2 crawlers

August 31, 2006

I’m pleased to announce, that on the day before their 9 month birthday – both boys are crawling! It’s a huge celebration, partly because for the past 2 weeks one baby has been roaming all around the room and the other was just sitting there. But thankfully he’s moved into action now.

That’s going to be our problem, the temptation to compare. I read an interesting book called “We are twins, but who am I” by Betty Jean Case. In it, she warned against the dangers of comparison. I totally agree with her. But when you have two babies and one is doing something the other can’t, it can bring up anxiety and the urge to encourage the slower one. When in reality of course, two weeks or even two months here or there doesn’t matter at all.

Two crawling babies is an extra degree of difficulty. As I write this Destructo-baby just inserted a video tape into the machine and pressed play! There have also been a few knocks on the head recently, as the more ability they have the more damage they can do. They can indicate their desires by moving towards what they want – which is usually either me or my relevant body parts, or anything remotely breakable, dangerous or inappropriate. Much less interesting, but tolerable, are the 200 toys that mum and dad have scattered invitingly around the room for their perusal.

And what can you do when one is crawling up your leg while you try to breastfeed the other?? That’s why play pens were invented. Is Destructo-baby going to spend the next few months of his life in a cage, just because he’s too mobile and curious? Are we going to resort to harnesses when they are walking??

I am going to refer to the boys under pseudonyms, which may change over time. At the moment we have Muppet Boy (MB) (It’s the fuzzy hair, big eyes and wide smile) and Destructo-baby (DB) for obvious reasons. I have yet to create a good pseudonym for me or my husband…


One Response to “2 crawlers”

  1. Ahhh, good luck to you! Gotta make sure everything is up off the floor (that they aren’t allowed to get into) and all the plugs are covered etc. My daughter never really crawled, but instead scooted around on her butt and then was cruising by holding onto everything to get around and took her first unassisted steps at 14 months. I have only one, I cannot IMAGINE what it must be like with 2! I bow down to you, oh great mother of twins, you have twice as much fun AND work! As they get older and more interested in exploring – empty a cabinet out in the kitchen and put things in they are allowed to play with – pots and pans, wooden spoons, safe things….this can keep them occupied for a while while you prepare dinner! 🙂

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