tsunami dreams

July 23, 2006

I sometimes have dreams of a tsunami. In the latest one, I was in some kind of hotel or restaurant with a large verandah facing the beach. I watched the tsunami break over the beach and the wave flowing towards me with the certain knowledge that it would sweep me away. It was fascinating and terrifying.

According to Carl Jung, a tsunami dream is very significant. It is one of those great “archetypal” dreams, meaning symbols which are universal across all cultures. A tsunami is supposed to be a symbol of some great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth.

I am not sure what is going to be washed away but I feel to have an internal tsunami is sort of cleansing somehow.

the white elephant update 21.9.7

This post was written over a year ago, and I am still getting a lot of comments, so I decided to update it.

In Jungian terms a tsunami may represent an “archetype” a type of ancient symbol which is universal across cultures. Archetypes can be part of the “collective unconscious” a deeper part of the unconscious that is shared by everyone. Jung spoke of archetypes and symbols as arising from the collective unconscious. This is where Jung starts to get a bit more spiritual and departs from conventional psychiatry.

So why is everyone dreaming of tsunamis? An obvious connection is the huge real-life tsunamis of 2005. Or is there some kind of global emotional / spiritual “wave” that is now affecting everyone?? I don’t know what that might be. Comments always appreciated.

I found a useful entry on a dream website about tsunami dreams. The author says:

“Since water in dreams often symbolises our emotions, tsunamis generally represent repressed emotions which can no longer be held back, or an emotional situation which is about to burst into the waking world.”

She says the common response to a tsunami dream is for a dreamer to run away from the tsunami (sounds practical to me). But she also suggested trying to face the tsunami as a way of dealing with whatever emotions they represent.

Some people feel a tsunami dream was like a great privilege, suggesting you are about to go through a spiritual awakening. So it would be interesting to hear back from people who’ve had a dream to see what changes occurred in their life.

I remember the first time I had a tsunami dream (about 10 years ago??) strangely occurring the night before I started a course on dream interpretation.  It seemed to coincide with the beginning of a time of spiritual discovery or awareness, but that process took several years.

I’m not sure there have been any great changes or upheavals for me since the tsunami dream I had last year. But maybe they are still to come.

Dreams were also regarded as important in the Bible, with the most famous dream interpreter being Joseph (as we know from the musical). Please see my recent post for an example of Biblical verses about large and mighty waves.


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  1. lady Says:

    I had a tsunami dream this morning. I have been going through great spiritual upheaval lately, so this is interesting. i searched on the web for meanings of tsunami and this came up.

  2. Prashant Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. I think its because I was too tired and before sleeping I saw a BBC clip showcasing a reporter who covered the tsunami in south India

  3. Debbie Says:

    I keep having reaccuring dreams that i am caught up in a Tsunami. I always seem to be in doors and see the sea being sucked back then the tsunami coming towards me and explosing into the windows etc – very frightening. Lost count how many times i have dreamed this

  4. Danielle Says:

    I always have tsunami dreams, about one a week, sometimes it is very terrifying and other times its very interesting but I just dont have a clue what they mean. When my mom was little she had the same thing tsunami dreams all the time. I used to live in Hawaii and my dreams would keep me from going to the beach, even here in california I dotn wanna go to the beach, its werid

  5. Mika Says:

    I have recently had a tsunami dream. The odd part is I’m not going through any spiritual strife and I had not even though of a tsunami until the dream. When I awoke this morning, I had to ask my husband several times if we were okay and make sure my son was safe. It was later in the morning that I found out a tsunami had struck the Solomon Islands. Do you think this is just a coincidence? I kinda feel creepy about the whole thing because I’ve never had a tsunami dream before. Very bizarre.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Like Danielle, I seem to have a Tsunami dream about once a week. They cover a broad spectrum from being intensely vivid and terrifying to being downright surreal. I didn’t have them before the tragedy in South Asia, and yet that event does not enter my thoughts on a daily basis. Rather than a feeling of internal cleansing, all my tsunami dreams seem to be underscored by a feeling of needing to maintain control and a desperate attempt to rescue often quite specific people I know. As fascinating as I find them, they cause me a great feeling of ease – sometimes feeling quite washed out, so to speak – in my waking life. I may start writing them down with more regularity as a means of trying to understand them better.

  7. Nikki Says:

    I have had two tsunami dreams in the past year and have been quite vivid. From the sucking back of the ocean to the massive breaking wave. I have been going through an extremely emotional time with a possible marriage breakdown. I guess I decifer this dream to mean it is a flooding of emotions. I decifer the sucking back of water to mean that my life will be lesser. In the dream I feel quite helpless.

  8. Becky Says:

    I have been having these Tsunami or very high tidal wave dreams about the height of what the twin towers used to be. These dreams have been happening since I can remember.I always seem to live through it in my dreams, then I wake up.I am also around a lot of people. Each place is a different area. Very strange.

    • rosie Says:

      i have been having those kind of dreams too. it is a different place each time and with different people. and i always seem to be safe from it. what is it supposed to mean? i am so scared

      • faz87 Says:

        Me too.. Im at places where the tidal wave is coming towards me. And its so mighty huge,but i seem to escape. And its so frequent. 😦 I dont seem to have any problem in my real life,so i really dont know what the suppressed emotions mean…

    • Shae Says:

      Sounds similar to my dreams.

  9. giorgia Says:

    i often dream a tsunami, since about one year.in the dream i’m somewhere (not always on a beach) and i see a very high wave coming, it is so huge..i never feel that i’m going to die, i know that i have just to hold to something very strong and then the wave goes down..and up again.water overwhelms me but i resist.after two or more times it stops but i still fear it will come again.so i run to inland and sometimes i can see it coming when i’m far away.i’m more worried for others than for me.i feel like i just have to hold on and a also a bit excited.

    • andy Says:

      ive been haveing tsunami dreams as far back as 96, differnt places but almost same situation. i know its comeing and i either try to run or i face it…. i have never drowned but the last one i had was dec/20/2010 and this one was differnt, it was inland. i could see it comeing over the mountains, i asked god for forgiveness and headed to the nearest truck, a stranger let me in and i knew to go to high ground… as we were driveing, we passed a school bus full of kids. my first thought was of my nieces and other kids in my life but i told him to speed up hill. he asked where the wave was and i said.. right behind us and looking foward the water was surrounding us but never consumed me. why is that??? this is the 16th tsunami dream i have had in 4 years

      • i had a tsunami dream this morning its ausgust, 11,2011 and yours is dec. 20,2010 and they are said that the end of the world is on DEC, 21,2012, my tsunami dream is so scary because i dreamed many people died before the tsunami and there’s a super typhoon with a heavy rain, i was so scared. i just told my mother that i love her so much when i woke up because she’s with me in that dream.

  10. jeniffer Says:

    I’ve had dreams with tsunamis for years and it seems that everytime i have it something goes terribly wrong in my life. Like Georgia, in my dreams I’m always more worried for others than for me. I’d lake to make contact with people with this sort of dream, see if we can find a meaning for it. this is my email: jsabir23@hotmail.com

  11. gemma swatton Says:

    I had the same dream twice about a tsunami. I saw it coming and smashing glass in windows. I had to run up the mountain to get away from it. Really freaky but interesting the second time round.

  12. ben Says:

    I have had at least 3 Tsunami dreams, the first I had after moving to Brighton, in this dream I was transported back to my home town, where at home I found 2 cartoonesque cats, 1 badly injured, both super cute! that wanted me to look after them.

    In a dream I had last nite a Tsunami ripped through my home town centre, I had to escape and found myself in a hotel looking out to the sea where the Tsunmami forced me and 2 close friends to climb to the roof where we found ourselves in a ‘fun-house/fairground’ which was quickly being overtaken by water.

    The power of these dreams is incredible, im very intetrigued!

  13. mayra Says:

    this is the first thime i dream with a stunamine,it never happen before,and i dont watch those dissasteron tv, now iam worry i feel is goin to happen for real.

  14. daniela Says:

    I have dreamed about this for 2 days now. and my boyfriend always seems to be in it. this time he was just inside the water doing nothing i was trying to tell him to get out but he wouldnt.

  15. Denise Says:

    I keep having tsunami dreams all are different stories but all of them end up with me running or driving to get away from the water before it hits and then watching in the distance on a cliff or a higher roads sometimes taller structures as the water rises and then I am able to watch in the distance as the water hits homes and slams into roads along cliffs…I have had so many of these kinds of dreams over the last 2 years and last night another. I am always scared but yet excited and intrigued with watching to see what will happen and it feels is so real to me that when I wake it takes me some time to get adjusted to reality. It sounds like I am not alone after reading this blog. I just really wish I knew why I was always having the same scenerio.

  16. Tero Says:

    There are many ways to look at tsunami dreams. To understand your dreams you really have to see them in the context of your life. Dreams are an endless and interesting study, and anything any one says is open to conjecture and even ridicule. But dreams occupy quite a significant portion of our lives and they are as real as our conscious world but I think that they come to our somatic intellect via a sacred portal that connects the somatic intellect and the ponderings of the individual’s spirit or 5th dimension to our lives.

    In the context of our lives these images that reoccur have specific significance. I would say that for many the image of the tsunami is a visual portrayal of the great tide of life. It is natural, it is all powerful, it contains within the great slow but powerful wall of water the image of our life and with it the constant reminder of our death. The approaching and somewhat threatening, tide of our human biology perhaps.

    The reason that the dream reoccurs is most likely due to the fact that we are unable to digest the idea, the message that our spirit is sending to our intelligence center in the brain. Once we do manage to understand what ever it is that our spirit is trying so hard to tell us, the dream will go away. Will we consciously know when we have managed to understand the image of the tsunami? No, I doubt it because the understanding will take place on a very primitive and basic level of the intellect – deep in the subconscious world of our existence. It will more than likely be understood on the level of the primitive reptilian brain buried deep below the cerebral cortex.

    Tides and the female reproductive system are both synchronized by the moon! The spirit is far more intelligent than the intellect of the human brain!

    • Juli Says:

      If Tsunami dreams are suppose to be dealing with the contexts of my life than why in the heck have I been having the Tsunami dreams ever since I was a teenager? I’m now well into my 40’s and STILL having the dreams.

  17. Kelly in AZ Says:

    i keep having the tsunami drems as well. i dont know what they mean or why i have them. but like one comment i read here was about having a dream the day the tsunami happened. the same thing kind of happened to me, only before the MAJOR tsunami in india. i never have the same dream, but i do dream A LOT about tsunamis. they dont scare me from the ocean or water in any way, i just think it may be a way for me to know that MAYBE something bad could happen. and theres nothing i would be able to do about it, it just IS a little creepy knowing something happens before it really does. IF thats even my case. i could be TOTALLY wrong, or then again i couldn’t. but either way, every time i have one of these dreams, SOMETHING, bit or little, just HAPPENS to HAPPEN …

  18. Kristin Says:

    Wow, I am so, so glad I found this site; I thought it was just me.

    I have been plagued by tsunami dreams for years. I also have dreams of other disasters, but over the past few years the tsunamis have become the star attraction.

    Like others here have said, some of mine are just weird or fascinating; occasionaly, though, they are downright terrifying. The worst one I ever had was about two weeks ago, my BF and dogs and I were at the coast and trying to get away from the waves; we kept going into taller and taller buildings but then we’d see that the water was going to get too high and we’d have to go to yet another building. I was having a horrible time keeping the dogs with me and there was just no end to the water coming and coming and coming.

    To top it off this latest one has seemed to give me some sort of hangover. The dream started out at an actual hotel on the Oregon coast that we’ve stayed at many times. The other day I caught myself thinking that “oh, I should go to that hotel’s website and look at the photos of the tsunami damage.” It was like I forgot for a moment that the whole thing had been a dream. And images from the dream keep intruding every time I look at a picture of the ocean now.

  19. Craig Says:

    I also have this dream on occasion. Last night I had it again. It was not as terrifying as the first one. That was the worst and I woke up rather panicked.
    I find this totally incredible that people from all over the world can have such a similar dream. My logic tells me that there is so much more to this. I just hope it is not a bad omen.

  20. Neekihallahallafeeki Says:

    i was swimming in the ocean. and i thought i saw a crab. but really it was a rock and then the whole earth started shaking. then scott started running towrds the tsunami.. not away from it.
    it was chaos

  21. fdgrtgv Says:

    one time i ate a tunami and cheese sandwhich.

  22. christina Says:

    I have tragic tsunami dream just about weekly. Its really scary. Although every dream is differnt, Im always at the beach with my family and some how I know the tsunami coming befor everyone else knows. I try to warn people but no one beleves me and they just laugh at me saying that will never happen. then of course the tsunami comes. I eather get caught in the tsunami or unrealisticly run away from it. I often see my family drowning. i have no conections with tsnami’s yet the dreams seem so real. Its Creepy!

  23. Golden Bean Says:

    I was born in CA and moved to Hawaii. I’ve had tsunami dreams for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know how to put a name to it until one day when I was well into my twenties someone mentioned that they had a similar dream. They come in so many forms and different types of waves and scenarios. I had my worst one ever last night, just monstrous waves and crashing and getting all beaten up, I am so sickened by it. I have no clue why I have them. I dream about water a lot though, sometimes rivers, or the ocean.

  24. Sonia Says:

    Hi all
    Thanks so much for your comments about tsunami dreams. I wrote this post more than a year ago and I still get comments on it. I think that shows it’s a subject we need to hear more about. I will look up more info!

  25. Lucy Says:

    I have just read through all the posts left about tsunami dreams and it’s really interesting. I wish now I’d kept more of a record of my experience; I kept going back to this blog in the hope of more updates but when I didn’t see any for a few weeks I decided it was time to just try and force the tsunami dreams out of my head rather than search for a venting station on the internet.

    I have not had any dreams of this sort for some months now, although during that time tsunamis have entered my head in interesting ways. Firstly, I have them a great deal more when I am in bed with my beloved. He stated the obvious which is that he lives by the sea so that may be the answer, but I had two answers for him: firstly, it happened when he came to stay with me in Manchester (no sea) and secondly, I have since moved to Japan and have an apartment overlooking the sea and guess what? No tsunami dreams.

    So maybe the emotional bit holds some truth. Sad that I should have dreams pertaining to a loss of control or being overwhelmed by my emotions when he is present, but they did tend to increase in intensity and vividness up until my departure for Japan. Obviously this was a very stressful time for us both; while my move here has also been emotional, I have moved to a society where people are not so overt with their emotions. While this is for the most part for appearances only in Japanese culture (yes they do have feelings too), I have taken some of this manner on board and feel like I have a slightly tighter control on my emotions here; it’s as though the need to maintain composure on the outside has worked its way inside, although that’s not to say I don’t have days where I freak out completely :).

    The south asian tsunami struck more grief into me than I would have expected. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard about the twin towers or Diana, and I’m sure many remember where they were when they found out about that tragic loss of life. It is probably worth me mentioning that I have tried, in the main, to be a woman of faith. I have agnostic moments but generally hold that there exists a supreme force for good which manifests itself in our daily lives. The south asian tsunami produced an interesting reaction in me, as rather than swing me towards the agnostic(as many events have done for the past 8 years or so) it rather made this supreme force very concrete in my mind and made me very very angry at it. This was a unique experience for me, paradoxically reaffirming my faith in a unitary force (by unitary I mean spritually singular rather than physically) and yet having doubts about that force’s benevolence, and so maybe through my tsunami dreams I have been revisiting that experience as I struggle with a faith that is ever waxing and waining, and with a brain that is always trying to reconfigure the good and explain away the bad things that human beings endure. Like someone else said on your blog, the prevailing feeling is one of a need to maintain control of the situation and take care of others, and while it is very scary it never ends as tragically as it could; more people have always surivived than I expect to.

    I will take more time to check out the links you left soon and to read up more in detail – I have limited access to the internet at the moment but would like to join you on your quest to find out more! I am VERY sceptical of a great deal of theorising on dreams as a vast proportion of it just doesn’t seem to sit with the insanity that goes on in my head of a night’s sleep, but it’s always good to hear others’ opinions – as Tero says, anything anyone says is open to conjecture and even ridicule, but as long we maintain that so much is context bound then I think a fruitful discussion can be had.

  26. Danielle Mederos Says:

    YES it is exactly how you wrote it! See when I lived in Hawaii I told used to live with these hippies from Alaska, and I told then about my dreams they told me this story about this whole town having Tsunami dreams and later that year there was a huge earthquake, see everyone is connected and obviously something has triggered something in all our minds and there is an emotional connection I feel to everyone in this world. There are so many problems in this world that need to be dealt with but the wrong type of people is “fixing” (nothing) the problems. Thank you so much for getting back to me this is something that is always on my mind! As well I I read somewhere that a tsunami is a mother figure in your dream, while I was living in Hawaii is when I always these dreams then I found out my mom was diagnosed with cancer! So maybe a tsunami is a major life changing effect in our dreams who really knows no one. But again thank you for contacting me!!!

    Danielle Mederos

  27. rebecca Says:

    for the past year or so i have been having tsunami dreams. in the dreams i’m never really scared but each time while the wave starts growing higher and higher i find my self with different close friends/family. we always run up hill and end up finding the highest point and we grab on to something that is strong and secure. every dream i am with people i care about and we always seem to survive. my tsunami dreams are the only dreams that i have dreamed about many times and it’s always very vivid. im glad i found this site, i was always curious why tsunamis

  28. Maribel Says:

    I just up and quit my job 4 days ago. For the past three nights I have had nightmares and been unable to sleep. I was afraid I reacted on emotion and made a mistake, although I have wanted to quit for awhile. Last night I had an incredible dream of a tsumani that I was running from. During the aftermath, I was reunited with all of my family and felt very comforted that we were all ok. I feel even more comforted knowing that the tsunami represents a spiritual awakening. I DID make the right decision to leave that job. Now I can sleep well and dream peacefully. Thank you.

  29. quincy Says:

    HI everyone, i guess i need to comment, i have had these dreams for as long as i can remember berfore indonesia before twin towers. I am deeply concerned about these dreams, and its meaning, I wish Joseph from the bible was here to tell me what it means.
    I can remember almost all the dreams ive had about this violent ocean,I have great respect and fear of the ocean, lately when i have been at the beach, i am too afraid to turn my back to the ocean, when i stay at a hotel, on the beach. i cant sleep at night because when i go out on the balcony at night all u see is black and you here the roar of the ocean, sometimes i would listen to the waves and whenever i hear a pause in the constant waves, i get scared all i can think of is that, the next thing im gonna see is a shiny glimmer of silver which means im looking at the crest of a tsunami thats speeding towards me.

    My latest dream has me up at 3:15am:
    No Doubt this has been the worst one to date,
    Im going to a meeting at the normal hotel on the beach, (I’ve had these dreams so much that automatically my subconscious draws me to the window over looking the ocean, everything looks normal this is always how this dream starts with me everything starts out normal, even before i went to the hotel in the dream, the dream i was having before i got there to the hotel was totally unrelated, i would have never thought it would have turned into the tsunami dream, but that’s how it starts this dream totally pops up out of nowhere and catches me off guard.

    Anyway back to the dream:
    I walked towards the window in the hotel and looked out to the ocean, it was a clear sunny day, and then it started, I always know when im having this dream, you know how, you know what tips me off and lets me know that ok this is the dream be on guard, well this is how i know the first wave is small and harmless, its just like any wave washing up on the sand, then the second one washes in but this time it washes all the way up to the grass of the hotel, and im thinking ok something isnt right here why did that happen, then i look out at the ocean and in and instant it turns ferociously violent, the waves start to get bigger and bigger.
    OK as im looking at this through the hotel lobby window my heart drops as it always does when i see this, i am always with one person sometimes a loved one sometimes a complete stranger or someone who was linked to a previous dream i was having earlier the same night, anyway when i first had these dreams i was like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, i was frozen i couldnt move when i saw the wave from afar off, i just stood there in awe and fear, but as i kept on having these dreams i was able to break out of the fear and start using my head and making snap decisions.
    It got to the point that at the mere sight of the rough ocean or dark clouds over the ocean, i would tell anyone who was with me to get to high grounds NOW!! a TSUNAMI is imminent!! of course people were like its just rough waters, the person who was always by my side would always follow me and take heed to my warning as if they saw the same thing that i did and they also knew what was going to happen.

    Who knows maybe the stranger was one of you that posted on here, in the midst of your own tsunami dream that was going on at the moment. ANyway to make long story short, when i was in the lobby and saw that second wave wash up close to the hotel it was like second nature i auotmatically new what i had to do, I thought peice of cake higher ground, but while i was moving i caught another glimpse of the ocean and it was terrifying i dont know what was scarier the site of the wave or the site of the violent ocean and people, it was angry more violent then i have ever seen in past dreams, it was like looking out at at a sea of boiling water just poping with bubbles and waves.( i never saw the ocean that way before)
    And then i did something i have never done before instead of running up the stairs to the fifteenth floor (that’s how many floors there were at the hotel) I took the elevator ! dont ask me why i just did so i rush in the elevator and started frantically hitting the 15th floor button so the door would hurry up and close, Man i tell you i could hear the waves coming in it was insane, so the doors finnally closed and me and this stranger i was with who chose to follow me in the elevator for whatever reason) we started to move i looked up at the numbers of the floors we were passing and when we got to the third floor BAM! i heard water rushing in at the bottom of the elevator shaft, and the water did not come inside the elevator where we were it was like you knew the elevator shaft was filling up,cause when it reached the bottom of the elevator, the power to the elevator stopped and we felt like we were on a buoy bobbing back and forth in rough waters, i was like @*#%! i knew this was gonna happen and then we heard water starting to flow down the top of the elevator shaft heading down towards the top of the elevator, i thought i was going to die in a 10×10 elevator box but i looked around inside the elevator and did not see any water trickling in through any cracks inside the elevator i was puzzled as to why the water didnt just start pouring inside this elevator. And then BAM! I woke up scard out of my mind. Take Note i have never ever even as much as felt a drop of water in all these tsunami dreams i’ve had for years, and i never have been hurt in these dreams, nor has anyone else in the dream i was with at that time. DOes this dream sound familliar to anyone, please contact me priderock1@HOTMAIL.COM I have something else to tell everybody here but i will say it in another post later it may be whats causing all of this in my opinion this is only my opinion.

  30. Lucy Says:


    I cannot tell you how much my heart goes out to you. I thought mine were full-on but I can’t believe you’d had them for so long – I think it throws alot in the face of those who claim dreams largely relate to sensory data. I wish we could know more. No doubt there are those with theories aplenty about it but there’s something about these dreams that make me think they stretch beyond anything that science or ‘conventional’ psychology can explain.

    I had my first tsunami dream in a long time last night. Normally I am launched straight into the panic, but last night I was quietly sitting on a bench on top of a hill, looking at a sea I knew wasn’t the most beautiful in the world (the weather was a little grey), but I was alone and at peace and knew that I could be there as long as I wanted, whenever I wanted. There was a small hut behind me with wooden benches inside in case the weather got really bad, and I knew that people who wanted a break to enjoy life as simply as possible would make their way there for a day or two and then leave. But that spot, in essence, was mine.

    I was just making my way to meet a teacher for a meeting (I am an assistant language teacher in Japan), when it started to creep. My waking life, at this point, started to interact with my dream life as I knew exactly what was happening. I was filled with a feeling of ‘not this again’, followed by ‘but what if I don’t get out of this one?’ I did, needless to say, but Quincy I share with you a deep fear of the sea, and particularly at night.

    You know the really stupid thing? When I showed up to meet my teacher soaking wet, I couldn’t find the language to tell him I’d fought with and survived a tsunami – a Japanese word!!!

  31. Tsunami dreams

    I had another one of these last night. It seems to me that it is the third one or so I’ve had in the past two years…

    The first one was that I was driving in a car with a passenger when all of a sudden, the sea rose high up on the horizon, like miles into the sky, blocking out the sun…and of course the sea formed into an ugly curling wave coming down, right before me. In the first dream I and my aquantance survived the wave, being tossed around just a bit…but we spent days roaming what seemed to be a desolate wasteland before finally coming upon a kind of Red cross center for survivors, where they gave us coffee and they had a dozen or so computers set up so that we could email our relatives.

    My second dreams was actually a series of horrifying dreams one after another in which the sea repetedly rose up into a giant wave and crashed down on me, killing me each time…and then I would be another person, somewhere else along that same shore…yikes, the dream went on and on.

    So last night I had a bunch of really weird dreams…they went on and on…and then, the last one, a hugh wave curled up…and again I was in a car, but this time with a bunch of egotistical arrogant bastards…I hated them all, the Goddam fuckheads! Anyway, the guy to my right said, “don’t worry, the wave will not reach us…” And then the Goddam thing curled itself up all the way to the sky, and I said, “How about now, will that part reach us” He was silent as we all braced for our immenent doom, but I for my own part had the small satisfaction of at least knowing that all those arrogant bastards would soon be drowning with the rest of us…

  32. Taylor Says:

    So far i have had 2 dreams about tsunami’s. The first one i had i thought was just because i recently took a trip to the beach. The sea was particularly rough the week me and my friends were there, and i got washed up by a wave a few times. Sometimes during high tide, the water rose up the beach and soaked our towels and we had to run our cell phones and bags inland to prevent damage.

    In my first dream i was in a swimming pool at a hotel. You could see the beach from the shore, and while we were sitting on the edge of the pool, i saw a giant wave coming inland. My friends and I (the same girls who were at the beach) ran inside the glass lobby, hoping to escape the tsunami, but the windows were crashed by the waves and I woke up, not knowing what happened.

    The second dream i was at the beach by the boardwalk. I don’t really remember who i was with, besides that i was with friends. Again, i saw the tsunami coming and started to run to our car in the parking lot. It must not have been too bad because the water didn’t reach our car and we were all safe. The weird thing was… in this dream i was wondering if it had any connection to my previous tsunami dream. Finally, before waking up, i concluded the dream i had about a tsunami in the swimming pool was a premonition of this one. I woke up feeling strange and terrified. I looked here to get some questions answered about why i have been having these dreams, but its weird. None of these “spiritual awakenings” or “emotional turmoils” seem to apply to my current situation. Next time though, maybe i’ll try to face the wave.

  33. eastcoastusa Says:

    my son and I have been having tsunami visions during the day. He only told me of his a few weeks ago. He’s concerned and keeps asking to leave the area we are in (coast). We are actually moving in early 2008, up north, away from the coast. Last night, I had a dream instead of a daytime vision. Not sure why this is happening, wondering if it’s instinct letting us all know that something is about to happen to upper east coast usa/canada? Comet Holmes has been interesting. If something hit it, is it headed this way? An asteroid field? Very vivid… but I have had tsunami dreams since I was perhaps 5 or 6 years old, before I could even know about the water receding from the shoreline first, which happened in even the younger aged dreams. Back then, I was older in my dreams, with a child with me when the tsunami hit, but I have 3 children, not just the one in the dream. But… in my younger-age dreams, I am not ‘me’ in the dreams, and I think the area was New Jersey, based on pictures that look like the area in the younger dreams. In tonight’s dream, it was me, at the age I am now, in Massachusetts. I’m glad we’re moving. I can’t shake this feeling that something is going to happen to the east coast of the USA/Canada. Could just be the emotion/dream aspect, too, but my mind keeps telling me it’s gut instinct – and to move away from the coast. We aren’t moving just because of the tsunami dreams, there’s other reasons and we’re just happy to be moving to the area of the USA we’re going to. Don’t want to cause panic here – just logical action, keep an eye on your waking world and perhaps trust your dreams to be your best guide. Maybe sometimes the dreams aren’t just the mind’s way of sorting out the emotional turmoil of life, maybe sometimes dreams are instinct at work? Who knows. My dreams aren’t always ‘right’, or accurate predictions, but on the tsunami ones, I get the distinct mental and physical feeling that this is more than just a ‘dream.’ Especially with the eerie confessions of my son about his own visions, which really freaked me out, because he didn’t know of my own daytime visions. Something is different this time – and I think everyone who ended up here on this blog understands. Thanks for the initial posts on it.

  34. Danielle in Atlanta Says:

    Last night I had my first dream of a tsunami, and it was just as you described at the top of this page. I was standing on the veranda of a hotel or resort waiting for a tsunami. I never actually saw it, even though I did not turn away, but I somehow knew that it was coming. Before this dream, I had three dreams in the last week all about flooding. I guess we will see what happens. 🙂

  35. Audrey Says:

    I just had two tsunami dreams last night. I don’t feel like i’m in any great emotional turning point in my life. The first one, i was on the beach with my best friend, and we heard there was a tsinami warning, so for some reason we wanted to go to the beach and play. We tried to jump over the waves, but then they got so big we had to run away to the car and try to outrun it.
    The next was with my future family. We had two little girls and a house on the beach. We heard about the tsunami warning, but we had a friend over, and i took her home. When i got back, i could see the waves coming closer and closer, so i made everyone climb to the attic. Once it was over, the window was open and i could see that it was lukewarm, bubbley water, not freezing cold, and that it was cerulean blue. I wanted to go swimming in it. It was weird.

  36. Rohan Says:

    I live in India and I saw the Dec 2004 tsunami from the balcony of our sea facing house. I didnt see the first set of waves (the most destructive) but saw the second. My mom woke me up because there were lagoons on the beach (that werent normally there) and the next thing you know the water just started coming in all the way to the road. I remember seein a fairly large wave coming and breaking very close to the shore. I had no idea that it would come all the way to the road.


    in the last two weeks alone, i have had two tsunami dreams. they were very different from one another and nothing like my memory of the actual tsunami. The only commonality between the two was the the vantage point (my balcony). my first dream was fairly short. I stand on my balcony staring out at the sea as i usually do and suddenly see a slightly larger than normal wave move closer and break at the point where the water meets the sand. the tide then comes surging in across the road and into my garden and ground floor. In the second dream I go out on the the balcony and I notice that there are people standing on the water, then I see that the tide has receded till the horizon (leaving large shallow lagoons behind) and then comes surging back in the form of a large wave.

    these dreams dont scare me or make me less comfortable about living next to the sea. they fascinate me because of how real it looks.

