This week’s Australian Idol – Sep 24

September 24, 2006

What’s going on here? There was a definite 80s vibe tonight, considering it was a Number 1 show and yet again I feel like I’m back at a high school dance. All these young folks are singing songs they must have been bopping to in their cribs. Mind you my pre-toddlers have been showing great rhythm lately (dance and maraca) so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. I digress…

Klancie (Shania Twain, I’m Outta Here) really bummed out. She looked awful. I believe whoever wrote the comment here about the Idol vocal coaches. They cranked her way down in the key and made it sound dull. And the movement coaches have not done her any favours either. She seems to have stopped moving completely, except for some weird head thrashing manoever near the end. That’s sad after some high energy hip-thrusting performances in previous weeks. Let the poor girl just do her thing, people! Mark was right, she is a dag, but not as much as Mark is.

What’s interesting about Idol is that he judges pick on their own flaws in the contestants. Kyle is constantly on about fat people and Mark has accused others of being daggy more than once. I think there’s something about that for us all to take home and think about. Marcia doesn’t make criticisms, maybe because she’s perfect or maybe it’s the script.

Damien sang Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks) which was lovely and vocally beautiful and perfect yadda yadda. Nevertheless there isn’t much to say. Damien does lack something, besides not particularly ranking in the sex god stakes I can’t quite put my finger on what’s missing. But he’s such a lovely guy he deserves something good to happen to his music career.

Lavina sang Don’t leave me this way (Thelma Houston, but also done by Communards). She did a very nice opening with some very sweet notes, I haven’t heard the sweet notes from her so much before. Then she jigged it up at the end and she really can’t be faulted at all. She moves and sings like a cool black diva. The judges are still pushing the “lack of emotional connection” line for her, I think she is warming up and coming out emotionally.

Chris Murphy committed the serious crime of picking a Phil Collins song (Against All Odds). I did think the song brought out some nice tones in his voice, even though I’m not actually admitting that anything positive comes out of a Phil Collins song. I just don’t like to look at Chris. Sorry, I sound like Kyle now, in fact I sound worse than Kyle. I’m still waiting for someone to reveal that Chris is actually a drug user or wife beater – can I say these things on the internet or will I be liable?

Dean’s song was Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris. Dean is really Mr Perfect – he’s got a lovely personality, drool-worthy looks, and he’s a God fearing family man into the bargain. What more could anyone want. Is this Perfect Match? For some reason his song choices seem kind of nondescript but I suspect that’s an age factor. I predict Dean will be married some time in the next 2 years especially if he’s “that” kind of Christian.

Mutto – again I loved Mutto and disagreed with the judges. The 5 o’clock shadow looks so great on him. I liked his song (The Reason by Hoobastank) and I could somehow sense it was consistent with his experience of life. He seems like everybody’s best friend, or like the guy you are friends with but secretly have a crush on. I really hope he stays in the competition.

Jessica, as Andrew said “very aptly” sang Beautiful, Christina Aguilera. Today we caught a glimpse of the amazing woman that Jessica is going to become, she will be gracious, shining compassionate and spectacular. The world should watch out for Jessica. I really hope she finds a good career direction for her immense talents and I really hope she isn’t peaking too early.

Bobby did a Christopher Cross, Arthur’s Theme, which I was really enjoying. I did feel the Bobby magic this week and after a really pleasant time floating around the stratosphere with him I was brought rudely down to earth by the judges hectoring. “What’s wrong, Bobby?” they whined “Is there something wrong with your personal life?” I’m sure Bobby really wants to discuss his personal issues with you Kyle, NOT! I did not see eye to eye with those judges at all on this.

Ricky sang Hard to Say I’m Sorry (Chicago), quite sappy but nice, you know the one… “After all that we’ve been through, I will make it up to you”. Again I appreciated the beautiful tones in his voice in the slow bits, I liked the reminiscent feeling I get from an 80s number. I thought Mark was too harsh and I think Ricky is a serious contender, he could make the top 5 at least, despite the fact he was bottom 3 last week. I have a feeling the public haven’t embraced Ricky yet because he was too much “the R&B guy”

Lisa did a very creditable performance of 1000 Miles (Vanessa Carlton). Very appropriate song for a teenager. Lisa is a case of no publicity is bad publicity. She has attracted loads of criticism over the past few weeks, but this is better than being a contestant no one talks about. Everyone has an opinion about Lisa, either she should be booted or she’s brilliant. Poor girl just came into the spotlight a bit too soon. There’s no question she has a pretty voice and it’s quite original (except to Missy Higgins it’s not). I don’t think anyone should expect much stage movement from Lisa, let’s just accept that’s not her thing, after Idol the guitar will be back and that is totally fine with me.

In terms of singing Damien, Lavina and Jessica are the outstanding performances tonight, and those 3 are consistent that way. Unfortunately we know the competition isn’t just about singing. Lavina finds it hard to open up emotionally, which I can relate to and Damien’s poor old physical body lets him down. Jessica is the one tonight.

An aside about TV programming. How is it that after a nice cosy evening with my Idol friends in the living room I can be assaulted by some horrific violent thing straight afterwards. Talk about a mood killer. Should we tell the station that men in black balaclavas kidnapping babies are unnecessary on Idol nights??

Here’s this weeks list (best to worst) based on who I like, not who I think the public likes:


I predict Klancie will go.


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