Simple weddings

October 8, 2006

How about that for an idea for a business. Set up a wedding planner based on simplicity. Have some kind of quiz or assessment for couples to determine what their values are. Start with nothing and work from the basics. Absolutely forbid anyone to do make-up rehearsals or have those horrible white sweets sitting on tables.

Our wedding turned out to be pretty casual really but there were still a whole lot of frilly bits that somehow sneaked in there before we had a chance to weed them out. Still, what was important to us was that all the people we loved were there, that they all had a good time, we were at the beach and there was dancing to live music. Oh and good food and wine.

I would love to start a business to rival all those dreadful women in bridal shops who sneer that you really ought to get organised, the date is only a year away.

Hehe. Just a thought.


3 Responses to “Simple weddings”

  1. I agree. Weddings have become so hideously competitive. I heard of one bride who had to arrive at her wedding in a helicopter, just to make sure she was really noticed. It’s so over-the-top and revolting, and all just for one day. While I enjoyed my wedding, I now regret not taking up my father’s offer to take the money and elope!

  2. Kerryn Says:

    I organised my wedding in four months — and for two of those I was laid up with a chest infection and broken ribs — and managed to avoid having any of the frilly bits sneak in. But it wasn’t for lack of trying on my mother’s and father’s part.

    Luckily, I had the wedding I wanted (immediate family and close friends only, simple ceremony and a family dinner) with none of the over the top, hideously expensive and competitive crap (like those horrible white sweets). And I still think it was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.

    I’d love to be able to bring that experience to other people; to show them that a wedding is not about how much better you can do it than anyone else; that a wedding is an expression of love and commitment.

  3. M. Terry Says:

    My wife and I are about to freak her entire family. We were civally married last year. We decided to have the wedding ceremony this year on our anniversary because we live so far from our respective families…(it gives them a year to plan the trip)and we are going to do a beach wedding too…beside ZERO cost, it’s a nice place. For a reception we’re going to a favorite local eatery, and instead of the “tux and tails” route, we’ll have tux printed t-shirts (SC in July is HOT!) We figure that we’ll get away with doing the entire thing in cash. Since our home is already established, we are asking people to donate what they would have spent on a wedding gift to charity. Simplicity in all things!!


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