    The pacific tsunami warning center website is one i check everyday…. its very accurate and usually gives you specific warnings for your region, when an earthquake occurs it tells you whether a tsunami might have been generated, if one had been generated and approximately what time it will hit your region. its good to keep your mind at peace http://www.prh.noaa.gov/ptwc/

  37. Aled Says:

    i keep having a tsunami dream and i am sceard of it happining to me but this site has helped me loads thanks u load

  38. Heidi Says:

    I had three tsunami dreams last night, one after the other. I was at a mountain cabin that looked down the mountain at the ocean, there was no beach, just mountains dropping into the ocean. I looked out the cabin window and saw the water receeding. In the first dream I went down to the beach created by the receeding water, touched the sand, then panicked because I realized the water was receeding because it was a tsunami. In the second dream I was on the porch of the cabin and saw the water receeding really fast and I ran inside before the water came flooding back. In the third dream I was in the house watching the water from the window. In all three dreams the water flooded back toward the cabin and I always made it inside. The third dream I was holding my daughter and we watched sea turtles swim past the window.

    After I woke this morning I’ve been in the greatest mood, and have had lots of energy.

    Very trippy. I hope I have the same dream tonight.

  39. SpiritDreams Says:

    I had a dream last night about a tsunami – I was standing on cliffs with my partner enjoying the view – it was our home. We went high into the mountains and the water never reached us. At the top we shared our safety with others.

    My partner of four years is leaving me to go travel for a year, and I believe this dream is related. I also think that a spiritual awakening is occuring – as is true at every new phase of life.

    To all of you who dream: pay close attention as your dreams are a transparent window to the Self. They mean exactly what you think they mean – so please choose wisely.

    Thank you for this site – I found great comfort from it today!

  40. michelle Says:

    i had one of at least three tsunami dreams this morning. i was at some type of park or resort. for some reason i was able to move where the tsunami wasn’t. i woke up feeling very mentally and emotionally drained. my interpretation is that of some type of mental or spiritual surge, however, my ever skeptical husband was demonstrating dismay over the possibility of the dream being prophetic. i on the other hand wandered if it could have been from a past life.i feel an eerieness surrounding the dream. its too real.

  41. Anne-Marie Smit Says:

    I am so happy I found this site ! I thought I was the only one. Is it not strange though that so many people world wide dream the same thing ? I started having tsunami dreams about 15 years ago and have about 5 a year depending on how busy I am. I usually find I have them more often in times of stress. Generally I am inside a house or flat and see the water coming to the window. Sometmes I am outside in a city running between the buildings while the water is just behind me. I used to love the sea and swimming but lately I sense a feeling of extreme panic when I am near the sea and see high waves. I still make myself go into the sea and swim as i do not want to give in to this unrational fear however last time I did I felt almost sick with fear.

  42. Becky Says:

    I’ve had tsunami dreams twice in the last three nights. I’m with some friends in town (and I live miles from the sea) and we see a tsunami coming. So I get everyone to tie themselves to a tree. The wave crashes over us and then I cut the rope and we swim up and find ourselves on top of the wave riding it. It’s an intense feeling.

  43. Carolina Says:

    five years I have been having this dream it varies and goes away for a couple of months. The first dream ever I still remember clearly I dreamed god actually spoke to me in a stick figure shape yes I know sounds pretty crazy. I just rememeber it so vividly because I remember crying to him the thing is I’m not what you would call an avid church-goer!!! Now I’m cautious to even get in a pool. I’m so sure that is the way I’m going to die one day and to make things worse everything placed I have moved to in the past year is on the waterfront that has tsunami warning signs everywhere!!! So,I’m very happy I found this website I’m not the only weirdo out there.

  44. liz Says:

    I always have tsunami dreams. I see them coming and we all grab onto things like trees or roofs and hold on as it hits. it washes over us and wipes out huge areas but I survive. Its so scary though as every time we only just survive. I have this dream at least once a week.

  45. Jeff Says:

    I keep having dreams of tsunamis hitting California. Night before last, it ate my wifes brand new Saturn Vue. This is the second dream of a tsunami hitting California that I’ve had in the last month.

  46. Jeff Says:

    …. oh yeah, I don’t live in California. But I did used to live in San Francisco, but that was 20 years ago.

  47. Keira Says:

    I have been dreaming of 350-400 foot tsunamis for about 6 months now. It has always been really scary, but I always wake up just before the waves break right above me. Last night was different though…for the first time, I didn’t wake up. The wave broke and sucked me into it. My first thought was that I was going to die, and I excepted that, so I just let it take me. I didn’t struggle, I just tumbled over and over in the water. I felt completly calm, like I had let something go. Next thing I know I’m lying on the ground surrounded by all the other people that had survived. I had made it…for the first time in 6 months. I went on to dream about more tsunamis for the rest of the night, but they we’re more exciting than terrifying. I hope this means I have broken through some unknown barrier in my life, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there that dreams of these!!

  48. rrs Says:

    I had one. I was on vacation, looking at all the people on the beach, via my sliding glass door.

    I noticed the waves were picking up, slow at first and then violent… the tide went way way way in and then, it formed. The giant wall of water. It was so massive there was no escape. I stood and watched in amazment, and total calmness (no fear). Then I woke up… I’m in-between getting over a previous/serious relationship and trying to start a new one with a “better” person… I think the “tsunami dream” is my brain telling me “I’m finally free”…

  49. Paul Says:

    Dreamt of a tsunami this morning hitting the town where I live, well part of it hitting, and the rest just coming towards me slowly.Strange thing is I wasnt scared at all, just this feeling of relief? Ive been under considerable pressure for a while, but woke with a feeling of calm and a sense of understanding. What of im not sure of.

  50. lex Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night too! it was really scary but i was in local city and then when i was running and the wave was trying to hit i was evacuated into a different country, it was thailand or somewhere like that and they put us in busses w tent like windows. it was really scary because then i dreamt it agian only this time i was with my husband, im single and not married. we were trying to escape and his family was there- in the dream, it was my ex’s family. only we and his dad survived,then i woke up i dont remember the rest.But this website does explain alot, lately i have been going through alot and am dealing with alot of suppresed emotions about my future, i am glad i found this site.

  51. terry Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. It does not have something to do with emotions, since I am not going through anything right now. In the dream, I was trying to have a meal with my cousin and mother, when I noticed that a strong wave was coming. My cousin and I climbed onto a tree, but she fell when the wave came. Luckily, I managed to hold on to her skirt such that she did not fall heavily, and I “magically” slid down with her. The water level was not so high. We then went to the other side of the resort and climbed another tree there. The situation came back to normal. People were trying to get their meal again, but we stayed on the tree wondering all the while where my mother was, since we lost her in the tumult. I woke up then.

  52. Drika Says:

    Oh my, I can’t belive how many people go through the same situation I am, I have had those Tsunamis dreams for over 20 years, and now is being more often, every week,or even 2x a week..
    So tired of it.. I am now scare of ocean,it’s affecting my life, I remember the images through out the day.. and I wonder if is a past life memory or a premonition?
    A spiritual awakening for over 20 years.. I am not sure about it..It could be…
    I am very spiritual since childhood, I would love to talk with people whom had the same kind of dreams.
    my email is :drikafc@hotmail.com

  53. Drika Says:

    Other observation… when I started to having those Tsunamis nightmares I used to dream with big waves, washing me away, and I coudn’t breath, like drowning,I tried to breath and I see that I will hit a massive rock wall…
    now the waives I getting bigger and bigger now the size is massive, they are taking over the city, some how I aways know before anyone else, I tried to get away, run or go somewhere high. aways with my dogs and family… some times I just watch from far…
    And I wonder, what the big massive rock wall has to do with it..

  54. Stacey Says:

    I just had a tsunami dream last night and came accross this blog-which really helped. I can’t believe how common it is!

    I’m 5 months pregnant with my first child (a boy!) so I’m sure there’s alot of emotion, conscious and subconscious going on there.

  55. Lissa Says:

    Last night was the first time I have ever had a tsunami dream, but it was one of the most horrificly realistic and terrifying dreams I have ever had. It followed a bad night I had with the guy I am dating, so I am naturally inclined to blame him for it.

    In my dream I was surfing with my 3 best girlfriends (and we don’t surf in real life- we live in Texas, but we do snowboard every Christmas). And we were getting really great waves, and it was a beautiful day and we were having a great time. Then gradually, the waves started getting bigger and bigger, and the next thing I knew we were staring up at this massive, sun-blocking wave that must have shot up hundreds and hundreds of yards.

    My 3 friends were all excited about riding it, and I was the only one who seemed to realize that there was no way we could survive. The fear I felt in the realization that death was moments away was unlike any kind of fear I have ever had- in real life or in a dream. It was the most overwhelmingly intense feeling I have ever had in a dream- so much that I had to look up online what others had to say. I don’t believe there is any kind of spiritual awakening about to happen because I woke up in a cold sweat and in a panic. I hope never to experience anything that intense ever again while trying to sleep =(

  56. Crystal M. Says:

    I just had this dream last night; the description is below. Please forgive the brokenness of it; I copied the IM to my partner to post.

    I had a really deep dream last night a beautiful dream I was up on a hilltop a beautiful sunset far from the ocean – although close enough that if the distant mountains weren’t there I’d barely be able to see it I kept seeing massive waves, way off in the distance, poking up behind the mountains beautiful pink, purple and slate blue sky, like sunset the waves were hypnotizingly beautiful deep, rich grey blue I kept trying to point them out to people no one paid attention they looked right where I pointed but couldn’t see them I said, right there, under the big purple cloud and the three smaller darker purple clouds. I told you, and you couldn’t see them but you believed me
    we stayed up on the mountain then you wanted to go into town I told you not to, but you said that the waves have been there for a while and nothings happened you went then I saw the beautiful massive waves come up over the mountains they washed over everything in slow motion it was terrible but mostly beautiful at the same time but I was terrified for you I tried to call you on the cell phone but all I could hear in it was water you made it to safety but just barely and although before I woke up I didn’t see you again in my dream, I knew you were ok; we talked with our hearts everyone was freaking out acting like it was such a surprise
    but I knew it was coming! I tried to tell people I wasn’t freaking out; I was just watching the colors and in awe of the power and beauty of the water I started walking down the mountain and the ocean had come all the way to it; it was like where there used to be a town was now a beautiful lake, reflecting pinks and purples it was still and fresh and beautiful that’s why I feel so good today, that dream
    all the people who were selfish and busy and not paying attention, all the dirt of the town, all the stress and worry and money and illness and fear just got washed up by this beautiful amazing wave it wasn’t destruction, there were some people left. it was cleansing even when the wave came, it didn’t destroy things… it just washed over it, gently and massively.

    I’ve felt so calm and peaceful all morning, and I have been very stressed out and tired up until last night.

  57. Dylan Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night and i could see the monsterous body of water peaking hundreds of feet infront of me and i was in a house just looking at this thing, i diddnt try to run, i was fascinated by it, i felt a very nervous feeling of death but i was not afraid, as the water broke over the house and the windows crashed in and i was invincible, standing there. it was very cool. and a few months ago i had a tsunami dream where i was just on a beach watching the monsterous wave peak, and as it crashed down i automatically jumped to a different dreaming scenario

  58. REBECCA Says:

    I had a dream last night about a tsunami (my first one. I was walking down the street somewhere, talking on my cell phone with my ex boyfriend. Suddenly, I saw hoards of people running, saying a tsunami was coming. I started running too. I was running fast and was confident I would beat it. To my ex, I was saying “Look, there is a tsunami approaching, I am running from it, and this might be the last you hear from me.” Then, suddenly, a huge, huge wave towered over me. It was inevitable I was about to die. I didn’t experience death in the dream… things just froze. But there was no way out. Scary!

  59. Cristina Says:

    Oh my. I had a dream about a tsunami just like yours…sort of. I was in an apartment in the beach…i was looking out the balcony when all of the sudden i see this huge wave coming at me ( like the one you see in the movie “Poseidon”) and i was just staring at it and then me and all my family just started to run to the highest floor in the building. Luckily, we made it safely.
    I have no idea what it means….but reading your blog…i guess it could mean that new things will “wash away” the old things in my life.
    If that is the case…I hope it does.

    I’ve had dreams of big waves before…but none this close to it…or terrifying.

    Wow…i feel like Eli Stone.

  60. Ghanesh Says:

    This early morning I had a dream of Tsunami striking shore 3 times in a row. Each time the intensity increases. I was there at the shore shaking up people along the shore of the approaching Tsunami and many realise at the neck of the moment. Fortunatly the beach has large sand and we stand far distance and first one strikes us. We then start to rush further far and then i see a road side flower shopkeeper with lot of color full flowers getting sweeped with the wave. but by then I was long far from (2km) the natural shore. Yet the third tsunami wave was powerfull to come all the till there. nothing happened to me after the wave.

  61. Mich Says:

    I have had the Tsunami dream a dozen times. Last night (its very piecey) There was a tsunami coming and me and a group of strangers (I think) one woman had a baby, we are standing on the top of a cliff. I’m insisting that the wave is going to reach us and they stand there thinking its not going to rise up high enough. Some they realize it will hit us and we take off in cars to higher ground. The wave comes often, but I always just get away. The group and I are in a tall, narrow tower and the wave rises up and hits the tower, causing it to sway back and forth but not fall. The water is an eerie dark blue with green, more like a blob. I never actually get hit, I always just get away from it.

    THe woman with the baby is interesting to me, I don’t know who this woman is. She keeps her baby under her jacket. She has just given birth. Its strange because I interchange with her character, feeling the pain of just giving birth, and then seeing her as a seperate character.

  62. Gisell Says:

    I seem to be having these tsunami dreams on the regular now. The same dream that you had about being in the hotel room and seeing the tsunami unfold before you is what I saw as well. Lastnight I had a dream that I was in a someones condo and the tsunami was coming for me and everyone else that was with me. This time it actually went went over us sucked us in and we still survived. I saw two tsunami’s back to back. It was scary as hell and fasinating at the same time. Strangely enough the tsunami’s are always really black almost tar like and it’s always night time in the dream. The only spirtual change I would say about myself now is that I’m reading up on different religions. I don’t really see the connection though. I do however feel strongly about someone I just met and I don’t think they feel the same way about me anymore because I screwed up. I feel horrible about this so I guess maybe the tsunami represents all the feeling I have bottled up maybe?

  63. John Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night and it was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had – and frightening too.

    I was on holiday with my family and watched as wave that seemed a mile high came from all directions. I lost my wife and one of my children while the youngest child and I tried to escape to safety.

    There was no getting away though as we were trapped by waves on all sides. I awoke just as the biggest wave enveloped us.

    I know instinctively that the world is going through great changes. I am afraid in case this is a literal dream.

    Something big will come over the next few years anyhow. That is for sure.

  64. izzy Says:

    ive always had tsunami dreams like off and on since i was 7 ive had about5-7 dreams and it always starts off normal im at wildwood,new jersey either the boardwalk or the beach and in the last one i was looking out to see everybody having a good time on the beach and in almost evry dream i was either on a ride or on the beach &when im on the beach in my dream i always run and i come to a huge hill and just make it away from the huge wave its sooo creepy and in my last dream my cousin died instead

  65. Carolina Says:

    I coincidently dreamt with a Tsunami tonight ( a very vivid dream – which is rare to me) and as I found this page today I thought of making a record of it: I was playing with 4-5 elephants in the sea. After what seemed to be a very long (and fun)time, they all left to the open sea. After they left, 4-5 waves, which kept getting bigger and bigger, came to me. The last wave was a Tsunami, but I felt incredbly calm and happily dived into it… No interpretations yet – but will let you know if this proved to be a “vision” 🙂

  66. Tide Says:

    I have been Tsunami dreams for the past 2 years.
    The last one was this morning and I was in a house, near the ocean and could see the tsunami approaching while I was walking outside at the garden.
    At that moment I went inside but I could see the wave from the window of my living room… Different from other dreams, this time the arrival of the gigantic tidal wave made me scared. At the moment it broke the window I tried to wake up for fear of drowning.
    I am not sure but every time I dream about tsunamis I end up having to endure changes in my life that require a lot of mental and spiritual energy.

  67. sasha Says:

    The scenarios in my tsunami dreams are always changing. At times I am at the beach, out in the middle of the city, or in a room with no way out. Only one thing never changes, the size of the waves. I usually see them coming from far away. They are mountains of angry water barreling toward me from the dark sea. The height of the initial wave is similar to the one in the movie deep impact. I usually manage to get away from the first wave, but I don’t think I have ever run that far or driven to get away from it. I simply find a strategic place to hide, hold on to something, or climb somewhere high. Every time I see the wave, the feeling of inevitable death comes over me and I am prompted to save my mom first and foremost. The waves keep on coming one after the other, only giving me enough time to realize my fears even more. I have these dreams every single night. Currently I live in the bay area, and with the predicted big earthquake, my tsunami fears are becoming an actual real life threat. I have had dreams where I am unable to get away from the water and I am engulfed by it. I actually die slowly underwater, no pain, just a though: “its all over, there I go, its filling my lungs now”. In a way it is peaceful. However, when such dreams do occur, I usually wakeup very disturbed, upset, and have a deep internal heaviness inside my chest. I have had that exact thought before in real life when I was three years old. My father had taken me out for a dip in the sea, and had somehow managed to loose me in the water. I of course, could not swim at the time. All I can remember is hurdling underwater thinking the very same thoughts and being at peace with it.
    They say these dreams are prompted by your conscious, a problem or change that you must face and admit to yourself and others. For me personally, I do have one secret that is corroding my life, and by not voicing it, I consciously know that I am taking my life in an unwanted direction. I know that I am not ready to face this cognitive dissonance in real life just yet. However, if I can regain control in my dreams, I will try to face the waves and perhaps embrace them.
    To all of you who experience similar dreams, I would first suggest changing your sleeping place. Make sure you are not sleeping by a stream or any type of water source. Also, I am about to attempt hypnosis therapy for these dreams. Perhaps I will be able to express myself more in an unconscious state of mind.

  68. lisa Says:

    i had a tsunami dream last night, but in my dream i was in bed and i knew it was coming but i just staye din bed and let it drown me. But i didnt die i got up again. Does this mean anything ?

  69. Denise Says:

    I’ve been looking for a tsunami dream meaning because I had one this morning, that’s how I came across this site. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of a tsunami before… I was in a empty white room, with huge windows, and that’s where I saw the hige wave from, very dark blue water… I never thought of getting swept away, I only thought of how I would try to get air once the room was full of water…

    It was so weird.

  70. chellebeau Says:

    I have a reoccuring dream that my husband, children and I are staying at a beach resort and a tsunami comes, water crashes in through the windows, and I wake up every time right before we are about to drown. It is very vivid and intense. This is the only reoccurring dream that I have.

  71. christina Says:

    I keep having these tsunami dreams. I think I have had about 10 maybe..at first I didn’t think much of it..but now I think its kinda creepy that I have so many. I’m never really all that scared in the dreams..but I allways try to runn away from it. the thing is..its always many tsunamis. we run up..then after i while we go down again..and then we see a new one coming..and we run for it again. sometimes they come even when we allredy are up and safe..and we watch them..they are really big too. usually there is a lot of other wierd stuff going on, like we are at a hotel or a camping. often there is a lot of people I dont know, and some of my family. they never get hurt though.
    So you think I should just npt think more about it? I dont mind them, really. but since I have them so often I was wondering if they ment something.

  72. sea monkey Says:

    I had 4 tsunami dreams last year in sequence, probably over the space of a month. I knew they were big important dreams when I woke up because they were so clear and vivid.

    Three were similar, the last one different. I was standing on some dunes near the sea and i saw the crest of a huge blue wave over the top of the dune – the crest kept getting taller and I realize that a huge wave is bearing down upon me and would go completely over the dune and wash me away. I start to run. I outrun the wave or escape in each of the three dreams.

    In my waking life at the time I wondered what the dreams meant. I had not found this blog. I combed dream dictionaries, asked people, did internet searches. What everything seemed to say at the time was that water represented emotions, and that I was running from feeling my emotions. I was in a new relationship with a girl whom I was deeply in love with, but felt something holding me back from being fully open and letting go with her on a very deep level: fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Part of me thought that the relationship wouldn’t last because we had significant differences – age, background, upbringing. But part of me knew the power of love, and I was in love with the girl and really wanted the relationship to last.
    I decided that if I had another big wave dream I wouldn’t run from the wave but stand and face it to see what would happen.

    The final wave dream started as the previous 3 had, with me standing on a dune, however this time i was with my girlfriend’s sister. (This is strange because i waking life I have very little interaction with her sister at all.)I see the wave and we begin running away from it, but I stop and decide to face it. I see my girlfriend’s sister keep running until she vanishes from sight. I turn around and face the huge wave, a little scared, but putting myself at the wave’s mercy. I am blank as to what happens next. I know I get hit with the wave, but I have no feeling or memory of what happens next.

    Strangely, those dreams seemed to indicate a big emotional cleansing or change to come in my life. Just over six months after that last dream, I broke up with the girl I still love. I began to see the relationship with new clear eyes and knew that it wasn’t right and had no future. It was such a hard decision to make and a very painful decision to give her up, to stand and face the reality without running away or hiding. I think facing the wave in my dream helped me face the reality in my realtionship.

    Immediately after making that decision and breaking up with the girl, however, I began to have second thoughts. I attempted to reconcile with her and she agreed, however her sister (the one who I had little contact with – the one in the dream) convinced her not to reconcile with me.

    So I guess even the dream sister had something to tell me too – if she hadn’t run away so fast!

    And now with the pain of the breakup, and the recovery from it I am still experiencing, i feel cleansed in a way. But sore. Kind of like I was knocked about and tumbled by a big wave inside.

  73. Bubbles Says:

    i had a tsunami dream last night, it was the first one i ever had. I was going t the beach with my sister, her boyfriend and my frined, and i wouldnt go in the water becaus ei could see this wall of water…but noone else could see it, and i was shouting at them to come and my sister came but the others stayed behind, and the tsunami caught up with e and i started to drown, i was nearly dead and then it washed away…

  74. Bubbles Says:

    oh i just remembered! i knew it was coming because all the birds were flying inland,

  75. alvin_believer Says:

    Speaking of Tsunami Dreams;
    Somehow i can relate to other people here but mine is a little bit different..
    As far as i can remembered, i have this tsunami dreams 3-4 times and it started last month, 3-4 times same settings (community) but different people.its just that with different sequel (lol) thrice,it shows that im the saviour of helpless people that find it hard to escape the ranging water from afar and onetime in my tsunami dream while the tsunami is forming and ravaging far cities, wild creatures appears at the sametime while we try to eliminate this creatures coz they eat people alive.

    maybe it triggers to what happened to my fiancee a month ago- she had miscarriage and upto this time we were not yet adjusted and everytime we saw someone with a child or a baby and stared us, a tear coming from our eyes quickly falls and it wont stop.

    thats it..
    maybe it could help…

  76. alvin_believer Says:

    Speaking of Tsunami Dreams;
    Somehow i can relate to other people here but mine is a little bit different..
    As far as i can remembered, i have this tsunami dreams 3-4 times and it started last month, 3-4 times same settings (community) but with different people.Thrice,it shows that im the saviour of helpless people that find it hard to escape the ranging water from afar and onetime in my tsunami dream while the tsunami is forming and ravaging far cities, wild creatures appears were we fought like MIB detectives and we tried our best to eliminate this creatures coz they eat people alive.

    My assessment:
    Maybe it triggered to what happened to my fiancee a month ago- she had miscarriage and upto this time we were not yet adjuste. Everytime we saw someone with a child or a baby and stared us, a tear coming from our eyes quickly falls and it wont stop.

    thats it..
    maybe it could help…

  77. Aisyah Says:

    Intersting posts, thanks for sharing. =)

    My turn…

    I just woke up after a tsunami dream, the second time I’ve had one. The last time was a couple of years ago I guess.

    First I got caught in a tsunami with my friends, we were hanging around in a boat, suddnely this wave came. The pressure of the water and the impact was unbearable painful and it knocked me out. I woke up in a hospital,seemed like I was suffering some major injuries compared to my friends. Seems like they survived, but I didn’t really see them. Another Tsunami hit the hospital during my stay.

    Next I was walking around, it was winter and water everywhere. I met a strange girl who wanted to be my friend, she said she had seen me around and gave me something so I could return it to her the next time we met. Thinking she as being weird, I said “you’ll never come back” several times to her, but she kept on insisting and left me with that thing. She didn’t look familiar at all.

    I was visiting my a friend at a tall appartment, suddenly these tida waves was striking the town. For some reason I was alone that time. The last wave was huge beyond reason. It was crushing the buildning and I heard people outside saying goodbye to eachother. This time I was sure I was going to die and the crushing feeling of the water was terrifying.

    The small room was crumbling, suddenly some people were after me. Somehow I felt it was a bad person, then another one rushed along, dragged me away into safety somehow. The next thing I know is that the town is covered in mud, I see this poor man covered in mud gasping for air.

    Thus I woke up!

    I feel very weird right now. In both dreams the tsunamis were quite non-stop and I’m in a tall buildning just looking at the waves getting higher and higher. This dream I really got caught by the wave.

    One reason I think I’m having this dream is because of the recent earthquake in China. One of my classmates lost two of his bestfriends. And I had some problems with family last year and some very personal family matters early March.

    What’s up wth these never ending waves?

  78. Pollyanna Says:

    Really interesting- a lot of these dreams seem to be about people running away from emotions. I had my second tsunami dream last night, this one was almost in slow motion – happened in a big city and I can remember seeing the wave as tall as 3 skyscrapers. I was less scared in this dream compared to the first time – just seemed inevitable that I would be swept away although I did start to run away to pick my brother up. Strange! It is interesting what Jung says about Tsunami dreams being one of the collective-consciousness dreams. We know about tsunamis all over the world now but I wonder if people had dreams like this before they were widely known about?

  79. jessica Says:

    I have been having these dreams for awhile now, It always scares me in the begining, because I see everyone around me panicing. I see the ocean get sucked back and the wave become incredibly high; although, when it crashes down I always seem to be right in front of it like it is pushing me along. I never get sucked in. The wave has even passed over me and pulled back. This happens at least three times in each dream. I really don’t know what to make of it.

  80. nava Says:

    Well this seems to be a Tsunami Dream forum! Thanks for keeping the link active, it makes it a great way to connect ones own experience with so many others.
    I had what i can recall as my first Tsunami dream 2 mornings ago, at around 7am after sleeping in(i usually get up at 5-6am) it was preceded by a dream of me on a country road: i felt i was in a somewhat dishevelled state and remember looking aross the road from one side and seeing a shoe that i wanted to retrieve. All of a sudden the wind started to pick up and very quickly a tornando sprung up in the short distance to my left and i didnt feel scared but i wanted to get away from the tornado and remember wondering what my chances were for surviving it. I awoke from that dream and went to the toilet then came back to bed and dozed off, then i was in a unit or hotel and was looking out the balcony vista from the lounge room like i was walking to another room and glanced out the balcony doors at the sky. Except it was a tsunami that i saw coming toward the building there was no sky, i remember not feeling any fear and was prepared to accept the situation as it was. I did wonder though if i was going to be alright after it because i was inside and thought of all the people outside and felt i was in some way lucky. After reading Jung’s analysis im inclined to accept this as a reasonable interpretation. This morning i noticed a definite change in my internal dialogue and motivation. I have started to change my internal mode of identification to that of something that was already there but now i reflect on it it had become covered, overshadowed by other more materialistic identifications. I feel more relaxed and confident that my new more focused concept of myself is all i need to be happy and successful and that i had created my previous anxiety and bottling up through a calculated misconception of my self based on the fear of and lack of faith in this new/old me. I hope that i can maintain this new perspective, otherwise ill have to wait for the next Tsunami! But in all seriousness my experience in these subtle matters we gain glimpses of what we need/want to be and then the ‘real’ work to attain it begins.

  81. lex Says:

    this is an update to my feb 18 posting. Good news is that i havent had anymore tsunami dreams. I did go through a spiritual chamge, i feel it was to prepare me to handle a death in my family. My baby niece passed awayy/
    I am still unsure why this happened but the tsunami symbolzing a new spititual awaknning was soo true.

  82. gisl Says:

    i get many tsunami dreams like once a month it does happen and mostly after waking up i just patiently try to remember the whole dream again.
    I do not see my self drown in each dream. But im in hotel/house/palace/podium in every dream. I see people being swept by water except me watching them.
    I have tried to understand what do these dreams mean is it a message or is it in my sub-consious mind something to do with past lives histroy..
    cause each time i wake up from these dreams i just wonder. It is amazing to get these dreams but i need to know their meaning.Just yesterday again i had a dream that im standing in a verandah situated near the sea and there is a Tsunami
    Last month i dreamt im in a house and the tsunami is reaching us to hit the window and im bolting all the doors and windows and the wave passes the house without harming me in it.
    I wish someone could explain me.

  83. Christopher Says:

    I recently had a dream:

    In the dream I was back home (I’m in college right now) in my house at the back door and a few people who I no longer remember came to the back door which was locked and I was standing inside. I knew that there was a bad spirit in them and I refused to open the door I began to pray and could not remember the hail mary which I’ve always known (I went to a Catholic school) then behind me my great grandma appeared and all of a sudden I remembered the prayer. The people left and then my great grandma was gone. As soon as that happened a rising phoenix appeared outside the house rising from flames and ashes into the sky and diving back down and then a huge tsunami wave came crashing toward the door I stood my ground and continued my prayer and felt a huge mental surge as if it protected my home and the crashing wave did no damage, and after that I woke up. So I’ve been trying to understand all of this. I had a huge turnaround in life a few days later (today and yesterday).

