January 3, 2010

Oh gosh, 1130 already and I have forgotten to post. I had half an idea this morning about inertia. What is that feeling we all get before exercise, or getting up early? I don’t want to. That is exactly what my nearly 2 year old daughter says to me when I put her to bed “I don’t want to”. And yet she is grumpy and obviously tired and what she really needs most is to sleep.

Perhaps what I really need most is exercise, but still I don’t want to.

Perhaps there are many great opportunities coming our way but when we hear of them the first reaction is “I don’t want to” we feel tired at the thought, it’s too much effort. But pushing through the initial resistance can get results.

This morning I did get out of bed despite not wanting to, wrote morning pages and went for a walk. And of course it was all great, but somehow don’t think this will be happening tomorrow!


One Response to “inertia”

  1. chwyatt Says:

    It is amazing how little effort each of us sometimes puts in to getting the most of our day. I am just striving to do better this year. Love the elephant. from “The Straight Gospel No Chaser” ……visit me when you have a chance and let me know how your 2010 is shaping up. Peace Out!!

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