the white elephant is back

October 22, 2009

Greetings all – the white elephant is back!

It has been over 2 years and the white elephant has been heavily occupied with other pressing matters (the youngest of whom is now 18 months and the older 2 are nearly 4!)

However, while I’ve been away there has been a constant incoming stream of comments about one particular post I wrote back in 2006. I now have 163 collected stories from readers about “tsunami dreams” – obviously an issue that many of us share! There have also been a lot of comments about “thanatophobia” go figure! This steady reminder from blog readers has inspired me to resurrect the white elephant.

So I’ve decided to promote the tsunami dreams topic to its own pages (see menu) to hopefully make navigation easier. I have put all the comments up on their own page, and will try to find more information about this topic!

Generally speaking I’ve also been on facebook which has taken away some of my need to blog (I hate to admit!) but the writing bug never dies, it just goes underground for long periods…

I’ve noticed that many people I used to read are still blogging! So I look forward to coming to visit.


One Response to “the white elephant is back”

  1. Welcome back to the party!

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