art in the modern world

July 17, 2006

There are simply too many people. Maybe 100 years ago, one could write a great novel and become famous, a “classic”. These days everyone is doing it, there is an overload of great novels. No one can read them all, and everyone is going to have a different opinion on which is really great. Some have better marketing, and that determines their fate more than quality.

But what if there really is an overabundance of good art in the world. No one can sell it, as the demand is not there. Everyone want to be an artist, we’ve learned that we can do things, there’s no audience any more.

Let’s change the way we think about art. It’s not a commodity to be bought or sold, it’s just an expression. We are all artists, we can all express ourselves, that’s what we are learning with all the blogs and all the reality tv, even karaoke. The so-called “stars” don’t really have anything we can’t all get if we want it. But if we all do it, who’s watching??

So if we rethink “artist” to apply to everyone, where does that leave us. What would society look like. Would there be a return to the old Irish pub way of making music – just bring along your bodhran honey – and forget about those pokies? Let’s hope so. Let’s hope painting becomes a group of women sitting around the table with their kids around another table nearby.

And writing becomes a world of blogs.


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