what the white elephant is reading

May 7, 2007

Since I have changed my mode of transport to bus travel, there are many benefits but the nicest one is novel reading. I have read quite a few novels recently.

The memory keeper’s daughter (Kim Edwards) – was a compelling one, the author has that useful knack of writing to keep the reader turning the pages. And it was interesting that she chose to write the plot straight through chronologically and could still make it hard to put down. Another writer may have been tempted to make the thing into a mystery with the key event being discovered at the end of the book instead of the beginning. Interesting observations on life and relationships but slightly airport-fictionish (I bought this at an airport!)

Seven Types of Ambiguity (Elliot Perlman) was a nice meaty read. Managed to carry off a complex plot without losing the reader. Managed to write convincingly from many different perspectives and carry the chronological narrative at the same time which was stylish. Psychologically accurate. There were a few improbable or implausible bits, maybe more than a few.

And I also read the Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver) which was the best of the lot, more later.


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