Australian Idol – final update – Sep 17

September 17, 2006

Tonight’s final is juicy and tasty like a buffet smorgasbord meal… This rock show is great for the non-rock performers because it has rocked some of them right out of their comfort zone into stardom. And it’s starting to differentiate the true stars, Jessica and Ricky were huge standouts, with Damien and Reigan close behind.

Ricky, what a champ! I love Ricky now that he’s not doing R&B – great voice, great look, great charisma – huge talent. I am not a huge rock fan but he’s converted me tonight to a Ricky fan. I quite liked the song, Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. The judges didn’t have a lot to say cos it was all good.

Lisa (Dancing with Myself – The Donnas), again bears out what I’ve said originally. That she is a beautiful young thing with a lovely voice and a “special aura”. But she was almost accidentally good: a professional and performer she isn’t. Sorry. Unfortunately the girl doesn’t know how to move, at all. I really doubt she has the maturity to learn and grow enough for this competition. I sound like a mean old auntie, especially since at the age of 16 I wouldn’t have been able to utter a peep on a stage. Never mind, give the girl a few years.

Mutto, again I love Mutto. When I first heard the name I did not predict I would like such a person, but he’s a great guy. Even stood up for Lisa when the judges compared her unfavourably to him. I like Mutto because he somehow evokes the aura of the 80’s for me – even though it wasn’t an 80’s song (Cold Play, Clocks). I feel like I’m back at a high school dance, and that is wonderful. Go Mutto.

Klancie is supposedly singing rock, but it just sounds like country to me (Georgia Satellites’ Keep Your Hands To Yourself). This is a point against her, unfortunately. I want my Idol to be versatile (like Ricky) and surprise me occasionally. If Klancie is going to do a country version of everything I will get bored. I can’t believe Kyle liked it, but I’m agreeing with Mark who says Klancie is from a bygone era. Having said all this, I still love Klancie’s personality and giggly-ness.

Bobby is unlikely to win Australian Idol, because he’s just that little bit too weird. That’s not to say that Bobby might have a great career if he becomes very brilliant at the songwriting, which is entirely on the cards. He has a certain authority on the stage. The song, Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon) did nothing for me. Mark says “don’t change”, I don’t think Bobby is at risk of changing at all. The other judges and probably the audience love Bobby more than I do.

Reigan is beautiful in so many ways. She did an electrifying and magnetising performance doing the heavy rock thing (Karnivool, Themata), which is probably not her native territory, but she rocks! Unfortunately she really missed that note at the end and it was awful.The judges are down on her song choice, but I say good on her for choosing interesting stuff. I have loved every song she’s done, it shows she is musically more sophisticated than the others. I guess what the judges are getting at is the public is not as sophsticated as her. I am still loving Reigan but actually I agree with Mark, she ought to do what she loves but go harder, she is missing the mark somehow. We are yet to see her really use her potential.

Damien did “Creep” (Radiohead) which was an excellent song choice. He really sang it like a tease, starting off soft and we were begging him to punch it out, which he did, finally but not enough. More big voice from Damien needed. He’s a clever guy and a nice guy. Agreed with Mark about the brilliance of the voice. Agreed with Kyle about the clothes.

Jessica (Kelly Clarkson, Walk Away) absolutely aced it. I cannot believe this girl is so young, she’s such a pro. It was indeed “dynamite” as per Marcia. She moves well and her voice is really brilliant. Go Jessica, no criticism. Again it shows (like Ricky) how a true artist will grow when challenged with different material and expanding the territory. What a gal.

Chris is very comfortable with rock (The Darkness’ Is It Just Me?). But I still don’t really like him, ever since he made a kind of snide comment about Bobby last week. Also I’m a little bored of him. He does look an awful lot like Meatloaf. The judges are more impressed than me tonight, I don’t honestly think he’s as great as they say, he’s just ho hum.

Lavina (Evanescence, Bring Me To Life) as usual was really impressive vocally and did a great performance, but that’s what it felt like, a performance. There’s something missing. I think her problem is that she is a professional musician, and perhaps she’s been doing it too long to have the absolute excitement and enthusiasm of some of the younger ones. I agree with Mark it was like musical theatre.

Dean (Fuel, Shimmer) was pretty underwhelming today. He seemed to do a rather feeble performance, missing notes and looking extraordinarily cute of course. I don’t think he has what it takes. Mark pointed out the pitch issue and Marcia disagreed with him and then pointed out the pitch issue. Kyle summed it up with “you need to take the vocal seriously, the rest of it is great”.

Today’s hierarchy (best to worst)
– Jessica
– Ricky
– Damien
– Reigan
– Mutto
– Lavina
– Klancie
– Bobby
– Dean
– Chris
– Lisa


2 Responses to “Australian Idol – final update – Sep 17”

  1. gee Says:

    Lisa is awful, I think she wanyted to leave idol 2nite…
    Shes better off doing her own music, which is pretty good!

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