everything is temporary

August 21, 2006

that’s all I want to say


2 Responses to “everything is temporary”

  1. writerchick Says:

    I agree, with one exception – that is oneself. It seems to me that the only constant in this life is that no matter where you go, what you do and what your experiences are – you are always there. You always have yourself.

  2. sonael Says:

    I agree with you too. Wherever you go – there you are. But, are you the same you? Probably not. We are different as a result of our experiences, psychologically but also physically. We regenerate our blood cells and our skin cells at an amazing rate. Your blood is completely different in about 20 days. I recently read that every time someone has a baby, some of the fetal cells cross into the mother’s brain, thereby physically changing a mother’s brain. So “you” are temporary, too.

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