how to take twins to a gymbaroo class

July 26, 2006

11.30 Finish cooking huge vat of mashed vegetables for this week’s baby food. Realise that own food is not nearly as nutritious or nice. Eat a Tim Tam.

11.35 Change boys into cool gymbaroo-suitable outfits involving separate pants, jumpers and socks instead of their usual daytime pyjama suits. Realise have cutest babies in world. Look outside in relief that it’s stopped raining.

11.45 Feed mush to boys in high chairs. Realise have forgotten own lunch. Eat another Tim Tam. Plan exit while feeding boys.

12.00 Realise have only half hour and am on tight schedule. Take plates to kitchen and ignore dog who hasn’t been fed. Put away perishable items. Go to bathroom, get self dressed. Feed dog. Ignore baby crying. Pack nappies, wipes, wallet, phone, coats, hats, keys.

12.05 Put one baby into front carrier. Look outside to see howling gale and pouring rain. Try to put coats and hats onto babies. Pick up socks off floor which have been pulled off by grinning baby. Realise can’t put coat onto baby while other baby is in carrier. Pick up handbag and second baby. Yell loudly at dog who is trying to get out the door.

12.10 Carry two babies down precarious staircase in pouring rain. Get to bottom of stairs and put one baby in car seat while other baby is in front carrier. Apologise to baby in front carrier for upside down position he is in. Dodge traffic and stand at other side of car, putting baby inside.

12.15 Sit in car feeling huge sense of achievement. Look in rear vision mirror at grinning babies. Realise have best babies in world.

12.20 Look in rear vision to see hats are completely covering babies faces. Realise this is probably not good for things like breathing. Stop car and take off hats.

12.29 Arrive at community centre. Rain is still pouring. Note lack of undercover parking and long uncovered ramp to take pram into centre. Decide to risk it and run into centre with one baby under arm, leaving other baby in car. Notice seedy looking man on verandah smoking – shudder. Appeal to kindness of gymbaroo staff to hold baby inside. Rush back for second baby who is still asleep.

12.35 Realise class starts at 12.35 not 12.30 and we are exactly on time.


One Response to “how to take twins to a gymbaroo class”

  1. I just can’t stop commenting! You are describing my life: that mad panic, combined with huge sweeps of love, rushing and doing crazy things. My latest was leaving my cell phone on the roof of my car and driving away. I have three kids of different ages, so my pressures are little different to yours, but it’s still that organising of STUFF, that desperate need to be ON TIME, not FORGET anything and – with me anyway – remain POSITIVE.

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