the time traveller’s wife

November 14, 2009

Just went to see this movie, which in itself was a great treat (just leaving the house with husband and no children to sit in movie theatre).

I think this came off much better as a movie than did the original book, because time travel is a concept that is much more easily described visually. The movie was well directed and acted and simplified the plot nicely, whereas the writing style was not the book’s best feature.

As far as time travel stories it was a good one, with a complex enough plot to keep the audience interested. The basic “rules” of the time travel world were that you can travel back to different times but not change the events which occur, you can communicate with different versions of your self in different times.

The plot gave the impression of skipping all over the place in time, but was actually linear with a lot of flashbacks, which made it understandable.

It was a movie about loss and longing and regret and separation and grief and love. It was also a movie about wishes and second chances, about the hope of a soul mate and the heartache of little children.


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