other uses for a blog

September 16, 2006

This blog is becoming over-dominated by Australian Idol, I can see. I like writing about this because it gives me a focus, something I find interesting, to practice writing and descriptive skills. Overall it’s fun but strikes me as a bit trivial.

In the shower this morning it occurred to me that I could use the blog to write actual writing. Stories maybe, or ideas for stories. Put all my book ideas and do some work on them. Of course I like the random ideas best and I think the random ideas are the most important things in this blog.

Here are my book ideas:-
– write about a pre-industrial society (novel)
– create a futuristic society that attempts to solve some of the problems in our society, ie the lack of cohesive community (novel)
– the psychiatrist’s guide to raising twins (this would contain: personal experience, useful references I have read, attachment theory vs attachment parenting – it would be a work in progress because I haven’t raised them yet – this might come out in 2023)
– non-fiction book about mental health (combine ideas from positive psychology, cloninger and others)
– summary of positive psychology for patients

I tend to trust ideas that occur while I’m in the shower, they are generally the good ones.


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