mac stereo revolution

October 18, 2006

This is not an ad for mac, or airport, or iTunes.

However today, I am one happy camper. By the simple act of moving the stereo into a cabinet next to the “airport” station and connecting stereo to airport we have totally revolutionised our music listening. The sounds now coming out are simply fabulous and I hardly recognise my music, which I was previously playing through tinny iBook speakers.

So now I’m looking forward to loading all the good songs from my CD collection onto trusty iBook and putting the actual CDs in the garage. I can then have fun organising them into playlists and never have to listen to a song I don’t like. I feel there will be a bit of purchasing going on too!

The downside of this is that many songs that don’t initially appeal will get ignored and banished to the garage forever. I can see this whole situation is a bit sad for anyone who owns a CD shop because I’m sure their outlook is now pretty grim.