capturing time

August 20, 2006

I am a hopeless photographer and home video maker. The reason: I simply never pick up the camera. And here I am smack bang in the middle of the most significant and wonderful time of my life, and I’m scared to record it. Why?

The same thing happened when I used to travel a lot. I’d go to the most fantastic places and soak everything in, but the camera mostly stayed in the bag. Part of the reason was I wanted to be inside the experience rather than outside and observing it.

I was wondering why I haven’t been videoing my kids. I still haven’t worked it out properly but I think it goes like this. This is a precious, wonderful time. This time will pass, and indeed it’s already passing too quickly. No matter how many photos and videos I have, I will never get this time back again.

Taking photos and videos is like admitting to myself that this is not going to last. Get over it, I hear you say. Just shoot the movies and then you will have something to comfort you when you are middle aged and just an embarrasment to them. I agree. I’ll do it – tomorrow.


3 Responses to “capturing time”

  1. Mema Says:

    Even though I’m not a parent, I can totally relate. It is the inevitable conundrum. Do I risk missing something by taking a photo of it, or do I enjoy the moment and kick myself in the butt for not capturing it for later? The argument never ends. That being said, I think it is important to record a child’s life accomplishments. Their stages of growth, their merits, their successes. All of that can be re-enjoyed and re-lived years after they’ve gotten over their love of The Wigglers or The Olson Twins or whatever they’re into now. It’s also cool to use as future blackmail when they become teenagers and think they know everything. You can always threaten to invite their friends over to show them the baby-in-a-bathtub photos. Watch the morified look on their faces…ha! Sweet revenge. But I digress…So tune in, enjoy, but sometimes the photos or video can strangely capture all of the stuff you don’t see. Years later, have some popcorn and bore your neighbors to tears. That’s what it’s all about!

  2. writerchick Says:

    I understand this completely. I have a camera and mostly it stays in my drawer. I sometimes thinks ‘gee, I should have brought my camera’ and then the thought passes quickly.

    Personally, I think that as a writer, my commentaries are my photographs. Perhaps that is the case with you too. Writers by their nature are observers. They watch, the listen, then they write about it. Maybe your blog is your camera. Maybe that is what you will look through to recapture all the great and not so great moments of your life?

    Or maybe you should use your camera more. Hard to say.

  3. I’m with you on this. I believe in living my moments. My MIL has an irritating habit of saying “take a photo” when one of my kids is doing something cute, and inevitably it doesn’t remotely reflect whatever was going on at the time. I also like to be living my life and not documenting it as it happens (I like documenting it later in words), because if you’re snapping you’re not part of it. I do however love photos of my kids … so I have a bit of a dilemma.

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