So it’s day 4 of January and I have just remembered that the theme for the month is “best”. I’m not sure what happened in the last 2 days posts (especially yesterday) but now I’m thinking it’s probably “best” to stick to the theme.

So in light of the season I am doing the 10 best things about Christmas (memories, themes) that I can think of: –

1.  The birth of Jesus. OK yes I had to tediously put this one first, and yes I am one of those dreadful Christians that have hijacked Christmas from the pagan / consumerists.

2. Christmas day 2009 carol service at C5 church. These guys were amazing with a great choir and band, fantastic solo voices, lovely arrangements and harmonies, accapella numbers and rocking rhythms. I am generally quite ho hum about Christmas carols but this was right up my cup of tea (so to speak).

2. Margarita Christmas – this is a memory of my brother serving up the most fabulous margaritas to the whole family when I catered Christmas in my parents home. The margarita somehow created the most lovely festive mood, we all ate in the garden and the food was yummy. I can’t believe this was almost 20 years ago now.

3. My twin 4 year old boys dancing with glow in the dark tubes on Christmas night. These boys are generally not that interested in music or dancing but give them some disco tunes and a glo stick and they were somehow transformed.

4. The Secret Santa. This year I was lucky enough to be involved in 3 different secret santa events and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. For our family Christmas this year, each adult was assigned to one other to buy a present. Children of course received presents from every adult. This was great because it gave us the opportunity to put a lot of thought into a present for one person rather than buying for many. I also had secret santa events, coincidentally for my 2 jobs, which was heaps of fun and allowed us all to get to know each other.

5. Finding the perfect Christmas present. This is related to the above, and does not happen very often. When I was younger I used to strive for this every time and spend hours in the shops agonising over choices. These days I am a lot more flippant and time poor.

6. People coming together. Spending the day with relatives you wouldn’t normally keep in touch with, inviting strays and ring-ins or watching your children learn inappropriate jokes from older cousins.

7. My boys jumping up and down, literally, with excitement at the thought of Santa coming. It’s so easy to generate excitement in this age group. I know, I know, people that there are very convincing ethical and rational arguments against the practice of deceiving children in this way. My friends who choose not to have a Santa tradition are probably “right”, but to see their little faces alight with wonder and joy I for one do not resist.

8. Brandy butter.

9. In another vein, the non-Christmas, Christmas. Going to India, for example, one year to experience a refreshing lack of hype, decorations, shopping, carols, turkey or any of that stuff.

10. Christmas lights on houses.

4 out of 10 of these points relate to this year’s Christmas. I have to say that this year I discovered some Christmas spirit, something that has really been lacking for me before. I guess there are several reasons: having a spiritual & musical aspect to the day was really uplifting for me and made it about more than just food and presents. This year my boys came to an age (4) when they are fully aware and excited by the whole concept, and also having a fairly stressful year made being on holidays a huge relief!



November 2, 2009

This month is BloPoMo for me! At this stage I have dropped the Na (for National) because I’m in Australia and I assume the Na originates in a different country to mine! So it could be In(ternational)BloPoMo. I’m not sure if November is NaBloPoMo any more, I seem to remember it used to be once.

I’ve just decided to kick start writing and try to channel my random stream of ideas to some form of organisation I am going to try to write a post every day. I did try this once before and petered out half way through.

I also tried NaNoWriMo once (while pregnant with twins) and it was a complete disaster. Should have been great because I did have a lot of time on my butt.

Today I am getting away with this fairly non-eventful post to announce the month and yesterday has a post – so I am 2/2 so far. And as someone says, if no one reads it -who cares and if it’s bad, who cares!

Hasta la vista – fellow bloggers.