on having readers

August 18, 2006

As a new blogger, I have been surprised and delighted that people actually read my blog. It’s a whole new world of bloggers and readers, comments, trackbacks, pingbacks… It’s intriguing and exciting and I look forward to those messages when I get home.

I think having readers actually changes my writing. Now there’s a bit of self-consciousness and perhaps inhibition. If I write this will it sound silly? boring? what will people think? I deliberately wrote a blog because I wanted these things to be public, there is less incentive to write if only you read it.

That self-conscious thing is what stops many writers from writing. You have to learn to overcome it. This is just a blog anyway, so who cares?

I don’t really consider myself an artist. On a tangent, this has made me think; people who write great novels with depth of character are really putting themselves out there. Maybe all artists really expose themselves to a certain extent. Or maybe good art involves self-exposure. It’s a brave thing.


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