the mystery of sex

August 4, 2006

Sex is a mystery. My question: why do humans really want sex?

It could be just to feel closeness to another person. But if that’s all it was, why not just hug, naked for a really long time. And talk. Egad.

It could be an evolutionary trick that’s been played on us. We want sex because we have a biological urge programmed into us for the perpetuation of the species. True. But why then, do so many people spend so much time & money on contraception. We don’t want to procreate, but we still want sex.

It could be all sorts of sick reasons – like power, domination, exploitation etc. True, for some. But for most of us I don’t think that’s it.

So what the f*** is it (so to speak)? Well, I don’t know. But let’s look at the after effects of sex. People may look and feel different after sex – you’ve all noticed it in your friends. People may even become more creative when they’ve had sex. Has anyone ever written about this? (LOOK THIS UP) So it’s obviously doing something. Maybe endorphins, maybe oxytocin, maybe spiritual awakening. Who knows.

I wonder if my blog will get more hits now that I’ve mentioned the s word.


3 Responses to “the mystery of sex”

  1. ZuperZing Says:

    For me it;s the pleasure, pleasure,pleasure! Good motivator, that :-).

  2. brokenheart Says:

    for me, it is the closeness that it bring, while like you said, if it is the closeness why not just hug each other? sometime me and my wife do not have sex for months…. what we do is just hugging each other to sleep (not even naked)

  3. david Says:

    but have u wondered how sex has a “relation” to blood, ie arround the jugular part of the neck, it arouses and enticing.

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