Steve Irwin’s memorial service

September 20, 2006

Inadvertently found myself watching Steve’s memorial; one of the dubious advantages of motherhood is the opportunity to watch daytime TV. Well, I never knew Steve Irwin or watched his TV shows, or had any major objections to him.

But I found myself being inspired by him, as a memorial service is supposed to do. Everyone mentioned his passion for wildlife: the guy certainly had oodles and oodles of energy (which I wish I had…)

Inadvertently found myself blubbering like an idiot when his little daughter came on the stage, and confidently read her eulogy. What a smart, cute little thing and how much she loved and admired her daddy. I can see now that no man will ever live up to him, for her.

John Howard opened the proceedings with a vaguely ominous sounding speech containing a neat serving of “Aussie” cliches. I don’t know what his vision for this country is, but I’m becoming more frightened all the time.

Anthony from the Wiggles was great, what a good choice of speaker. Then there were the inevitable songs, “true blue” and “home among the gumtrees” among them. Some very famous people got up and said how great Steve was, I found myself believing them, I am sure they really did love Steve. And he wasn’t just a macho risk taking adrenalin junkie showoff, but I have now learned the guy was an actual conservationist. That probably isn’t news to anyone but me. He was almost going to be awarded an honorary Professorship by some university.

And with some good street cred (or land cred) from our friendly indigenous leaders we farewelled a true giant of a man, Steve Irwin.


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