Dreaming of Dr House

March 7, 2007

Last night I had the strangest dream, and a strikingly real one. Basically, I was transported into the series “House” as one of his students. I may have been Cameron, but I hope not.

The twist was, House himself was dying of cancer. He was lying in a hospital bed, attached to all sorts of medieval tubes, some of which were spraying out bodily fluids. He also had a wife, a blond, well-dressed lady. The wife and House were not talking, I suspect because he had not behaving and was carrying on with his students.

Anyway, so there was a particularly moving scene where the entire hospital staff (and some of my friends from primary school) gathered around the bed and started singing gospel songs, as he died.

I told my husband about it this morning, and his suggestion was, why don’t you write to the producers. It would be a great episode. And why didn’t they think of bringing in another estranged wife.


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