chucking a sickie

August 9, 2006

For all you non-Australians out there, translation would be “taking a sick day” I suppose!

So today the collective mucus count in this family is high, too high. The stockpile of tissues in the cupboard is rapidly being consumed. Even the dog tried to escape to avoid the cloud of germs swarming in the air.

But when your main job is “mother” unfortunately your rights are not the same in the land of the great Australian sickie. There’s no one to call to say you’re sick, and you’re not allowed to miss work or stay in bed. You still have to “turn up” at about 6am. Actually you’re more likely to be required to do shift work, say hourly or two hourly on-call during the night because if you’re sick – chances are your little charges will be sick. And the fact that they can’t even blow their own noses, means that their ability to sleep on their own is negligible.

But being self-employed, you can also choose to shirk certain responsibilities like housework, cooking dinner, paying bills, making phone calls, walking the dog, going to gymbaroo or leaving the house at all. You can allocate your own special rewards like surfing the internet, chocolate mousse and watching Dr Phil. You can watch the miserable joggers outside from the warmth of your own lounge room without feeling guilty.

Haven’t we all had times when we’re glad to be sick? We have a cold and stay home, we eat comfort food and watch tv. We surf blogs and buy stuff on ebay.

It certainly beats turning up to work in a psychiatric ward, in any case.


One Response to “chucking a sickie”

  1. I love this! I start to feel resentful when my dear hubby has a day at home sick. He gets to lie on the couch, watch as much telly as he wants, be brought cups of tea, food even, if I’m feeling kind. My job on the other hand – and yours – is 24/7. It just never stops. What I do is negotiate some kid-free time every weekend (having some right now and I’m cooking and blogging, peacefully and all ALONE) so that I don’t land up in that psychiatric ward.

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