November 23, 2009

That’s it – No More Blog Posting Month

Basically I have failed it.  Went away for the weekend, up the coast, no internet or mobile coverage. Went to work today, sick patients, sick kid, went home, still no internet.

No blog posts for 3 days.

I guess there are worse problems in life. I may try to catch up by posting a total of 30 blog posts in November. Or I may not. Strictly speaking according to the rules of the NaBloPoMo site – posting has to be done daily and if not, does not count.

The great thing about at least attempting a BloPoMo is that it gets the writing juices flowing. Getting the ideas in basic written form actually keeps them coming and gets other people involved in the ideas. This is undoubtedly, good stuff.

In addition to this I have also failed my own personal No Internet Month. I decided today to get the blooming thing reconnected again because my life was becoming far too much hassle. And I started to wonder “why” am I causing all this extra hassle for myself? Is there any real purpose?

You are probably thinking, why attempt blog posting month and then disconnect your own internet?? You are absolutely right, it actually makes no sense at all. Even more, why do such ridiculous things and discuss with the whole world? For the answer see future post on “Privacy, exhibitionism and blogs”

I“m embracing the internet. If I need to spend more time with kids, I will spend more time with them. But have the internet at home for goodness sake. For the convenience factor. Who wants to be lurking around libraries, dashing around shopping malls, looking up street directories, or making endless numbers of phone calls, for goodness sake?

The world has moved on. Expediency resides online.

And yes, your friends (and the whole world) do live inside a tiny metal box on your sideboard. Scary.


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