angry workplace

September 9, 2006

This is intriguing, Mr Angry tells all about crazy-making behaviours at work. Sounds exactly like my old workplace of 4 years ago, where I spent the majority of 7 years working! Whadya mean, gossip? If there was no gossip what would people do at work? Oh, duh, you mean do some work Mr Angry – novel idea. I like the idea of an anger blog and this guy seems to be Australian also. I’m just not sure I could handle reading anger too often let alone writing it.


2 Responses to “angry workplace”

  1. Mr Angry Says:

    It’s cathartic 🙂 The more I pour anger into my blog the less angry I get in real life. Plus it’s a fantastic creative outlet, I’m often forced to work up some anger on very trivial subjecys so it’s quite a challenge.

  2. sonael Says:

    Actually I agree. Anger serves a purpose in life, like physical pain – it lets you know when your foot has been trodden on. So if you can use anger creatively and constructively – go for it.

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