  84. tom Says:

    I had a dream a few days ago. Some people in front of my house asked if they could launch their boat in the lake accross the street. There is a pond across from my house. I told them that of course, everyone boats there. Soon afterward I saw a wave of mountainess proportion coming toward me from the vicinity of the pond. I wasn’t afraid. I immediately new that this was it for me as I was engourged. I didn’t feel I was drowning but my thinking was that the emense pressure of the water instantly caused my death. Ok so now I’m dead yet I seem to be fine and doing some kind of busy work. I have never had this type of dream and I am 54. My instincts tell that is not an archetypical symbolism but perhaps a trailer for 2012. Dreams don’t always need interpretation

  85. tom Says:

    I forgot to mention that I live on the east coast but the wave was coming from the west.

  86. rachel Says:

    I’ve had several tsunami dreams before and I already forgot them–except the one that I had early this morning. It showed me having a light talk with our neighbors outside our house (in my hometown) because our street suddenly had to had some excavation done for irrigation purposes (another change that happened in the dream!). While standing right before it with some other onlookers out of curiosity, I shifted my glance to another direction.

    Alas! In what used to be a ricefield before appeared a gleaning, active sea!!!
    I could see the waves strongly hit the rocky beach and I admired the bright colorful emerald-sky-blue color of the water. Then all of a sudden…. a tsunami!!!
    I became numb as I saw it approaching.. coming close to a little hill behind our newly-built house (which is really newly-built). I felt the whole scene going slow-mo as I looked at my mom
    and tried to find a way to tie us two together just in case we get engulfed in the gigantic wave..

    It was weird and scary at the same time. The wall of water didn’t look like a grayish monster
    but a bright cheerful blue enormous wave that came upon us. I think we survived… but I don’t know
    how the scene ended.

  87. Sonia Says:

    Finally, another tsunami dream from me. In this dream I was at home, in the front room which overlooks a headland and the ocean. The tsunami crashed right into our front window. I grabbed my baby girl to save her, and looked around for the baby Bjorn to attach her to me, but couldn’t find it. I ended up carrying her in my arms but she was slippery and hard to hold on to. My other children had to fend for themselves, and they are only 2.5. My husband was there somewhere also.

    The wave crashed over us but did not drown us, we ended up in the back yard being thrown about.

    I woke up and decided to go to a church with some lively music.

    I have been feeling irritable and stressed lately, but today I’m just chasing the children around and making them giggle hysterically.

    It did make me wonder – what would happen if there was a real emergency situation and it was only me – could I save the children? Scary thought…

  88. Rich Says:

    I came upon this site looking for the meaning of a recurring tsunami dream.
    Please let me start by saying I am a Metaphysica/Spritualist. I am an intuitive psychic who does not read for profit, I do readings only in sacred space (My Church mostly) and am studying past life regression. I only bring that up as I am normally able to interrupt
    messages for spirit which I feel is the origin of each and every dream.
    In my dream I am always close to the shore line, usually with one or two other people, who I cannot identify, and a few other beach goers scattered around. Suddenly the body of water also unidentified (but I live on the Gulf of Mexico) rushes far far away from the shore line so fast it
    leaves behind sealife and misc debris.
    My companions and I rush for higher ground watching thi great wall of water quickly approaching. We reach the highest elevation we can fi. The wave breaks and the surf come to our location lapping at our feet.
    I do recal a simular recurring dream as a child where as I would be sucked out the ride safely back to shore on this gigantic wave.
    Does anyone have some insight for me???

  89. Mahala Says:

    My dream is strangely similar to Sonia’s dream only 6 days ago.
    On Friday, July 25th, 2008, I was interviewed by the President of my company for a position as Regional Vice President.
    That night (this morning) I had a dream involving a tsunami . . .
    I’m standing in my house (but it’s not my house) looking out a window to a large river. Suddenly a large tsunami-like wave comes rolling down the river and crashes through the window. The muddy water fills up my house. Instinctively I look for and find my 2 year old daughter and find her. I am able to wade through the house, carrying my daughter to safety on shore. The tsunami washes away my house entirely. I then find myself in a farmers market of sorts, on the shore of the river, amongst people that seem to be completely oblivious to what happened. I carried my daughter through the market and then I woke up.
    I wonder what this means. Does this signify the future results of my interview? I’ll try to post something when I find out . . .

  90. Mahala Says:

    Has anybody noticed this similarity in many of the dreams that are posted . . . dreaming that we are inside some sort of dwelling and the tsunami crashes through a window . . . how strange, somebody should analyze this!

  91. Giulie Says:

    Last night I had a dream of a massive tidal wave. I don’t know if it was a tsunami since I never experienced one but I was actually in the water. Being from Florida, knowing how to swim is a necessity. I was taught that if there was a big wave breaking, to either swim over it or under it. In my dream I paused a moment to decide what to do. Since it was so enormous I took a deep breath and swam under it, almost feeling the sand tickling my belly. I came out the other side fine, but there was another one.
    I woke up the next day, went to work, and felt a 5.8 earthquake. I live in Cali.

  92. kelinbrighton Says:

    I have had about 4 tsunami dreams within the last year, I live in Brighton on the seafront in a balcony flat and love being near the sea. My most recent tsunami dream was similiar to the others, I see the sea level rise and a swelling, I warn my boyfriend of this and we run the our flat to get away. I’m not overley frightened in these dreams. We get into the flat and see the water flood over the beach sweeping all the people, children, animals and cars away…towards the flat…a big fire engine is coming right at us in the water and smashes through the window. I dont remember any more.

    I felt this dream has strong meaning. I often have odd dreams that seem sattached with some emotions or odd feelings afterwards

    I am currently in a very unstable point in my life. I have not been getting along with my BF, my job is on the line towards possible redundancy and we are struggling with money, also, I go off the rails when out too much sometimes. I dont remember if I was in similair situations when having had these dreams before but i’m going to take them as a warning and try really hard to sort my sh*t out. I don’t think these dreams are to be ignored. Ive learnt a lot about myself and emoitions through my dreams.

    If anyone fancies a chat abour dreams please email me on kelliefisher51@hotmail.com.

  93. kelinbrighton Says:


    A lot of dream entries seem to have similarities.
    beach is in a town, running into tall building with balconies, water smashing through windows and with our loved ones…… ????

  94. danny Says:

    well last night I had a dream regarding a Tsunami so decided to see what it represented. Little did i know that your description of your dream is very very similar to how i would describe mine. i was also on a sort of verandah at a hotel facing the beach while knowing that i would be swept away by this wave. the weird thing is about this dream is that i was pushed into the sea rather than pushed away!
    clearly i knew that a tsunami dream obviously represented change and something new can you help me with my dream???

  95. Steve Says:

    I’ve been having tsunami dreams all my life, but they’ve seemed to increase in frequency over the past few years. I always have the same two kinds of dreams that everyone else here has mentioned — The kind where I’m at the beach and the waves start rolling in higher and higher and the kind where I’m in a building with really large glass windows and I see the water about to smash through. In last night’s dream, I’m at the beach on a cloudy day. (The beach always looks vaguely like the real-life beach where I live in Florida.) I see a guy in his thirties with a young girl who’s probably about twelve or thirteen — They seem to be related, although he seems a little too young to be her father — he almost feels more like her uncle or something. They’re playfully allowing themselves to be pulled north by the really strong current that’s close to the shore, all the while, asking each other bizarre random questions. (The last thing I hear the guy say is, “What do you think of vegetarians?”) I then see an amazing surfer further out. He’s being pulled by a different current that’s moving south at an incredible pace. It’s here that the first wave washes up and hits me at about thigh-high. Not yet realizing that this is a tsunami dream, my first reaction is to move further back so my phone in my pocket doesn’t get wet. This is when the next wave hits at about chest-high and I start to freak out because I’m all the way up by the parking lot of the hotel nearby. I now realize that this is a tsunami dream — only, here’s a weird twist that I’ve never experienced before — As I start to run towards the city with the huge wall of water at my back, a “presence” for lack of a better word, picks me up and starts pulling me higher and higher into the air. I see the planet rushing away from me at a great pace. I get nervous as I’m about to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and wake myself up.

    Anyway, just a question for everyone here — Although they’re usually terrifying, do you often find yourself secretly *wanting* the tsunami to come? I’ve noticed that in a lot of my tsunami dreams, I’m almost wishing for it to happen in a weird way.

    Also, for future posters — can you mention what state or country you live in? For example, I’m from Florida/USA — I’m curious to see if these dreams are more prevalent for people who live near the ocean or if they happen to everyone regardless of where they live.

    Thanks — It’s nice to see that we’re not alone.

  96. I am a Christian, and I know that what God said in his word,that he would not flood the earth again with water when he returns but with fire, and the rainbow is his promise to us.

    I do have dreams about Tsunami’s, and when I look out over our balcony over seeing the bay area, I always see the beauty,but always wonder, What if a super Tsunami were able to pass the gates of the Golden Gate and the bay bridge. We know that California is prone to Tsunami’s, and we are due for a major Earthquake soon, and I feel movement in the ground a lot, sometimes I can tell when an earthquake is coming, but sometimes I get that uneasy feeling of a tidal wave or a Tsunami. I’ve dreamed that it was a clear and beautiful day and all of a sudden a news interuption comes through on the T.V and Radio and the internet that a Huge earthquake was just felt then we feel the trembler. Then about a few hours later a major alert goes across the immediate Bay Area that a super Tsunami is headed for California, waves spanning over 5 miles high and 2500 miles across, at this time I gather all my family together and we pray like never before,but as this is happening, and the trembling is happening the Damn in Lake Chabot area breaks and nothing but catastrophy is happening, so a Tsunami is coming in from the Ocean and technically one from the Damn cause a mountain of water comes over the neighborhoods and hills behind us and the Super Tsunami is seen from a far. OH MY GOD!!! Then I wake up, or I see parts of the lower level of what’s below us beginning to go under water…Has anyone had this happen?

  97. Mahala Says:

    Hello again!
    It’s been about a month since I had my tsunami dream. I haven’t dreamt about it since. In fact, I can’t remember any of my dreams since then. I had previously been interviewed for a big promotion . . . I didn’t get the job. Was the tsunami dream a sign? Not only did I get turned down for the promotion, but due to restructuring I essentially got demoted. Luckily, my pay hasn’t changed, but I’m still feeling upset about it. In the last month my cat almost died, spent $1100.00 to save her, my car broke down, spent $780.00 on that, and my power got shut off by mistake. I now believe that a tsunami dream is a sign, a bad sign for me, but perhaps a sign of changes for others. I’ve been down worse roads before and I know it will get better.
    I live 5 hours from Seattle, Washington, in Spokane, very land locked. I’ve never lived by the ocean. Keep posting, this is interesting.

  98. Mahala Says:

    Check this out:

    On January 26, 1700, at about 9 p.m. local time, the Juan de Fuca plate beneath the ocean in the Pacific Northwest (near Seattle, WA) suddenly moved, slipping some 60 feet eastward beneath the North American plate in a monster quake of approximately magnitude 9, setting in motion large tsunamis that struck the coast of North America and traveled to the shores of Japan.

    I found this on a website . . . coinsidence?

  99. LYN Says:

    The tsunami dream has been recurring for me. I have dreamt of a Tsunami on several ocasions but on different beaches and each of the times I am terrified! It naver carries me away but I can always see the wave forming and charging at me. I have in fact have been going through spiritual changes but it scares me to think that these dreams may come as premonition.

  100. Julia Says:

    I had an amazing tsunami dream last night. I have just finished my final exams for high school and have been talking to my family and friends about these strange dreams I’ve been having after completing my exams, and they all have had water flowing towards me, tsunamis. I wanted to lookup what this meant and I found your site. As a student who did study of religion and psychology I can relate to the archetypal symbols mentioned. Thanks for helping me shed light on what I’m experiencing.

  101. Charity Says:

    my last tsunami dream was of myself playing with my twins, two boys,(i do not in waking life) (i have two boys though). anyway i leave them to play near the ocean edge with family cousins of similar age around 5 or 6 and go into my house which is atop of a mountain which dose not take me long. as i turn to come out the door the water has risen about a foot below my entrance, fifteen feet from where i left my children. my father goes to dive in but i stop him because i see a hugh whale ( and usually they are friendly but i feel this one is not). the water subsides suddenly and my one of my boys is still there and safe and i find my other boy three days later, alive but not the same.
    I never drown in my tsunami dreams and am always ahead of them. usually i see them coming but i didnt see this one.?

  102. Charity Says:

    i am from new zealand and replying to steve i am terrified of my tsunami dreams.

  103. steve Says:

    in the past couple of weeks i have had two tsunami dreams. both have had family (which i was trying to save or get in contact with) and friends ( who were with me ) i have usually been on top of something or in the middle of the ocean. over all the dreams have had an adventurous feeling to them and i wake up somewhat vitalized. i kind of like it!

  104. Steve Says:

    Ha ha… how ironic — I’m not the same Steve from the post directly above this (#103), but I am the same Steve from the August 15th post (#95).

    I had another tsunami dream last night. This time, I’m at the beach with two girls that I haven’t seen since high school. We’re standing at the edge of the parking lot talking about surfing when out of nowhere a wave hits us about chest-high. I turn to one of the girls and say, “This is how my tsunami dreams always start.” At this point I hear a loud rumbling (which I’ve never heard before in a tsunami dream)and look up to see the ocean rising well above the horizon. We turn to run, but I feel like I can’t really move. I wake up here.

  105. Veronica Says:

    i had a tsunami dream last night. At first it was a falling star and i though how beautiful! but then it turned into a huge ball of fire and landed in the ocean it was bigger than what i first thought and created a huge tsunami,(one that would basically wipe off a huge portion of the earth) and we all knew we would die because of not enough time to evacuate. but then a white tiger appears and tries to attack me and a huge snake appeared out of nowhere and the white tiger turned its attention to that and devoured it. it was so strange!

  106. Mark Hillcrest Says:

    I’ve had one tsunami dream in my lifetime, in 1982, during the planetary “Jupiter Effect”. In it, I was on a Southern California beach packed with people. I saw the wave coming and started screaming for everyone to get out. All ignored me. I then drove to Thousand Oaks, which was higher and more inland, behind Malibu. I walked into a “new” mall, and into a “new” bookstore which had no merchandise. In 1982, the Thousand Oaks Mall, indeed, was new. No such bookstore ever existed. Many years later, I live near that mall, which is now being torn apart to construct a NEW gigantic mall in its place. I wonder: Is a new bookstore going into this new mall now? Was I possibly seeing 2009 in my old dream?

  107. Erin Says:

    I have had Tsunami dreams most of my life. They come in waves ( pun not intended) I’ll have them for months and then not again for years. I have made no correlation between the dreams and events in my life. Some strange things about them are that the wave never crashes. I just look up, usually from the beach or somewhere in the city, and I see the wave swelling. Growing taller and taller. Usually I am not scared I just want to find the people I love so THEY won’t be scared. People are always running frantically around me and I almost seem to move in slow motion. When I finally do find my loved ones, we never talk about the wave. Last night two strange things happened. First, instead of trying to find my loved ones, I ran in to the Ocean. I remember some smaller waves crashing in to me and I hit my head. When I was able to stand again I looked at the looming wave and the second strange thing happened. I thought to myself ” THIS is why I have been having all those Tsunami dreams” It was weird. Not really sure what it all means. And I wonder if there will be more

  108. Barbara Says:

    I have had tsunami dreams long before the 2005 tsunami. I’m in very shallow ocean water a good distance from shore and all of the sudden a big wall of water is coming straight for me. Sometimes I’m on a road next to the ocean and the wave comes over the road. Last night coincidently the land was dry except for a few puddles that reminded me of the ocean that was once there. I didn’t remember that until I was writing this and I’ve never been to this site before. Strange. I don’t think tsunami’s signify a big change for me because right now I’m making big changes and I dreamed of the empty ocean.

  109. Eve Says:

    Last night I went out with my ex schoolmates, after 15 years and saw someone, who was dear to me then. It seems like, I still love him. Before I went to bed, I was thinking about him a lot.
    So, later, I was dreaming, that we were walking down the beach and holding hands. Suddenly we were in the water, swimming, playing. And then I just turned my head and saw a giant wave, coming towards us and with every moment becoming bigger and bigger. It was like I see the wall in front of me. But it was a beautifull wave indeed, the colour was green blue, really clear, crystal. I knew in my dreams, that it was impossible to escape, there was no time. So I just surrendered, but felt really calm in realizing the fact, that we will die together. It was quite romantic actually, as we hold our hands and let the tsunami wave go over us. I kept my breath and hope to survive, but I think we didn’t survive. It was like a journey to eternity with someone, who you love. It was like, we are finaly together after all this time, and even if we are dying now, at least we will go TOGETHER.
    It was happy & sad at the same time.

  110. Dominique Says:

    I have dreams about Tsunamis for many years since the Tsunami in Asia. My country was the worst affected by it. It has changed my life but also the lives of many family members. We didn’t directly lose anyone in it but we missed it by a day as we were at the beach the day before it happened and always look back and think we were the lucky ones not to be at the beach on that day. However I quite often dream of Tsunamis. Sometimes I am on the beach and running away trying to survive or sometimes I am on a high building and trying to warn others about it. Sometimes even though I am on a high level I dream of the waves being so high they block out the sun and engulf the whole island and there are no survivors. What do these dreams mean? I don’t know. Very confusing. I do know that I wake up afterwards feeling very confused and even frightened wondering if it is a premonition of some sort. I do go to the beach but very rarely compared to before the Asia Tsunami. And when I do go I always keep a watch on the horizon to see if there is any wave climbing too high to be normal. Tsunamis… only god can understand them I think.

  111. Indira Says:

    I had a dream of a tsunami last night. The thing is I was in the water but was able to hold my breath then go to a higher building. I always dream tsunamis, but this time i was actually in the water with my mother….but we eventually survive it. What i remember clearly though i was not afraid and was accepting that i may die.
    The first time i dream of a tsunami soon after the tsunami took place in Indonesia. The second time a huge tidal wave hit my country. But this time the dream was more at a spiritual level because i was praying and felt peaceful.

  112. Michael F. Says:

    I have been having tsunami dreams for about a year now. In the dream, I am always slightly excited, as well as terrified. I yell and warn others. I have never felt the water or been swept away by it. I manage to escape it? The dream fades around the time it hits the shore. These dreams were more common in the past six months and I had one last night. Maybe I should try to face the tsunami in my dream? I can relate to the spiritual, emotional changing theory. I hope I never have to face the real thing though. Peace from San Francisco, CA!

  113. Mahala Says:

    Just an update . . . since my tsunami dream in July my step-father died (married to my mom since I was 4), my grandfather died, and I lost my job. Three major things, I know things seem to go in 3’s. I am hoping for a rebirth now, new job, new perspective, it’s crazy!

  114. nick Says:

    I have never recurrent dreams but now since about 6 months ago I have been having tsunami dreams. I have only had 6 or so I think but they feel very significant. It is strange because the scenery/location always changes and even the characteristics of the waves have never been the same. One time I was even being swept along a swift and deep river back into the ocean. The feelings are always the same though, I am not scared but definitely aware of the power involved. Generally I feel content to let it wash over me and do whatever. I feel like something will happen if I stay in the dream long enough and I feel like I want it to happen, but I always wake up before it does. Last night was a weird one because not only was the tsunami there but there was a giant squid or something with a huge tentacle in the wave. I still felt unafraid though, I was even surfing in the wave in the beginning of the dream which I has happened a couple times before too. I woke up again before whatever I am waiting for to happen happened. Also sometimes I have a home on the beach where the dream ends, and like some of the other people the wave never crashes.

  115. Ghada Says:

    December 17, 2008. 7:00a.m.
    I just woke up feeling washed away and scared of the tsunami dream I just had. Last time I had tsunami dreams was back when I lived in Kuwait before the Gulf war. The Gulf war has caused deep changes in all terms soul, attitude, economic conditions…etc to thousands and thousands of people who lived there. I have been living in North America ever since and nowadays it seems the big change to the worse is economic changes. I used to dream of changing my set of teeth which some translates it into change to the better of you life. My life did change gradually to much better. I think tsunami dreams is a change happening to a whole lot of people not only me to the worse. We will be affected differently. The ones closer to the shore will be affected the worse, the ones on the balcony will watch the whole kios over worried not affected as badly. Back in Kuwait we used to live near the shore but in North America we live near a river.

  116. Jene Jackson Says:

    I began to dream about tsunamis a week before Hurricane Katrina. The waves are unbelievable; they are about a mile high. I am usually washed away. In my last tsunami dream I observed a large wave as high as my 5th floor apartment from my apartment’s bay window. I survived the wave because I ran to the 8th floor where I found a preacher telling his congregation that global warming was a ruse. I became angry with the preacher because I believed the tsunami I had just escaped is somehow connected to the global warming epidemic. Perhaps these dreams have something to do with the December 2012 hype about the end of the world as we know it.

  117. Christina Says:

    I sometimes have tsunami dreams and they are so terrifying I can’t recover the whole day.
    Usualy I dream myself walking on a beach, or going towards the sea when suddenly the calm nice blue sea (the only sea appearance that I actually enjoy) turns into wavy black and then the sky turns cloudy and a huge black wave is fast coming towards me from the horizon. I usualy know what will happen..The feelings of no escape, tragedy, “everyone will die”, “impossible to run away”…Sometimes I try to run as fast as I can, sometimes I turn my back and cover my head and just stay on the beach ready for the milion ton bang..Sometimes I know I’m dead sometimes I stay alive, sometimes 2 more tsunamis like that come…BUt they are never ever positive!! NO matter which colour is the wave – black and transparent blue!!! Maybe spiritual change but into the negative side?????

  118. Natalia Says:

    i’ve have 2 significant tsunami dreams and in both i try to rescue myself, family & friends. in one of them, i didnt know whether to go get my family, or to stay with my roommates. in the 2nd, i felt i had to protect one of my roommates, nobody else was present. i just moved from home, so i can understand how this may tie in with my spirituality &/or emotions. definitely a lot of changes – but i can’t say im a content person yet.

  119. Victoria Says:

    I have had reoccurring tsunami dreams all my life. I lived on an Island but I had never heard of a tsunami until I was in high school and my Marine Biology teacher played an old tsunami movie. It was then that I was real scared because I realized that the dream represented a real catastrophe. I have always had these dream and I’m now in my late forties. I feel better that so many other shave a similar dream. I encounter the tsunami in many different settings,sometims I’m alon and sometimes with family friends but the outcome is the same the wave swallows us and I wake up. Thsi year I’ve had multiple dreams of the tsunami and it was worrying me more so I decided ggole it & found this site. Could this be a warning that there is going to be a large catatrophe? I feel that they are happening much more frequetly

  120. Carolina Says:

    I’ve also had sunami dreams. I’ve spoken to people that are spiritually developed maybe enlightened or close to it… They say a big change in the WORLD is going to happen and its going to happen with the Upheaval of the sea, aniihiliating people and land…what is left will be the beginning of a new form of living. Awakened and aware people will save themselves. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS PERSPECTIVE?

  121. ellie Says:

    i have had three same dreams of a tsunami. when i run away i get into our car and drive past the same shops in a little town all i can think about is running to my kids and saving them i dont understand what theses dreams are. about 4 months ago i had a dream that i was on a red skyed beach and there was loads of tsunami it was split in the middle and coming towards me but every time i ran i could always see it in front of me please help as it is scaring me now thanks

  122. Nix Says:

    I don’t know whether it would be accurate to say that my dreams have really started freaking me out or not… I’ve had dreams (very frequent – 1+ per week) about mega waves, tsunamis etc since as long as I can remember… Definitely since the age of two or younger, so effectively for at least 30 years… The setting is never the same, the danger always feels real.. Sometimes I only need to try and save myself, other times it is my family or friends or even strangers that I try to save… Sometimes I need to be saved…

    All I know is that over time, the waves have become bigger and consume more… The dreams are very vivid, but there are 3 that stand out and still make me feel ill when I think of them… Actually, all of them make me feel ill afterwards even though I’m relatively calm during the dream…

    One that I had when I was about 10 years old involved my brother and I playing on the beach… The waves got rougher and bigger very quickly and we were running for higher ground. The water just kept reaching us as we scrambled up a huge mountain… Even at the top of the mountain, the sea level kept rising… I woke up before we were totally consumed by the waters, but with a feeling that there was no escape from the inevitable…

    The worst yet was a few years ago – not too long before the 2004 disaster… A mega tsunami struck and although we lived up high, we had a view of the sea… The waters kept rising… I grabbed the kids (I have 3) and my labrador and we got in the car and headed for even higher ground, but the water kept rising… Eventually we couldn’t go any higher and I knew the water would reach us, so we got out the car and I held onto the kids with all my strength. I somehow knew that once the water had washed over us, it would begin to recede… I told the kids to hold onto me no matter what… To take a really deep breath when the water came… It washed over us with immense strengh and I held onto the kids tightly… I could see our dog was alright… The next moment my littlest daughter (a baby at the time) was pulled out of my arms by the raging water… I tried to hold on but all I had left in my hand was her diaper… The water started receding but there was no sign of her anywhere… Following the receding water I eventually found her… Pale, lifeless, dead… I woke up sobbing from the depths of my heart… Strangely, not even waking up and realising it was just a dream and that she was fine could console me… I still feel the pain now…

    A very recent dream was of being at the top of a really big mountain… I was with family… We were visiting them and there was a church next door… Something felt very wrong so I went outside only to discover that the entire city below had been flooded by the sea… There was water everywhere… We all made a run for even higher ground, but as I looked up, a wall of water at least 150m high was coming over the top of the mountain towards us… The whole world was flooded and there was no escape… We had no choice but to let the water take us… Just as the last miniscule shred of life was leaving my body, I woke up…

    I dream of huge volumes of water all the time… The dreams don’t actually feel symbolic… They feel like real warnings of impending doom… I feel like there will be a mass flood or mega mega tsunami in my lifetime… Mass destruction… Pole shifts even…

    I wish my dreams felt more symbolic, but they don’t… Does anyone else feel like their dreams are real warnings???

  123. Nix Says:

    Having read some posts more thoroughly…

    Steve at #95 – yeah, in some tsunami dreams I almost do want the tsunami to come… But, I always get a strange feeling just before it is clear that it’s happening…

    I also get that same strange feeling in real life sometimes… Usually just before a major disaster, freak accident or death of someone close…

    I live in South Africa! I live high up in the mountains nowhere near the sea, although I have lived at the coast before – for 6 years and then again for one year in 2007…

    On 19th March 2007 the Durban coast and miles North and South were lashed by HUGE waves… Apparently not Tsunamis, but some waves reached 14m high… I looked out my bedroom window (about 20m above sea level and 1km inland) and saw waves crashing onto the beach road… Keen photographer and adrenaline junkie, I grabbed my camera and headed for the “beach”… Had some close calls, but got some awesome pics… Kids’ school was evacuated, beach sealed off by police, so much excitement…

    The entire coastline (about 700km) has been totally re-shaped… Some beaches didn’t return and now they’re just sea…

  124. Steve Says:

    Nix — I get the same feeling as you — These dreams don’t really feel symbolic — They feel more like premonitions of some impending global disaster. I’ve read a lot of stuff about pole shifts, 2012, Atlantis, etc. because they all seem to strike a sort of resonance with the tsunami dreams I’ve always had. I don’t know… I’m hoping these types of dreams are just a quirky part of human nature.

    By the way, I had another dream a few weeks ago that I didn’t post. I was sort of hovering above the ocean. The planet was in what seemed like a perpetual darkness and I was hearing a sort of “news cast” (for lack of a better word) in my mind. The “news reporter” was saying, “In a single night, more than 85 percent of the Earth’s landmass sank beneath the sea…”

  125. Idoul Says:

    This week i have had two dream that deals with floods or tsunami’s. In both i was also with a particular person and there has been a strong emotional connection with that person. I am not aware that i am going through a spiritual change as some definitions of tsunami dreams indicate. However, i would agree that i am currently more conscious of making a life change by forcing myself to become a more direct and out-going person. A year ago i had my first tsunami dream. “I was in the south and the tsunami was headed our way. It was a very huge wall of water that towered over everything in site. There was no escaping the water. There were church goers all around singing and they were standing there waiting for the water to wash everything away. They were not afraid. I went inside a house and when the waters came the house started to get flooded”. I can’t recall what i was going through when i had that dream, possibly spiritual struggle but that was a year ago. I do feel that i am on the verge of a significant change in my life. I noticed that every 6 years I always experience a significant life change. Age 6 1983: Moved to the US from an island, Age 12 1989: Received my first computer which changed my future goals, Age 18 1995: My mother died, Age 24 2001: Started my career in computers, Age 30 2007: My last children were born (twins), Age 36 2013: Waiting to see what happens …

    I think the Tsunami dream are coming more often since i have been trying to control lucid dreaming. Have anyone experienced this?

  126. Mimi Says:

    I had never had a dream about a tsunami until about a year ago. Now I seem to have one at least once a week. Though a spiritual person, I wouldn’t say I have been going through many spiritual changes lately. Also some of my most spiritual changes occurred before I had ever had a tsunami dream.
    The recurring thing in my dream is being separated from family members and multiple tidal waves hitting me. I sometimes try to move to higher ground but most of the time I stay put. Every time though I turn and look at the wave, duck my head, and hold my breath. I’m never moved from my location, and occasionally I even breathe in water, although I do not drown from the inhalation of it. I always survive, and then I am trying to find my loved ones. I suppose this could relate to the many trials I have had in my life and always surviving them. The dreams are always a mixture of terror and excitement, much the way I feel after real life natural disasters or terrorist attacks. I’m never excited by the death, but just by the magnitude of it all and the realization that I am so little in the grand scheme of things and that every person deep down is the same, just trying their best and wanting the best for themselves and loved ones.

