and the wildcards are…

September 1, 2006

Now I remember what it was about Australian Idol that I found really irritating. It’s the nothing show! They insist on putting on these dreadful filler shows where nothing happens, we are subjected to very awkward and boring suspense tactics while winners are announced painfully slowly. It’s all about ratings and ads of course. We could do without these shows, but what I hate most about them is that they suck me in! I can’t help watching this stupid guff.

So here are the wildcards – check them out on the official page (in links section)

Chris Murphy
Nathaniel Willemse
Amanda Streete
Chris Graffiti
Ricky Muscat
Brendan Boney

The judges have done a better job of picking than the Australian public, but who’s surprised there. I was really glad to see Chris Murphy and Klancie the country girl, and quite glad to see Chris Graffiti because I think there’s a lot of potential in there.

I noticed tonight the judges are getting a tad unruly and don’t seem to be cooperating with the process as much as they used to. I suspect some conflict between the management and the judges in the way the show is run.

As to Lisa, the unadulterated worship of this innocent girl continues. I watched her song again a couple of times to see if I missed anything. The girl is beautiful with that fragile quality, there’s no doubt and she’s got a lovely voice, she’s a real musician with original interpretation. There wasn’t a lot of movement and I’m just not sure she’s really a performer. I loved what she did but then again I’ve seen a lot of similar artists at folk festivals. Maybe these judges have never been to Woodford, hehe.


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