Australian idol disco week – Oct 8

October 8, 2006

Certain things became very clear tonight. They are (in no particular order)

1. Damien is really a leprechaun
2. Lisa is crap. Enough pussy footing around “she’s only 16” or “she doesn’t have her guitar” I am so tired of all the EXCUSES. She’s crap already.
3. Jessica has the most beautiful and well-developed voice in the competition (and she’s only 16 too)
4. Bobby is a genius. What was that? Disco turned into the Love Boat on acid. It was amazing, Bobby. I love the way he has taken full advantage of all the recording facilities and great musicians at his disposal to be fuel for his creativity.
5. Dean is not just a pretty face after all. He’s a clever boy with the makings of true professionalism and a tightly honed athlete into the bargain.

As to the others I don’t have a lot to say. No big deal for them. It looked like being a truly awful night until Dean got on the stage, followed by Bobby and Jessica – the last 3 the only ones worth seeing tonight.


One Response to “Australian idol disco week – Oct 8”

  1. Kerryn Says:

    I think the biggest problem with Lisa is that which the judges are not articulating — she’s just not mature enough. The impression I get is that she has been told she’s wonderful so many times that she truly believes that she doesn’t have to try. And, yes, that adds up to crap.

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