  127. sara Says:

    I just had my 4th or 5th tsunami dream last night. I started to have tsunami dreams about 3 or 4 months ago…My dreams are always very vivid. The interesting part is that tsunami always came very close to me, inches from my face but never hit me! never! I either woke up, or it was blocked by a glass( exactly similar to the one that I read in one of the comments above).But this time I dreamed that I was surfing in CA and it suddenly hit me, I closed my eyes and didn’t try to get a way from it…I couldn’t anyways…and seconds later I found myself in Australia… I could see the huge waves coming towards the place(not a tsunami)but they couldnt come any closer. I felt I was safe there. Interestingly enough I started talking to one of the Austalian locals in my dream and told him that I’ve been having several dreams about tsunamis and somehow I either knew I was dreaming again or I thought my dreams finally became real. but it didn’t stop there;I found my self dreaming in my dream( I dreamed that I was asleep and had a dream) in the dream someone invisible wtote something on a blurred mirror… ORIOLETE FETE, or ORTIOLETE FETE… I remember I wrote that down on a piece of paper(in my dream) so I would remember it when I woke up… suddenly I found myself somewhere else… I was with an ethnic kid probably a 10 year old, and we were running away from a global tsunami…It was the most terrifying experience…the sky was gray and cloudy and we were in a freeway in mountains (everywhere was covered in snow) and I clould see the huuuuge waves coming from behind the tall mountains and water was covering the land… and that was it…when I woke up I tried to remember that wierd name…ORIOLETE FETE… I had no idea what it meant, so I googled it Oriolete didn’t come up but when I was searching for a word similar to it on dictonary and I found a similar looking word and it meant meteorites or a huge mass of metal, and fete means a day of celeberation… so I’m thinking it means a day wit many meteorites…and if that could be ture…maybe we are being warned that many meteorites hitting the earth in one day are going to cause a huge global tsunami…….

  128. Mike N. Says:

    After reading this article and everyone’s comments, I feel self fulfilled. I have had many psychology classes and have studied Carl Jung, so I knew that all dreams had meaning. I vaguely remember my dreams and for years thought I never had any, but after studying I realized that everyone dreams in REM sleep, just some remember more than others. I have had these Tsunami dreams for the past two years now, all seem to be the same location, just different times of the day, different weather situations and one time I was in a beach house. These dreams have happened sporadically and feel very real, I’ve had seven in the course of two years. The last four have occurred more frequently, spanning in the last three months. Last month after awaking from this horrific dream I explained to my wife in full detail what took place, she thought nothing of it until I told her this was recurring then she thought it was strange. After last nights escapade I decided to look up the meaning of tsunami dreams and found this website as well as all of you. I have to admit that after finding my answer I have also found complete solace. I have been going through this life altering transition for the past two years. This spiritual upheaval as some of you referred to it, was much needed in my life because I was in danger of losing everything that was precious to me……my family! Now that I have found my answer, I say bring on Poseidon’s wrath I will face the salt water wall of terror with the urgency to replenish my soul and continue on my journey to spiritual solace!

  129. Ashley Says:

    Last night was my first night having a tsunami dream. In it I was with a lot of people I knew on a vacation island doing all of the tourist-like things. While on the beach, I noticed people kept pointing to the ocean. When I looked, I saw huge waves that looked like they were as high as the sky! Then the water/waves slowly crept on the beach. Every few minutes the water kept creeping up. Everyone on the beach including myself began to move further and further away from the beach. Some how I rememeber walking back toward the beach and ending at a “sand cliff” were the beach had eroded. (I was confused also…) So I was looking down off of a high cliff at sand and out at the ocean getting closer. Then out of nowhere the largest wave we’d seen during this period of time appeared out of the ocean. Everything & Everyone was silent. I remember running to an SUV and kneeling beside it, clutching all of my belongings with my eyes closed. Then I turned my face to the beach again and saw nothing but water coming to towards ME! I Woke Up in a complete nightsweat, shaking, scared and confused…

    I’ve done research on Tsunami dreams and I think my Tsunami dream has to do with the fact that I met a guy that I really like but I’m scared it’s not going to work out-I’d always had fears of falling in love because I can’t stand someone leaving me. I don’t think I love this guy but I have developed feelings. Recently, I been thinking that he’s trying to think of creative ways to end our relationship. I think that the Tsunami represents the underlying pain I feel about relationships and this one in particular.

  130. Arun Andavar Says:

    You know I’m from a place very close to one of the badly Tsunami (2004) hit area. But I never used to get Tsunami dreams till 2008. So my opinion is that the dreams that I’m getting now in 2009 are not the effect of those. Looks like I’m not in control of something..Might be my anger..fear of losing ..

    But really this dream is unbelievable and scaryyyyy.

    Interesting to see many of you have also got such dreams…

  131. jaishree devdas Says:

    I have had tsunami dreams atleast 5 times, and every time i find myself with my schoolmates on the beach and i see this huge wave coming and we are all running to save our lives. But in one of my dreams i clearly remember that when the wave reached so high that it covered our view of the sky, there suddenly was a change in the climate… we could see colors filled in the sky, beautiful smell… an amazing feeling… and there was this smooth music of bells and violens
    .. it was beautiful.. every one around me stood still with the wave just above our heads.. and all of a sudden the wave receded!!!!!!

  132. jaishree devdas Says:

    oh ya…and lately…i have changed my job to something i love and am really so happy now….. so i guess thats what the change is!!!

  133. krystal Says:

    I have been dreaming about water for a long time.. I always tell my family when i wake up something like “I had another bad dream .. the water was coming to get me”

    I’m glad that i found this site because this morning after i woke up from a series of water dreams i was telling my sister.. “I couldnt possibly be the only one having these dreams!”

    And I guess its nice to know that youre not alone.

    my dreams about it change up a lot.. but usually i’m with family and i’m always worried about my 2 cats and getting them to safety because.. i couldnt imagine them having to deal with that much water on their own..
    last night was weird because some parts about my dream really made no sense.
    first i had a dream that i was in a hardware store or a warehouse made out of sheet metal .. and it was raining and the rain was collecting outside on the roof until the weight of the water was too heavy and the roof broke open and all the water poured in.. but it was a lot of water..

    then it switched to me in a white van with . i dont even know who .. i feel like it was my mom..
    and there was a bunch of water in the streets .. and waves crashing on the cars.. it was on pacific coast highway. so it was pretty close to the water.. i dont really know how it ended but

    it switched again and i was in someones backyard or something and there were like 3 pools.. and i was in my bathing suit and i walked over to these double wooden doors and the water went back and i told everyone to take cover.. and they were like.. chillin in the pool.. in the bottom of the pool.. like they could breathe under there or something.. and someone had my cats .. in the water.. and i kept thinking thats strange that theyre okay with that..

    anyway.. anyone feel free to e-mail me about this .. krystal.smith59@yahoo.com ..
    just mention something about tsunami dreams in the subject ..

  134. Matt Bennett Says:

    I had a Tsunami dream last night, I was on the coast and looked down at the bay which had drained of water. There were many people around and we all started runnin up to higher ground. Whilst running a looked to my left to the coast line and saw a huge swell approaching, realising it was coming quickly myself and several others started climbing a huge liquid amber tree to avoid being sewpt away. When we climbed up the tree we found it was very flexible even though it was a huge tree it felt like it was made of rubber. The thought struck me that the tree would bend over or become uprooted when the wave hit. Other thoughts ran through my head – was I high enough ? would I be able to hold on ?
    Then I awoke !

  135. Argenn Besinga Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. my first tsunami dream to be exact. I was on the beach having a vacation and noticed the sky turned darker. There was my family and the people were pointing to the ocean. Some were running around screaming. The waves were impossible to escape and it was SO huge and dark. there were about 4 or 5 waves that hit us. gladly, my family and I survived the huge waves but some people got killed or flushed away with the waters.

    And also I guess the reason why I had that dream is because of the spiritual changes that’s happening to me. And also that it’s Lenten season.. so I guess there’s a connection with that.

  136. Gail Says:

    About a year ago I had my first and only tsunami dream. It came after a time of “spiritual awakening”, about a year into my conversion to Catholicism.

    I was at a vacation spot in a hotel or retreat center facing the water with my inlaws and my Mom. I went outside and saw the water recede. I ran inside and through the building screaming for everyone to get to higher ground. When I was certain that everyone was out, I ran to the door, but by the time I reached the exit, I saw the water come over the building and I knew I was trapped inside. I turned and saw my Mom. We were both calm and accepted our fate. We prayed that the Lord receive us into His Kingdom.

  137. Kelly Says:

    I had my second tsunami dream last week. My first tsunami dream was one week before the Thailand tsunami, and i dreamt i was tied to a pole in an Asian country, watching the tsunami come.
    Last week, I dreamt that I was in a boat on the ocean, and the tsunami kept coming at me, on repeat almost, and every time it would crash over me, I would try to maneuver the boat a different way so that it wouldn’t be flooded. Finally, I decided to just jump out of the boat and swim under the tsunami, and it worked. I was suddenly swimming in a world of enlightened beings on a flooded planet, all of whom had gone under the wave as well.
    Last night, I went to a spiritual ceremony where i made the most significant emotional progress of my life to date. it literally saved my life. This made me think of the dream, and i am certain i was just learning how to swim under it correctly.

  138. Sophea Says:

    A couple weeks ago I had a dream where I was sitting on a beach with a friend. I was speaking with her when I looked up and saw this huge wave come for the beach. I automatically got up and ran and dove right into the wave like you do at the beach when a wave “sneaks” up on you. Unfortunately, I ended up at the top of the wave where it crashed me right into the beach. A moment later I was on the beach again sitting next to my friend when I asked if I was deceased. Se responded saying that I was.

    Also, last week I had another wave dream which was a little different because I did not dive into this one and do not remember to many details. After reading this and other articles regarding dreams, I realized I could have prepared myself for future events if I only had read the meanings my dreams. But we live and learn.

  139. Joanne Says:

    I have these dreams a lot. I don’t know what they mean they are very scary though. The one I had last night was the first time I was in a boat. I was looking out to sea and I saw the Statue of Liberty, The eiffel Tower, Temple Mount and a couple of other iconic monuments that I can’t remember. They were all together though and they were shining bright but then a huge wave came and sank everything with a burst of light. It was very sad and I felt helpless. I am sure this is a combination of how I feel in real life and also the news that surrounds me.

  140. Kristin L. Says:

    Hi!! I too have had tsunami dreams since late high school, I think. I graduated in 2001.

    They started when I was dating a boy and couldn’t decide whether or not to stay with him. I ended up breaking off the relationship and the dreams ended … for a while. They have come back, off and on, since then.

    Last night, the tsunamis were the largest ever. Hundreds and hundreds of feet tall and death seemed eminent. No one could possibly survive a tsunami this tall. In fact, when I first knew the tsunamis were coming, I remember trying to figure out if I was in a dream. I thought to myself, “is this a dream? I have tsunamis in my dreams.” But I decided it was real. Tsunamis may be our portal to lucid dreaming, especially if they are recurring, which is totally fascinating.

    I was in Costa Rica, in a hotel, like so many of you, with a group of friends. What is the connection between travel and the tsunamis? Is it simply because I do not live near the ocean and must travel to get there? Or is it something about exploration and uncertainty?

    Also, the waves were unique in another way this time. At first, they originated from the ocean, naturally, but soon they were crashing in from opposite angles — both from the ocean and the direction of shore. They smacked into one another and created an intense flash of white light. The double smack caused the building I was in to topple to one side, and I was able to escape.

    Next time I hope to decide that I am dreaming and attempt a lucid dream! I’ll write back if successful. 🙂

  141. Suzy Says:


    I know you can find anything if you look for it on the web – but i feel very strongly that we are all having Tsunami dreams for a reason.

    My first was this week and i still feel shaken and uneasy by it.

    I was swimming in the sea – which i never do because i dont like to. The sea was getting choppier and i could feel there was something wrong. I tried shout to the people i was with – don’t know who they were – to get out and RUN. No one listened to me and even if they did I was too busy running to care!

    I ran and ran up hill – up this mountain i could hear myself panting. The ground changed from pebbly to stoney to me being amongst the trees. I kept scrambling up hill aware that i had to make sure my husband and two boys were safe even though i didn’t even know where they were. I eventually reached the top of this mountain and turned around and saw an incredible wave coming my way. I took a huge breath – funny – I know! and the wave settled about twenty feet below me all arouns – the top of the trees were only just visible. I saw a little house further up the mountain (hansel and grettle like) ran in and my family were all there. safe – we look out the windows and looked down on the devestation knowing that nothing would ever be the same again.

    I went down the hill again and met a very distraught woman and her two daughters who insisted on giving me their jewellery so that they KNEW they would come back. They wanted to go doen and see what was left. I told them to come and find us at the house when they came back.

    I went back up the hill again -heart pounding and woke up – heart pounding and feeling very disoriented and i cant get it all out of my mind ever since.

    I’ll be keeping an eye here for more insights.


  142. Christina Says:

    I’ve had a couple of Tsunami dreams over the last few months. Each time i’m not with my husband and kids but lots of people are around. First dream i’m on the beach some whhere exotic and the suction occurs and then the huge wave grows in the distance and proceeds towards me but i wake up (in a sweat)before it crashes. At the time of the dream we where in South Africa and staying in a hotel overlooking a very choppy surfers haven. There had been a storm, and although my husband ( a native of SA) had re assured me it’s a typical storm for them i was a little scared and i did invisage a Tsunami occuring although i new not possible as i was told scientifically.

    Second dream i’m in a hotel not sure where and it has huge glasss windows and people are sat down eating. Then a huge wave appears to come tower us and crash around us, but no water happens to enter the building …and then i wake up!

    Strangely enough, I honeymooned in Thailand the very same year the Tsunami occured in Dec’04 and I rembember one time a sbeed boat was taking us to one of the phi phi islands. The water began to get very choppy which the driver decided to turn back as i recall telling him i was eight weeks pregnant and him telling me there where no life jackets. I remember never feeling so scared in my life. I gave birth to my first child Chloe on the 30th Dec after she was due on the 23rd and remember the shock of hearing the traggic news on the 26th Dec and crying non stop till day of delivery which i cried even more tears still.

    I Can only believe that the dreams do signify my need to protect my children as i remember the feeling on that boat and how terrified i got and how distraught over the news like much of the whole world was to the Tsunami in South East Asia.

    Also i feel a dream takes place when i have had quarrel with my hubby, so i guess it’s as mentioned earlier an explosion of emotions.

    I will deffinatley looking out for more posts as i cannot believe how many people are also effected by these dreams.


  143. Leila Jisr Says:

    Hello from Beirut,

    I am surprised to read about tsunami dreams, as i have never met anyone who had them (i have had 4 so far, the first one before the big tsunami of 2005). I Love the sea, love to swim and feel most happy when i look at the sea. However, i am haunted by these dreams, where flood, water, buildings, cars, people are drowning. It is always very dramatic. But during the last 2 dreams, my fear of dying and not beeing able to protect my children transforms into a peaceful feeling. i realise in the dream that this is too big for me to control and i just need to let go. Which i finally do in the dream. I accept the fact that i can either survive or drown. And my fear disolves. I wake up very disturbed by the dream, and need more than a day to recover. i am sure that living in Beirut (where i grew up during the war) brings up many emotions, that are sometimes difficult to handle and control, therefor the dream?? I don’t know, and would like to read more about it.

  144. M. Says:

    I had a tsunami dream a few days after I broke up for good with my boyrfriend after almost 2 years of having a horrible and emotional relationship..

    In the dream I was with a friend in her truck driving away from this huge tsunami I could see comming over the mountains– it finally hit and ussually id expect for me to wake up– but instead the dream continued and we were under water holding our last breath– until we drove into underground place with air– lol it was kinda random- but I woke up feeling relieved–

    And after reading this post– it makes sence– I totally felt as if I am accepting the breakup and my emotions washing away and becoming a stronger person. And I feel as surviving the tsunami in my dream it reflects me surviving and getting over this relationship–!

    Thanks for the great post!

  145. Sally Says:

    This morning was the first time I ever dreamt of a tsunami. I was in a mini bus and we were driving along the seaside, I was videoing the ocean because the waves were very choppy the next minute I saw a super huge gigantic wave 100 metres high I was videoing it – it was incredible I said it’s gotta be a tsunami I told the bus driver to drive fast but he just sat there like a zombie and the bus was stationary. I nudged him, I was screaming and hysterical to drive fast because this is seriously happening. He wouldn’t move and I swore at him as the waves were moving in behind us like in the movies. I woke up then. I wonder what the dream means?

  146. chris Says:

    I seen a wave and i kind of laughed..but then a tsunami..and it buried me… i woke up..on dry land.. i got up.. i seen another one coming..so i flew straight up in the air…and i did something to stop the tsunami… but it came a third time so i flew up in the air again..but this time out of the earths atmsophere..but i entered some kind of room.. and i was chattin with a woman.. who revered me…for some weird reason.. and there was no more tsunamis..but than the world was in a drought… than it started raining again..and there was a sense of happiness….. not sure what that all means…….:)

  147. syl Says:

    i had and still have tsunami dreams too. The first set of dreams appeared shortly before the indonesian tsunami and I barely remember them. however – in those dreams I always was an observer in some kind of safe place. Like for example in a helicopter – and when the waves got so high to reach the helicopter i freaked out but the pilot and my BF were not scared to I watched in fascination. Then for many years the dreams stopped. They reappeared mid last year and this time they were different. In one dream I was in a kind of a restaurant overlooking the ocean and I noticed the water was rising unusually and then a wave so big that it hit the windows of the restaurant hit. That was ok, the owner said that happens in winter sometimes. then a 2nd wave approached which looked so big it would run over the whole restaurant, i wanted to run away but stayed inside and I think with the 3rd wave the place got trashed and I died in this dream. Typically I don’t die in dreams but in my late tsunami dreams i did. Another one was…I was hiking some cliff above the ocean and saw a large wave approaching, tried to get to a higher place. with BF and dog. Again a 2 nd wave and this one almost got me, my BF reaching out to pull me up onto a high place but the thrid huge wave came and washed everything away, again I died in this dream. All of those have in common that they are very intense and “feel different” than a normal dream. Anyways – earlier this year we moved, still living close to the ocean but my dreams have changed. Still increadible high waves eating everything up, covering everything but now I am in a safe place, kind of on a high hill and it is incredible tha the waves get up this high. I look at them fascinated and scared and want to get to a higher place but kind of know too that I am safe. So – at least I don’t die any more in my dreams 🙂
    So in this case the change of life circumstances, the move, other stuff could have triggered those dreams and expressing that time of change in my life. There is however a tiny bit of what worries me – I had dreams in the past which – looking back – could easily be connected to real events that happend. They had in common that they “felt different”, more intense, clear. So – whatever the reason is for the dreams – I am glad i found this site and all your dreams.

  148. anastasia Says:

    I have a tsunami drean very often the last 2 years!And then I start to run away I can’t move my feet!The last tsunami dream I saw take my mum’s life!Then I woke up I was so scared!
    But I never died from a tsunami in m dreams!
    The last days I get kind a worry about that dreams so I find that webside!oh God so many people have the same dream with me!=)

  149. Surfer Says:

    Fascinating posts! 🙂

    I have 2 recurring dreams. One is about a Tsunami which I see filling up the horizon in the distance and swelling to such heights there is no doubt in my mind I will not be able to escape it, thus sealing my fate.

    The other is about a nuclear bomb going off within such a range that I also know that I’m done for. I can see the mushroom cloud and I simply know that I’m going to die.

    Both dreams scare me out of my mind. However in both cases I find myself struggling for survival. I try to escape the apparently inevitable. In one particular awesome dream I actually picked up a surfboard and in a moment of last defiance I ran towards the wave with it.

    In another it was actually a nuclear explosion that set off a tidal wave. So I believe these 2 dreams are linked somehow.

    So for me personally those dreams not so much translate into emotional or spiritual change, but are more related to fear for the loss of control. Their impact on once life are absolute and there is no way to sidestep or circumvent their influence.

    I however found a way to deal with this.. This summer, inspired by my dreams, I took up surfing lessons and I plan on becoming adept enough to surf some of those big waves in Hawaii, thus facing one of my biggest fears.

  150. Jenna Says:

    I’ve been having tsunami dreams for the last two years. I’ve never died in my dreams like other people have mentioned. I always seem to run to the highest hill/building. The wave has never reached me – I just see it approaching. I’m freaked out in these dreams. I have always loved the beach. In March I had to go down to the coast for work. We stayed in a beautiful apartment overseeing the beach and had a great time, although I was paranoid that a tsunami might hit us. I was checking the sea level at night to make sure it didn’t raise. I was so relieved when we went home.

    Is there something wrong with me? Why do I keep on dreaming about tsunami’s?

  151. samantha Says:

    I have been having dreams of tsunami’s for three years now they are recurring but sometimes differ.
    I am often within a building that my concious does not know and can see out of the window the water rising and i just turn my back and let it gush through everywhere. I am sometimes holding a baby which i have to protect. It is always dirty water except once when it was clear blue waters. I do wonder why i keep dreaming of tsunami’s it is horrid and i wake up in a sweat feeling sick and crying as they are so vivid. I found it really interesting to read others comments.

  152. jeems Says:

    i had a tsunami dreams last night..and it caught my youngest sister..wow it creeps me out..

  153. jay Says:

    I had a tsunami dream this morning. i searched on the web for meanings of tsunami and this came up..

  154. Patrice Says:

    Only a few dreams over the years. The one this morning very vivid. My husband is driving car I am passenger, we go along road up a hill. We nearly approach top when a wave fifty high looms above us. That bit was awesome as I can still the wave in my mind, no fear about it. The wave crashes over car breaking windscreen, husband ends up in back of car.Then we are in a park with lots of picnic tables and benches. People arrive with cars then put tarpaulins over the picnic tables, however a family nearby tries to cover our car and our picnic table with their tarpaulin. they are annoyed when we ask them to remove it.

    We are going thru lots of stress at the moment, car accident, selling house to move overseas.

    I like the spiritual connection with tsnumanis, but the others about turmoil in life seems to fit us at the present.

  155. Caitlin Says:

    I have had 5 or 6 tsunami dreams within the last few months. Each dream is a different scenario but I am always with someone. I either try to run and wake up right before the waves crashes on me, or I hold on to something and hold my breath, and I survive, but the waves keep coming and are more and more intense. I am terrified of the beach now, just the thought of going makes me nervous.

  156. Kalpana Narayanasamy Says:

    Last night was one of the biggest night in my life. I woke seeing my dead body floating in water. Yes, I had a Tsunami dream. Me and my lover were standing in the beach with coconut trees on both the sides. Water is very clear. For the first time am going out with him and he is talking about our future. All of a sudden am putting my mouth wide open he watches it… He is running and coming and dragging me towards his right. Tsunami in a ball form crossed next to us and we both were watching it. All the people in the beach started running saying that it is an indication for a big tsunami. He kicks of his motor bike and drives it as fast as he can. Am saying to him we are in ECR road which is full of beach and no ways we can escape from it. Meanwhile people started shouting at the top. He stopped his bike and holded my hand tight and I saw the tsunami coming over us. Somehow we were departed and my dead body is floationg in water.

    I woke crying that I couldnt find him thou am dead… After waking up almost 30 minutes I was thinking I shouldnt goto beach anymore… Also something gave me a strong feeling that shortly tsunami gonna come so I should be aware and keep my family and friends safe by informing this….

  157. s Says:

    good story….

  158. sana Says:

    i have had drowning dreams for as long as i can remember, sometimes i’m climbing up on buildings because the water is filling up everywhere, mostly im just falling in water as i dont know how to swim.
    sometimes the waves just sweep me away. once the water turned to petrol and was afire while i was drowning. yesterday i dreamt of massive waves which have taken over the entire landscape, while i’m trying to tie down with a rope the building i live in, as suddenly it seems to be toppling over. and for the first time in all the history, i did not drown and the waves receded, leving a vivid pink and orange landsape…

    its bizzare what all the human mind can conjure out of the blue. I have been going through a state of intense emotional upheavel for the past four years, during which the dreams have intensified…

  159. Bernie Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night…two in fact.
    I just the other day, had a fall out with an ex girlfriend.
    We were still friends, but now she doesn’t want to be friends even.
    It was a silly misunderstanding, one which I feel a simple ‘sorry’ would suffice.
    I have said it so many times but she ignores me.
    Strangely enough, I feel now that either I admit I want to be with her, or
    cut her off completely, realizing any relationship would be toxic.
    I’m a big believer in the power of dreams, having been told of my fathers death,
    and a time when I was wasting effort on something else.
    Maybe this tsunami dream means it’s time to move on.

  160. Abdiel Bustillo Says:

    For the last few months I’ve been having consecutive dreams of Tsunamis…Im always at a beach or restaurant…when I see the water being dragged far into the ocean…when I realize that the wave is forming I run…The first 2 dreams i had about the tsunami I ran…but yesterday night I stayed and sttod up to it with family n friends…

  161. Brittani Says:

    Wow it is so weird to see so many other people that are having Tsunami dreams! I’m not sure if I’m relieved or more freaked out. I moved to Wilmington NC a little over a year ago. I started having the tsunami dreams about 3 months ago. I dream them atleast 2-3 times a week. It’s crazy. I’m always in a beach house or a hotel right on the beach. My brothers and sister mom, fiance, and son are always there with me and I’m always trying to protect them. In one my son was washed away. In another the wave was so huge, it was inevitable that we were all going to die, so we gathered in a circle and held on to eachother, said our last goodbye’s, and jusst as the enormous wave was going to hit I woke up. In last night’s dream (which was by far the most vivid and real) I was at a beach house with the same family members I mentioned above. It was beautiful outside so my two little brothers, my mom, and I decided to go swimming. We were walking down toward the beach and noticed the water receding really far. I immediately got freaked out and was like we have to go NOW! C’mon lets go run and nobody would listen to me..until they saw a huge wave coming towards us. We somehow made it back into the house and on to the second floor after gathering all of my family members. We watched helplessly as one wave after another began hitting the house. I remember looking at our neighbors house after one of the waves receded and the lady stepped outside the door and she had her daughter in her arms. She put her daughter down while she went to pick something up and I was screaming from the second floor of oru house to get her there is another wave coming and she couldn’t hear me. Her 2-3 year old daughter was then abruptly swept away. My family and I ended up living through this tsunami dream. It was so vivid though cause in my dream I knew I had been dreaming of tsunami’s recently and I was telling my mom how I knew that a tsunami was going to hit and I should have done something. Then in the aftermath I remember watching the news and seeing aerial footage of all the destruction the tsunami caaused over the entire east coast of the us. VERYYY WEird…my mom and my grandma were both psychic…and I think that’s what freaks me out most. I have dreams that come true ALOT…I just hope that this isn’t one of them!

  162. Abdiel Bustillo Says:

    Yesterday I had my 5th dream of a tsunami…I’ve read the meanings of a tsunami dream but why is it that I keep dreaming about tsunamis…I find myself in the dream always looking for someone, either a family member or friend, I heard bout the tsunami that hit the Somoa Islands but does my dream hold a stronger significance?

  163. MetroGypsy Says:

    I’ve been having this dream now for awhile. It’s a massive wave. It buries everything in site, skylines, villages, everything. It’s like a great blue eraser coming across the face of the planet in one strong motion. Powerful, and very intense…

  164. AlexV Says:

    I have been having many tsunami dreams for the last few months. The most recent one was yesterday 10/21/2009, i am always in some sort of hotel that is overlooking the ocean. Last night’s was quite vivid, there were people around me sometimes family members which i want to save or make sure there safe. At some point i could see out the window of the hotel, how the waves were growing large and about to hit. I immediately begin to alarm everyone trying to help them i sense a large wave hit and begin to shake the buildings foundation and i am rushing and locate a small raft/floatation device then i awake. This hotel i find my self I have never been too in real life, nor recognize my soroundings. Now more so than before the anxiety carries over into reality, there’s this new film coming out 2012 and it depicts that type of scene and i literally got me upset an anxious. I am a strong person, and hide my feelings very well. I deal with things logically but, i just dont know what to make of this. Now, it scare’s me to read prior comments with a similar depiction as mine. I dont know what it all means and why there seems to be similarities. I welcome any input.

  165. Chloe Says:

    Lucy, my situation is exactly the same as yours! I have a dreams about once a week and they are all different. sometimes I try to save my friends or warn them. Other times I try to endure the wave but I end up waking out of breath… very strange. I really wish I could know what this means.
    After reading further my dreams sound so similar to alot of peoples… hotels I’ve ever been to. Sometimes I am indoors, sometimes I am on the beach.

  166. Keith Says:

    Interesting how so many people has the same dream.
    First time I’ve ever dream of tsunamis. I was somewhat in a hotel by the beach.
    What I remember was he fear and pain of those who were killed.
    I just recently became quite spiritual. And i was meditating before I slept. seems like my old karma been washed away. I hope it doesn’t happen in real life. For so many people will be lose ever after death.

  167. jana Says:

    I had a tsunami dream but very interesting say but no one believing what i said and they cant understand what i saw in my dream .the dreams are very interesting it came sure 26th of every month for the past 10 months the place around me is in water but iam the only person is alive i cant believe myself in that place i cant get a words to explain what i saw in beaches

    • sion lavery Says:

      interesting how you have it on 26th every month i know the feeling is hard to describe i cant decide if its fun or scary? read my post below and see if you think these dreams are a sign from someone!

  168. sion lavery Says:

    i have these dreams all the time, thought i was crazy untill i searched and found lost of people the same. i get the feeling that we are all having these dreams as a sign to the future climate problems in 2012 when the earth is alligned straight with the rest of the milky way on december 21. scientist say something will definatly happen but they can’t predict how extreme it will be many belive a 30 degree shift in the earths poles which could happen in hours to weeks causing huge earthquakes valocano’s tsunami’s i had these dreams before 2005 and had nothing in my mind about tsunami’s. if it is in our heads for us to dream how is it there? This bothers me quite alot as tsunami’s are very very rare. So why in our dreams i can’t see how people can say this dream represents a change in your spiritual or whatever as our live’s change all the time so you could say that about any dream. i feel it’s a warning i would hate for it to come true as i find it extremly scary even though i always seem to survive by clinging to a tree or getting to a tall point. but i will admit that the feeling i get when i see the see-level bulging and moving forward is mesmerising followed by panic and desperation. i also get dreams of falling off a wall a split second as i fall asleep anyone else had this?

