Semifinal 4: Australian Idol

August 30, 2006

Well the girls are singing up a storm, so much more so than the boys did in either of the semifinals. It will be a close game with many contenders.

The judges’ pick was obviously 16 year old

7 Responses to “Semifinal 4: Australian Idol”

  1. karturo Says:

    Great overview of the night. I really did think Lisa was great – gave me goosebumps and thats gotta be a first. Look forward to reading some more posts.

  2. sonael Says:

    I’ll have to check out Lisa more thoroughly, have to admit I was eating dinner at the time! also the link to her video on the official site is not working…

  3. Cadence Says:

    Two words regarding Joseph getting in – SYMPATHY VOTE. Which hopefully will work for Jess! 🙂

    Sorry i am commenting so much, I’ll stop! haha!

  4. Bec Says:

    I think Joseph is the year 2006 winner of australian he is the best ever i luv him.

  5. Bec Says:

    Everyone vote for Joseph coz hes got so much talent n hes got the looks.

  6. dreadlocks Says:



  7. Tim Booth Says:

    Australian Idol 2007 has started.. check out whats what at the fan site..

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