how about this one then?

August 6, 2007

mentally ill man posing as doctor

It’s quite believable if you have worked in an Emergency Department. It’s just general chaos and no one knows who anyone else is, least of all the staff. It would be as easy as pie to just come in with a stethoscope around your neck, pull out the patient files and start seeing patients. All you’d need is a little experience of how the ED runs, which if you are a mentallly ill person, chances are you might have spent quite a bit of time waiting around Ed’s to learn how they work!


I’m trying a new approach to blogging this year. I was using the blog as a writing journal but finding I had to censor myself due to the “public” nature of the internet. Rather than empty the entire contents of my consciousness onto the internet I have opted for a home journal and discovered “Journler”, which looks like a nifty little (FREE) program for the mac, which is everything I need. Basically it’s the same thing as a blog with categories, just not online. There I can be completely uncensored and write the intimate details of other people’s lives without fear.

Here on the white elephant, we will get the improved, edited and censored version of events. Things which are not going to breach anyone’s confidence. I don’t mind being controversial but some things are a little well, personal.

Hope this works!

Finally online, as it’s only taken me 4 days to arrange internet access here. The white elephant has taken 3 weeks out of ordinary life, dragging husband and wonder-twins to the Outback, to work in mystery occupation. And has discovered that strangely enough, the desert is no place for toddlers. However there are many interesting and good things about Broken Hill.

1. Cheap childcare at the Musician’s Club. You can drop off any age children for up to 3 hours on a Saturday or Friday night for only $3. They will spend the time with a lovely maternal lady who gives hugs into the bargain and lets them play on some quite reasonable toys. This enables parents to enjoy meal, drinks and even entertainment. What a bargain, what a luxury. Last weekend we narrowly missed Karaoke by only 1/2 an hour, my only complaint about this wonderful arrangement.

2. The Desert. It’s quite difficult to describe how vast, hot and silent it really is, which leads to…

3. The Art. It’s quite easy to imagine why there is a veritable colony of artists who gather here to paint abovementioned desert. I truly love the artwork in Broken Hill and would love to spend a lot of time in galleries, toddlers permitting.

4. The Pool. Nice public pool includes baby pool with shade cloths. Not too overpopulated and there even seemed to be a bit of a breeze blowing through, which would be unlike any other part of the town.

5. Churches. Just about every denomination you could think of is represented here in a town of 16000 people. Not the place to send your missionaries, if you are reading this thinking of a possible destination for your church outreach programme, services here are quite enough, thank you very much.

 Sure there are some bad things, like the heat, isolation, drugs, incestuousness and violence. Which may prevent the white elephant from bringing her offspring here permanently. But not a bad place for a short-term stint in mystery occupation. More later.

Inadvertently found myself watching Steve’s memorial; one of the dubious advantages of motherhood is the opportunity to watch daytime TV. Well, I never knew Steve Irwin or watched his TV shows, or had any major objections to him.

But I found myself being inspired by him, as a memorial service is supposed to do. Everyone mentioned his passion for wildlife: the guy certainly had oodles and oodles of energy (which I wish I had…)

Inadvertently found myself blubbering like an idiot when his little daughter came on the stage, and confidently read her eulogy. What a smart, cute little thing and how much she loved and admired her daddy. I can see now that no man will ever live up to him, for her.

John Howard opened the proceedings with a vaguely ominous sounding speech containing a neat serving of “Aussie” cliches. I don’t know what his vision for this country is, but I’m becoming more frightened all the time.

Anthony from the Wiggles was great, what a good choice of speaker. Then there were the inevitable songs, “true blue” and “home among the gumtrees” among them. Some very famous people got up and said how great Steve was, I found myself believing them, I am sure they really did love Steve. And he wasn’t just a macho risk taking adrenalin junkie showoff, but I have now learned the guy was an actual conservationist. That probably isn’t news to anyone but me. He was almost going to be awarded an honorary Professorship by some university.

And with some good street cred (or land cred) from our friendly indigenous leaders we farewelled a true giant of a man, Steve Irwin.