one month free cable

May 19, 2007

My husband just arranged a month free trial of cable TV. You get all the whiz-bang extras including digital recording. So you can build up up to 80 hours recorded on your box, as well as the ability to pause live TV and catch up later. Apparently most people who do the free trial do end up signing up with the cable company. We have vowed not to do it, especially as we have the data projector, if we were to get cable as well our lives would be pretty much over.

I am trying to get as many great movies (and episodes of the Wiggles) recorded in this month as I can. The digital recording allows us to set the box to record programs at 2am, then record them into the video the next day. So I have bought a lot of tapes!


Dreaming of Dr House

March 7, 2007

Last night I had the strangest dream, and a strikingly real one. Basically, I was transported into the series “House” as one of his students. I may have been Cameron, but I hope not.

The twist was, House himself was dying of cancer. He was lying in a hospital bed, attached to all sorts of medieval tubes, some of which were spraying out bodily fluids. He also had a wife, a blond, well-dressed lady. The wife and House were not talking, I suspect because he had not behaving and was carrying on with his students.

Anyway, so there was a particularly moving scene where the entire hospital staff (and some of my friends from primary school) gathered around the bed and started singing gospel songs, as he died.

I told my husband about it this morning, and his suggestion was, why don’t you write to the producers. It would be a great episode. And why didn’t they think of bringing in another estranged wife.

meerkat manor

August 20, 2006

There is an actual TV show here called “Meerkat Manor”. Even weirder, it appears to be a soap opera. And it stars, you guessed it… meerkats! Too bizarre… I suppose anyone posting in the US has already seen it, but to us here it’s a new thing. I’ll post the Synopsis, rather than an actual link.

A soap opera with a difference – the main protagonists are twelve inches high, live underground in burrows and live on a diet of worms, insects and lizards. We’ll get to know each individual character as intimately as any human soap star but here the relationships, births, deaths and conflicts are real.