the spirit of freecycle

August 4, 2006

For anyone who doesn’t know and is interested,

2 Responses to “the spirit of freecycle”

  1. Definitely, freecycle rocks. We were able to give away our washer/dryer to a needy couple. And it was good for both. They got a washer/dryer, and we were able to get rid of it without having to pay someone to take it away.

  2. brokenheart Says:

    it is a good idea to do this freecycle thing.. like fallenposter said, 1 get rid of the thing they do not want anymore, and the other get what they need.

    this concept is the same as the philosophy that i have in life…. give but do not expect a return…. but i will regret when i know that what i give, cause harm to people in whatever way….

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