February 28, 2007

How nice. Po Bronson has a blog. And it looks great.


why do people blog

August 15, 2006

Interesting take on

Personal blogs

August 14, 2006

I generally admire anyone who can really bare their soul in a blog. I can’t, I would prefer just to put interesting snippets out there.

But here are some fascinating ones, interestingly they are all men.


August 8, 2006

I’m sincerely touched – someone wrote something nice about my blog on their blog. I feel like a real blogger now – hehe. Here’s the link to

always a part of me

August 4, 2006

I found an interesting article on Brain Ethics . Looking at my son sleeping this morning I was overcome by a sense of his being a part of me, us being linked. Well, it’s true in more ways than you think.

A baby’s cells really do stay inside the mother’s brain. Amazing. Apparently during pregnancy, the fetus stem cells cross the blood brain barrier, and travel inside the mother’s brain. They divide and become various kinds of brain cells. They have a particular role if there is some kind of injury to the mother’s brain cells.

So there they are, my little boys cells. Sitting inside my brain. I have literally become a different person with a different brain, since they were conceived.

Does this change your personality? One can only speculate.

blog surfing

July 15, 2006

I’ve now been introduced to a whole new world of people’s inner thoughts. A form of voyeurism perhaps but so fascinating and so diverse. Yesterday I read about a gay English teacher in Poland, a lovelorn Japanese divorcee who celebrates monthly anniversaries of marriage to his ex-wife (so sad!) a spanish artist, a blog devoted to reviewing other blogs, a blog devoted to French cinema… The list goes on, but the most intriguing blogs are about people’s personal lives. It’s like reality TV, people nowadays have an almost insatiable need to be heard and watched by others, it’s like people are saying “look at me, this is who I am, does anybody care?”

The sea is grey, cold and swollen today, there is a lot of movement in it.