOT LIKE THIS FEELING AT ALL!! It’s very scary and as I grew older and had kids they were in my dreams as well. When I had my first child he was in my dream and passed with me. Also when I had my 2nd child it was me and both of my children I held both of them and we braced ourselves for the waves (one coming from both sides) and when hit with wave I woke up.
    Now there has also been the dreams where for some reason I missed the wave or event and I was at the location or near aftermath where tsunami hit with telephone poles laying down everywhere and walking trying to be careful of the wires dangling around and the debris. I would be helping find people or help with finding resources and stuff. Or talking with other survivors. It was very odd to me to read about how ppl have these dreams a lot but at the same time I don’t feel alone or as confused. But I have never been awake through getting hit by the waves ever. It was either running or hiding or embracing self or children to get hit by wave and as soon as it came I woke up or I was there after wave. My last dream however was a lot different and it was about few years back. I had all my kids in it with my same vehicle location and significant other at the time. We were trying to pack our vehicle up with stuff to survive after wave hit but I kept loosing my boyfriend at the time/youngest child’s father and I was getting upset well we lived close by the ocean like a couple blocks literally away on the West Coast of Washington State. In my dream when I looked over at the ocean all I saw was a huge huge giant whirlpool that the ocean made itself and so like it was getting ready to be a tsunami is what we were evacuating for but the ocean wasn’t a 🌊 wave it was a giant whirlpool and it was scary. I don’t remember it hitting and that’s the last dream I had. I know I looked out window again when I woke up and got that same very eerie feeling like something was not right and something very bad was about to happen.
    Can anyone maybe give me their opinion or thoughts I’m still trying to figure out some things my life has been pretty hard do far in only 30 but I’m a strong female and I know I have God and my angels here that have kept me strong and still fighting for my happiness and my life! Thank you. I’m open to all opinions comments and thoughts.

  340. […] coming at me. It was such an intense and rather troubling visual that I looked it up online. Seems a lot of people have had the exact same dream.. how crazy is […]

  341. Lynn Andrews Says:

    I had a dream of a tsumi announced to the family in the dream …I told them to go to higher ground but they said it will be okay . The day before we went down to the beach and the wave was coming right up to the ground washing over our legs .
    It was a disturbing dream .

  342. Chantal Says:

    What does it mean if I dream of a tsunami .. surviving it and finding letters off my children that have been searching for 3 months.. mad dreams I have

  343. Radhika Rathod Says:

    I had been having this dream since 2 3 days, and its the same dream over and over again. It goes like this.. i and my husband and my 2 kids (2 yo and 5 yo) and some other people are trying to run awards from these giant waves.. we are on the middle of the road there are bisses and all.. and these waves come from both the sides.. and we try to run but cant move. And at last we try and climb on top of one of the buses.. but someone drags us down.. and again i am in the same situation trying to run away from these waves.i don’t know what it means. But it really scares me and makes me uncomfortable..

  344. Crystal Winfield Says:

    A almost 4 years ago i moved across the country to get away from a terrible life. As soon as i moved I kept having dreams of my family and running from what i guess would be a tsunami. My family is the main reason why i had to move away and I figured the water was because i moved close to the coast. My life has changed dramatically since i had those dreams. 5 days ago i recieved a call that my father died. He is the man that has made my life hell. Last night on the 4th night after his death i had another dream about the ocean coming to get me and my family ( the family i left behind when i moved minus my father). Only this time it wasn’t a tsunami the ocean just starting rising slowly and instead of running away we were not scared, then the dream turned into my sisters going swimming! I was however not invited then i woke up. I know there is so much meaning to this dream.

  345. T Says:

    Hi. Just had a tsunami dream. Was stood on the beach with my mum and dad. It was red hot then suddenly the air changed. I said omg it’s a tsunami we all turn to the sea and saw the wave in the distance. Suddenly we were stood on something high. I was going to run but my dad said no point running brace yourself. The wave washed over us and we were swimming. As we were swimming the wave started going back pulling us back onto the sea. Next thing I remember is us all being on the beach and I said I knew I should have stocked up with food then I woke up… about 7 years ago I have a volcano dream. All these happened in England

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