slumdog millionnaire

November 26, 2009

OK – possibly I am a bit late seeing this movie. I heard great reviews about it, but still wasn’t so keen to see it for some reason, but luckily for me, H just bought the DVD.

Within a few minutes I was hooked without realising it. I liked the way the operators of the slums were depicted because I think it was very realistic. It made me realise that India is an anarchic society in many ways. Community services are unheard of, the police do nothing and street kids are left to work it out for themselves. Many of them die or unspeakable things happen to them, but some find ingenious ways of surviving and that’s what the movie was about.

I remember meeting unsavoury characters in India and wondering, who would I go to for help? A woman alone at a police station would probably be laughed at, or worse.

They managed to find some excellent child actors in this movie, I don’t know how they did it. The grownup ones were great too, I think each of the 3 main characters had 3 versions (a child, teenager, and adult).

It was a story about character and integrity, about friendship, loyalty and survival. There were some horrific parts, some sad parts and some real triumphs. It had a sense of humour and most of all it was a movie with real emotional connection. Possibly I didn’t want to see it because I thought it would be moralistic or a movie about suffering victims. It was neither of those. The characters all had flaws and great strength. The “Millionnaire” plot was really only a side plot which was cleverly used to illustrate the main story, which was the lives of the 3 characters.

This movie left me feeling uplifted, and with a sense of hope.




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