the Idol phenomenon

August 29, 2006

Many people sneer at Australian Idol. Yet, millions watch it every week. Me – I get shivers in my spine to watch it. The show evokes some kind of weird emotion in me, an emotion that is normally left sleeping. I’m still trying to decide what’s so fascinating. I guess it appeals to the universal human urge to be seen and watched and applauded. And what these kids are doing is revealing themselves, expressing their emotions and they are being loved and accepted by the judges and the public. So it’s a healing experience for some. Maybe that’s what all of us need on some level, to be able to express yourself and have people like what they see. There are some contestants who say they have never been appreciated or believed in by anyone. They are devastated when they lose and overwhelmed when they win.

I’m hooked.


capturing time

August 20, 2006

I am a hopeless photographer and home video maker. The reason: I simply never pick up the camera. And here I am smack bang in the middle of the most significant and wonderful time of my life, and I’m scared to record it. Why?

The same thing happened when I used to travel a lot. I’d go to the most fantastic places and soak everything in, but the camera mostly stayed in the bag. Part of the reason was I wanted to be inside the experience rather than outside and observing it.

I was wondering why I haven’t been videoing my kids. I still haven’t worked it out properly but I think it goes like this. This is a precious, wonderful time. This time will pass, and indeed it’s already passing too quickly. No matter how many photos and videos I have, I will never get this time back again.

Taking photos and videos is like admitting to myself that this is not going to last. Get over it, I hear you say. Just shoot the movies and then you will have something to comfort you when you are middle aged and just an embarrasment to them. I agree. I’ll do it – tomorrow.

Personal blogs

August 14, 2006

I generally admire anyone who can really bare their soul in a blog. I can’t, I would prefer just to put interesting snippets out there.

But here are some fascinating ones, interestingly they are all men.