the car office

August 15, 2006

Well, it’s not perfect that’s for sure but it’s do-able. Everyone’s heard of the home office, but now with the advent of wireless broadband, and out of necessity due to Twin Babies and their sleeping issues… comes the Car Office.

I am parked outside my own house in a large station wagon, inside which are 2 sleeping babies, a dog and a laptop and me. It is the middle of winter and it is HOT in this car. For some reason babies have decided it’s not OK to sleep in their cots during the day and they would really much rather be in the car. And so would I, if it means not pacing around the corridors for half an hour holding one baby while the other screams. And the dog, of course, is not going to be left in the house thank you very much, otherwise I might just find a very nasty surprise waiting for me when I get back!

The view’s certainly great from here.


3 Responses to “the car office”

  1. If only I’d had a laptop a few years back and not a PC! I could have got a whole lot of useful stuff done. My girls are 22 months apart and I would often end up parked at home with two sleepers. In the end, I became quite expert at moving them while still sleeping, delivering them to their respective beds and then getting on with something important, like daytime telly, for instance.

  2. writerchick Says:

    What a brillaint solution! Writers are a creative lot, aren’t they? It’s a funny thing about babies, they really do love the cars – I wonder why.

  3. Aurelia Says:

    Isnt technology GRAND!! What a great solution. Good Mom!


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