  169. Carol Says:

    I had my first tsunami dream last night and it made me search and I found this site. It is fascinating that we all have these dreams but water is a key dream element representing life as well as your emotions. This has held true for me in many ways over the years with my dreams. I do find the 26th of the month to be very interesting but not sure what it means. I believe that is close to the full moon or could it coincide with a few days after the 12/21/12 event mentioned earlier? I will say that my spirituality and sensitivity has been exploding, I have dreams about people I know and they are in sync with what is happening in their lives. I am also going through a lot of emotional upheaval in my life. But in this dream, I was walking on the beach (ocean) with someone and you know how the small sand “cliffs” can form with the tides. Well, I knew the tide was coming in and so I said let’s walk up closer to the land to avoid it. There was a couple laying close to the water and I was concerned for them. Suddenly, the water became very forceful and was coming in parallel to the shoreline (as opposed to from the ocean). It was sweeping everything away and was moving so fast! We were climbing the small cliff as the water was rising, I was crawling up and getting wet trying to keep my balance. I looked up and there was a huge wall of water as far as the eye can see coming at us. I knew it could just sweep me away and I thought about diving under it but thought I couldn’t hold my breath long enough. I agree, it was mesmerizing to watch but I was afraid. I decided that I was going to face it and find a way to survive. As it got close, I woke up. It seemed like a warning dream to me but not sure if it was just for me. Keep communicating, this is great!

  170. Vesi Says:

    I have tsunami dreams since years.
    The place is always different. One time it was even in Paris!?!?! Paris is far away from the ocean, not to mention that I was never there.
    Though the places are different, the pattern of my dreams is always the same.
    Many people are around… We all see the tsunami… Everyone starts to run… I search for high place to climb (building or a hill)… I find such place… I go up… The water comes and washes everything away… I just observe… I’m not happy or sad, I’m not afraid… I just observe like if this was the most natural thing to happen… and than the dream ends.
    This is a nice way to deal with the emotions and thoughts, that sometimes are so overwhelming. I hope that’s really the meaning behind these dreams!

  171. W Says:

    im 17

    ive always been having these tsunami dreams since i can remember. its always taken place in my home town BROOME so its very close to Indonesia.

  172. dennys Says:

    I had a dream too about this tsunami, that i was in huntington beach california and first i saw a wave coming in the far horizon and when i looked again there it was destroying the pier and total chaos and people running and cars being swept away and then……waked up!

    Are all these dreams means that we are close to 2012 and possible to face the reality of our end?

  173. Ranjana Says:

    I dream every night but 2-3 times a month would be dreams about the Tsunami !It terrifies me and i wake up trembling.Its always like,i see the Tsunami coming while i am out with my family and i always try to rescue my loved ones.I succeed in it too but the dream terrifies me to the core.I hope i don’t go through this in reality at all.I always dream about the sea,Tsunami,deep sea and so on.Its always “Water” that i dream of.Is there any meaning to this??I am confused.

  174. Pebbles Says:

    I’ve been having these tsunamis dreams and frankly it is quite frightening.I have one or two similar dreams per week;each one a continuation of the dream I had before. In my dreams I’m travelling with a group of people and I’m always trying to save them.No one dies,I do not see devastation and we are never touched by the water.I see the huge waves and hold on to something,the wave comes but it never touches me but I can feel whatever I’m holding onto shaking.Once the wave passes we start running but I don’t know where we are running to.Once a wave starts to rise again we find a building to hide in…But in the one I had last night,the group of persons and I were in a bus and they wanted volunteers to come out and see if safe shelters could be found.I volunteered but no one wanted to come with me(typical)except a little boy.The bus left us ad we started to run through the rain until we found a kindergarten school.A teacher was there but she didn’t know that we had crept in.After a while she found out when the little boy turned on the lights in the class room, then the teacher came in and the classroom doors flung open and I could see a huge wave coming in the distance.The teacher seemed to be unaware of it.I started talking to her but I wasn’t telling her of the tsunami that was drawing nearer and nearer.But I do know that whatever I had been talking to her about reassured me and I felt calm.When I looked outside again,the wave was at a standstill in the air.Strange huh?I think I get the meaning though.Maybe I need to talk with someone about my problems who is not my friend or family;maybe a therapist?I’ll be happy for any follow up comments 🙂

  175. theresa Says:

    Ive had recurring tsunami dreams for as long as I can remember and they terrify me. The wave is huge and comes up past the house I am in but doesnt break the windows. I know that I am basically in a house that is underwater. I can hear the echos of the water then the wave recedes only for the next one to come. These dreams effect me a lot and even when Im awake I still feel a sense of dread. As a result, i have become apprehensive about the sea and going near it.

    • Kerra Says:

      I have also developed a sense of fear when I’m near the ocean. I love the beach, but I wake up in the middle of the night to see if the water is receding.

  176. Kerra Says:

    I am honestly glad to have found this site because after talking to different people around here, they all think I’m nuts for dreaming about tsunamis. I dream about it at least twice, sometimes three times, a week. I’m always on a crowded beach and staying at a hotel with open stairs (the kind that are outside). I can see the ocean sucking back and start trying to warn everyone to no avail. As I finally get whomever is with me to believe me and run to the hotel or car, I can see the enormous wave come in slow motion as everyone stares. It crashes on all the people on the beach as I reach the hotel and run up stairs. As I look behind me I can see the water rising on the stairs. Then I make it to my room and am frantically packing everything I have. It takes a long time to pack everything every time and by the time I’m done, there is deep water left around the hotel which sometimes has floating dead people in it. This is morbid and terrifying and I don’t even live anywhere close to an ocean. SOOO weird!!

  177. Lisa Says:

    I’ve just woken up after a 5 hour dream of a tsunami / tidal wave – I woke up half way through and then returned to the exact dream. This morning I was woken up at 8:30am and when I returned to sleep I had the following dream:

    I’m sitting on a beach, (Dubai I think I worked out later in the dream after talking to some people who were trapped with me and who were looking for a lost friend). I’m with 5 of my old school friends. We’ve got a little shelter over us like a plastic awning with windows in. We’re looking at the beach remarking how empty it is for this time of year, I am sitting with my back to the beach and as we look out to sea we start to see large waves developing, but we think nothing of it and we carry on chatting. Until a wave reaches our tent and we get soaked, we stand up to leave and see a gigantic wave about to crash down on us so we brace and bear it, water envelopes us, but we don’t move anywhere, it’s hard to breath but we’re all ok and the plastic awning is still in one piece despite all of this. The water moves away before another waves crashes down on us, I’ve got my camera wanting to take pictures but my camera is playing up, I don’t get the shot and the camera has to go in the bag before the next wave hits. A friend has started to count us down for when we need to take our next breath before the wave hits us.

    After about 10 waves and us going through the same motions it seems to stop. We all get out and stand on the beach, I’m not aware of anyone else around us. We head to a bar to get a drink, as I turn around again I see it’s not over and shout to everyone to get to higher ground. Two of my friends climb stairs with me to the top of a grassy hill and the remaining 3 say they’re going to stay put, they’ll be alright. We get to higher ground and watch as the sea batters the ground, I’ve got my camera and take a couple of photos and we all stand together knowing our friends won’t have survived the waves; the water was about an inch below us as if it had become a lake. I wake up, feeling like I’ve been holding my breath and actually lived through it, it was so real, so scary and upsetting.

    I don’t feel like it’s all over and I go back to sleep (this was about 11am this morning!). I’m still with my two friends from school. Were still on the hill and I advise my friends we need to move inland so we set off and the first skyscraper we get to we get to the highest point inside the building before it’s blocked off with wire mesh, but we can see there’s further to go. We can see the waves and they’re rushing towards us, there are loads of people in the building with us, clinging to each other. The waves hit the building, my friend and I have found a corner and we hold tight. The water hits the building and water rushes in, but the windows aren’t broken. The water sprays us. My friend and I are in a good spot, others aren’t so lucky and get swept down the stairs as the water empties from the building. I have lost my other friend, but don’t feel like she’s been swept away I think she’s safe. The water hits another 3 or 4 times as more and more people fall away around us. I’ve still got my camera and try and take pictures when I can. Everyone thinks the waves have stopped and we head down the stairs, half way down I get a feeling that it’s not over and I tell my friend and shout to everyone to get back up the stairs. We try and get back to where we were but can’t find it. We’re blocked by the wire mesh and can see we could go higher. Another wave hits and all those who didn’t listen and follow us back up the stairs are swept away.

    Someone opens up the wire mesh in front of us and my friend and I climb through to the otherside of the building. We stand on a lift with about 70 other people and it’s taken even higher up the building to what we think is an illegal trading area, but turns out it’s not. We stand looking straight through the building. We can see people stuck on the other side (where we just were)as the waves plunge into them pushing them against the mesh and we’re powerless to do anything. My sister turns up, as does my old boss from my last company with his wife, son and a new adopted daughter (who’s been given the same name as me!). Waves continue to pound the building, those who don’t see the wave are swept off the top of the building. We brace and hold our belongings close to us as we’re in a crowd on top of the building, a friend from work appears and asks if we’re OK and walks off. It’s starting to get dark and I take more photo’s of the silhouette wave against the deep red /purple sky. I’m suddenly down on the beach, two of my friends have survived one is missing. It’s been traumatic. I wake up and it’s 1:30pm!! The end! I can’t stop thinking about it.

    I’m interested to read that many people are in buildings where the windows don’t break even with the pressure of the water. Thanks for sharing your stories. x

  178. Maura Luxford Says:

    I have recently had a tsunami dream where I was sitting on the beach and the massive wave came toward me,it all happened so fast, my last memory was looking up at the 100 metre wave coming down over me, I didn’t run or panic but sat there looking up at it, knowing it was going to engulf me.I woke up just as it was inches from hitting me.

    REFLECTION – this dream didn’t ‘frighten’ I felt so insignificant, small, a speck, in the face of such awesomeness. Which is how I’ve felt in my life during 2009 as I’ve navigated my way through grief after the death of my 20 year old daughter 22nd Dec. 2008. Grief has made me unafraid, I feel like the worst has happened in losing my daughter. I lean toward the notion that the tsunami represents a spiritual renewal, a sweeping away of the old and a creation of newspace. And definately a strong reminder of the awesome power of Universal energy.

  179. Isabelle Says:

    I starting dreaming of Tsunamis when I was around 4 or 5… back when I had no idea of what that great huge wave meant and ever since I dream of tsunamis constantly.

    I know once, after my divorce in 2005, I dreamt that I surfed the tsunami, but otherwise its always the same feeing of dispair trying to run away from it in order to survive. Sometimes I am in a black volcanic beach in Guatemala, sometimes in a private beach house or in a random port, nevertheless in each one of them I have a huge need to defend my life…

  180. salinie Says:

    i’ve had tsunami dreams every day for the past few months now, ITS SOME SCARY SHIT SON!!! no joke!!! my fat ass be running like there’s no tomorro..

  181. Tracy Says:

    i have been having tsunami dreams for very long. About 3 year ago they started and the strange thing about them all is they all started with me standing in a office in front of a very big window looking over the ocean. They were all frighting and all of them i never finished. The waves would start growing bigger and bigger and the sky would make this beautiful yellow orange colour.Next moment the wave will be coming over the building and i would just stand there.Then i would wake up in a sweat. The dream stopped about 3 months ago and i was very re leaved. the thing worrying me is that i resigned from my job and i am starting at a new company. The office is exactly the office i used to dream about.Big office, Big window overlooking the ocean. The office is situated inside the harbor.When i started this dream 3 years ago i did not know this company. My husband says i am paranoid, and maybe i am, all i would like to know is this normal, does it mean anything???? To me it is quite freaky!!!

    Can someone help me maybe?????

    • Joana Says:

      It’s funny how lots of people dream the same kid of dream. no matter the place they are. And the funniest part is that most of us dream that we are in the coast in a beach house or in a hotel.
      I’ve been having tsunami dreams all my life, once twice a week….
      it’s horrible!!
      In all the dreams I’m with my family… even when i didn’t had one.
      Since forever i remember about a boy, about 8 years old holding me and looking really scared. I was 14 when i first had this dream… now I’m 27 and my sun is turning 6 this year.
      The strangest part is that I always remember them cause they are so vivid!!
      In all the dreams we’re in a beach when the water starts receiving and i try to warn everyone, but no one listens.
      I finally escape with my family by stealing a car and driving to the mountains. When we get there we see huge waves hitting the city and circling the mountain.
      When it seems that we cant escape it, i wake up.
      As 2012 approaches it seems to be more people dreaming with natural disasters.
      Is that only the power off suggestion or is it something else!!??
      Are we having a global warning?
      Who knows…

      • andy Says:

        very similar to mine but the ppl i try to save are strangers. when i was younger it was just me.. scared but confident i was gonna climb that cliff but fall at the last grip. hotel and restraunts have been a big one 2. never drowned but never made it safe.

    • Joana Says:

      Hi Tracy!!
      Maybe you should change that job!!
      Your dream looks very premonitory!!
      Best regards,


  182. Marie Says:

    It’s weird i have been having a tsunami dream too. Never before have i thought of a tsunami, except after i had the first one which i forgot all about until after i had the second.
    In both of my dreams i am walking along train tracks. In the first dream, it was rounding a corner and disappearing into the distance, far away. In the second, it was a really odd shape, kind of like that of some steps going up, when seen from a birds eye view. The were also yellow. I have no idea why ..
    Anyway, both times i have gotten, say halfway along my journey, when i suddenly see a large wave in the distance. In the first dream, I face it by gathering my friends into a builing and shutting the doors (the first dream ends there).
    In the second dream, i have gone from a birds eye view of the train tracks to standing on top of a building. I watch the wave come and it sweeps past the building as the people down below go into it.
    Then all of a sudden the dream changes and i am standing in a room filled with a bright sunlight. I feel it is a sunrise, kinda like daybreak, i guess..
    I am then hugged by a complete stranger. I have seen this stranger in other dreams, at least 4 times. I do not know who they are. They smile at me. and the dream ends.
    Unlike a lot of my dreams, i seem to remember colour in these ones, quite vividly.
    Also, unlike a lot of other people who i think dream about being on the coast when a tsunami happens, in my dreams i was far away from the ocean, the tsunami just comes out of the blue (quite literally).

    Weirded out.

  183. MOOO Says:

    i also only yesterday had a dream i was in a house and i opened a door and saw a big wave geeting higher and i knew that it was coming and going to flood as i panacked it came so quickly that by the time i had went to close the door it was above my home, but weirdly i had strentgh to keep it out the windows were surrouned but they wouldnt crack and i looked up and saw 2/3 wales passing over my head like i was in a aquarium but protected. thats all i remember but this is my second dream ive had of tsunami. the other was about ten years ago it was abroad n i had managed to get a boat to help me and my sister. i would like to know what they mean!!!

  184. Jennifer Says:

    OMG… i had that EXACT dream last night. and I’ve had it more than once. that is soo crazy.. kinda gave me chills!!

  185. QuaZ Says:

    Ive has this tsunami dream 3times now each time was slightly different…the first time i was running away from the wave up in the hills, seeing the tsunami crash and destroy my town i couldnt see but i could sense that my family were eiither dead or hurt then the tsunami wave hit me and it all went black and i felt my body trash through the wave….then i woke up. the second time it wasnt only 1 wave..it was a series of tsunamis coming each one bigger than the last moving farther and farther inland each time..this time i was fleeing with my brother while the wave was coming ever closer tho i cant remember much of this dream…the last dream was strange I was watching the tsunami come from sea towards us,it was big..then suddenly u hear a bang and the size of the tsunami suddenly jumps like 3 times its height. It was fascinating and scary how it just suddenly jumped in sized. i remember yelling to my other brother to run on the phone…he wouldnt listen, he threw the phone away and faced the tsunami. I started crying in my dream..then I realised this was a dream so I forced my eyes to snap open however this is the weirdest part…when i snapped my eyes open i saw the top half of this face in my feild of vision my room around me was blurred behind this sight..the face looked angry and the skin colour was green and eyes red..instantly my body started to shiver and my neck hairs were standing. I was in beleif that it was a demon…very trippy

  186. QuaZ Says:


  187. QuaZ Says:


  188. Liz B Says:

    I have been having tidal wave/tsunami dreams off and on for many, many years. They started towards the end of my second marriage. After I got divorced, they ended. They began again around the time my father died, then again towards the end of my second marriage…all during times of nearly overwhelming emotional crisis. In all of them, until last night, I have survived the waves. But my most recent one, last night, I did not survive the tidal wave…and it was the first one I can remember where I was very, very, very scared. They have taken place in hotels, cars on the beach, standing on the beach. Most times, there are several waves that get sequentially bigger, other times its one or more big waves that I can see coming. Sometimes I am alone, but mostly I am with someone…sometimes a stranger, sometimes someone I know. The ones that take place in a hotel, the hotel rooms are always open…in that there is no wall on the side of the hotel facing the water, not just for my room, but the entire hotel.

  189. SlipKid Says:

    I had an extremely vivid tsunami dream last night. I was at a seaside resort when the wave approached. Like many of the posts here describe, I felt as if I was about to die. I didn’t, and actually, no one did. It was as if we were prepared in that we were out of harms way, however, the resort areas and the surrounding town was devastated.

    I woke up, thought about it, and went about my morning routine. I turned on the news to see and hear about the Chile earthquake that occured close to the same time I was dreaming. Bizarre is all I could think.

    Perhaps I was experiencing something similar to what animals sense when a natural disaster is about to hit. This is an intriguing concept.

    If there are others out there with a similar experience, I would like to hear about it.

  190. James Says:

    Thank you for your post. I found it most interesting. I just awoke from my first tsunami dream. In my dream I jumped off a small cliff.to enter the water only to discover that I was being drawn out to sea into a giant wave. I felt at peace knowing I was in the best place to survive and that the wave would carry me to shore. I was the carried by the swell deep into shore and then I awoke. I don’t often remember dreams so I was very curious which led me to your post. t I had spent some time the day before listening to a profound spiritual teaching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krPcHAUuIKo&feature=related . I found myself laughing at the simplicity of the truth and I experienced several devine moments.

    Thanks you again for your post.

  191. Arouna Says:


  192. shannon Says:

    i have had two tsunami dreams back to back now. They are utterly terrifying. The one last night I was a house full of people I cared about and I knew it was coming any second now you could see it in the dusk horizon. HUGE. I was trying to get everyone to leave and run with me and it seemed as if they were all trying to do that but I was the only one who was getting out of the house. I was soo frustrated and didn’t want to run alone from this terrifying fate. I wanted people with me I cared about but they weren’t coming. I have like described above been going threw several spiritual awakenings and gain more and more awareness in my life everyday so to hear the description of tsunami dreams really made me feel a lot better! I thought I would find something more morbid or fearful under the definition of these reoccurring dreams. thanks.

  193. Idah Says:

    Oh my,
    Its unbelievable how many people are having same kind of dreams, woaw, I have been having the same kind of dreams that has been started perhaps 10 years ago, All different, either I am trying to run away, or finding ways to hold myself with branches of trees, (that part I remember made me laugh in the morning) yes, in all of them i was very scared and running etc… But yesterday , I dreamt about Tsunamies again but this time, the emotions and feelings were different; I knew as usual that the tsunamies was coming, i even saw, feel it coming, so i grab all my families and we start running because we knew that on the hill, the waves won’t get us…. I was well dressed, with high heel, and unfortunately at the border , none except me get to cross, i was very sad, ut i kept going, i watch the tsunami from high up, with confidence and a smile on my face, feeling good, and subconsciously in my dream i was finding was to try to go rescue my family and praying that they will survive this catastrophe, well this dream has made me start thinking a lot, because like i say the feeling and emotions were really not the same. But I have been going through a self development program and also been more aware of myself, and the morning before my dream, I had 2 incredible , mmotivational conversation with 2 great person, and I myself decided some changes ad I felt more empowered and energized…. perhaps thats got something to do with the dream… but what about my family in it..?!?!??! thats intriguing!!?!?!?!?

  194. Maria Says:

    Wow, and i thought it was just me. Well i started seeing the tsunami dreams the last few months and it is really annoying, the first time i saw it ; i was in my grandmother’s room looking out of the window the ocean (which in real doesnt exist) while i saw from very far away a huge wave coming, i was just standing there and watching it coming like i didnt believe it, but when it got closed to us i got scared and left the room closed the door and put my back on the wall where there i felt the wall shaking as the tsunami hit our house.It was scary. After that, the dreams continued again and again where in most of them im standing at that window which sometimes it closed already or the other times i should close it for not to be drown. Last one i saw i was in my old school and the wave was chasing me till i got in a classroom and closed the door of it where i realised that the door had a big hole on the bottom and the water starting filling the classroom….Well I hope we all find out why we see these dreams and luckily i found this site 🙂

  195. Maria Says:

    and im sorry for my english 😀

  196. Vi Says:

    I’ve been having the tsunami dreams for about 5 years now. I’m always with my relatives, usually my Mom. I never feel fear in the dream or any kind of emotion, I always get away from the wave, matter-of-factly, just something I need to do. Always by climbing to the top of something, either a mountain or a tall building. Lately I’ve been seeing my deceased Grandma in those dreams, I’m always the one to save her. Last night I had a double tsunami dream 🙂 which made me finally google it, and was surprised how many people having the same. So last night I dreamt my regular tsunami dream – huge wave coming, and I was with my deceased Grandma, and had to carry her to the top of the mountain. And another one- instead of water there was a snow wave. I was on the top of the mountain, and just watching more and more snow coming, and then stopping. My family members and I always end up safe in those dreams. I see no connection with any happenings in my real life.

  197. timbo Says:

    A couple weeks ago I had 2 reoccurring dreams of a tsunami. I was on some sort of resort with high cabanas and pom trees, I remember standing on the white sand looking out to the blue water and all of a sudden a huge wave was coming in the distance toward the resort, it was gigantic and I remember having a feeling or saying something in my dream to my self like “wow, i cant believe this is happening” . The dream felt like there was a lot of meaning to it but i didnt really think of it again until I was reading on a forum and it reminded me of this dream and I notice alot of people are having similar dreams.

  198. Connie Says:

    I have only ever had the one tsunami dream – last night i dreamt that my partner, my mum and myself were on a boat wathcing this massive wave coming toward us. The boat was on dry land and had glass windows all around the front of it that were open. Just as the wave was reaching us I realised that we needed to close the windows. Although i felt a little scared I did not think of dying. I felt compelled to watch it/spellbound by it. I also thought that i needed to grab a hold of my mum and give her a life jacket as she cant swim (in real life). We managed to get the windows closed,some water entered the boat but we were ok. We then see the wave subside, there is the expected upheaval such a wave would cause. Then along comes my dad after it has came and gone…..

    In this instance the dream definalty signifies an emotional upheavel. Recently my father told me a personal story that is a little hard to deal with/except which i have also shared with my mum and my partner. It has/is causing me much distress. I just cant figure out if everything is going to be ok or we are yet to see the repercussions of his confession/decisions?

  199. viva creativa Says:

    From the window I saw a giant wave sweeping toward the house. It soaked us all. And then there was another and that one really did it.

    I looked up what others said it meant online even though I knew exactly what it meant for me. Def spiritual & emotional upheaval, but I’m about one month into it. Why have the dream now?

  200. Jeff Says:

    I have tsunami dream very frequently. The wave hits and I am under water, but am still able to breathe. The wave is about 200 feet tall. No small wave by any means… and it’s always California that get hits. I’ve learned to pay attention to my dreams. I had a dream 2 years ago that there was a motorcycle accident at the top of the hill from where I live at. Not 1 week went by and some guy on a harley tried to pass a car on the right that was turning right and it killed him, right where I saw it happen. Freaked me out. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.

  201. Naudy Says:

    I woke up from a dream of Tsunami this morning, before it happened everything was fine in my dream, and then people started running in the street and the sky turned a blackish gray and more screaming, in the dream I called my mom and was asking her what was going on, when I looked up and saw to segals fly across the sky and then I looked passed them and saw the tidal wave, I told my mom “I think there is going to be a Tsunami, mom i think there is going to be one like right now” as the wave continued to approach I began to tell my mom that I love her, but before I could finish I woke up.

  202. nikia Says:

    I just had a dream this morning. parts of it i can not remember but
    i will tell what I do remember. the 1st thing I saw was an airplane falling from the sky head 1st. it created a huge splash and I could feel the earth shake. yet no tsunami. 2nd thing I saw was a huge bomb, shaped like a bullet being shot into the sky. it was shaped exactly like a bullet but it was huge. then it fell to the earth, face down. it also created a huge rumbling in the earth and a huge splash. I remember 2 different family’s in my dream, neither were mine. a Caucasian family and an islander family of African decent. and a child… I remember going indoors after the bomb and plane and looking out the window to find a huge wave coming our way. I saw the wave twice. very very big waves. with each wave, a huge flood. we had to rise or elevate up onto floors of some house or building in order to avoid the flooding. once the tsunami was over i remember a large group of people out side on on a road way analyzing damage. me along with the men of these family’s were walking on the beach and we were surrounds by a HUGE amount of SNAKES. all of which were alive. and we had to spray them with some chemical and shoot them to kill them
    the dream was extremely intense and also very terrifying. but I also found it to be astonishing and amazing to watch these waters. so powerful. the night before I prayed in spirit to God that he show me a sign. i have been going through dramatic spiritual changes. I believe all of us who are having these dreams are fulfilling some sort of prophesy though it may be a huge metaphore for something else soon to come. God bless you all….

  203. Janne Says:

    I have had Tsunami Dreams for years and years. I wanted to look it up and came to this website. I have had all different kinds. Scary, fun, exciting, sad. I have no idea why I have these dreams so often and I want to figure it out!

  204. Rebecca Says:


    I had a tidal wave/tsunami dream on Tuesday morning, April 4th. I was in this very large building, reminiscent of a hotel. The building was especially long and it was situated high up on a cliff above the ocean. I felt as if all my friends & family were there (visiting me here in Hawaii where my husband and I have lived for 2+ years). The building had a large glass facade the ran the entire length of the building and curved up into the roofline, kinda’ like the curve of a greenhouse roof, so you could see quite a bit of sky overhead. Suddenly a tidal wave/tsunami started approaching and it curved over the entire building, like we were in the middle of the pipeline of the wave. It crested over the building but did not cause any immediate damage. However, a few seconds later, I noticed the windows had been blown out and a fierce wind was blowing through the building and a huge spear projectile flew between my head and the head of another “friend” of mine while we were lying on the floor to avoid flying debris. She looked at me as if to say: “What the heck?” and all could say was: “I don’t know what’s happening! We didn’t expect this or know it was coming!” But the weirdest thing of all was that I described this dream to my husband last night and he said he had the same exact type of dream a few months ago-down to the design of the buildin and location! . ..Now THAT was very strange!!!

  205. Rebecca Says:

    PS: I, too, have been more spiritually focused over the last several years and am developing my own approach to spirituality that speaks to me in a more deep, profound and personal way. . .I wonder if this is a common thread amongst all of us “tsunami dreamers”?

    • Vi Says:

      I think so. I’ve seen lots of people in this thread mentioning that they are on a spiritual path. Me too, I’ve been having different variations of tsunami dreams ever since I consciously got on a spiritual path about 6 years ago

  206. Confuse Says:

    hi, I would like to seek for your opinion here abt my Tsunami dreams. I find it weird because I had these dreams twice in 2 weeks.

    I first dreamt that I was having dinner in a restaurant next to the beach, I looked out at the window waving at my boyfriend as I saw a big wave coming towards the beach. It all just happen in a sudden and in that moment I realised that I’d lost him.

    My second dream just happen a week after where I was in a hotel room facing the beach and suddenly saw a big wave rushing towards me.

    Will there be any reason why I have these dreams twice? Pls advise, I’m confused.

  207. Madhusudan Says:

    Listened to a great spiritual speech from a great master … deeply affected me and made me think … had a tsunami dream after that …

  208. adelfa Says:

    I’ve been having tsunami dreams since I was a little girl. I’m currently 41. In my dreams I’m surrounded by those I love (mainly family) and other people I don’t recognize. We are usually vacationing on a beach or sometimes my family home is located on the beach in these dreams. All of a sudden, the people in the dream beginning to scream and run for shelter upon sight of the tsunami. I wake up before it swallows me. The feeling is panic.

  209. KG Says:

    Very interesting to see sooo many are experiencing Tsunami dreams!! I have regular dreams of Tsunami, but certainly only after the South Asian tragedy. The funniest thing is that everytime I face up with the giant tidal waves, not even an iota of fear…instead I face it how it happens and nothing happens to me…rather I stand or keep floating (donno swimming!!). I would rather relate to the subconscious emotions which we seldom think or face in the real life. We tend to have lot of apprehensions in life, many a time feeling rather insecure…I can hardly find any correlation between sprituality and tsunami dreams…there are things in life happens for no reason…may be this one too…hehe

  210. michelle Says:

    i had my first dream of a tsunami 2 weeks before the boxing day tsunami and i didnt no were the place was intill i sore it on the news and that was my dream i have had another dream this time i no were i was and im kinda freaked out lol

  211. Claire Says:

    WOW! i just googled tsunami dreams and found this… its unfortunate there is no common answer.
    i have had about 2 dreams this week and a few a couple of months ago
    Some have been repeated and i find myself in the dream thinking oh no here we go again as i see the water draining away!
    Last night it was a reacuring one but this time i got into the building i didnt reach in the previous dream. the building was on a cliff and i had a friend who lived on the second floor.
    As i watched the wave in the horizon gradually come towards me the building tiped onto its side as if it was alive and was bracing itself for the wave to hit! i remember the sounds and movement that followed it was freaky.. there is never a ending to my dreams that i can remember anyway.

  212. Marie Says:

    After reviewing this site, I cannot believe how many people have these recurring tsunami dreams! It is comforting to know, but I am sure there is a common denominator somewhere, somehow???

