anti-consumer rant

July 16, 2006

Here I am, increasingly anti-consumerist as I get older. God knows what a grumpy old stinge I will be in my declining years. I increasingly resent the pressure to have all this stuff. I feel guilty or somehow lazy if I choose to go without certain gadgets. I can no longer go to a restaurant and pay $11 for a small glass of wine, even if it’s a business lunch, because that is how all the excess is propagated – someone else is paying (it’s “business”) so we consume even harder.

Here I am going to second hand stores and feeling happy when I come out with my humble purchases, knowing I could easily pay 10 times more for the same item in a shop.

I don’t want to be a “good little consumer” working hard to pay extortionate “retail” prices for the things I’m told I must have, and feeding the corporate giants. My dutiful $100 on my tiny piece of material that is a designer dress. It’s probably worth about $10, and all sorts of various middle men and marketers are taking their cut.

I don’t want a 4WD vehicle to hog the streets and guzzle petrol. I don’t want a “proper” set of new kitchenware. I don’t want to go to the “best” restaurants and hotels or buy “quality” items. I don’t want the best product on the market, just one that will do the job.

I want to buy what I need and what I can enjoy, not what I “should” have.


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