the greatest commandment

July 16, 2006

This is becoming one of those “religion” blogs, didn’t mean it to be that way, it’s just how it’s coming along so far.

The greatest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength”

Let’s bear in mind that this is “the” greatest commandment, not that there are two greatest comandments. For me it’s much easier to focus on the second as being the most important when in fact it isn’t.

So – God is supposed to come first, interesting isn’t it? It’s always terribly upsetting when someone actually does put God first, especially if it’s one of our loved ones. That means we’re no longer the most important – scary.

But to think about what it really means.

Love God with all your heart. Easy, just love. Direct one’s passionate emotions towards God. Can be hard when things don’t go our way. How can we love God when He doesn’t seem to be helping in a particularly important area. How can we have unconditional love for God. It’s not easy at all.

Love God with all your mind. This one is easier. You probably have a perfectly good mind, God has given most of us a mind of quite extraordinary capacity. Therefore he has meant it to be used. How best to use one’s mind in the service of God really bears quite a lot of thinking about.

Love God with all your soul. That to me sounds like the fun bit. Watch the sunset, listen to or play music, create beautiful things, write letters, sit and stare at the sea, read novels. These are the soulful things I can think of.

Love God with all your strength. It really does take strength, let’s face it. Love God in times of adversity or when you suddenly become a tiny minority in the face of an overwhelming group of materialists.


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