I will NOT watch Australian Idol verdict shows…

September 12, 2006

Repeat to self, 5 times. I will not watch verdict shows, I will not watch verdict shows… It’s a bit like giving up smoking; if someone told me my children had a greater risk of illness or death because of the shows, I would never watch them. Otherwise it’s difficult. Nothing happens in these shows. They are stupid, they employ ridiculous ham-fisted “suspense” strategies that mean nothing! So why am I watching? Probably because I don’t have anything better to do. On the plus side, we finally got rid of the gormless Joseph, thank the Lord.

Speaking of the Lord. It’s no secret that Christians are over-represented in Idol. Why is this, do we think? I have a couple of theories. One is, many of them go to loony charismatic churches where groovy music is a huge focus and singers are stars. Therefore it’s no surprise that big performers will arise from there. That’s the cynical interpretation. The spiritual interpretation goes something like this. God is the creator and music is God-given. How He chooses to communicate his music is up to Him, and not limited to Christians ; however being a Christian is a good way to be standing in the right queue for the musical gifts. Personally, this is what I believe, even though I run the risk of being a loony Jesus-freak. The third and moderate view is that church (especially happening Southern gospel choirs) is a training ground for many singers, and these even include the likes of Whitney, Elvis and Aretha. Go Mutto, Bobby, Dean, Lavina and anyone else who thanked God.


One Response to “I will NOT watch Australian Idol verdict shows…”

  1. Cadence Says:

    I think that church is – for a lot of singers – the first chance they get to hone their ‘instrument’, so to speak, because singing is encouraged and not discouraged like it can be in the “secular world” (i.e. parents ragging on their kids for listening to “that crap”). A lot of them will take up actual instruments to help out in the church band and eventually the really goods might even lead choirs (like Guy Sebastian). They are people for whom their music comes from Joy.

    Then again, you get the angry, twisted young teenages who feel the need to bash or scream the frustration and emotions out… so they pick up the drumsticks or guitar or sit in their room learning how to power scream like Iron Maiden… which is equally as awesome!! 😀

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