First final (OMG) Australian idol

September 10, 2006

Dean’s vocal performance seemed pretty ordinary, at best, to me. There was a lot of cheering and audience hoo-hah, and the judges danced to the sounds of cash registers clinking. But based on tonight only, he was nothing more than a goodlooking guy.

Joseph delivered a fairly naff little number in wobbly vocal style. He had a little gleam in his eye, but frankly it looked like he was casting a glance at cousin Mal in the audience and suppressing a giggle. Actually it was more than a naff little number, it was one of my least favourite songs ever. Judges were again far too kind – what’s wrong here? I had to say “yay Kyle” at least he’s honest and gave constructive criticism rather than platitudes. We really need to lose Joseph.

Jessica, finally a beautiful voice to listen to. However she bombed out in the song choice again. This girl is so talented, she could give a fantastic performance if only she chose a good song. Even the songs she sang in the intro sounded a lot better than this average bland number. However – song choice much improved on last week, she’s looking great, performing well – all this in a 17 year old, I’m sure the future is bright for young Jess.

Damien is melodious and mellifluous. He is doing a unique version of U2’s With or Without You – great song. He may be overdoing the falsetto a bit. Just a tad. But there’s not really a lot of criticism of Damien, he’s really lovely to listen to. Mark was a bit harsh – and I congratulate James and Andrew for making fun of him!

I have to say, though it may sound patronising or whatever – I am glad Ricky is in. I think Australian idol ought to be about guys like Ricky who work in a factory and play footie. People who might not get their opportunities handed to them. As to the performance: I didn’t like Ricky’s song choice, but that’s just personal taste I suppose. Great technique, good voice blah. Mark’s comments were spot on; too much R&B, he needs to diversify a bit.

Lisa performed again in exactly the same way as before. It’s the beautiful-fragile-wide eyed-waif thing which is already getting old as far as I’m concerned. She’s just too cute for her own good and doesn’t seem to have enough maturity or professionalism to develop enough for this show. It seems as though she just stumbled into the spotlight doing something which was accidentally good, but that’s the only thing she can do. Oh, I’m such a big harsh meanie when it comes to poor Lisa, stone me.

I love the way Lavina comes from a gospel background, I think there’s really something in that, true greatness can come from a gospel origin. I liked her cutie costume and her smooth delivery. I didn’t like the song that much but she did it well, great voice Lavina.

Great shirt Chris! Chris has got a really lovely natural husky round voice. Soo easy to listen to and he chose a lovely song. Nothing to criticise, loved him. Mark’s comments were insightful – needs to get out of the comfort zone like Ricky.

Thundering round of applause from me for Klancie. Love her gorgeous voice, and maybe I’m a secret country music fan. She’s one of my faves, I love her honest enthusiasm and yes she is powerful. Kyle was right, she brings happiness.

Mutto, I loved your song and it took me back to those school dances. Dare to Bare the Hair. Why not, indeed and it was a good decision as it reveals he is quite good looking. I don’t agree with Kyle at all on the fashion thing, he picked on the hair and totally failed to pick up on the horrible under-lip-beard thing. But I digress. Mutto was great! He is handsome, charismatic and has a really resonant moody powerful voice. I like his voice best of the males.

Reigan, I looked forward to seeing you tonight. I was so glad she chose that song from George and indeed she did look incredible. However Mark was right, she didn’t quite do the song justice and I speak as a huge fan of Katie Noonan. I still love you Reigan.

Quote from Bobby “You can’t really hurt a good song, just get out of the way of it and let it do it’s thing” I like that. Bobby is great, original an artist as Mark says. Didn’t particularly like how the voice sounded though, but that’s just me.

I’m not going to vote, but instead I will do a ranking each week. Here’s today’s ranking:



3 Responses to “First final (OMG) Australian idol”

  1. paper man Says:

    Have you noticed how vibrant they sound in their auditions (most!) and then as soon as they get near that Idol singing coach they lose their pitch? As a muscian I can tell they have been wacked too high or too low by the dreary ex drug lady screechy coach. (Lovely etc she is an ex ) Sorry but you can tell by the little snips of her giving them ‘help’. The ones that sound fresh are ones that bring their own coaches. Every Idol, every show, between John piano-man and the’singing’ team they go off the rails and we never hear a modern song or sharp hot arrangements. Listen and be annoyed – be very annoyed.

  2. sonael Says:

    Interesting bit of inside information, paper man! I certainly did notice some of them losing their pitch…

  3. Cadence Says:

    “mellifluous” – good word 😀

    Also – Lee used to do his own arrangements last year and it got him to the top 3 so “paper man” might have something there!

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