meerkat manor

August 20, 2006

There is an actual TV show here called “Meerkat Manor”. Even weirder, it appears to be a soap opera. And it stars, you guessed it… meerkats! Too bizarre… I suppose anyone posting in the US has already seen it, but to us here it’s a new thing. I’ll post the Synopsis, rather than an actual link.

A soap opera with a difference – the main protagonists are twelve inches high, live underground in burrows and live on a diet of worms, insects and lizards. We’ll get to know each individual character as intimately as any human soap star but here the relationships, births, deaths and conflicts are real.


One Response to “meerkat manor”

  1. girl afraid Says:

    I had to google this to make sure it was for real…! oh man, I HAVE to see this show.

    (got here via tag surfer… hello!)

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