more novel ideas

August 4, 2006

Discover a box of old photos – except they are future photos.

You discover a box of documents – like a tax return, bank statement, address book – they are the documents of the future. You try to work out where the items on the statements come from, you contact the institution – they tell you it doesn’t look like a forgery etc etc.

Things start to come true. You drive yourself crazy because you start buying the items that are on the mastercard statement. You hide the documents cos you don’t want to know what you are about to spend or do.

You meet the man in the photo. But he can’t be a man in your future photo because you already have a man, or family.

Some of the things come true and some of them don’t.

It’s an alternative future at one of the “splitting points” of your life. You make a decision and you could get to the alternative future in the photo, but you don’t know which decision it is that will lead there. You don’t know if you want to get there anyway, or if some other future you don’t know about will be better.

I think this story would end up with some other future besides the one in the photos, ie the photo future doesn’t come true in the end.


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