    My dream is definitely recurring and I am always confronting the tsunami or high tide in the face – always trying to protect my family. In my dream I am scared but still running from the threat as I bring my loved ones to safety – or at least try to bring them to safety. In my dreams I can always sense the danger of a tsunami coming and I warn those closest to me as I see the water slowly enter my home. Often times I am right in front of the tsunami as I look up at it – knowing I have seconds to run and bring my family to safety. In my dreams, I am always the one guiding everyone, pushing them, and leading them to what and where I think it is safe. I feel overwhelmed with the water but my natural instinct is to protect my family. I am scared in my dream but for some reason my fears are set aside by the thought of losing my family. I am scared and nervous – but I always seem to prevail in the end. It is like the waters test me and my abilities – yet one wrong move or turn and we would all die. I constantly see the waters rushing towards us but never actually reaching us to the point where we will drown. Some water remains in certain areas but the water recedes from my home – leaving everything as if it never happened. I look around and notice my family is safe and I wake up. I never see the water recede nor do I ever know where it goes…I just wake up knowing that we experienced a tsunami and survived.

    I began having these dreams five years ago…after the 2004 Tsunami and moving to Florida in 2005. Not sure if there is a relevance but I can say that at least once a week I am dreaming of some sort of tsunami or airplanes crashing into homes!

  213. Becca Says:

    I’ve had a number of tsunami dreams over the last two years, they seem to coincide with some emotional stuff that I was going through at the time relating to a relationship break up. It seems to be related to a confusion about my relationship and feeling out of control. More recently when i’ve had one it was related to confusion of whether I have made the right decision to end the relationship. It’s all very bizarre but fasinating.

  214. Andrew Says:

    I have a fear of tsunamis, but they are not what scare me, i think that is what started creating these dreams for me, i also believe it happens to people with high spirtuality…what truly scares me is i thought i was the only one. i have reasearched 2012 and world wide disasters time and time again, i think we should take these dreams as warinings.

  215. Jessica Says:

    I have had ruffly 4 tsunami dreams over the past decade. I am usually on the beach and run inside OR I am already inside. Either way, I witness the huge wave – I always watch in fear as it grows larger and larger. Then, I turn away and stop watching it, so I do not see it crash. I am always with my family (my parents and siblings – not my daughter or her father). At least one person always dies, but it is never anyone I know. I never see a face. It’s a stranger. I never see the damage left behind – expect the search crew looking for the missing person. These dreams are terrifying. Today, I woke up and read on FaceBook that my friend who lives 2 houses down felt an earthquake – I confirmed there really was an earthquake in Maryland today. Earthquakes cause tsunami’s. Could this be related?

  216. Andrew Says:

    In my dreams i always have a certain escape route which is to go into the city or a high building, i never die and i always feel the presence of the tsunami before it comes.

  217. jessica Says:

    My sister just told me that she has had the same type of tsunami dream. She said our family is on a big cruise ship though, not on land and she never witnesses the actual wave crash – just watches it form.

  218. Mohammad Says:


    I had recurrent tsunami dreams night before last. In some of the episodes the mountain like tsunami covered the whole of the coastline visible and in others they were isolated spots where the water rose up from the sea like a mountain that rushed towards me with tremendous force.
    Surprisingly everytime everything would be washed away except me! Almost like I had to be spared to see the next one…
    Yesterday taking queues from the dreams I prayed to God for protection from any misfortune in store for me and decided to stay away from things that made me guilty; stay away from anything that didn’t conform to my beliefs and values.
    In the afternoon while cutting a pear I badly cut my thumb on my left hand – a very deep and long cut needing three stitches; it was painful and I lost a lot of blood!
    I believe that either God or my higher self was warning me from doing something that would make me small in my own eyes or make me restless and because I had resorted to God’s help and resolved to stay away from such things I was spared the misfortune and instead the thumb cutting incident was a marker given to me so I could remember the lesson learned for long to come. Or incident did add value and strengthened my resolve to keep away from things that glitter or give you physical pleasure but rob you off of your sanity and peace.
    We don’t have to create upheavals in our lives to experience peace because we are in our original form peaceful.
    Just some thoughts that may help you to find meaning in your tsunami dreams…
    Best regards & keep well,

  219. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve never had a tsunami dream until last night… that being said, mine freaked me out. I live in San Diego and in my dream I was in the back yard of an unknown house and I don’t remember who was with me but the sky was cloudy and it was raining. Then the sky changed to almost a suddsy type look and then foam started falling to the ground in huge amounts. I remember thinking,”what the heck?” and when I turned around I saw the most gigantic wave heading right toward us! This wave was like movie size proportions and I started to run but I knew I was going to die. I woke up right after I started to run, but it took me an hour to calm down from the bad feelings that dream gave me. I am going through some physical and emotional changes right now, but dang, that dream didn’t feel like a symolization to me, more like a warning. -side note: I had neither thought of, talked about, or seen any shows/movies with tsunamies in it for a long while so not sure why my brain would decide on that very wierd dream.

  220. NewYorker Says:

    I too had a dream last night of a tsunami…I was at Coney Island, and the shoreline began to recede back from the walkway-very rapidly. I noticed a thin black line on the horizon, and knew it wasn’t natural. I ran from the shore, but knew it was impending and would be devastating. I remember the water smelling awful as it crashed from the sky slamming into the city skyline, it swept so much away-and as I went under I remarked to myself how the water was actually warm, not cold like the ocean usually is, and then I was gone.

    Needless to say, I find it troubling…

  221. Nila Says:

    I live in France. Never have visited United states. In a past year and a half I have had three tsunami dreams. The first one I knew I was in the US coast. Also each dream slightly different, but all on the beach, running away. Spiritual and emotional powerful transformation – yes, but it is not the first period of transformation I am having, though dreams like this never before. I do believe in something more. On youtube you can have BBC documentary extracts from some geologists making this prediction. I use it as a way of practicing death in my meditations, like I have heard some Budhists do. Prepares the consciousness to meet a moment of death in a right mood. (no matter tsunami, cancer or any other tipe of death..

  222. KIRAN Says:

    I was quitely enjoying holidays with husband’s relatives in France when, one night i dreamt of all my maternal aunts, cousins and a deceased uncle, attending the latter’s second daughter’s wedding with someone i don’t know. She’s already married for more than 3 years acually and has settled abroad. This cousin of mine has an elder step-sister, but younger than me and has been my favourite pal since childhood. But, things have changed since the last past year, my step-cousin had severed contact with most of us, and don’t even take my phone calls. She didn’t figure among the people i dreamt. In my dream the wedding took place in a beach house. After the wedding the were two Tsunami waves that crushed over the house and all over the beach. It was a frightening as well as a fascinating feeling to assist the view of such tremendous waves. However, the house and all of us stayed unharmed and nothing at all was swept away. When i returned back after holidays, i learnt that this step cousin of mine has been having some extra-marital affairs recently.

  223. jin Says:

    I just had a dream very similar to your post last night/this morning. I was looking out the window of the hotel and the tsunami hit from far away and it was still quite far away as well. I was fascinated and terrified at the same time.

  224. maite Says:

    I think we should all communicate because I believe we are getting messages and we can’t ignore them I dream of tsunami since I cant remember I dreamed of 911 and it did happened, in my dreams I get answers on how to solve the situation but no one since to hear me until is too late.

  225. M Says:

    advice: to be 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level to avoid the coastal tidal waves during the pole shift should be applied. You can determine your current elevation and whether your location will be 675 feet above sea level where the water will rise within 2 years after the pole shift

  226. tsnami Says:

    I had a tsunami dream, i was standing in a modern office in melbounre, there was massive waves and the sea rose to cover most of the buildings except the tall ones, i was trying to warn everyone that there would be a tsunami but no one beilived me, eventually after witnessing massive wave after wave out the huge windows everyone realzied that there will be a tsunami, when the wave came we didnt run we stood there and waited for the wave to come, once the wave came i threw a rock through the massive window and every one swam out and survived, i have no idea what this means but it was so amzing watching the wave come over us as well as looking out seeing the sea rise

  227. Ben Says:

    I have tsunami dreams I always have ever since I can remember I went traveling with my girlfriend about 5 years ago and had one most nights. then they seemed to stop after we got home only perhaps 2-3 a year. on Thursday I found out my girlfriend is pregnant and I’ve litterally just woke up from a tsunami dream we were on a beach in albufiera in the algarve ( a place we stayed for quite some time ) and first a big wave knocked us back and sucked us in then as the sea sucked back we were able run up the beach and my girlfriend wouldn’t come the same way I would, up into an apartment block to safety before the wave came instead choosing another way, I continued up the apartment block where I met other people the water started rising and we were not high enough but were rescued by a ladie who lived above ??? And had some sort of observation point high up. after the wave went I went down found a friend and rang my girlfriend who was reluctant to meet up. then another wave came as me and my friend ran for our lives it felt like he was stoping me from running by holding my arms and the wave was only feet away. ????? a stranger one than normal any thoughts ???? I love tsunami dreams I wish I could have them more often

  228. Dzintra Says:

    I had a Tsunami dream last night. My first. I would not really consider myself going through any unusual spiritual awakenings that I do not experience normally… But, recently I have been feeling despondent. Maybe the Tsunami is ment to wash away my hopelessness and bring a new happiness in my life with a new meaning or something. The future may just be the way I want it to be.

    I was in a huge beach house with a friend of mine. The Tsunami started coming and knocked down all the surrounding houses. This house was built to last in a Tsunami, and no water came inside of it. But, two small windows in front of me were still open, so I rushed to close them. After the first Tsunami subsided, we ran to the car through the flooded houses and streets and my other friend met us there. I rush to drive out of the beach parking lot, and people all around were running. Then I woke up with a Charlie Horse. I don’t really know what my dream means though. Any advice?

  229. Sanda Says:

    I was on a trip in Nova Scotia, Canada and travelling alone. In the village I was staying at on the coast, we knew a series of Tsunamies were coming because of this huricane we were in, but no one cared. Everybody had the attitude “no big deal we are used to this… this happends all the time”.” And every body just went about their daily lives. No one freaking out except me. I was planing how I was going to get through it. Where would be the best place for me to be. People were saying that the houses were safe and always get through the tidal waves witout damage. So I spent the first wave in a house (which made no sense to me because it was close to shore but I trusted the people so I stayed in the house). It went well. Just before the wave hit I went on the balcony and saw the most beautiful sight in the history of time. The tidal wave was about 500 feet high and the colours of the surroundings were breath taking. I thought how I wich I had my camera because this moment would have been the best picture ever taken in the history of photography.

    The second wave I spent it in a tree because like everybody else I would go about my normal daily life between tsunamies. There was about 3 waves and then the alarm clock woke me. This dream did not feel like a nightmare. I could tell when this was over everybody would just go back to their normal life. There can be beauty in bad things.

  230. Jean-Claude Says:

    I started having dreams about the Tsunami in 1989. I dreamed of the Tsunami for years. During the year of the Asian Tsunami, in 2004, I had climbed Volcan Pecaya on Christmas Morning with a group from Israel, Holland, Spain and several other nations. A girl from Israel sprained her ankle at the summit — a very, very bad sprain — I had to help her down from the volcano very slowly.

    The group did not know what had transpired so we were essentially left behind. This took many hours and we were covered with black volcanic ash and were so physically drained.

    When we came back down from the volcano, not long after that, we learned the Tsunami had hit in Asia.

    I knew immediately what it was. Also the volcanoes in Guatemala, near La Antigua especially, had been spewing lava during Christmas Week … no doubt because the Earth was convulsing as the plates were shifting off of Sumatra. I saw this lava with my own eyes from La Antigua.

    Continuing along, in past years I have been stationed in SE Asia where the Tsunami hit, so I felt a special connection to those who suffered. I even published a column about all of this called “I Dreamed of the Tsunami.”

    I have been reading over the posts of others on this Blog. There are so many and I try to give each one the attention it deserves. Some of the dreams which stick out to me are the one about the building which moved as it tried to survive the wave.

    What meant the most to me on this Blog was the person who wrote about the death of her father. I realize I keep having the Tsunami dreams because I miss my father so much since he died. I realize how much I always needed him and how much I still need him. When I read that particular post I cried because I had found a special answer I sought. Thank you so so much. That same night I saw the film “The Book of Eli” and together I felt an amazing sense of joy and peace.

    Back to 1989 …

    When I first started dreaming of the Tsunami, I was surrounded in a large raft with elite special forces soldiers. This turned out to be a foreshadowing of my time at the British Army Jungle Warfare training, my work with land mine expert Aki Ra in Cambodia and also the Sierra Leone mercenaries that are the true story behind the film Blood Diamond. (All of these stories were published and were well recieved. I am sure they were connected somehow to the original Tsunami dream because they involved an element of danger.)

    Dreams are funny in that they can be from God, come from angels and have a special message, or they are (scientists might say) random signals fired between the conscious and unconscious mind. Each person will have to pray and really seek their own answers. I don’t know what each person’s dream really means. After all, I don’t know how my electric can opener works …

    In more recent times I still dream of the Tsunami. One time in the dream I was on Fire Island off of New York and I was caught between the beach and the Great South Bay. I used to be a life guard in Texas and I am a very strong swimmer, but the waves overwhelmed me.

    About two weeks ago, I dreamed that a giant Tsunami wave was coming … I was with a beautiful girl from Norway I met in Chiang Mai and we were trying to get into a glass fortress and find safety from the giant wave. I made it inside and was trying to help the girl get inside too. I had to force open a glass window. The whole glass building reminded me of Wonder Woman’s plane or what her hideout might be like based on the plane. Maybe it was a symbol of seeking purity?

    Another time of Tsunami Dreams came in St. Louis; I had horrible dreams of giant waves and snakes and spiders and reptiles. I noticed that another person listed above wrote about snakes. Having spent so much time in the jungles of South East Asia and Central America you would think that I wouldn’t be afraid of snakes but I still am. A large cobra I encountered in SE Asia really scared me.

    Are these dreams a warning from God?

    All that I can say is I know I am weak, wicked and unworthy without God, and even with God I am actually not so great. But please allow to say that I fear and I think the Tsunami dreams are, for some, a warning about personal sanctification and the coming judgment. The Tribulation, in whatever form it may take, must come and we must prepare for that.

    The fact that so many people are having Tsunami Dreams in some form proves something strange, wonderful and radical is going on.

    We have no right to punish ourselves or judge ourselves, nor should be judge others. Through this website we can analyze the Tsunami Dreams of other people and try to help them find the answers they are looking for. They could be simple things or deeply spiritual things.

    I am not the Fourth Member of the Holy Trinity but I do think major social and global changes are coming to the world. This should be obvious to any spiritual person.

    If we seek God and try to live closely with Him and bring Him glory through helping others, our sleep will have an element of peace and we can find comfort even through the worst dreams of Tsunamis and snakes.

    These days I live in the most vulnerable Tsunami zone imaginable, and since I found this website I have slept better than ever.

    Please don’t be afraid of your dreams and please know that you will find the answers you seek.

  231. brianna Says:

    I had a dream this morning that i was at a long lost friends house… They lived by a river and the river was over flowing and extremely murky. Throughout the entire dream I had a feeling that something just wasnt right. The friend i had been with went inside the house to change into her bathing suit. She wanted to swim in the murky river. I had decided against it because the tide looked too strong. There had been more people at the house (siblings) That were going to swim in it also. As i told them all that it wouldnt be a good idea. I looked in the sky and saw a giant blue wave coming toward us… At that moment i knew i was going to die. I had a feeling of fear but exceptance of my death. As the wave was about to hit i woke up and it was morning. All day i have felt like this dream meant somthing… Something big.. I am experienceing alot of changes and i am trying to find myself. But im still unclear as to what this dream could be. Any suggestions?

  232. Brandy Campbell Says:

    The very first paragraph about the tsunami and the hotel, and all……….. I had the same EXACT DREAM.

  233. Rahuls Says:

    I had a tsunami dream and to my disbelief the next day there was a tsunami that actually occured near jakarta in the newspapers. Before this dream I have not seen a dream for over 8 months!

  234. In the post above, in the Kanyakumari setting, I forgot to add the name of the statue. It is the – Thiruvalluvar statue.

  235. stephanie Says:

    My first dream i was in a large boat that could go on land and water, and we were driving to this hotel. The people there weren’t visiting, it was like a community lived there now. then the water started to rise and flood everything and then i woke up.

    My second dream i was high up in a tall building on a balcony with family/friends my the water. all of a sudden this HUGE wave is coming for us. Some how we end up in little boats and the waves keep crashing down on us but we manage to maneuver through the waves and survive.

    My third dream i was walking alone the middle of the highway with two others, and then its started to get really windy, then water started to flood everything, and then we were all swept away and i ended up in the harbour.

  236. Wow! First of all I would like to say thanks to the one who started this blog. It is comforting to know that there are so many of us who are having the same or at least very similar dreams involving tsunamis. I have been having these dreams since the year 2000 when I was living in Encino, California. Now, ten years later, I am back to my home in New Delhi, India, but still having these dreams, the most recent one being last night. From reading this blog it is clear that these tsunami dreams are occurring across the globe irrespective of nationalities or proximity to the coastline.

    Reading the very first post by the creator of this blog, I noticed the similarity to my own dreams. In my dreams as well, there is generally an element of being inside a building but with an exterior element as well. This means either inside a balcony/podium/terrace/verandah, etc. Or inside a room with glass windows and generally a large glass window (though not always – once I was in a small apartment in an apartment building in Mumbai with very small iron-barred windows as the monster wave approached).

    However, I have also had a few dreams where I am on a beach.

    There is one element, however, that I have noticed that so far I have not read on this blog and I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. In my dreams the waves come in threes. There are always three waves in my dreams. First comes a decently large wave (maybe about 100 feet high), then comes a smaller wave (usually about 50-60 feet high). Then there is a stillness – a lull before the monster wave. Most of the time after the first two waves hit (I always see the first two waves actually hitting or breaking) there is a brief moment of relief in which I think the worst is over and then in a few minutes, I can see the monster wave approaching in the horizon, often it takes on the role of the sky itself. It looks to be several miles high as it approaches. There is terror at this time as people begin to run away with the false hope that they can actually outrun this monster. I have never seen this wave actually break, but it is constantly being formed as it approaches me. I always get up seconds before I would be engulfed!

    Another interesting detail is that each dream is in a different location. I have been on beaches, hotels and buildings all around the world. Some of the locations were clearly in the US, some in Europe (one of them was clearly in the Mediterranean), some in South America. The most recent dream I had was last night in which my younger brother and I were in Kanyakumari, which is the southern most tip of the Indian peninsula. It is a point that is unique in many ways as it is where three major water bodies meet – The Bay of Bengal, The Indian Ocean and The Arabian Sea. Each water body is clearly identifiable as each water body is a different color. Now here is the weird part. Though it is Kanyakumari, we were standing on a mountain top or a very high cliff overlooking the Thiruvalluvar statue (however though I ‘knew’ consciously in my mind that the Vivekananda Shrine should also be there, it wasn’t) and many parts of the land were already covered in crystal clear water. Also, it was clearly the future as there were very tall buildings there, which do not really exist. The whole scene could also have been an amalgamation of various settings – the cliff or mountain like place we were standing also reminds me of Rio De Janeiro’s mountain where the Christ Redeemer statue is located. The skyscrapers could have been from New York or the Far East.

    Okay, so what does all this mean? I feel there is something more to it than meets the eye. If there are so many of us having these dreams with so much similarity, it is obviously part of the Jungian collective unconsciousness, but maybe it’s not that simple. There is a deeply spiritual element to all of this. Why is it that many of the people who are having these dreams – myself included – are spiritually minded individuals? Perhaps there is an element of reaching the next level spiritually that is happening here. Maybe as some others have said, this could be a premonition of the changes that many believe will occur in 2012. So what kind of changes are these and how do these changes affect us?

    First things first, you can’t outrun a tsunami (especially the monster that we all seem to have seen) – so don’t even bother trying. That being said, let us take a closer look at what we are seeing. The so-called 2012 end of the world ‘as we know it’ hypothesis could be just that – it could be the elevation of our spiritual consciousness to the next level. Maybe the destruction of earth’s land mass would mean that we would begin to exist at a higher dimensional level. So maybe our impending ‘death’ is more of a ‘birth’ in a higher level spiritually. Just like the unborn baby has to leave its world in the womb to step into a larger world (and this process is a struggle for the fetus) so must we have to ‘struggle’ a bit before we evolve into a higher spiritual existence. So maybe these dreams are making us recognize this coming change and maybe they are trying to prepare us for this. I believe that the fact that so many of us are experiencing these dreams can only mean that these are not coming from some sub-conscious memories that neurologists would like you to believe but from some higher plane of intelligence or consciousness or simply put, a higher spiritual plane.

    I think that we who are experiencing these dreams are fortunate. We are getting a heads up to an approaching event that might be physical in nature in the form of a meteorite shower that will cause global mega-tsunamis or it could be a non-physical event in the form of the shift to a higher frequency of spiritual energy that could be scary, but will work out for the best in the final analysis. Or it could be both. Anyways as evident from this blog, we will not be alone when all this happens.

    • andy Says:

      Prashant Solomon.. your dreams are almost to the tee of mine. every dream i have had was in a place that was familiar but yet not in the physical world. being on the beach it self or in a hotel/reastraunt with large windows. your interpatation of waves comeing in 3s is something i have never thought of until reading your blog, always there,always getting bigger but never crushing you. seeing ppl run thinking they can beat the rush of water. it seems we are more intune with god then others but not to say we are more connected in a self aware way… i have had these dreams way before i knew about the 2012 thought. my last tsunami dream was not that long ago but so differnt from the others i have had. so many differnt ways to percive it but yet so similar with ppl all across the world. it drives me nuts because i have no clue what they mean. i have tried to compare all mine to find some connection in my life situations but none really connect… i thank you for your thoughts and all the rest that have took time to read and reply. i hope we all find what it means. i have had so many that i remember all so vivid..more then any other dreams i have had in the past, so yes they are very important. ps i live on the coast of oregon and lived on the coast of maine my whole life, this could be a start of breaking down the meanings of our common dreams :)not to say that coastal residents only have these dreams

      • Caramia Says:

        Wow, so glad I found this blog thread! I feel like I’ve come home…so nice to explore this with others. Like both of you above, I’ve been having tsunami dreams in different places (beach, island, valley, high rise in NY, in a house watching pieces of the Golden Gate Bridge float towards me, etc. They are pretty frequent, once a week sometimes, then with gaps. I’m definitely going through a spiritual shift, and notice others around me are too – feels comforting, though, not scary. 🙂

  237. Ben Says:

    Hi again just had a wierd tsunami dream like no other I have ever had.
    I’m on a beach with friends but don’t really recognise anyone from the real world ( if that makes sense) we all go down to an area of the beach where there are steps leading upto a concrete shelf walkway and it has got dark and the moonlight is shining on the sea and there is a nun floating on a raft. YES A NUN!! and then I see a priest and he explains that in order to get people to listen to his sermon he has decided to do it floating as a publicity type thing. all of a sudden it’s day light and the tide is out but nobody seems that’s wierd and the priest begins his sermon and I sit on the steps and listen just to be polite as he has made such an effort. ( now this is where it gets wierd for me I had a tsunami dream right then and there within that dream! What I mean is I fell asleep listening to the priest and woke up still on the steps in my dream having just had a tsunami dream the actual tsunami dream it’s self was in the same setting and a massive wave crushed my head against the steps. Then I woke up in my dream gathered a few possesions from the beach and left then I woke up for real. has anyone else dreamt that they dreamt a tsunami? I realise this sounds like the ramblings of a mad man but the best way I can describe it.

  238. Jenna Says:

    i have had 2 tsunami dreams. they were both the same. my parents and i were on this beautiful beach, on one side was a huge shelf that i somehow knew was safety. my father and i are both very into water and science and history so we knew what was happening when the tide all of a sudden seemed to go out for miles and miles, my mother not so much. we tried to encourage and convience her to come with us, but she would not. eventually, she started to walk out towards the water. my father grabbed her and put her over his shoulder as we started running. the water was starting to come behind us but we did not dare look back on it. we made it to the top of the mountian in time to turn around and see the tsunami at full force and beauty. it came to our feet, but no further and then i wake up. 2 days after my last dream, my mother suddenly fell ill and took a heartattack. we almost lost her but now she is happy and recovering. she has a serious heart disease and she needs to be careful, but she is alive. i never had that dream anymore. concidedence or not?

  239. Meso Says:

    Thanks for this article! All the comments are great too! Both are really helpful! I’ve included your link on my blog along with my recent dream about a Tsunami.

  240. Meenakshi Surendar Says:

    I recently had a tsunami dream and was very vivid. I could see all my family members in the dream. Actually we were on a vacation on a small island though island doesn’t seem to be very far off from the shore. And all of a sudden we could see water rising to great heights and the floor of the ocean or rather island shaking. Somebody was saying to reach the shore as quickly as possible on an open raft which was particularly arranged for the people. We all went aboard the raft. From here I could see all my family beside me except my husband whose voice I could only here. I have also seen two statues of Lord Hanuma(Hindu God) being brought on to the raft on which I said its good to have statues of God with us so we could reach shore safely. The raft then started moving. I also started praying to God to help us reach the shore safely. Though there seem to be waves rising to great heights, our pilot of the raft seem to be miraculously escaping the tides and finally we were brought to the shore though I didn’t see myself landing on the shore. Then I suddenly woke up.

    I do not the know meaning of this. Can any one help me regarding this dream. But I am having problems in marital life, may be the dream is related to this.

  241. Larry Says:

    i dreamt of tsunami yesterday and at the end after struggling not to be drown I lost my last breath and was thinking yelling for help from Jesus and I calmed and felt I was saved. I woke up and went back to sleep and this morning I saw a rainbow reassuring me to follow Jesus. I was not a serious Christian until like two weeks ago started praying again and this dream and rainbow was indeed signifying my recent spiritual changes.

  242. hanny Says:

    crazy enough to find this site , as many other sites I’ve run into that led me to more and more spiritual awakening through the last 6 years, ..tsunami dreams have being part of my life since early childhood and as often as once a month , and now i can definitely tell its just another sign to what there is to come,since it isn’t just my own imagination or perhaps fear/strong respect/affection towards the ocean I agree with all of those who speak of the massive conscious awakening as we can already see that everywhere rising at a crazy speed, but to share my personal experience i would like to add another type of dream which i had about 3 years ago right before an important spiritual discovery, i dreamed of some kind of journey i led through some high mountains, I didn’t quite knew why we where there until i looked up and saw the sky covered completely by higher entities (very difficult to explain) kind of a spaceship (again dreams work as metaphors and in this particular case i knew it referred to higher spiritual beings, i also know it was connected to the ^end of the world theory^)
    and as i saw them i felt at ease as if all of the sudden i remembered what was happening and kept on leading this group of people to some sort of refuge place,it was kind of an after-major disaster mode as i know we were some of the few survivors, i carried two children with me,and i was happy, and glad it all happened.
    whenever i have a tsunami dream , the same thing happens i look toward the ocean with a sense of awareness, i know its coming and it fills me with joy, and when the first wave hits, i can tell the others ok now its here RUN !!! and only then they believe me.
    As in for real life I know something tremendous will happen and I struggle with the daily life because i dont know if these signs are as literal as they seem, I dont know if its crazy or paranoid to have a plan (which i do partly), coming back to my native Peru around the end of this year and find a hut up in the mountains with my beloved ones, water,warm clothes and food(just in case)and spend some time and the holidays there for the next 2 years.
    thanks to all of you for your comments as for what there is to come i dont feel the need to worry,
    as i think its only going to bring us closer to our nature and put an end to the abuse our poor mother earth have had to go through all these years, theres is too much ugliness around us for it to last much longer, there isn’t any future for our children as long as there isn’t a BIG change in our hearts and in our ways of society.
    congrats everyone 😉 and GOD BLESS

  243. Ile Says:

    I’ve never dreamt about tsunamis before, last night was my first one:
    I was in the beach and someone was talking to me, then he said something about the sea and a storm coming, i got scared, cos i dont like to be in the water while raining, u could see something like far away how the water was being pulled up by the air, so i said, i will be back I need to go inside, i started walking towards the hotel and, i didnt see them, but i knew my sister and brother were in the beach, mom was coming out of the hotel, and i said look u can see the storm being formed, and she was like, thats a tsunami! and ran to get sister and brother, I kept walking inside trying to find a safe place, instead of going to help get my siblings, the wave hit and it was huge, i remember thinking i got to the 10th floor, and u could see the water outside, i felt so guilty for not going to get my siblings, somehow i got out and was swimming in the water with other people, it was all flooded. We tried to get into an apartment building, but someone tried to show at us, eventually we managed to get in, we were being chased but someone killed the person that was after us, that was it.
    When i woke up, i cried for not going to get my siblings.
    Maybe its relevant, i recently got married, and will be moving to England in a couple of weeks to live with my husband.

  244. Fiona Says:

    I dreamt about a tsunami last night and today at 4 .30pm I found out that Japan was hit but a massive one. To be fair my life is changing – the dream occurred the night before my last day at work before 7 weeks travelling (SE Asia) and then going back to Europe. So I get the whole meaning of the dream and that it is a real possibility in these parts but I am slightly freaked out about the fact that what I dreamt came through only a few short hrs later. The dream itself did not frighten me. I took precautions, was ready for it and knew what to do.ie no threat to me. This has happened to me before (dreams coming true the next day) but only minor things not to the same significance as this. Dreams are fascinating.

    • Fophil Says:

      You really have to look at it as a gift..and not a curse..I do believe we are all connected but only few tune in ….

