Day 1, NaBloPoMo

November 1, 2006

So here we are at NaBloPoMo. I might even be one of the first posters for this thing, how exciting. It’s about 8am here Down Unda so all of you Yankees are probably just about to turn in for the evening yesterday.

Reflections on last year, when I attempted NaNoWriMo while 8 months pregnant with twins, is covered in an earlier post. So this year I am doing NaBloPoMo, a much easier and potentially more useful thing for me. Today’s effort is marked by the activities of 2 toddlers (yes, technically no longer “boddlers” as they are walking, in a fashion) whose dual aims are to seize the laptop and get as many cuddles as possible – which runs slightly counter to my aim of posting on a blog.

While this post is just a friendly, introductory chat-type post, I am going to make up some strict rules for myself this month, to avoid boring any potential readers.

1. Each post has to contain an original idea
2. Each post has to have a definite theme
3. Posts can be any length

ie these are not “what I did today” posts! That means, that this post is technically not today’s real post, which is going to follow soon…


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