10 things to do (every day) in November

November 1, 2006

We already have:

1. NaNoWriMo (National novel writing month)
2. NaBloPoMo (National blog posting month)

(Incidentally, I think these are actually international rather than national but I’ll just ignore this technicality) But what else could we dedicate a month to? Here are some other ideas:

3. NaNoTeMo
National No Television Month – my husband really wants to do this and we have been intending to try it for about 2 years. Something always comes up, ie Australian Idol or some more worthwhile TV show. As he is a school teacher, he is also thinking of getting all the kids to try it at school, it could even be sponsored with proceeds to charity.

4. NaHuBaMo
National Hug a Baby Month – well this is no challenge for me, but it might be nice for getting extended families together and all the kiddies would get lots of cuddles.

5. NaWaDoMo
National Walk the Dog Month. My poor neglected canine would love this one, and I would be so much fitter. Walking dogs is great for your mental health as well as bodily health. It means getting out in a nice environment, exercising, bonding with someone who loves you and meeting new people.

6. NaNoChoMo
This one would be great for me. National no chocolate month. I once succeeded in losing about 5 kilos and it was done by giving up chocolate, my greatest weakness.

7. NaShoStoMo
National short story month. Write a short story every day. Somewhat more do-able than a novel, in my opinion.

8. NaDaHoMo – National dance around the house month.
9. NaSiShoMo – National sing in the shower month
10. NaCaFriMo – National call a friend month


5 Responses to “10 things to do (every day) in November”

  1. gizo Says:

    I also like the idea of NaNoTeMo – and really, now that Bobby’s gone, there’s no need to watch Idol anymore.

    Good luck with the NoBloPoMo, I’ll be keeping an eye on you to see how you’re going (any maybe to inspire myself to get through it too)

  2. LadyBug Says:

    Hi. I found you through your NaBloPoMo tag. I’m participating, too, and also committing to commenting on a new blog each day this month.

    Love your list. I think NaShoStoMo would be much more doable for me than NaNoWriMo. NaNoChoMo would be nearly impossible. How ’bout NaNoBroMo (National No Broccoli Month) instead? 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. Aphra Behn Says:

    Unfortunately I have also initiated a personal StreLiRaCiMo month, dedicated to creating a Streamlined Racing Aphra. Not to mention Other Commitments.

    I like the idea of a NaNoTeMo though.



  4. Melissa Says:

    I really like the short story idea.

  5. angela Says:

    I’m with you on numbers 5 and 6.
    I’m now off to write my daily post.

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