A-da! baby language

November 3, 2006

This may be a post-in-progress…

My 11 month twins are already inventing a language, but it has very few words so far.

The most important word is “A-da!” (emphasis on the second syllable) sometimes also prnounced “Hadda”. This word is basically a pronouncement, it has several meanings including “Here it is”, “Look at this”, “Gee mum, why does that funny thing do that?”, “I’m here” “You’re here” etc.

Other words of secondary importance include:
– “Mamamamama” (loud) It’s not what you might think! It actually means “Give me that food right away” – an alternative version is “Nanananana”
– “Nim nim” means “this food looks nice”
– “Bwee” this is a controversial one, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact meaning, and may in fact have many different meanings. It can be thoughtful “I wonder what’s going on here” or jocular “this is fun”
– “Aaaaa” in a semi-whisper of awe means “This is really amazing” as in “that cup fits inside the other one!”
– “Ha” (loud, multiple while crawling) means “Wow, look at all this new stuff, I’m finding lots of things here”


One Response to “A-da! baby language”

  1. I love baby talk and language acquisition. Being a wordy person, it’s my favourite part of their development. My kids also did that loud, multiple “Ha” while crawling towards something fantastic and I always associated it with the stunning freedom of being able to crawl towards something FAST and GET IT before ANYONE ELSE DOES.

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