November 2, 2009

This month is BloPoMo for me! At this stage I have dropped the Na (for National) because I’m in Australia and I assume the Na originates in a different country to mine! So it could be In(ternational)BloPoMo. I’m not sure if November is NaBloPoMo any more, I seem to remember it used to be once.

I’ve just decided to kick start writing and try to channel my random stream of ideas to some form of organisation I am going to try to write a post every day. I did try this once before and petered out half way through.

I also tried NaNoWriMo once (while pregnant with twins) and it was a complete disaster. Should have been great because I did have a lot of time on my butt.

Today I am getting away with this fairly non-eventful post to announce the month and yesterday has a post – so I am 2/2 so far. And as someone says, if no one reads it -who cares and if it’s bad, who cares!

Hasta la vista – fellow bloggers.





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