wild card show: Australian Idol

September 3, 2006

Idol has lost some of its intensity now that we’re back to weekly shows. The addicts among us have gone into withdrawal. Last week, when it was on every day someone compared it to a sporting event like the tennis. The wildcard show was enjoyable but not super-emotional like last week. I notice with disappointment that 6 out of 8 wild cards are boys, when I thought the girls were hugely better than the boys in general. This is probably why I’m not over-thrilled this week.

Chris M – well he’s got a natural good voice, but I really don’t like the look (like a boring slightly grotty guy who’s been sitting out the back of the pub a few hours too long) The judges fell all over him, but I think they might have been a bit over the top. I’d like to see him do a variety of material – which I’m sure he’d do well, and try to vary his look a little bit.

Nathaniel – he’s got a lovely voice and looked great in the white suit. He seems to be improving, but some pitch problems.

Amanda – was great at what she does. She does the rock thing very well and is sexy chica. I’m just not into the rock thing. Kyle’s comment “It reeks of try hard” may have some validity.

Mutto – well, he’s growing on me. I can definitely see Mutto’s personality coming out and I’d be pretty glad to see more of him. It was some nice echoey notes with his song today.

Chris G – he’s pretty cute in a goofy sort of way. Did a great job on a Stevie Wonder song, which couldn’t have been easy, so he’s musically good. Again I’d be glad to see more of him too.

Ricky – I’m not a huge fan of Ricky, there’s just something about his face I don’t like. I’m not big on rap. Vocally he’s pretty good though, I have to admit.

Klancie – she’s my favourite for tonight. I like her personality, she seems very honest and I do like a country voice. She looked great and is definitely improving.

Brendan – was kind of unconvincing and average. But I have to admit (sorry to Brendan) I was quite preoccupied tonight while he was singing! So much for the reportage.

My personal picks (who I would like to get in, rather than who I predict will get in) are Chris G, Klancie, Mutto and Chris M. Note I have picked two “rock” guys even though I am not into rock. The easy listening guys didn’t quite match up.


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