      • cindy sedaker Says:

        oh gosh … no curse … I am just curious. what could it mean? I always try to leave it open for more messages. my dreams do get quite vivid when i can remember them

  245. cindy sedaker Says:

    I have had several tsunami dreams but it always with an impending tsunami and I am alerted to it through observation only. I always see the empty sea floor and know I need to get to higher ground. I have never seen the actual wave in my sleeping dreams. I saw a tsunami once while driving on the island I live one. It was a split second where I saw the smoke stack falling over me and a very high wave about to crash over me. that was 3 years ago and I havent seen it since

  246. NYC Says:

    I have been dreaming of them consistently for the past 5 years. Before Haiti even-before Japan-and with increasing frequency since then. My tsunami is in Manhattan-it destroys the entire city, all the way, huge amounts of water, very little warning, no alarms, nothing. The tunnels flood, subway cars submerge, bridges topple. Outside of the city, near Del Water Gap, the waters rise, cars, houses, everything. Millions of people die in the flood. And then I dream after, another massive wave/earthquake in TX of all places! It literally splits the state in two, and a giant body of water comes in, whether from underground or the sea, Cali almost at the same time-like some kind of insane clockwork all chiming at once…when, I can’t tell. It’s far reaching though. For some reason, I keep thinking “only the farmlands in the middle are safe”. Then I wake up. It’s happened so much, I almost ignore them now. They’re so vivid, I wake up with a huge urge to move inland. Years now I’ve been having them. Just.freakin.crazy! :/

  247. Lindsay Says:

    I’ve just had two dreams in two nights both about tsunamis. What I found weird was just before the tsunami I wS standing in a cobbled town. I saw a bus go past with 3 people in it. I saw them get off the bus but a minute later it went past again. It then went backwards. I started running up and down hills and ended up at a beach. There was loads of people and debris already on the beach. I noticed the waves were going too far back and told an ex colleague to run. We went into a hOuse where a woman was in the bedroom. I stood and watched the wave coming towards me before I woke up. I had a similar dream the next evening but can’t remember it. So strange that so many other people have had this. Maybe I was standing on someone elses beach in their dream?

  248. Ricardo Hall Says:

    I had a Tsunami dream

  249. Zgarcia Says:

    I went to Google and typed in dream interpretation tsunami. I came across you’re link I was about to click another link but some how decided to click on your’s. That first statement you wrote which I will copy and past “I sometimes have dreams of a tsunami. In the latest one, I was in some kind of hotel or restaurant with a large verandah facing the beach. I watched the tsunami break over the beach and the wave flowing towards me with the certain knowledge that it would sweep me away. It was fascinating and terrifying.” I just dreamed the same dream yesterday 04/15 or 4/16 passing mid-night before I was morning.

  250. Annie Says:

    I have had the SAME reoccurring dream of tsunamis for about 2 months or so now. I always dream that the wave is coming at me and there is a HUGE sand wall I cannot get past, seconds before the wave washes me away I awake.

  251. Lesly Says:

    I’m 23 years old and for past 10 years I’ve been having dreams of tsunamis. In these dreams I’m near the beach or in the mountains. For the most part I predict the waves before they are visual. I gather up loved ones and strangers up to safety. After everyone is safe, I leave myself behind. In all my dreams I’ve only lost one person. I have these dreams once or twice a month.

    Being as young as I am, I have gone through obstacles in my life. Never I would consider myself to have a hard life because I remain positive. Im quick and ready to go out of my way for anyone just like in life and my dreams.

    What do my dreams mean?

  252. James Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. I saw all the sea on the beach suddenly recede extremely quickly until it all disappeared. In my dream someone shouted it’s a tsunami, as i looked back out to the horizon i saw a huge tidle wave approaching. We all ran for higher ground. I didn’t feel scared. In my waking life i am stuck in an extremely miserable job and i just found out my wife and i are having a baby.

  253. TR Says:

    Hi all, thanks for sharing, I didn’t know this many people had tsunami dreams. I had one last night for the first time and it was so intense I had to look it up. Unlike some others, I am going through incredibly stressful times at work and with a woman I’ve recently met who really likes me but I don’t feel the same way and am afraid to tell her because I don’t want to hurt her feelings and because I can really use her company during these stressful times. In my dream I was on a balcony with my brother on a pretty high floor about a mile from the beach. (It was like the building we lived in once) He mentions something about going surfing (we used to surf years ago) and I look and see there are some nice waves. I keep looking and notice the waves are coming all the way up to the building, not very big waves but still I knew something was wrong. I look down and see the body of woman floating and then I get scared, the water is coming in more and more and the waves are getting bigger. I realize it’s a tsunami but I just can’t believe it. The building begins to shake and I feel like it’s going to fall. I try to grab my brother because I know if he or I falls or something, we’ll never see each other again. I can’t seem to get to him so I look out to the ocean and it hits me that this is it, it’s the end of my life and I was so shocked and begging G-d not to let this happen. Then I woke up. It was really scary and disturbing to “experience” such traumatic feelings, and I felt a bit like even G-d couldn’t help me then, but I did wake up. I generally consider myself a brave person, but that dream terrified me, I never considered nature to be scarier than mankind has been, but it also shows me the lack of empathy I have for people who actually went through things like this for real. The ones that died probably felt the same terror, it just saddens me that it exists. Hopefully it’s a good sign as some have said, but it felt more like a bad one.

  254. I came up with a theory about “the great flood” a long time ago, believing that it symbolizes an ongoing symbolic flood that is happening on a large scale (my “flood = deluge = delusion” theory). Water symbolizes the realm of emotion. When “Christ walked on water”, or a lotus sits on top of water, this symbolizes conquering emotional distortion, and FULLY realizing that all truly is one (not as easy as it sounds!). When you view things through an emotional filter, that is a prelude to delusion or not seeing/realizing the actual unalloyed truth. — MY partner and I both sleep next to each other and both woke up this morning, having had tsunami dreams with very specific similarities, but I was in a friend’s house on the East coast and he was in a friend’s apartment on the West. I think this is a warning to us all to take precautions on the emotional manner in which we are handling our lives, because our emotional world is coming crashing down upon us and harming us more than we consciously realize. When our friends or others in the dream are slow to react/apathetic, perhaps this means that our friends are in emotional trouble?

    – DR Katherine, Portland, OR

  255. Annon Says:

    I’ve had two Tsunami dreams in the last two three months.

    My first Tsunami dream was in March 2011, just after the one in Japan. We were supposed to be in Florida for the wedding, bc it was some sort of resort. A giant whirlpool was swallowing up people outside the hotel and we were trying to save them but we couldn’t. An apparent Tsunami had just struck. Next, I was running through an empty parking garage in the dark, looking for survivors and I was terrfieid to see any dead bodies. I kept thinking, I need to get out of here, because another wave is coming. We jumped in a car and tried to drive away, but something kept keeping me from leaving. At one point, I was out of the car, a few blocks in from the beach and a gigantic wave was coming at me. I hid behind a wall hoping to survive the way, and woke up just as it was about to hit. I was terrified when I woke up.

    My second tsunami dream was on June 8th, 2011. In the dream, I was walking along the beach and it was night time. I could see this huge wave (it feels larger than life when I think about how big it was in the dream- terrifying). I remember thinking I needed to be in the water to help absorb some of the blow. That is what I did. No family memebers were with me or existed in this dream. I was along and very concerned about surviving. A girl was with me and we were wading around in the water. There were dead bodies all around us. I told her, Im terrified right now. How are we going to survive this? (another wave was on its way) – and she said, “we’re not….but I’m not afraid to die at all, i’m not afraid”. And then I felt bad about being so scared to die. But I still didn’t want to accept that this was it. We ran into a structure and this was where the dream got a little screwy. We were in a submarine thing that could lift us to a different altitude to avoid the waves. I woke up out of that dream and into another dream. I was in a condo I lived in with my huband. I was groggy and couldn’t see that well…so I ran to the balcony to look outside and make sure the dream wasn’t real. I looked out to the ocean, and couldn’t see anything and walked back into the bedroom. But then, i had a sinking feeling and something told me to go back and look. When I did, I could see a giant wave (the same black wave) from my dream coming at the shore. I woke my husband up in a panic telling him to hurry, we had to get to higher ground. Water started to fill the sides of the building, but somehow we rode it out and it wasn’t as bad as the nightmare. This was a second tsunami dream inside of a dream. So crazy!!

  256. David Says:

    I’ve just had a Tsunami dream, although it was known to be coming for a while and all my family are with me as we prepare for it. arranging who will stay and who will go, at first the wave is slow, with water raising up the rivers then the street then buildings. although each time as the water is raising, i switched to a different family member where they needed my help to get to safe ground (very stressful) in the middle of it all my family split into two groups. at the end of it we all met up except my sister. but almost like a monologue in a sort of dark empty space, I said to my Dad 1st) “I had to be with you all because I would have had to kill myself if I lost you all” this statement I regretted after saying and felt bold for saying it. then I said 2nd) ” I wanted to be with you all to protect you all if i could” I was happy with this. then I woke up.
    just typing this out has made this dream clearer to me.

  257. Maria Says:

    Today i had the weirdest most horrible dream with a tsunami. I was on some kind of a trip but at the same time was in my country, i was with a group of really random friends including my boyfriend…. We were on this line to get to the water and when we got there we saw that the beach was to high and it looked weird so we didnt get it, only two of my friends, then suddenly we saw the sea break in half and made this huge passway kind of like Moses and then the water united again and then a tsunami began, it wasnt a big wave but the water started to overlap the balcony we were, i didnt know what to do and my boyfriend smiled at me and took my hand and we started to dive, we were so calm and at such peace, then when we finally got out of there we saw a new group of friends of mine and they were crying and I started to ask of a daughter of one of them and they told me she died then i began to run and cry and look for my mom and brother and found mu grandma and told her to try to call dad (he’s in Greece right now) b/c in real life he told me to call him if anything happened. Then as I was going up the stairs to get out of that building I saw the daughter of mi friend and she was alive… She just lost a foot!!! And I saw my friend and we started crying!! I remember i felt a huge feeling of proudness it was overwhelming then suddenly i was starting to panic b/c I couldnt find my mom and brother then i woke up b/c i couldnt take that dream anymore…

    Please thoughts I need an interpretation!!

  258. Sam Says:

    I had my second tsunami dream last night & have just found this page doing a google search for it’s meaning. 7 weeks ago I had my first baby & although I am very happy there are days when I find it all very difficult & quite overwhelming. In both dreams I try going up various buildings to get away from the water but end up trying to run up a hill that runs through the middle of a town to get away – at this point I always feel like I have no energy to run and that I just can’t do it. Any relations to that and my current situation are just too obvious, I wonder if there is a more sublime interpretation?

  259. julia Says:

    i also had my second tsunami dream last night – my first was within the same week.

    i however feel amazing when i wake up – although its very intense, i’ve survived so far, and feel very empowered!

    my personal life it wonderful right now – i’m in a great place emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially……. very happy and content. although just prior to the first dream i was feeling a little lost spiritually and could feel a big change coming.

    it seems my tsunami dreams are coming after the events……

    i was very interested in the initial comments about them representing a more universal collective unconscious as i’m living in a very politically unstable country with recent uprisings that until this year i have been lucky not to experience.

    so my personal conclusion at present is that my tsunami dreams are connected to spiritual clearing for sure and the collective unconscious.

    like a gentle reminder that although i am managing to find contentment in my own spiritual journey through life – my subconscious isn’t letting me forget about loved ones caught up in political unrest.

    to everyone who is lucky enough to live in a politically stable country where peaceful demonstrators asking for democracy would not be shot at or imprisoned – please remember every day how lucky you are………..

    and thanks to the while elephant for setting up this site

  260. Jo Ann Says:

    Hi, I had this dream the huge wave was coming and i was trying to help ppl ran up to the top of a mountain but once i reached the top another Wave was coming from the other side it was going to hit me in the dream I knew my family and everyone was gone but still in my mind I had a plan cause i was determined to survive, I was not in pannic and its weird for me cause family is important to me and so is my fellow man plus not to long ago I was depressed and contemplating suicide yet the very reasons i get upset in the waking life wich is my family pain and lost acceptance yet in the dream everything was gone and I still wanted to live. Somethings u canot change but I have taken this dream as an awakening from my uncontious I dont want to die and I want to live for me! From Puerto Rico

  261. Sarah Marie Says:

    I have had a tsunami dream. I was most definitely in Jamacia. I had swam out to sea with some old friends of mine, where there was a hut/bar type thing in the middle of the ocean. One friend and I swam back, leaving the other two in the bar/hut – the sea was rough as we swam back, the beach was also raised and shaped like a big wave, but motionless – you had to climb up ladders to get to a flat surface. This friend and I wactched the sea getting rougher and rougher – i can remember beign really thirsty at this point, then the waves started to rise and i could see people within the waves. But i did move, because i knew i was safe, it was the other friends who werent. In the dream i sort of shot visually to them, they were sat in the hut – oblivious, they werent even wet, they were dressed very smartly with perfect hair etc chatting away!

  262. ss2s Says:

    in last 6 months i dreamed tsunami 3 times. 6 months ago i was on a beach, and in a dream i was on a beach and i would see huge tidal wave coming at me, and i would drown, and in the same night i redreamed it like 10 times, without waking up. then few months ago i dreamed that tsunami hits a boat that im in, cruise boat/ferry boat.
    and now i just woke up, and started looking online, because dreamed it again, this time in a coastal small city, huge wave came out, i started to hide in the front of small local shop’s hallway, and water came all over me, i was under water, holding my breath, waiting for water to settle down so i could swim to the surface, and i woke up. im planning on going to one of caribbean countries this summer, also training pretty hard to make professional sport team, maybe this dream relates to it?

  263. JA Says:

    I’m 46 and had my first tsunami dream two nights ago. I was camping with some family members and others I did not know near some hills and asleep in a tent. The water took me away while I was sleeping – never saw it coming. I woke up in the enormous waves and was tossed about for quite awhile. I never felt like I was going to drown and I didn’t feel particularly scared – it actually felt good and that surprised me. I ended up getting washed up to a community building where there were many people gathered and watching others, from the outside deck, being tossed about as the waves came and went. Several times I started going back into the water, thinking the waves were done and then learning they really weren’t done – then I would go back to the building. My 90 year old grandfather who lives with me in real life survived it and showed up at the building wearing a tarzan outfit. He looked strong and tan and much younger and was flexing both arms like a bodybuilder would.

    I woke my daughter up this morning and she said she had been dreaming of a tsunami during the night. I had not mentioned my dream to her… or anyone for that matter. Her dream was a lot different than mine – more like many I have read on this site. I was so curious about both of us having our first tsunami dream within two days and googled it and found you all.

  264. Rein Says:

    I had the Tsunami dream last night 8-9-11. I am at a very emotional time in my life; my career, relationships, my thought process and ideals are changing. I have entered into a new industry (paralegal) from sales after 10 years.
    The dream was so real. I was in a house and the waves crashed into the house engulfing it underwater. I wasn’t terribly afraid, mildly startled, as I turn to run the waves were already dragging me underwater. I remember facing the wave.
    I was in very huge house, with lots of house guests.

    Last time I had a Tsunami dream was when Tahiti was hit by one in 2005, that dream was the night before the disaster actually hit Tahiti. I felt a deja vu the next day.

  265. kat Says:

    I too had a dream of a tsunami early this am. I was trying to get away from it, there was a man who was just sitting there and had no one or place to go, my mother and i asked for his number or address to check on him, there was a large window in front of us looking down a hill, that was also used as a tv, it showed the tsunami coming towards us, i yelled we had to move fast, the man said it is coming from behind us, not infornt of us, i looked out of the door and a large wave begain to come up the hill behind us and began to wash away vehicles and than. . the feeling of urgency and fear raced through me and i woke up.

  266. Kat Says:

    Kat here, my tsunami occured in mambi india???

  267. andy Says:

    is there anyone that knows what this means????

  268. Hallie :) Says:

    I just had a dream last night. Two, actually. In the first one I dreamed that I was at home and I saw this HUGE wave coming… I ran for my life. Halfway running I realised something scary – my parents and my dogs weren’t with me. I freaked out and prayed. I just stopped there, dropped I my knees and prayed. I’m a freethinker btw, lol. I prayed that I would see my parents and dogs soon, that I can be together with them soon. After the prayer, I woke up. It was around 5am.

    I went back to sleep. This second dream was creepier. It was the first dream all over again, and since I had more control over what I was doing in this dream, and knowing that there was a tsunami coming, I checked the time and the date and where was the tsunami coming from.

    September 9 or 10 (forgot), around 1.30pm (Singapore time), an earthquake near India. Malaysia and Thailand was hit as well.

    I’m creeped out. Does this mean anything…?

  269. Stacey Says:

    …this was an email I wrote to my mother after an amazing tsunami dream. I awoke feeling so energized and excited. I had this dream june 8th 2011. I’ve had one other since as well as an “earthquake” dream. Each has left me with a feeling of inner calm but excitement. I am a believer in Carl Jungs writings as well as continue to read the book “Wisdom of the Heart” it is amazing. I do know why I had this dream but I will not share this with the vast internet, but I did feel impressed to share the dream with you readers. Take it as you will.

    ……So early this morning I woke up with this dream still floating around my head. I laid quietly to try and grab the tail end of it so I could bring back some parts if anything (I learned this from the book dad gave me “wisdom of the heart”) Some did come back but not all of it. I immediately wrote down what I could remember so I could read it again later. Its an interesting dream one that needs a little “fine tuning” parts of it reminded me of dads poem he wanted me to write at the end of papas book but I know it was for me.

    ……Eric (my husband) and I went onto a / our patio I looked out to the sky and I saw this huge wave descending on us slowly, this wave took up the entire skyline. I remember wondering why I had no warning from my “OC Alert” line. I yelled at Eric, “A tsunami is coming!” Fearful I panicked and turned to run inside the house. I remember closing the large sliding glass door for safety and locking it not realizing that Eric was outside but not really thinking about it either. I felt the glass was enough to protect me. As I watched Eric on the patio he was just standing there looking up at the wave. When it came, which it did it was enormous! When it was peaking, lip of the wave curling just above our house. Then slowly the lip twisted and started into a spiral shape, it moved so slowly tunneling together. The entire length of the wave lip formed into a solid smooth tunnel of water but it was not a hollow tunnel, it was solid (almost like the abyss movie). The point of the wave which was now a perfect cylinder started heading down towards Eric. It hit him in the top of his head and completely covered him entirely. I could see him through it like glass but it swirled and moved. I felt so curious. Not scared at all, I just watched, quietly with my hand on the door handle. It elevated his body above the ground a few feet, he was laying flat with his back to the ground floating and slowly spinning/ turning in this cylinder of water. His arms were outstretched on either side of his body. His legs were outstretched but together, toes touching, eyes closed. His hair was long almost to the ground, it was black. He looked almost female to me, like a girl / woman figure floating but I knew it was Eric. His clothes changed too but not in front of my eyes, it was as if he were already wearing them, it was a dress / cape / or robe made out of cotton / grey color. (There is a lapse in my memory here)
    …….I ran upstairs to check on My only daughter afraid of the tsunami. She was still asleep in bed. In my mind I had put her down for a nap and that was what I remembered. When I found her she was dressed in a bright yellow fuzzy zip up footie pj, one that I have never seen. The yellow was so vivid in the slight light of her room. I remember thinking, “Why is she dressed so warmly?” Then quickly thought, “Oh yeah, the tsunami / wave approaching that’s why” almost like she’d be safe wearing it. She was still a baby, not newborn but about 10-12 months or so. She slept soundly other then the fact that every now and then the storm would push her blinds open and the light from the window would hit her face and make her stir and wake slightly. I felt I had to fix the blinds so that she wouldn’t wake up from the nap. I fixed / closed the blinds so her room was comfy again and felt she was safe. Wandered into my bedroom to look out the upstairs window to see if anymore waves were approaching. When I looked there were many many waves crashing and rolling, but the scene was so vast in front of me, I felt as if I was in the ocean or on the shore watching, I think. (This is a fuzzy part, almost lapse.)
    ……Eric was with me now. I then went looking for my cell phone to call someone, I don’t know who, maybe for help. When I found it I frantically tried to call / text anything but all my phone would do was play “games” or random cartoon videos that looked almost like Chinese cartoons or games and little kid music and sounds. I remember being very frustrated with it and couldn’t figure it out. The room I was in almost seemed to feel like grama’s study feels at night with only the dim light on. (Another lapse in memory).
    ……I headed back into my bedroom to check the window again. To see if there was anything. When I looked this time, there was nothing but beach with rolling sands stretched out in front of me as far as the eye could see. There were no more buildings, streets, nothing but beach. The tide had pulled back even past Catalina Island, for thousands of miles, no wind. I remember seeing this immense light / sun breaking through these dark / heavy clouds. It pierced and pulled them apart but yet the clouds stayed slightly and turned all sorts of colors of yellow and grey . I felt excited and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I glanced to the right of my window there lined on the beach were these giant vessels / cruise ships and liners all of them upside down on the sand, no debris at all just these vessels. There were smaller boats there as well but they were right side up. I wondered about this. I could see small images of people walking around these ships and boats, almost looking at them. This yellow “glow” was everywhere but was also a little muddled by darker areas of darker yellows and greys. I could see far into the horizon, and I looked towards where Catalina Island is (straight off shore from the pier here in Huntington, on a good clear day you can see it) and it was still there but dark on the background. As I looked I noticed a large group, almost legion (i guess) of people walking from Catalina Island towards the shore ( or where the shore line use to be because it was now all shoreline) in a organized fashion it seemed. (Lapse in memory)
    …..I went down to the street with Eric and I had my daughter in my arms, she was her age now (4). I kept trying to talk to people about what happened but couldn’t, I don’t remember how I felt but I know I didn’t feel fear. I checked my phone again but this time it was broken, totally smashed in half in my hand. I do remember talking to a younger woman, I think she was in a uniform but I’m not sure. We walked a little further up the sidewalk, I remember then seeing a grandpa looking man. I walked up to him and asked him why he had stayed and didn’t try to escape with everyone else. He looked at me, smiled, looked to the horizon and replied, “We thought we’d just ride out the storm. Good thing we did, huh?” and smiled again. I looked at the sky and woke up.

  270. Stephanie Says:

    Ive been having Tsunami dreams for over 5 years and they change very slighty for a few years the dream was me crossing over a major highway and seeing the wave come at me but now the one is so vivid and involved an earthquake I live on Long Island and this happened a month prior to the VA Earthquake..I never felt an earthquake before and in my dream I experience the same sensation that I did the day in august, So I am very frightened and suffering panic attacks now that the dreams are more and more vivid this time I dont see the wave but I see water slowly coming up my block like a few inches and I get into my car with my son and travel maybe 100 ft and dream ends…very scary. A while back I had dreams I was on the beach and the wave was coming up slowly but no one could make it up the dnes it was like the island tipped like a boat. Also one I was hit on the beach but I was standing on the beach after and surrounded by people…idk I dont like this dreams..maybe I was going through emotion things but not lately…

  271. taylor Says:

    I have tsunami dreams about once or twice a week. It is definitely my most common recurring dream. The circumstances vary but generally I know it’s coming and I can always see the gigantic wave approach and wash over everything. Sometimes I am in the water and sometimes I’m just watching.

    Sometimes my dreams change form and are not specifically a tsunami but other very extreme weather conditions – natural disaster type thing. They are always very vivid, very graphic and atmospheric. Any blockbuster producer would be impressed!

    I guess I’ve been changes stages in my life in that I have left university and have begun my career as a young professional. Maybe that might be reflected in my subconscious with the ‘washing away’ of things … but in my conscious state it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal. Certainly not enough to have a similar dream at least once a week!

  272. KJ Says:

    I had a Tsunami dream a few weeks ago. I didn’t try to find out the meaning of it until now that my life is going through big changes. I’m Spiritual (NOT religius) and I’ve been dating my Jewish boyfriend for about 1.5 years now. We have talked about getting married but only recently more seriously.

    That talk put us to this situation where it seems like we are breaking up. He wants to grow his kids jewish and I want to raise my kids in a “religion free home.” I would never teach my kids about any of that, they can become whatever they want to be: jewish, muslim… As long as they are happy!

    So yes, I believe in this explenation about Tsunami dreams! Thank you!

  273. Yesterday was my very first time having such tsunami dream in life. I saw 3 gigantic mega waves coming my ways from 3 directions, yet I didn’t turn back and run away from them.

    Upon waking up, I was excited to learn what do they mean to me and I came across this website. I’m not sure if what I am facing in life right now is indeed a spiritual awakening but lately I was reading all kinds of books relevant to this.

    I have been living a life which brings me as many miseries as it could. This dream leads me to wonder if there is an awakening in between…

  274. Ron Holmberg Says:

    Im Ron, from Mission B.C. Canda. I had a incredable dream lastnight. I was in a hirise in Vancouver, witrh my wife and we were on like the 30th floor…we had to goto the security office on the 14th floor with the security guards, because 2 girls were harassing us for my wallet, so they took them also and we were to goto the 14th floor (which the security people said just happens to be where the most crimes are family related)?
    ?? Anyway so we get out on the 14th floor and are walking along the mall/hirise when i hear GASPS from people then panic, so i look out the window (the whole floor has windows along it) and i see the sea rising at an incredible rate, i knew this was it, We had only a few seconds before it hit us and all i wanted to do was get to my wife, and her to I. I fought through the panicking crowd until i finally reached her and grabbed her in both arms and said, its ok honey..were ok, as i close my eyes and await the smashing glass and cold water to envelop us. We didnt panic, just accepted what was going to happen. and then just as it was about to hit, I WOKE UP! Never had a dream like this before, so i searched out info on it and got you guys. I hope your all ok, God bless, Ron. Nov 2 2011

  275. Lucy Says:

    I’ve just woken from another tsunami dream. I have one every so often. I think they represent changes in your life. I’m currently deciding whether it’s time to move out of my parents and into my boyfriend’s place. In the dream my boyfriend was missing after the tsunami and I was, obviously, heartbroken because I was unable to save him in my dream. I felt responsible as I didn’t save him (if I’d tried I too could have died). I’ve been having the tsunami dream probably ever since I was about 17/18 (since I’ve been in serious relationships) and I think I have the dream whenever I’m contemplating changes in my life.

  276. Chad Says:

    I’ve had about three tsunami dreams in he last 6 months- in each time I am either on the beach, or in a building with nothing else between me and the giant wave. I am with members of my family (wife or kids, or all of the above). The wave seems to always look worse than it ends up being, but nonetheless inspires respect. I do not fear for me so much as feel concern for family and those around me. I feel I have to prepare and get people to safety. These dreams are very detailed and vivid, leaving me with strong memories on awakening

    Last night I had a dream of not a tsunami, but an avalanche. Again, I am in a two story house after a couple of earthquake tremors. Then the snow on the mountainside begins to fall, bring with it trees and debris. Again, it brought up in me concern for my family and others with me.

    Again, I did not feel fear as such. More, concern, and the need to save people. And again, the destructive potential did not materialize. It was serious, but not what it looked to become.

    So what gives?

  277. Jacquie Says:

    This blog is amazing. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I’ve had tsunami dreams for about 10 yrs now. In the past few months I’ve been having one at-least 3 times a week. It amazing to read what they might mean. In my case I am going through many spiritual/life changes and I am also finding out that I may have repressed memories.

    My dreams always involve me seeing a huge wave come my way and some how I find higher ground. Last nights dream was a little different… I dreamt that I had experienced a tsunami in different places around the world. I would be in different countries and geographical settings and the tsunami would take place. At one point I remember jumping off a balcony because I knew it would get me. Anyway thanks again!!

  278. top mistakes Says:

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  279. elissa Says:

    I have just had the weirdest dream about tsumai’s, I read what you wrote, Did you have any big changes in your life after? I have illness in my family (my father) at the mo and he is very sick, maybe all my emotions all going mad at the moment! very strange dream but I was incontrol and didnt let go of my 3 year old son all the way through the dream xx

    • Stacey Says:

      You must read the book, “Dancing in the flames.” Your dream is a very powerful message from your subconscious breaking out into your conscious. You will be starting a really wonderful journey that will lead you to amazing depths into your soul spirit. These dreams are your bodies way of telling you that your subconscious has a very important journey for you to take. All love!
      – If you must start at the beginning as we all do, read “The Heroine’s Journey” it will answer your questions if and only if your heart is open and your spirit is willing. This is your way of telling your SELF “Remember who you are!”
      I give this to you. Do as you will.

  280. Amber Elizabeth Graff Says:

    Last night I had another tsunami dream also. I think this is the 3rd one I’ve had in about 3 months. This one was incredible. I was on a high floor of an ornate looking building. Felt like it might have been more of a scholarly building but hotel is possible. I was looking out of the huge windows of the main room part down over the ocean. Out of nowhere a gigantic wave came over the glass window I was looking through and the roof part of the building (for some reason I knew it was the top floor). I was the closest person to the window and was so afraid at expecting the windows to shatter with the force of water that all I could do was immediately drop to the floor and lay there in fear. Amazingly the wave receded. Everything went back to normal as if nothing would happen. I heard someone nearby remark that the wave was about 76′ high. There were even smaller windows that were open down the hall and still no water got in. It was a pretty incredible dream.

    My dream a month or so ago was around the time I went to Hawaii. I thought it was a warning or something. I dreamt I was in a condo type of building by the seafront, where I lived in the dream. The ocean came out of nowhere and swallowed up the parking lot and surrounded the building. I tried to get my car to safety but the ocean caught up and the car was swirling in the water. I somehow got out and swam back to the building, getting to safety. Then as quickly as it came the ocean receded and became normal again. All the water that had circled the building was now back where it should be. The strange thing was that of all the tenants in the building I was the only one who seemed to notice the ocean had come there at all. They were going about their daily life like nothing happened.

    I like to think of it as an awakening for the world that so many people are having tsunami dreams. I am probably idealistic, but it would be fantastic if people around the world really were being swept with a wave of change where they would love more and judge each other less. I think the initial terror of the waves is kind of like ‘change’ which many people are afraid of. Once they accept/embrace the changes within themselves things can become better. We can all hope for this anyway.

  281. Pryscilla Perez Says:

    This is my second tsunami dream and decided to look up the meaning of the dream and boy what a relief i can agree about the new changes new year..but strange how i tend to dream with water except this time it was a bit too real i can totally relate with the feeling of excited yet terrified. Not for me but for my brother who is autistic it was just an emotional dream but good to know its nothing to fear.

  282. Shary Says:

    Everytime I dream about tsunamis I’m going through something that is overwhelming in my life. So I believe there is a connection with tsunamis and feelings.

  283. Bex Says:

    I can’t believe I found this forum. I have had a few very distinct tsunami dreams recently. Twice I thought I was gonna drown but opened my eyes to find I was ok & another I was too busy trying to save someone to care about myself.

