becoming an adult

August 12, 2006

Strange. Somewhere in the last few months I think I became an adult. I now look in the mirror and see a grown woman, instead of an adolescent trying to look like a grown woman. Weird.

It must have something to do with motherhood, although it wasn’t an instant change the moment the twins were born. It could be the extra kilos, the grey hairs, the sleep deprivation, or the weight of having such huge responsibilities now.

There is a certain look that mothers have, I suppose when their children are very young. Slightly dishevelled, hair just a little unkempt (no time for hairdresser), clothes just a little too large (because they are left over maternity gear) somehow a tiny bit confused or uncoordinated (sleep deprivation) but generally someone who looks happy on the inside – or am I imagining it?

I’m sure there is a change in my appearance. It’s good in a way, because I always had to fake “adulthood” before. It’s also scary because I don’t think there’s any turning back now.

I’ve heard a rumour that in Indigenous cultures a woman isn’t considered an adult until she has borne not only one but two children. Maybe I’m secretly indigenous.

I’d love to lose 5 kilos, get a decent haircut and a funky wardrobe. But I’m really not sure if I’d look young again, even then.


3 Responses to “becoming an adult”

  1. secretmojo Says:

    Dang I love your posts.

  2. I think I started to feel like a grown-up somewhere between my second and third child. What also did it for me was realising that my parents and my in-laws are getting frailer and amongst them I am now the adult and not the child. Liberating, but also scary. I am embracing some grey hairs, but also trying to lose some weight and get myself that funky wardrobe (without looking like a teenager of course).

  3. Aurelia Says:

    I am 36 and just started feeling like a full grown up about 4 years
    Great post!


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