cafes and housing density

August 19, 2006

I’ve come to realise that the parts of this city with the greatest housing density (read: apartments) have the best cafe and restaurant life. This may seem obvious to some, but the larger and more spacious the house you live in, the less likely you are to have a fun & happening cafe just down the street.

Increasingly we are making choices to “upgrade” everything: bigger house, bigger car, bigger promotion, bigger income. But the bigger we get the lonelier we get. The boss doesn’t have any friends. The suburbs don’t have good cafes.


One Response to “cafes and housing density”

  1. Good point. Funnily enough, my husband and I have always said that lifstyle for us means being in walking distance of a good cafe and a good bookshop. The walking bit is essential to us – not having to get in a car. Cars are lonely-making places, but if you walk you see people, you get to know them and you start to people your city (or your village). That’s one of the reasons why we love Germany (not only for cafes and bookshops) but that it is a walking culture and thus not an alienating one. I feel post coming on about the benefits of walking … Thanks for the inspiration!!

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