    I dont really know what they mean but always felt (as it says here) that I am going through overwhelming changes of a spiritual nature or there are deeply repressed feelings. I also think personally that water & tides often is a symbol for financial struggle.

    I also believe that globally the world is overwhelmed by some serious changes which are worrying & that could affect a collective consciousness.

  284. Thomas kwok Says:

    Location of Dream: Singapore. Just had a clear tsunami dream in the early morning at 5a.m. 2 weeks back and troubled until now. In the clear dream the height of the wave was some 100 ft because I was in the top floor of the office building, the waves came, the first wave is able 20ft carrying with it trucks into basement carpark and the subsequent wave 100ft. The timing is mid day knowing that someone went out to buy lunch and the feeling that he is gone with the rest of people in the street. Very sad and terrifying.
    The following week, I went to the Tibetian temple and happen to meet a nun and told her about my dream. According to the nun 5a.m. dream timing is real and accurate. The temple monks know about this coming event soon. The next big one is dec 2012 location Japan and also world event.

    Please stock up food and tune in to earthquake alerts and have an emergency plan. It will be hard for those living for this world event. Bless those will be gone soon.

  285. goddess of moon Says:

    It is a first time I am looking up for a meaning of tzumani dreams. I have been also dreaming it for a quite a long period and it seems to me that they are becoming regular, and frequent. At the beginnng, I would woke up and end up this fearful dream so wouldn’t have to be caught up into water. I remember, once I was dreaming I was on Tibet. The waves have been so huge, but it was a first time I managed to run away and save myself. Recently, my mother was in a dream, and I saved us hiding in a hotel. This morning, I had another dream. It was dark, probably early in the morning, I was in the water and looking at the big waves. I was asking myself are these tzunamis and if yes, they seem so strong that would hit garder the shore, but by the time they would come near the beach the waves would be little and there was no danger. I also noticed that for the first time they were not heading to my direction. The stream of the water was actually kicking me out. Bizarre..

  286. […] is that your subconscious is trying to find a way to express the emotions you’re ignoring.  On the other hand, Carl Jung referred to tsunami dreams as archetypal dreams, and viewed them as sym…  Having had dozens, maybe hundreds, of these dreams since childhood, I’ve always been […]

  287. Brandy Bacon Says:

    Same type of dream on a weekly basis…water front property on the beach…tsunami is coming..I see it in the distance…and instead of running, I brace myself for the impending doom. I hold onto something…the water rushes around me…I hold my breath as long as I can…and then finally I give up and inhale..and then it goes black..I hear an odd buzzing sound ….and it’s over for a bit. I catch my breath and find myself in my bed. Dream or Vision…..Idk

  288. Rob Says:

    I all of you, I also have had many tsunami dreams. I have always loved the ocean, I surf and go to the beach almost every day. By the way my office is beachfront about 200′ from the Atlantic Ocean.
    This blog is a micro representation of thousands and thousands of people that might or do have similar dreams.
    Because of our “modern life”, “modern religious believes” and other “cultural noise”; we have forgotten many abilities humans had long time ago. Earth is covered by 75% water, we collectively are foreseeing things that will happen.
    I know someday tsunamis will occur, I encourage you all to be prepared. Not running away, not storing goods and being scared. Embrace this current existence have fun, live your day, dream of the future. Be at peace with yourself and no one else. Do not be afraid of physical death of your body. Your soul will continue existing and will recollect all the lessons and experiences that this current experience in beautiful Planet Earth has to provide. This body is very sensitive and keen to experience pleasure, happiness and love. I encourage all participants of this blog, to interpret the tsunami dream as a way to ponder on how short is our experience in this life. Maybe 80 years if you are lucky. The tsunami dreams encourages you to wake up, take life by the horns and live. Please do not let the tsunami take you sitting on the sofa. Follow a passion, regardless if it’s painting, writing or climbing a mountain or sky diving. Move, get up follow your dreams and enrich your soul of all the awesome experiences this life can provide.
    I send you all my love, Robert.

  289. karma wangdi Says:

    i had a dream of tsunami last night… i was in a ship which was about sail off.. but then this huge waves of tsunami started to enter the dockyard… i protected myself against the walls of the ship… then after sometime water level just reduced and i had a feeling that even greater tsunami is about to come.. somehow i knew that i have to go south east direction to be safe from tsunami… really confused what that means???

  290. mark Says:

    hi everybody i’ll been having the same dreams for a long time and honestly i feel to myself that this is somekind of something bad is about to happen. i’ll been dreaming with some disasters situations tha becomes real in some point of the future coincidence or not but this situations become real in a matter of a short time. today april sunday 8 i had the dream and it was very real it begins with a huge flood over the city but it was not enough, after that a terrible earthquake feel in the earth that increase the inundation in a doomsday way.
    hopefully is just something psychologychal but just in case i will be prepare. weather is so weird and unpredictable.
    my greetings all of you, take care and watch yourself.

  291. Fly Says:

    Great to find this blog, this thread and feedback, a journey inspired by a Tsunami dream I had April 7 (2012), and pulled back through timespace into my notebook…after the Tsunami warnings and earthquakes I took things more seriously than usual… thanks for all the info and feedback, Steve ‘fly agaric 23’ Pratt

    .”At beach I notice tide going out and say ‘tsunami’, I look the other way to see giant wave. Slow movement to a house, Somebody else in the house, rooms, water, upside down boat interior.–Tsunami dream, 8.30 A.M Saturday, 7th April 2012.”


  292. Reynolds Says:

    I have dreams about tsunami too, and I keep telling myself not to get too superstitious but I just can’t help searching more information on the internet. I’m glad I’m not alone having this kind of dream, or better defined – nightmare.

    I’ve been having several tsunami dreams for a few months, and the most recent one is just last week.

    It seems all the settings took place were entirely different, I survived in most of the dreams… but there are several occasions where I ‘died’ in the tsunami too (and woke up).

    As I never experience tsunami in real life, I thought some of the events happening are a bit imaginative or unreal in a way – where my house floats on the tsunami and I’m just making sure the water doesn’t get in from the doors and windows. But briefly after the tsunami came, I will eventually wake up from this horrifying dream. I’m really scared of what will happen in my life, or to my love ones. I’m always alone in the dream where tsunami comes (as far as I can recall the dreams) and I’m just helplessly washed away, hardly had time to worry about other people… It’s just maddening to think about, even right now!

    I don’t like these dreams, and I don’t think I’m undergoing a spiritual change or anything – I’m quite happy with what I have right now, I appreciate everything around me.

    I too recently started a vegetarian diet, because the thought of eating animals (especially the killing) really horrify me… Let alone witnessing thousands of people being swept away while me being helpless about it. I think I hate the feeling of being helpless, maybe that is why I keep having tsunami in my dreams? But again when I thought, taking tsunami as a way to interpret my life is just too dramatic for me so I’m looking up for alternative answers. I know there has got to be some answers to these weird dreams (and maybe put an end to it).

    I’m really scared to go to sleep nowadays, having to confront such events again… I don’t have anyone in mind now that scares me… But why such a strong sign is coming? Just last night, I cannot run far and fast (I’m a fast runner) and bandits were catching up to me very quickly. I’m being helpless again. And I’m very sure the imminent dreams will be atrocious again, I’ve not been dream something nice for a long time…

    I’m.. just… really scared.

  293. David Says:

    I had this this dream for the first time and I think it was amazing. Before I went to sleep I watched the movie soul surfer. Amazing inspirational movie. I also have been dealing with a spiritual and christianity is coming back to me. Its the faith I was born with. It recently did hit me that helping the sick, poor, homeless, and hungry are very important. But I had this dream where I was surfing amazing beautfiul waves. While I was sitting on my board I saw this massive wave start to build up. A tsunami was right beside me, I watched it break, but I didnt see it fall all the way. After that I continued surfing. I found this dream to be very wild. I woke up ate some food, talked to my friend for a little bit, and then went surfing, My day ended great. While I was in the ocean I realized that if I die here in the ocean or die anywhere it will be ok. Because I will be y at the ocean. There is actually a guy named Garret MCnamara that surfed an 85 ft wave! Amazing. Im excitied to see how this dream effects my life. People do not fear your dream! look at the good ways it could effect your life. I have never had such a trippy dream and it is so surreal and amazing. Life has things we would never expect in it. Hope the best for all and good luck on your dream interpretations! (:

  294. David Says:

    oh yeah and I realized that if you just have faith in what you love anything is possible. Big waves here i come!

  295. David Says:

    btw I am only 17 and live on the ocean in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Do you guys live on the ocean?

  296. CH Says:

    I had a tsunami dream this morning and it is the second time as I can recall after awaken. In the dream, I was in a ground floor house with other people, and we were trying to face the tsunamissss(10 of them). I saw whales, people in hunger… When you mention about overwhelming knowledge, make me think few the few film projects that i m working on and trying to find ways to create them… watching lots of films an so on…

  297. angrynorth Says:

    I have had reoccurring tsunami dreams since the big one in India etc. I was in the Maldives two weeks before it hit so consider myself very lucky. Shortly after that I started having very vivid dreams about giant waves…. They never actually hit, it’s the sensation of the water building up and up and teetering that makes me feel all jumpy. At the time, I was desperate to leave an abusive relationship. . . .when I did manage to get out two years on, the dreams stopped!
    I’m having tsunami dreams again now…. Prob the stress of children, work, possible redundancy, money worries etc etc… But they are so vivid they make me feel sick when I wake up!

  298. ollie cook Says:

    Last night I had a very powerful Tsunami dream..I was looking out onto the ocean then from the sky a small meteor falls into the ocean at a great distance, followed directly by an absolutley huge meteor, as it strikes the the ocean it causes a massive bright flash of light,,then a tsunami…Im frozen to the spot as the wave approaches,,however i allow the wave to flow over me..expecting it to wash me away but it doesnt…

    I recently lost my job and now am wondering about the next job,,I need to get a new one soon as my money is running out.. but i am hoping this is a positive sign….aprrently meteors are good in dreams…

    • Maria Says:

      I had the exact dream. I saw a Meteor fall in the ocean and a tsunami happened because of it. I ran to safety to a building and i was okay. Then i went to the ocean and was searching for the meteor and i found the rock that was the meteor. And somehow i knew that the meteor has caused the tsunami.

  299. Jed Says:

    One thing I find incredibly reassuring is to see footage of actual tsunami’s and compare that terror with what’s in my dream. With real tsunami wave footage water surges in and just when you think it should turn around and go back out to sea it keeps coming, taking out everything in its path, the water level rising like filling a bath. High ground is your only defence against that power and my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced it.

    In my recurring dreams it’s different – the tsunami wave is taller than a 30 or 40 storey building – a massive wall of deep blue-green slamming toward the bay and an incredibly loud rushing sound. This is the ‘Hollywood’ version of a tsunami – dreamed up by my (over active) imagination!

    Compare it with images of the real thing and the dream fear disappears.

  300. Ayanna Says:

    i also constantly have tsunami dreams. at one point i was having river dreams where i was driving my car into a muddy brown river. when i finally released the car into the river, i stopped having those dreams! but the tsunami dream has been constant. I had one last nite. often i am in a car or a boat or on a cliff when faced with the tsunamis. but always alone. this time my mom was driving. i did face the tsunami in a way to “drive” my car (which was actually a Jeep) through it! I was giving my mom instructions and she had this dopey look on her face. i had to grip her face in my hands for her to understand the seriousness of what we were facing. i told her to open the windows. mine was a short window so i had no chance of escape. my mom’s window opened fully and we both slid out of the car. whew! i am in the middle of a spiritual awakening. it has been ongoing for 5 years. 2 years on and now a year and a half strong. i am aware that my spiritual life and my dream life are interconnected. it doesnt stop the fear. and the awesome beauty. from overtaking me.

  301. Pen Says:

    I had several tsunami dreams last year over a two week period – massive changes happened after in my life, my husband and i are now separated, house sold, moved to a new house with my two children, I am so much happier just a little lonely at times. This morning had another one – I hope this time it brings something beautiful with it – thankyou for advice on facing it as I hv always tried to run and another would come up from the direction I was running

  302. Keilah M. Says:

    When I was 25 I had a dream that I walked out to a restraunt on a dock out in the ocean. I dreamt that I walked straight through the inside of the restraunt and out onto the deck facing the ocean. I saw the tsunami coming and everyone started to run except for me. I decided to just let it take me and when it hit I didn’t fight it. I watched everything swirl around me and stayed calm through the process.
    I am now 30 and since then have gone on the most amazing spiritual journey of my life. I was Christian at the time of the dream and have since learned how to read tarot, talk to spiritual guides, tap into my very powerful psychic side and help others. I am a Shaman now and have experienced the opening of my Kundalini, was given the gift of Reiki by a spiritual master and have helped many people as well as gone through a most devistating divorce to which I have come out on top. I have learned a lot about myself, how to love myself and others and how to be a good and uplifting person. I have mentored many and continue to heal others and myself. It hasn’t always been easy but since that dream I have truly lived an amazing life. I remember looking up the meaning of the dream when I had it and so far to date it has proven to be true. All I have to say to those who dream of tsunami’s is to get ready to have your life turned completely upside down and destroyed as you know it now but only to have it also be rebuilt in the strongest, best, most fufilling way possible.Your in for a serious ride and don’t forget to ask for help along the way if you need it. If you want to contact me further about my journey you can reach me at luvliphe8@yahoo.com. Namaste and God Bless.

    – Keilah M.

  303. Leslie Ann Says:

    My most recent tsunami dream was early morning July 25, 2012. I was standing in a high floor of a hotel with large glass windows looking towards the sea. I knew that I was in Kauai. A dear friend was standing next to me. My attention was drawn to the huge window through which I could see a massive wall of water — higher than the hotel — moving towards us like a roaring locomotive. It was inescapable. I knew this immediately. I took my friends hand and I began to pray aloud and encouraged her to pray aloud with me. I could see and hear the beginnings of the destruction as the lower part of the water began to break against smaller structures. It was a WALL OF WATER moving inexorably forward. I awoke before we were consumed by it.

    It was so vivid that I woke up and remembered it as reality. I stayed awake and went over it in my mind. It felt like a premonition, a view of the future — not a nightmare. I live on the coast in California. This was not a tsunami hitting California. This was a tsunami hitting the island of Kauai.

    • Amber Elizabeth Graff Says:

      Your dream is so much like the one I had a while ago. Well like two of them really. I had one where I was on what I think was the highest floor of a hotel looking out a glass window and in the dream a 76 foot wave hit the glass. I think I mention this dream above somewhere in this blog. I fell to the ground in fear right before it hit but for some reason it caused no harm and just subsided back into the ocean when it should have completely obliterated the hotel. Another I actually had right before our vacation to Maui last November. I dreamed that the condos we had rented for our trip were approached by a large tsunami and the entire area was flooded with ocean. I seemed to be the only one that noticed it had even happened. When I got to Maui the parking lot and condos looked just like what I had seen in my dream with the ocean being right where I had seen it. As I hadn’t really looked at pictures of the condos from that direction before going to Maui it was kind of freaky. Both of my dreams, like yours, also felt like a premonition. I am wondering about Hawaii being hit?

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  305. Ju Says:

    I have had two tsunami dreams in a row and in both dreams I had no feeling of fear as the waves approached. My family and I were standing inside of a beach house in one and a condo in the other dream.
    As the waves approached you could see the bubbly white viens climbing up the faces of the waves, as to show me how big the wave was in the dark night. I yelled at everyone to hold on to something, as the water rose to our knees then again to our waist. I watched objects in the room floating around and screamed orders to my family members to grab these objects if you need something to hold onto to float. The waves came in and quckly back out. As the water subsided, we were all ok and just walked around and observed the aftermath.
    Very recently, I had returned back from a trip that I thought I would never be able to take and met some very interesting, successful people. The trip was a bisuness trip and a very successful trip, that extended the project I’m currently working on and allowed my crew to keep thier jobs .
    Going on this trip made me feel very proud of myself as I never do these types if trips alone.
    Basically, as the water rises, hold on, don’t be scared, grab something to hold onto. Because the water will subside, watch it subside and learn from what you just had the privilege to witness. Never learning is never growing.

  306. Vanessa Says:

    I always dream of tsunamis like once twice a week. Last night was the craziest one so far I was with my son at a hotel on the beach and waves were coming from both sides, it was like the hotel was on a tiny little island. The waves hit but we were fine and everything was just flooded.

    • Magda Says:

      I had a very similar dream last night, we were in a hotel, and when the water came, I took my daughter’s hand and tried to escape, but the water came and we were half in the water, but it didn’t look scary.

  307. Lynwood Says:

    Awesome! Its truly awesome piece of writing, I have got much clear idea concerning from this post.

  308. sherie Says:

    I had the exact SAME DREAM! I was at an hotel on a balcony facing the beach and the tsunami came, that was the last tsunami dream I had but I had a lot more before.

  309. sherie Says:

    I had the exact SAME DREAM! I was at an hotel on a balcony facing the beach and the tsunami came, that was the last tsunami dream I had but I had a lot more before. Sometimes my family lives are at risk.

  310. angrynorth Says:

    I have not had a tsunami dream since i left a comment on here. Im cured!

  311. kitty Says:

    I dreamt last night that I rode a huge tsunami. I felt that I would die, but also survive. Indeed, in the dream, I “came to” in a room of people mourning my death, but I was still “alive”. I asked to see my ashes and a plate of my cremains was handed to me. I sifted my own shards of bones and ashes through my fingers and felt that it was strange to be dead, yet still alive somehow. I think I’m headed towards something pretty emotionally devastating yet necessary in my life.

  312. Tina Says:

    I just woke up from a dream with tsunami. This is my 4th time dreaming about tsunami. I never thought this dream would turn into tsunami cuz it started with me and bunch of strangers(but in the dream I seem like I know them) we were having a celebration and I was floating, bragging to them on how I can do it, we were just eating and talking and it already seemed like an hour has passed in the dream. Then we decided to go inside the house, and there was a baby. I carried the baby in my arms and as I was carrying the baby I looked thru the window and saw this big wave sweeping the city. I looked back with my companions with horrored look on my face. As it was getting closer it’s sweeping two large trucks with it coming towards us. I’m panicking deep inside looking back n forth at the tsunami n my companions. The moment I decided to jump outside the window I saw a glance of the trucks being separated as it got closer to the house so it didn’t hit it. I felt relief for my companions. But then I realized there was two of us who jumped(a man) and I was still holding the baby. My first thought was “omg this is gonna be hard to survive with a baby. I need to keep it warm n give it back to the mother” it’s so weird cuz the tsunami already swept past us but I/we didn’t got sweeped off nor wet by the wave. Rather we were wet from the rain cuz it’s raining. Anyway, I tried to follow where the tsunami swept the house so I walked forward that direction holding the baby safely. All of a sudden there’s this man like a death god walking n putting people on fire I tried to run but he poured gas on me n I eventually knew that he will lit me on fire. And that’s where I woke up.

  313. Magda Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night. Everyone was trying to get to the safety. I was holding my daughter’s hand in the crowd, and I was trying to run, but water came and caught us. It wasn’t a wave, and nobody was panicking. We were just trying to go further to get out of the water. Exactly a year ago I dreamed a white angel flying towards me and sitting on my head, His wings grew up towards the sky. After that dream I went trhough a very rapid and amazing spiritual evolution.

  314. Some relevant and interesting topic points you have brought up there, thanks.

  315. Jessie Says:

    I’ve been having a reoccuring tsunami dream for the past 3 years and I couldn’t figure out why it started or what the meaning was behind it. One of my best friends recently passed away and that has been the closest person in my life who has died. It’s been hard, but I’m sure it will be much harder in the months to come. I’m anxious to see if it has any connection with my tsunami dream.

  316. Jay Says:

    I have just woken up from having a tsunami dream, which I’ve had regularly since i was about 6. I’m now in my 30’s and can remember every dream vividly. The last 1 was by far the worst as i literally saw many people die, with collapsing buildings. I was also trying to save a child who was not older than 10 but was distinctly Asian. we escaped to a roof of a car park and it was full of people. I began to see that the building wasn’t high enough so i grabbed the kid and ran for a building that was higher where a couple brought us to there apartment on the 7th floor (i also remember as other people have posted here of there being 3 distinct waves), when we were in the apartment we looked out across to the car park and it collapsed with many people on it still, and again the water keeps rising, so we had to leave the 7th floor and head to the roof. That’s when i woke up but its taken me a few hours to get back to my normal self. i found this site by chance and am amazed at how many people are having similar dreams. personally i have gone through a lot of upheaval at the times when i have these dreams, so i wouldn’t say its a physcic dream for me but my sub-conscious trying to help my conscious come to terms with the real world. I do believe our dreams are there to help us overcome obstacles we have in our lives. That’s just my own opinion though 🙂 It’s definitely awe inspiring none the less 🙂

  317. Nix Says:

    I’ve continued to have my frequent tsunami dreams since I posted here in January 2009. I normally feel ill when I wake up from them but there are some that leave me feeling sick (stomach turning & unsettled) for weeks. I moved to New Zealand 18 months ago and spiritually and mentally I have been in an incredibly good place – even more so than ever before. I had one very disturbing tsunami dream last July.

    In this dream, I saw a date – 14 January (year was either 2014 or 2015) and another number 8:34 (time?, magnitude of quake?). It was a tsunami that struck only minutes after a massive earthquake. The location was distinclty the Hawke’s Bay (Napier) coast of New Zealand. The tsunami waves (there were a few of them) were massive and the second one the most destructive. The wave height was easily 50m. In my dream, my family (parents, 2 of my children & a friend of theirs) were with me and we were on a walk up on a high ridge, so effectively safe from destruction except the waves were so big they reached really close to us and pulled the soil from just below us causing my mother to slip into the raging water receding off the edge of the ridge. In my dream, my father tried to save her but was battling. I’d sent my girls and their friend up into a tree for added safety. I dived into the waters and miraculously managed to pull my mother to an area that the water had now receded from. She was weak but I told her another wave was coming and we needed to get up higher. I was trying to carry her but couldn’t. In my dream I shouted at her through my tears “You survived cancer. I am NOT going to lose you to a tsunami now!”. Anyway, she made it to the top and were didn’t get taken by the tsunami. After days, we were found and rescued by a helicopter. The devastation left by the tsunami was horrendous. We were told that the tsunami travelled up to 32km inland at some places. The huge bluff on which I live was even devastated by the tsunami – it looked like the tsunami took a huge sideways bite out of it. There was a lot of iron framing and broken concrete under the bluff that was now standing bare, revealed by the tsunami. The helicopter pilot told us that it was an old military bunker.

    Anyway, at some point I woke up and was very freaked out by all of this. Out of curiosity, I searched for more information (in real life) about what lies under the bluff. It really is an old military bunker!!! Freaky!

    I’ve had more tsunami dreams since then, but had another very disturbing one last night.

    It seems to me the bigger the tsunami wave, the more profound an effect it has on me.

    • Thomas Says:

      Hi Nix,
      You are not alone. Normally, such clear dream is different from sleeping state dream (reflection of daily activities and thoughts).

      Message from your higher self to prepare for eventuality. Have a plan with your family for emergency and also rations to last for months.

      I similarly understand your dream which I happen to experience only recently and every single detail is really very clear til today.


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  319. Thomas Says:

    Had a Dream last night, a very bright clear day. Just knowing something big is going to happen and yet I step out of a low rise building towards a open field and all of a sudden a powerful multi colour beam of light shot down from above to the ground with a thundereous roar and the sun began to shift position from south toward the north side in a very short time some 45 degrees change in location and also knowing in my Dream that something very significant is about to take place. Anyway, I woke up from my dream and sense that a coming earth change is about to begin soon.

  320. Sett penis (eller leketøy) bestemt mot åpningen, men ikke press inn.
    Det aller enkleste er å inkludere rumpehullet i den vanlige kosingen og kjælingen med kjønnsorganet, uten å stikke fingeren inn:
    . Ikke tabu, bare veldig, veldig fremmed – og til dels
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  321. Nichole Lopez Says:

    I had a tsunami dream last night and it was very frightening…. I was with my daughter at the beach when we saw a huge wave approaching … I remember being inundated with fear when I saw it approaching because I knew my daughter could not swim… I grabbed her up and ran as fast as I could but when I looked behind me it was getting ready to engulf us,,,I told her to hold her breath and grabbed her as tightly as I could… and we were swept under water… however instead of being taken inland with the wave we remained stationary about ten feet below the surface just kind of floating … I remember almost losing my daughters hand but I held on with all my might …. I remember looking up and waiting for the tremendous wave force to slow down so I could swim up ,,, but the force wasnt slowing up,,, I remember looking over at my daughter and her eyes were closed and she was limp I tried to shake her she opened her eyes and she had this terrifying look on her face… I remember trying to swim up to the surface but the force of the continuing wave wouldn’t let me … I remember just trying to wait as long as I could so I could swim up but then I started to panic as I was running out of time I needed air and I couldnt get to it and I remember thinking this is it… I closed my eyes and it felt like i fell into a peaceful sleep… then suddenly after a moment of darkness we are both on the beach … I remember feeling relieved but also very confused because I dont know how we got there… bc the last thing I thought I remembered was “falling asleep underwater” … and I asked what happened and someone said they fished us out and rescued us and performed cpr and revived us… I was confused and happy at the same time… This dream left me feeling very sad and happy but mostly confused,,, I wish I knew what it meant… Can any one please give me some insight? THank YOU

    • Thomas Says:

      Hi Nichole,
      You are not alone, recently many of us have similar dreams which is an advance notice. If your dream occur early morning say around 5am. The event is impending and accurate.

  322. Maria Says:

    I just woke up from a dream of waves and tsunami. We, a group of 10 persons, were out on the shore and there were lots of big wave rolling towards us and i felt something big isgoing to happen. We continue to prepare and live normally by a house in the shore… There were some who fled, some lost their minds and some of us who stand on guard and accepted that the tsunami will hit soon and we have to stay. When everyone saw the tsunami coming, we all were inside this house made of wood and cement. The wave hit us and we were under water for what it feels like 1 min or so.. There were a few that were carried away by the current, while i on the other hand, luckily hit the wall and was pinned by the current and i stayed there until the the water began to sudside.

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    i have seen tsunami 3 tsunami dreams the last 6 months…. i am trying to escape and also save my sister and mother…i was screaming because i could see the huge wave coming from far away… in the first one i was running on the hill and as a last image i saw a plastic naked body stack in the toilet??? the second i felt the sound and the water behind the window of a house (supposed it was my place), and the third i was still in the dream when the water gone…. i saw homeless in the ground floor of the house , and the paintings on the wall where one of them had the frame only and the painting was missing??? u could see white instead, i thought the water took the painting ???

  327. Shae Says:

    Within the last six months I have had recurring tsunami dreams. They have been the kind of dreams that are so real that it is hard to believe that they are not real. I was living on Vancouver Island and being highly psychic I felt that it might have been a warning to get off the island. So I moved to the mainland and past the mountains. I then didn’t have one of Thea dreams for two months and then today I had two of them. Each time I have the dream it is in a different local and the wave is closer. Each time I dream it I seem to have power over not letting it land. This wave is not so much like a tsunami it is a 1000 foot wave that curls at the top and is wide at the bottom and thins out near the top like a triangle.

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  331. kid Says:

    i get it all the time and whats werider i can control wheather

  332. Seymour Says:

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    This has been very helpful! Thank you!

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  335. j Says:

    I have had the same reoccuring dream for 16 years about running onto a large boat to escape a GIANT tsunami and i get onto the large boat, then it comes and kills me. I have been deathly afraid of the real thing and the dream ever since i had it for the first time when i was 8. It wasnt enlighting or peaceful just scary bcuz i die every time.

  336. tanya Says:

    I just had a tsunami dream last night, i was in a large skyscraper and the water came all the way up and past the penthouse that my family and i had beg to get into and at the last minute staring at the water on the other side of the glass making peace with what is just about to happen to us, the penthouse owner suddenly remembered that he had a helicopter and flew us to safety. In real life during the last month my boss died and i started looking for a new job (been at the last one 14 years) and i got a new job offer and start monday at the new place. I think its about my changes in my life.

  337. Tammie Says:

    I had tsunami nightmares from the time I can remember well into my thirties they were terrifying. I certainly didnt feel cleansed .I say hogwash.

  338. Michael Says:

    I just had one last night. I’m moving from california to south Carolina in 2 weeks for opportunities I didn’t know existed. The dream was I was at this mansion on the beach. There was a party but also there was a tribal war on the rocks and docks of the beach. I noticed the water receeding, almost getting sucked out to sea. I knew there was a tsunami coming and i stared at this huge wave coming at me. I embraced and the wave threw me through the window of the mansion into the party. It was fun, like a water park ride. Everyone wanted to try it, the waves receeded but the wave never came for them. Then I would stand there and it would happen again. The water was deep blue, and the beach was dimly lit by storm clouds. I’m a guy, aren’t i supposed to dream in black and white? Why were there specific and vivid colors?

  339. Noelle Says:

    I had a dream about a tsunami, my family and me we’ve never been to a beach so maybe that’s why I dreamt of it. Me and my boyfriend we walking down a street. The waves were coming in pretty nicely. The atmosphere was quiet like u know something was gonna happen. As we were walking there was like this gas station on my right side and we got like a little past it and there was a road after the dandy and that’s when we seen the tsunami. As soon as we seen it I looked at my boyfriend and yelled I love u. And then we ran into the dandy thing and we stood there and then ran out and found my mom and dad and my brother was there so we huddled together and I was trying to hard to keep should of them all. But my brother blew away or you could say the waters took him away and then I could feel my grip loosening on my boyfriend. And the waves took him away. After the whole this was over some How I ended up on a building just looking across and I seen my grandparents my two brothers, and they were just floating in the water. I couldn’t find my boyfriend anywhere. He was no where litteraly no where. All my family members were safe. Well at least I could see them but my boyfriend he was gone. So I really want to know why I had this dream. Or if someone could give me a pointer on what this dream means. Thank u I would appreciate it.

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