Whinge about food

July 28, 2006

I think the foodies are ruining all our lives. Why does food need to be so complex, of such high standards, so demanding to cook?? In my mum’s day if you added soy sauce it was chinese, if you added curry powder you had indian. Now it’s ten different herbs and spices and galangal and jerusalem artichokes. The world is full of chefs writing books the whole purpose of which is to make you feel guilty about your lack of culinary expertise – and lets face it, you’re just not trying unless you buy these books and these ingredients and spend an hour in the kitchen achieving the complexity and finery of the taste.

What is food for anyway? It’s not art, it’s not a competition. Its just, basically to provide nutrition and ensure your body keeps on going and if it tastes halfway decent that’s all you need. Babies can quite happily eat mashed vegies for 2 meals and cereal and fruit at the other and they don’t need all this hoo-ha about their food.

Sometimes I feel like just mashing more vegies so we can all eat the same thing, it would be enough for the adults too and probably healthier. In fact, why don’t I buy healthy ingredients and stick them all in a big steamer and a blender and have them in little plastic containers in the freezer and just defrost one every time I am hungry. They could be nutritionally balanced and calorifically calculated. They could be shrunk down to the size of a tablet.

In fact why doesn’t someone invent a food tablet, we could just take one three times daily – provide all the nutrition. No hassle.

OK I realise I am getting a bit looney here.

Banish the foodies! Let them stew in their own cassoulets and their own raspberry jus. Send them all to a great foodie island full of gourmet restaurants and the rest of us can just have our mixed veges with a little meat thrown in. And get on with life. Without all the competition and anxiety, guilt and pressure and perfectionism.

What a rant. I might just go and have a ham sandwich.


One Response to “Whinge about food”

  1. sylviegal Says:

    We are having a food issue too, in fact maybe I will write about it on my blog. We are sick of eating out! I will elaborate more on my page!

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