August 2, 2006

Does anyone out there actually believe that the internet is truly miraculous? The fact that we can all stare away at our little screens in our little homes and view the same thing and input and influence what we see.

Do any of us pause to actually appreciate the internet? What it has done for our lives?

Maybe I’m just a computer nerd, but it’s so amazing to me when I really think about it.

Come to think about it I believe the same thing about TV, it is quite miraculous that a moving picture can be sent to billions of homes on a wire. Only problem is, I don’t like most of TV – but that’s another story.

Let’s have a minute silence to give thanks for these miraculous everyday tools.


6 Responses to “www.miracle.com”

  1. ZuperZing Says:

    because of the internet i had built on my motivation and inspiration when i was 19, which allowed me to move to the other side of the globe to work, which allowed me to get even more guts and take my chances on a fogeign person to whom i am married now and living in a different culture. all just clicks away.

  2. sonael Says:

    Yes, I think it’s definitely changing our lifestyles in a huge way. It’s now very easy to have a conversation with people in different countries, form networks and relationships. I don’t think the internet is a substitute for real relationships, which is where it can become a problem – people stick to the internet and don’t get out. If they are lonely or unsocial people the internet can be good for them – because at least they have some form of relationship, but also bad if they have no motivation to meet real people.

  3. ZuperZing Says:

    Hmm, yes, good and bad like in any other thing.

    Yes, it seems like an easy cop out, to resume only to the relationships formed on the internet. It’s easier to invent ‘masks’ or personas online or to project just bits about ourselves that can de deluding to the other people (which I find quite sad and cruel, no matter how comforting it is to some).

    But on the positive, it’s a great place to explore, especially for shy people and it takes out of the equation that distracting ‘Appearance Factor’ that makes us form early superficial judgments about people before they opened their mouths ( “Urgh, she’s talking about Freud, but just look at her t*ts!!!”- kind of thing).
    Safer to interract from behind a keyboard, but yeah,there’s something sad about this because it’s comforting and it feeds on addiction traits and it’s up to the individual where s/he draws the line. How odd, just been watching a documentary about this last week and then I stumbled upon your comment. Miracle of the internet heh :-).

  4. je siue nu algerne charch quemo avoiar cette miracle salitation

  5. miracle Says:

    oh i think dis idea of urs is nothing but splendid.

  6. shkelzen Says:

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